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July 13, 2014

The Stairs

Here’s another diary update from yummy hotwife Modesty Ablaze from London, UK. You can check her out and say hi on Hotwife Hub too - Profile Here

The Stairs

I knew one shouldn’t play too close to home, but Scot was only my second lover. I’d met him on the morning school run and with my new-found ‘freedom’ I just couldn’t resist his flirting. I knew it was dangerous and risky. What if the other Mums noticed our playground glances and private jokes? What if they put two and two together? But we couldn’t control ourselves. Our affair exploded into almost weekly meetings of passion and excitement. Three or four ours at a nearby hotel, summer blanket-nights in the local park, or a cherished afternoon duvet-day at his or mine. And now, even four years on, despite or perhaps because of, the opportunities being more and more difficult to arrange, I could never say “no” to his surprise requests and suggestions. So his telephone call to say he was home-alone that evening was too good a chance to be missed!

He called on my way into the office on Tuesday morning. He often calls at that time because he knows I can more easily chat on the bus than I can at home with the kids around. But after our normal greetings he quickly explained that his wife and children would be visiting her parents and staying overnight that evening and would I like to pop-down? I told him that though I didn’t have anything particularly planned I would have to first check with James.

My call to Hubby’s mobile went to voicemail, so I texted as well, and then spent the rest of the morning waiting for him to call back, all the while having little tingles at the anticipation, and hope, that I may be able to see Scot again so quickly after our evening the previous week. Though there is something quite exciting, and thrilling, about spending a few hours in a nice hotel room, I do always feel more at ease, and more “liberated”, when we are able to meet in one of our own homes. (It wasn’t always the case of course. When we first started our “fling” all those years ago I used to feel terribly nervous and guilty about visiting him in his house, and it was over a year before I would actually step foot in their bedroom!)

Eventually James called back to say he’d got my message and he’d love for me to have another meeting with my lover. I asked him if he’d take the children out for a Pizza as I would need to come home first and get myself ready. “I couldn’t possibly go straight from work without a change of clothes,” I told him. He laughed and told me he would.

My day was actually very busy and the afternoon passed quickly without me having much chance to think about the evening ahead until I was on the bus and texting Scot to ask what time was best for him. It was nice to arrive home and find the house deserted. James had obviously been home and taken the kids out already. I rushed upstairs to run a bath and then walked into the bedroom to find that he had also laid a dress out on the bed for me! Normally James suggestions of what he’d like me to wear for an “evening out” are rather extreme and not practical, but he’d left out a pink floral silk dress that was actually one of my favourites, and, surprisingly modest by his usual standards! I giggled and looked in vain to see if he’d selected matching shoes or jewellery.

I was able to lounge and soak in the bath for half an hour, enjoying myself thinking how lucky I was to be seeing my lover for the second time in a week. I then sat at the bedroom mirror applying my make-up and selecting earrings and a necklace and thinking about which shoes would best match. My phone beeped. It was Scot to say he was home and just hopping into a shower and suggesting I let myself in as soon as I was ready. I hurried to finish, strapping on my shoes and popping Scot’s keys and my phone into my purse before finally walking over to slip on my dress from where James had left it on the bed.

Just time to pause in front of the mirror again to apply just a-touch-more lip gloss and slide my fingers inside the front of my dress to smear a little over each nipple as I’d decided to do whilst I’d been lying in the bath.

It’s only a few minutes walk to Scot’s house and was, of course, still light and actually quite breezy and I suddenly realised that James choice of dress perhaps wasn’t quite so modest after all. I quickened my pace, as best as I could in my heels, thankful to arrive without meeting any of our mutual neighbours along the way. I let myself in to be greeted by the sight of Scot sitting on the bottom step of the stairs. He stood up, completely naked, to welcome me with an almost stifling embrace, pulling away long enough to say “Wow” before engulfing me again and almost immediately running his hands underneath my dress to glasp the cheeks of my bare bottom.

