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August 18, 2014

Hotel pick up

Lived this lifestyle as a couple for many years. Years ago she was young 22 but looked older. We were staying with family for a vacation. Needed to get away so we went to the bar in the hotel for a few drinks. There was another male in his early thirties having a drink before he met up with friends. She made several comments on his body as he was as cut as one could be. I told her to go order a drink next to him and to just tell him I’m a cousin as he already was aware we showed up together. I stood in the back on my phone to give the appearance that i was busy. I watched her flirt for a few and grab two drinks with him. She texted me “I can totally fuck him”. I texted back for her to do it but text me the room for safety and to call me leaving an open line so I could listen. Went back to my room and listened for 30 minutes as he fucked her in his room. Listening was amazing and I was addicted after.

She told me he picked her up as soon as they got in the room and fucked her against the wall before he put her on the hotel room desk. The sex lasted for 30 minutes as he was the biggest/thickest she has had. She said she never had more orgasms in one sex session. Right after we left with family for a late night bite and she couldnt stop thinking about it. She talked about it for a while and opened her up to the lifestyle for good. Wish I could have watched!

By: westpa145

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