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August 26, 2014

Jaynes First Bull

Cuckold Place Update

Jayne’s First Bull

I’ve been a member here for a number of years, but I’ve never posted anything because nothing cuckold has ever happened, until this week that is.

My wife and I have talked about cuckolding, mainly from the odd newspaper article and time spent people watching in coffee shops etc. The idea has also helped in the bedroom area a few times too. Our last conversation was a few weeks back, again more in humour than anything serious. The chat ended with ‘well if opportunity ever came along …’ (nervous giggles!).

Firstly a bit of background on Mrs M. Jayne is 44, blonde, size 16, 34B. I think. We’ve been married over 20 years and have two teenage sons. Up to now our marriage has been normal, standard with no cuckolding. Too busy working and bringing up kids for any of that.

Last week we had the opportunity to go away on a quick break without the boys and we chose Norfolk because it’s part of the country we’ve never visited before. We stayed at a hotel next to Norwich Airport. Now as it turns out this hotel has two kind of customers. The pensioners on their coach trips around the Broads and the Riggers who work on the gas rigs in the North Sea before catching the helicopters from the Airport. These tend to be very fit chaps as the work on the rigs is very physical.

On Tuesday evening we returned to the hotel after having dinner at a local pub and decided to have one last beer in the hotel. I sent Jayne to the bar while I went up to our room to use the toilet. I could see there were a lot of the Riggers in the bar but thought nothing of it.

When I returned I found Jayne surrounded by three of these chaps all paying her a lot of attention. Now normally I would just wade in and coach her away, however this time something clicked and I just sat down at a spare table and watched. By now the guys were buying her wine and even though Jayne had clocked me, she was happy to continue to be chatted up by them.

Although I couldn’t hear what was being said by the tone and body language all was going well. After about 15 mins three became two, and a few minutes later two down to one. Jayne was left with the youngest of the three, I reckon about 6ft 3 and very broad. Sat on my own I was starting to look a bit sad so I left and went back to our room.

Ten minutes later Jayne returned very excited. ‘Did you have a nice time with your new friends?’ I said. ‘Yes I did’ she responded ‘and this could be our opportunity’. ‘Opportunity’ …. For what? ‘Darren’ (Darren?!) ‘he’s …. well he’s asked me back to his room for erm … sex!’ What? He was that blatant?! ‘He’s off to the rigs tomorrow for a four week stint and yes he just came out with it, he’d like to fuck me!’

We then spent some time discussing all the pros and cons. I know we’d discussed in theory, fantasy really but did we actually want it to happen. I could see Jayne was so excited and up for it, how could I refuse. So after a kiss and a long hug, I gave her two condoms from my packet and sent her on her way.

The time was 2305. I know that because I couldn’t stop looking at my watch. I also now know what that sick feeling is like. I tried to watch something on TV but it was useless, I couldn’t get my mind off what was happening. Was she enjoying it? How good was he ….. etc etc.

Just after midnight there was a knock on the door and Jayne was back (phew!). And she was buzzing; very excited, wanting to tell me all about what had gone on. To be honest she did look hot, the only difference was her hair was tied at the back when she left and now it was down. I made her a coffee and we sat on the end of the bed to discuss.

I started with the expected first question, how big? About the same girth as me, she replied, but a bit longer, about an inch and with a slight curve. Okay great. But she hadn’t finished. The most interesting thing was that he was fully cut with a large bell end (I am not cut). This was a major fascination for her and most of the foreplay was centred around his big cock. No oral, not by her anyway however she did kiss the tip once. Yes he went down on her, for about 10 mins ‘and he was very good at it’. The full sex lasted about 30 mins and was in ‘all the usual positions’. Two orgasms; one with her on top (her favourite position and always guaranteed to make her cum) and one missionary. He took control and, according to Jayne, was ‘very athletic’ and a true bull!

Then she dropped the bombshell. Age … 29 !!!! Oh my lord! I could see at the bar he was a bit younger but 15 years. I was …. I am still very shocked. All I can say is well done Mrs M!

So that’s my story of our first cuckold experience. After we talked we went to bed, got up in the morning, had breakfast and carried on with our holiday. Jayne hasn’t mentioned it again, in fact it’s almost like it never happened. This may surprise you but Jayne is like that ….. done it, move on. Will it happen again? I don’t know. This could end up being a one off unless of course the ‘opportunity’ comes up again.

And so what has been achieved. Well I’m now officially a Cuckold. Jayne did have some great sex with a man 15 years her junior and Darren? Well Darren had something to brag about with his Rigger mates about the night he fucked a hot married MILF! So a good job all round.

My wife

By: Ian, UK

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