July 11, 2014

All 3 holes taken

More pictures from sexy horny hotwife Dee Siren having some fun in a hotel with a black boyfriend. He certainly worked her over good, fucking all three of her holes hard and finishing up filling her ass with his hot sperm. Her Husband was there to capture all the action. A perfect view for any Husband of a Hotwife.

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

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July 9, 2014

My Wife’s first BBC

I was dating a girl I met in college at the end of my senior year, and I went on to marry her 2 years later. I graduated late at 24, and she was just 18. A gorgeous natural redhead, her father paid for her to get a nice set of fake breasts to accentuate her fit body. We talked about sex and fantasies, and she admitted her desire to fuck a well endowed black guy in high school. It just never happened, as her best friend ended up fucking the guy.

I asked her if she still wanted to go through with her fantasy if I helped her make it a reality, and she said she definitely would consider it. This was 1985, so it was before we had the internet to help us find people into the lifestyle. I went to an adult bookstore, and found a local swingers magazine with personal ads. I sent out a couple letters in the mail, along with a pic or two of my beautiful girlfriend, and within a week, was getting replies.

One guy in particular was about 30, very dark, and from the Bahamas. He boasted an 8″+ cock that was equally dark, and very thick. I showed my girlfriend his pic, and she said she would like to meet him. She called his cell phone number, and they arranged to meet at a local restaurant like a Chili’s.

That night, she showered and dressed in something cute and sexy, but did not intend on fucking him. Maybe a little kissing in the car to break the ice. She drove off in her BMW 3-series to meet her first ever black bull, and my nerves were driving me crazy. I decided to drive over in my car to stake out the parking lot, more because I was turned on than because I was worried about her.

Within a couple hours, they exited the restaurant, and I watched them drive over into a big public park right down the street. I parked about 200 feet away, and couldn’t see anything. I eventually bored of my predicament, so I drove back to my apartment. My girlfriend came home about 45 minutes later, and sat down on the couch. I asked her, “Well, did anything happen?” She said that they went to the park for some privacy, and started making out in the car, her first taste of a black man’s tongue in her mouth.

I asked if anything else happened, and she told me he unbuttoned her blouse, and undid her lacy bra, freeing her D-cup breasts, and sucked on her light pink nipples while caressing her thighs. She then admitted that she planned right there and then to suck his big dick, getting a taste of her first piece of black cock. She put her hand on his stiff shaft, rubbing it through his jeans, feeling how huge it was. She started undoing his belt, so he helped her by slipping his jeans down to his ankles. His big, uncut cock was at full mast in his white underwear, and she said she was literally drenched thinking about how wicked she was being at just 18 years old.

She couldn’t take it anymore, and had him pull down his undies so she could get a better look at his BBC. She said she was trembling with excitement as she jacked him off as they kissed passionately for a few minutes. Not able to control herself any longer, she bent down and kissed the tip of her first uncut cock. My girlfriend was really good as sucking dick, and also had masterful hands. She said she sucked and stroked that majestic python for a several minutes, making him groan with pleasure. Every minute or so, she would rise up off his cock to kiss his full lips, allowing him to taste her teenage lips and tongue with his cock on her breath.

I asked “K” if he came in her mouth, and she said, “No.” I literally couldn’t believe it. I knew how good she was with her oral skills, and she has never had a problem with allowing a guy to cum in her pretty mouth. I asked her why she pulled off when he came, and she said, “That’s not what happened.” I was now thoroughly confused. “He didn’t cum??” I asked in disbelief. “Well, yes he did, but I hope you won’t be mad at me.” “Why would I be mad?” I asked my future wife. She paused for a few seconds, and then blurted out, “He fucked me, babe. He fucked me right there in the car!” “What?” I asked. “There is no room in that car to have sex!” “K” then shyly told me that she was the horniest she’d ever been since starting to have sex at the young age of 14. “He had been playing with my pussy as I sucked him off, going under my jeans skirt, and pushing my dripping wet panties aside. I wanted him, sweetie. Are you mad?” My nerves were on end, but I excitedly got out a “No, baby! Please tell me!”

