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August 20, 2014

2nd go on Rio Blaze

Here’s another update from professional Bull and all round top guy DFW Knight telling us all about his 2nd encounter with stunning Hotwife Rio Blaze

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It has been a few months since my last encounter with the gorgeous Rio Blaze. Since then we had spoken on the phone a few times. She even hinted at possibly coming to see me here in Dallas. I really didn’t push the matter nor did I put much stock into it, we both had very busy schedules and I just didn’t see it working out anytime soon.

It was towards the end of June when I got her call, “Hey it’s Rio, I’m in Dallas for a few days and…”. Everything seemed to move in slow motion from those words on. My mouth dropped open. “And my husband couldn’t make it, wanna come keep me company”, she continued. From that point forward the rest of the conversation was a blur.

After hanging up I sat and tried to make sense of it all. Apparently Rio was in Dallas, without her husband, wants me to come to her hotel and if I want to film it I can bring a camera guy. I felt like I had hit the jackpot. I called my buddy who films for me and made all the other necessary arrangements. I showered and changed and headed downtown to the Sheraton where Rio was staying.

I waited in the bar for my buddy, then we headed up to her room on the third floor. I was so nervous when she answered the door. Rio looked amazing. Her big smile just melted me on the spot.

We all got settled in. Shared a drink or two. I think Rio could see my edginess and took matters into her own hands when she sat in my lap and began kissing my neck. Each of her soft kisses sent shivers through my body. I stood up and carried her to where the bed was. I gently placed her on the bed and started caressing her soft breasts and nibbled on her ear.

I eased my right hand down to her warm crotch, first cupping it in my hand. Then slowly moving her laced panties to one side, providing access to her sweet spot. As I worked her pussy and her right ear, Rio’s hands found my zipper. My rock hard cock just sprang out. The expression on her face told me she was pleased with what she saw.

For the next few minutes, there was lots of kissing, lots of whispering and lots of soft touching. I just love kissing her soft lips, almost as much as I love watching her attempt to fit my swollen cock into her tiny mouth. Her small hands and mouth struggled to wrap around my cock but she did her best. As Rio continued licking the head of my cock, and then the shaft, and then surprised me as she slipped her wet mouth over my cock, and started sucking on it.

I increased the intensity of my finger in her cunt and slipped in another, and then finally a third finger, and she started sucking my cock harder. Her hand was rubbing my balls and her mouth was taking me in as best she could. I was buried all the way in her mouth as she continued sucking me off.

I pulled her up, so that her lips were in front of mine, leaned in, and kissed her hard. She crawled up beside me, pressing her tits tightly against my chest, with her pussy rubbing against my hip. She ground her pussy against my hip as she slid her tongue into my mouth.

“I want you inside me.” she told me. Pulling my face to hers, and sliding her tongue into my mouth, dropping one hand to my ass. As I kissed her, sliding my tongue into her mouth and feeling her tongue in mine, she pulled forward on my ass, causing my bare cock to nearly enter her pussy. I felt my hardness slide into her. But knowing she wasn’t on the pill and always prefers to us condoms. I pulled myself away from her and slipped on the rubber she had placed next to her lamp.

As in our first encounter when the condom slipped off, I knew the fate of this prophylactic would likely be the same. Returning to the bed, and with a slow steady stroke, I found myself buried deep in Rio’s pussy. She continued kissing me, while at the same time, lifting her ass so that my cock went deeper inside of her. She kissed me harder, licking the inside of my mouth, and then leaned back and said, “Fuck me . Fuck me harder.” I thrust forward, driving my balls deep into her cunt. Rio lifted up as I drove down, causing me to bottom out inside of her. I pulled out a bit and then slid back in, several times. “Yeah, that’s what I want. Fuck me, Wil, fuck me.” With each stroke the condom rode further and further up my shaft. I started fucking her harder, driving my hard cock deep inside her, pulling back, and driving back in, while she was bucking her hips driving my cock deep inside.

My cock kept thrusting inside of her as we fucked hard. Rio was breathing heavier and her arms were holding me tighter as we fucked. My cock felt so good inside of her, and she was so tight, but now I could feel her creamy wetness coating my bare cock. I continued fucking her, feeling her tightness and wet pussy surrounding my cock. “That’s it do it,” she said, smiling up at me, I knew she knew my condom was gone. And she had to of known I wasn’t going to last much longer. “I’m gonna cum,” I warned her, but it didn’t matter to her, she continued fucking me harder and playing with my balls. “Oh shit, baby, I’m gonna cum” I shouted as I pulled out and unloaded my sperm onto her incredible body. I came so hard my first blast fired over her head and off the bed. The rest coated her body and dripped into the bedding.

Exhausted I fell on my back breathing very heavily. Rio snuggled up next to me and began stroking my raging hard on. My cock was coated in her wetness and she kissed me softly and whispered to me “Next time leave it in me”.

And with that. I never pulled out of her for the rest of the weekend. I filled her with several loads of my cum and she gleefully told me her husband was going to be so happy to hear what she had been up to.

DFW Knight

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