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July 21, 2014

Wife Creampied

Creampie Wife

Tonight is June 11 and our 9 year anniversary. Your parents have taken the kids for the afternoon so that we can have a great evening together. It is a hot day today so tonight I dressed you in a nice white spaghetti strap top that is maybe slightly sheer in the right lighting. You wear no bra and your nipples press up against the fabric perfectly. I put you in that hot jean skirt that I love for you to wear, and absolutely no panties underneath. This skirt fits you perfect and raises just enough when you bend over that you can almost get a peak of your perfect pussy lips. You look absolutely amazing.

There are a couple of clubs in town so you and I go out for a bit. First we go for a nice dinner. Then we go to a club. We have a couple of drinks and you and I dance a bit. We enjoy ourselves and have some fun. You are even able to flirt a little bit. A few guys come up to you and flirt and talk to you for a bit and try to get you to dance. You even get a few stares when you drop some money and bend over to pick it up. I’m almost certain by the wolf drooling looks on some of the guys faces that they got a quick glance of something special.

On one side of the club they have black lights lighting up the place and the light makes your shirt PoP with glow. Except for the perfect dark circles of your areolas peaking through your shirt. One lucky guy is flirting with you and has bought you a drink and is bold enough to even run a finger in a circle around your nipple as he talks to you. You don’t swat him away and seem to even enjoy the attention. I could just imagine how wet your pussy is at this point.

Finally feeling the drink a little the guy convinces you to go out and dance with him during one song. It is a fast paced grinding song. He grabs you close and all you have to do is move with him and the beat. You are doing great. In the dark light I am even able to watch as his hands probe your body, running along your back and your ass as he pulls you closer. At one point his hand slides down your ass and slowly to the front of your thigh. Then as you sway in time with him, his hand slides up the inside of your thigh and I imagine that his fingers slide smoothly up along your pussy lips and then into you as you gyrate. It is fast but your head leans back and he brings his hand up and licks his fingers. Mmmmmm I can only imagine. Once you’re done you come back to me and finish your drink. Then we decide to go. On the ride home I slide my own fingers between your legs and I was indeed correct in thinking that your pussy was sopping wet.

Once we get back home I undress you almost as the door is closed. I lay you down on the floor and go to town on your pussy with my tongue and mouth. As I do that I rub your nipples and make you even hornier. Then I take a blind fold and put it over your eyes. I take a spreader bar and fasten it between your legs, thus keeping your legs spread apart. I then tie your hands to the spreader bar at your knees. Now you are on your knees and you are bent over on the ground. Your ass is up in the air with your pussy protruding out the back. It is swollen with blood and engorged. Your pussy is leaking juices. I get between your legs and continue my ravishing your pussy from behind. You are going crazy with pleasure and lust. I open your pussy with my fingers and push them deep into you.

You are now begging to be fucked, to have a cock deep inside you. so unknown by you, a friend comes out of the back room. He is already naked and his cock is rock hard from watching me pleasure you. as I move he gets between your legs and positions his cock on your pussy lips. He teases you with his cock, rubbing it up and down between your lips. He plays just the tip with you, sliding the head of his cock into your pussy and then pulling it out. He is making you go crazy. You are now pleading and begging for him to put his cock all the way in. He obliges you and slides his cock all the way into you and it goes so deep. You moan how good it feels. As you are moaning in the pleasure of his cock going in and out of your pussy, you realize that it is not me but at this point you really don’t care. It feels way too good.

He fucks you nice and deep for a few minutes while I play with your nipples. I even run my hand underneath you and rub your clit as his cock slides in and out of your pussy. Your pussy feels soo good to him that he can’t last but a few minutes. He buries his cock deep inside your pussy and you moan out loud as you feel his cock twitch and shoot cum all over the inside of your pussy. He fills your pussy with hot, sweet, sticky cum.

While you are in ecstasy from getting your pussy filled with cum two more guys walk in. One of them goes right to work on rubbing your clit. Smoothing all the cum oozing out of your pussy around. Then he squares up and stuffs your pussy full of his cock. While he is fucking you I take the spreader bar off of you so that you can enjoy the fucking more. I leave the blind fold on to heighten your senses. The guys then pick you up and begin to fuck you at the same time. Your pussy is so wet and slippery with cum that they are both able to slide their cocks into you. At first they take turns alternating one slips inside you and then out and the other goes in and then out, like a double pump. Then they force both cocks into your pussy. Fully stretching your pussy to its max, making you orgasm right then.

While the two cocks fuck your pussy the first one was slurps into your mouth, you feel the cock swirl around in your mouth and taste the sweet cum on it. You suck it nice and long until it is again and ready for round two with your pussy. The four of us take turns fucking your pussy hard and slow, deep and long. We take you in every position possible and imaginable. Giving you more orgasms than you have ever had in one sex session. One of my favorite things to watch is you turned around backwards sitting on top of the guys cock. You taking control and sliding up and down on his cock, moaning as you made him go deeper inside you. Bouncing up and down over and over on his hard cock.

We fuck you until all of us are drained of every ounce of cum and it is now all deep inside your pussy or running out of it. You came over and over as we fucked you, until you were exhausted. When the last guy had finished pumping your pussy full of his cum we backed away from you and left you where you lay. You are stretched out in the center of the living room on the coffee table. Your pussy is stretched and hanging wide open. Your lips are plastered with cum and it runs from your pussy and pools on the table.

You are so exhausted that you pass out right there. The guys and I grab a couple of beers and chat and take some great pics of you spread and dripping. After about 20 mins or so when one of the guys gets up to grab another beer he bends down and inserts his cock back into your pussy for a few pumps. Your body is too irresistible and this goes on for the better part of an hour with you still completely passed out. A couple of the guys even come inside you again. You are so beautiful laying there full of cum. The guys and I even talk about calling over a few more friends to fuck but in the end we decide to let you rest. The Guys go home.

You sleep for about 2 or 3 hours. Finally you wake up and feel a bit refreshed. I take you into the bathroom and run a nice bath for you. I let you soak a bit and bring you a glass of wine. After you’re done I dry you off and we go off to bed. As I lay there kissing you roll me over on top of you and you grab my cock and slide it into your well used pussy. You still have a lot of cum up inside you and my cock slides right in. We make love for about an hour before I am able to cum again. It is the perfect ending to a perfect anniversary. I LOVE YOU SWEET CHEEKS. More than you will ever know.

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