She said she pulled her panties off, and climbed on top of him, making love to this black stud from the Bahamas right there in her little BMW. “K” said she rode his enormous and rock hard uncut cock for about 15-20 minutes, sometimes slowly as their lips and tongues intertwined, and sometimes hard and rough as he shoved up into her tight pussy. I asked the obvious question, “Did he actually have a condom with him to wear so he could fuck you?” “No, sweetheart. Well, I don’t really know if he did or not. I didn’t give him a chance to pull one out at that point. I was sucking the biggest dick I’ve ever been with in my 4 years of sex, the first black man. I’ve been somewhat of a little spoiled rich girl all my life, and this was the most exciting thing I’d ever done. I simply lowered myself over his enormous dick, and fucked him until he shot what felt like a quart of cum inside my pussy.”

My mixed emotions were raging, but the simple fact was, I was extremely turned on by how wicked and naughty my beautiful little girlfriend had been. This private schooled, silver spoon raised Catholic girl had just fucked a complete stranger in her car. A black stranger with at least 8 inches of raging meat. I pushed her down on my couch, pulled up her jeans skirt to reveal no panties, and dove down to lick every last drop of their combined juices out of her. I then mounted my teenage girlfriend, feeling how silken the inside of a pussy feels after being fucked by a much larger penis for the first time in my life. I came quickly, surely not pleasing her with my 5″ dick, and told her I loved her.

Epilogue: “K” went back to his apartment in Miami a couple weeks later, and fucked him for several hours as our video camera recorded the action from a tripod by his bed. I got to watch her swallow his huge cock, and then mount him, and finally watch him bang her from behind like a crazed animal. I can only imagine it must have been a huge turn-on for him too, fucking such a naturally beautiful little redheaded white girl, with her muscular dancer’s legs from years of ballet. I watched that video a hundred times, stroking my own small dick as I watched the future mother of my child going wild in an interracial encounter when she was just 18.

“K” never did go back and fuck him again, but we did have another little adventure with a black, ex-college football player with the best body I’d ever seen. She would always flirt with him when we were at the gym, so I told her she should go by herself one day while I was at work. He refused her advances, surprisingly, but a couple nights later at the gym, I quietly told him he was more than welcome to play with my now-wife.

The next day he came over to our Boca Raton townhouse, they had a couple margaritas, and she proceeded to let him fuck her silly. All in all, I let her have several “boyfriends” during the 7 years we were together, but she only fucked 2 black guys. No gang bangs, although we definitely talked about it. She did go spend a couple days fucking a guy who was still up at college, only to return to our big house around 10 at night.

One of my best friends was staying in our guest bedroom, a tall, muscular guy with a good size dick I had played sports with. I had secretly put a baby monitor under his bed, and after encouraging her to go downstairs to slip into bed with him, I got to listen to her fuck his brains out, and then return to our bed where she sucked, jacked and fucked me until I came deep inside her. She was proud of the fact that she had fucked 3 different guys in the same day, not even at the same time.

We did eventually have a few threesomes, and even gave her a DP experience she enjoyed. We divorced when she was just 24-1/2, and I don’t know if she ever was as wild as she was when we were together.

T Wife

Submitted by: T, Florida


July 7, 2014

More Creampie Gangbangs

Yet more hotgirlfriends put forward by their boyfriends for a huge creampie gangbang fantasy with the crew at Czech Gangbang.

A record-breaking number of participants (120) and two wonderful young girls, Kamila and Darina, moved the world’s biggest amateur gangbang one level higher. It was just unbelievable, semen was running everywhere, girls were fucked in all possible ways. Creampie, facials, swallowing from glasses, just incredible. The crowds of horny men were worse than during the close-out sales in a mall. You got to check out this amazing site.

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July 5, 2014

I Watched as..

Cuckold Place Update

I Watched as She Fucked Another Man

I can’t begin to tell you the emotions I felt as I watched Kim strip off her clothes right in front of Jim and then stood right there in front of him bare ass naked and his eyes taking in my wife’s nude body. I’m thinking this is mine and I have talked her into using that beautiful body on another man.

