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August 14, 2014

Friend asleep downstairs

A submission today from a gorgeous 20 year old UK Hotwife. You can find her on Hotwife Hub - Profile here

Well, it was early hours Sunday morning and my hubby (Karl) was totally fucked and in a deep sleep after a session with the boys down town and he just wouldn’t stop snoring loudly, so I got up to go downstairs for a glass of water and as it was mid July, it was hot, so I thought fuck it, I’ll walk down naked.

So there I was, creeping down the stairs (as if I was gonna fucking wake him up) As I reached the bottom step I turned left to enter the kitchen, when I heard a groaning noise from the living room. So I peeked my head around the door to discover Karls mate Chris was half asleep on the sofa and his cover had fallen away and he was naked but disappointingly he had both hands covering his balls and dick.

Just because I’m a nice person, I crept in and covered him over again, which is when I realised he had been wanking as I put my hand directly onto the part of his cover that he had unloaded himself. Urgggggg, but I’ll admit, that to think of a man masturbating does turn me on and I realised I now had goosebumps. So I turned to leave the room when suddenly Chris reached out, grabbed my arm and whispered “Please don’t go Jenni, the wanking was about you and it would be nice if you could maybe do me the honours on my second rub just to be certain my sack is totally empty before I go home”. I was shocked and tried to act all proper and loyal and replied “But what about Karl?” Chris replied, “If Karl was awake, you wouldn’t be stood there naked, hand full of sperm, talking to me would you?” Well, what could I say to that?

He then, without warning, placed my hand on his all ready erect dick and whispered, “Do your best babe.” Well, to cut the story short, I wanked his dick and after about two and a half minutes I could feel his balls tighten up and his dick was twitching, which in my experience, means he’s about to empty, so I covered his bell end with my mouth and guzzled the lot and he enjoyed every minute as his groans got louder but his intentions to fuck me were cut loose as he had managed all the erections he was capable of after his alcohol intake. So I cupped his balls, rubbed my tits in his face and whispered, “Your turn to make me cum now big lad”

Anyway, he did just that with the aid of my showing him exactly where my g spot was located and I only ever let Karl in on that one just after we met, but that’s another story for another time. So, I gently shook his limp dick and insisted I return to Karl before we got captured and we then parted and went back to bed and you know what? I never did get my glass of water!

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