Damn she looked good standing there as Jim removed his shirt and then unbuckled his belt and stepped out of his pants. Then he removed his shorts and I saw Kim’s mouth drop as she got her first look at his large rock hard cock pointing straight out right at her. Kim’s expression was fantastic. Her smile was huge as she looked at it and then up to Jim’s face as she expressed satisfaction at what she was looking at.

I was looking at her body, the ass,legs and tits and thinking that’s my piece of ass and in a few moments Jim’s going to have that for himself.

My cock was so hard it hurt and I leaked pre cum as I watched Jim walk up to Kim and look down at her. His hand cupped Kim’s Tit as he bent down to kiss her and I saw her little hand wrap around his cock as they went into a hard kiss. Kim’s other hand was up on his shoulder. Jim’s free hand ran down over Kim’s ass as he held her tit tight in the other hand. I saw Kim pumping his cock slowly.

Damn they were a miss match because he was so tall. They kept kissing and Kim’s hand reached for his balls and they filled her little hand and the hand that was on Jim’s shoulder went to her pussy. They broke off their kiss and Kim looked down at his cock that was pressed against her belly. I watched Jim’s hand working Kim’s ass cheeks as his other hand completely held all of Kim’s Tit. His cock was leaving a trail of pre cum on Kim’s belly. Damn my wife’s body looked good pressed against another man. Her perfect short legs and Jim feeling her ass looked so good.

Jim turned her and laid her back on the bed and he stood there looking down at what he was about to fuck. Kim’s legs opened automatically and my god was she wet. Her cunt glistened. Jim looked right at Kim’s wet cunt and said “My gosh Kim you’re ready to fuck” Jim dropped to his knees and pulled Kim toward him and buried his face right into Kim’s cunt. Kim jumped and said “OH FUCK” Kim moaned and was grinding her pussy against his mouth.

My god I was watching another man with his face buried in her cunt getting her love juices and Kim pulling on his hair to pull him tighter as Jim pumped his cock with one hand as the other roamed over Kim’s leg. Jim kept working Kim’s clit which made her moan. After several minutes. Jim looked up and said “No Kim don’t cum. I want you to cum fucking.” as he raised up and Kim slid back up on the bed higher and laid there spread wide waiting on Jims cock. Her cunt was bright pink because of Jim eating her. Jim poised over Kim with his huge cock close to Kim’s cunt. My gosh it looked huge. I had both hands on my cock Damn was I hard.

Jim lowered down kissing Kim as the head of his cock parted Kim’s pussy lips and slowly disappeared into her. I heard Kim moan out loudly as he buried it all in her and their pubic hairs were entangled together telling me Kim had all that cock in her. Her head was thrown back as Jim powered it all in. There was a tight and a grimacing look on Kim’s face for just a few seconds and then a smile as Jim started a fucking motion. I shot a huge load on the floor as I watched my wife being fucked.

Now Kim was fucking him back and her arms were up over his neck. Jims hands roamed from her tits, ass and legs he was feeling it all. In only a couple of minutes I saw that look of pain on Jim’s face and I knew he was cuming in Kim. She must have felt him cuming because Kim Yelled “OF FUCK UUUhhhhh SSSHHiitttttt UHHhhhhhh Ohhhhhhh Uh Fuck” as she humped wildly under him as her orgasm consumed her body giving Jim herself completely.

I came again pumping my cock franticly watching my wife cum. They both laid motionless except trying to catch their breath still locked together cock and pussy kissing. I heard Jim say to Kim “OH WHAT A FUCK KIM” Kim nodded her head smiling big time. Jim slowly pulled his cock from Kim still dripping and drooping and shrinking. Kim laid there spread wide leaking cum onto the bed. Her belly still heaving getting her breath. Damn she looked good fucked and satisfied with her arms straight out. Jim stood up, his cock drooped way over as he looked at what he just fucked as she laid there spread wide open with her pussy lips still quivering as Kim was coming down from her orgasm.

She looked so good laying there with her legs spread and her cunt leaking. Jim had to avoid my cum on the floor as he walked to the bathroom. When Jim came out of the bathroom we stood in the hall talking as he thanked me for letting him have Kim. We both looked toward the bedroom where Kim was still in the same passion. Jim said “She is a great fuck.” Two guys standing in the hall totally nude and both cocks drooped over from the same women but different circumstances. Kim fell asleep that way. So we let her relax.

I just have to say how rewarding it was to watch ever bit of her body as she fucked. I didn’t get any pictures of them but here is Kim laid out look at what a piece of ass she is.

My wife

By: Paul

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July 3, 2014

We Were Alone

Here’s a very hot story from a lifestyle couple who contacted me through Hotwife Hub. You can contact them through their profile here

This time we were alone

Our Bull and I met at his place after excruciating wait of days and hours of driving. That made the moment even better. My cuck helped me get ready in the morning and begged for photos of the whole encounter. We met at the door and again we consumed with each other. He sent me a pic while I was driving of his magnificent cock at the ready, I almost orgasimed right there. I wanted to taste his cock and give him pleasure. He raked his hands through my hair and moaned a little. God that felt powerful. I asked him to take a photo for cuck which we eventually did after I licked and sucked awhile. Meanwhile, our cuck boy texted me he was dripping in his cage. I imagined him on his knees maybe close enough to lick my feet. And then my Bull was inside me slowing and deeply fucking me. I was a bit distracted by cuming over and over, so there no photos for a little bit.

I really think I need a professional photographer or our cuckold to take pictures. He was telling me the whole time that he owns my pussy and me and our cuck boy. He knows just what to say to a girl. While fucking me slow and deep, he fingered my ass. Wow what a feeling of being claimed. I’ve never had pleasure from anything near my ass. It was always a painful and uncomfortable feeling if I allowed a lover near it. It’s never been sexy to me until then. He only came after I had many times. My pussy was full of cum and my whole body was like a puddle of jello. I started to drift to sleep on my stomach for a minute and that’s when he rolled on top of me, kissing my back and neck and sliding in my from the back.

We got a great photo of this and texted it to our cuck boy. I think the cuck boy nearly broke his cock cage. Wow and then I had to somehow drive home. Back at home, my cuck boy begged from more details. He got them and I allowed him to suck my toes and I removed his cage. I touched his little cock with my feet. He wanted release but I made him wait a little. I put a condom on his tiny prick and only allowed him inside me for a minute or two. I couldn’t feel it at all. It felt like a finger because my bull has so ruined me. I love it. Apparently

the cock boy does, too. He came hard in the condom and cleaned himself. He followed the rules, so he was allowed release. Now back to a smaller cock cage and my control. He waited four days to cum. Almost impressive for the first time, but he better improve. Looking forward to next time


By: Scarlett

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July 1, 2014

Another member meet

More filthy slutty behaviour from UK Slut Wife Rachel Reveals. She must have fucked a massive percentage of her website members.


Meeting with yet another new member, he dropped me an email and told me how he wanted to screw my on his parents bed while they were out.

Such a naughty and horny scenario I couldn’t resist, I’d already been out fucking and luckily I was only 20mins from his parents’ house, so popped address into satnav and me and my already spunky cunt was on route to go and drain his young bollocks.

Getting there he led me straight up into the bedroom, climbed on the bed and had me sucking on his huge young fuck tool – He tasted so yummy, I could wait to get his dick up me.

Getting on my knees, I beckoned him to take me doggy, he introduced his throbbing bellend to my spunky gash hole. He held still with his bellend lodged in my twat and then very slowly slid his length balls deep into my dripping wet hole.

I’m sure he could feel the other man’s sticky load engulfing his shaft as he slowly fucked me!, it turned me on immensely knowing he was about to dump another load up inside me.

He fucked me hard and fast and found his release fairly quickly and let his load flow out deep inside my love tunnel giving me a VERY heavy load of sperm.

As you can see from the picture, it sure was a very heavy full load of cum!

I AM out and about every single night for the next 2 weeks meeting members and I’m willing to travel in a 20mile radius of my home town of Gloucester.

Come shoot a sticky hot load in my pussy!

Rach xx







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