“I hadn’t realised this was going to be such an informal dinner,” I said. Then tutting him when he replied he hadn’t thought about dinner. “Well you’re obviously not hungry,” I giggled as he continued stroking my back and bare bottom with his hands inside my dress. “Oh, I am,” he said, “Starving!”

We’d shuffled almost back to the stairs, so I pushed him down with my arms on his shoulders, to sit him back down on the bottom step and sat down on his lap. I raised my arms to let him lift the dress off over my head, gasping as he quickly found the gloss I’d smeared on my nipples. As he continued to suck I felt him slide his hand down over my stomach to start playing gently with my pussy. The combination of his lips and his swirling fingers was already making me feel very aroused. And then I felt him reaching down with his other hand, sliding it between our tummies and his other flicking fingers. I lifted my pussy up off his lap slightly and as he pulled away from my nipples and up to kiss and flick at my ear with his tongue I could see and feel two fingers sliding into me.

I leant back slightly to give his hand more room, whispering “It’s nice,” as I adjusted myself and felt his fingers sliding deeper. As I tilted back more I could see his willy standing up on an angle now, squashed behind the wrist of his hand, the fingers of which were twirling round and round my clit, whilst the other hand was pushing in and out. I reached down to pull that hand away and out, and then lifted up, and then down, feeling his erection pushing, unaided, into me as I sat down on him. He slid each hand around my waist as he helped me continue to lift up and down, but I reached down to guide his left hand back to where it had been playing so nicely with my clit. I was being quite noisy now, holding him by the shoulders and urging him to “Bounce me!”

We bounced for several more minutes, but although it was nice, really nice, I could sense his grunts were getting quicker and louder. Too quick and too loud. So I lifted myself off, pushing down on his shoulders, and stood up to slide my pussy over his face, trying to keep my balance as his tongue started flicking and sliding between my lips. “Do my clitty,” I asked him, and then moaned loudly as his tongue found the right position. He held my legs and began sliding his tongue round further away from where I most wanted it. As I pivotted forwards again I began to swoon loudly as I felt his tongue creasing my lips and then flicking back to my clit. To my dismay he suggested we move into the front room. I nodded and stepped away to let him get up off the step and lead me through to the sofa. This time he pushed me gently down, adjusting my hips so that I was sitting on the edge of the sofa as he knelt down onto the floor. His tongue was quickly back on the spot he’d just been and I began to feel myself getting carried away again. He lifted one of my legs up to rest the heel on the cushion and then I felt his fingers sliding in underneath his tongue. I was moaning really, really loudly again now. I opened my eyes for a moment when he pulled his mouth away to say “I like to watch you squeeze them.” I glanced down to see I had the palm of each of my hands over my nipples. I gasped even louder and felt my eyes closing again as the rhythm of his fingers increased and I felt the warmth of his tongue flicking over me again.

I came with huge screams. I could hear myself, but I couldn’t stop. He told me later my screams were so loud he was worried about the neighbours hearing and wondering what was happening! I felt so naughty and I’d wanted it there so much, that I couldn’t control the loudness of my groans matching the intensity of my coming.

I felt him lifting both my legs up onto the sofa as I lay my head back into the corner and shuffled further into the comfort of the cushions. I heard him getting up and moving around, but wanted to keep my eyes firmly closed and just savour the tingling as the feeling slowly subsided. I heard him moving into the kitchen and the popping of a cork, and the splashing of wine into glasses. Every sound seemed muffled but comforting and warm. And nice!

I heard him coming back into the room and stop at the side of the sofa and ask if I’d like a sip of wine. I opened my eyes to realise I’d almost buried my head between the scatter cushions, and he was standing in front of me with a glass in each hand, his cock still quite firm but wobbling and pointing slightly downwards, as he stood waiting for me to take a glass. I pulled myself up slightly on my elbow, making space for him to sit down on the edge of the sofa. I could only nod and smile when he asked me if it had been a big one.

Eventually I was able to sit up and start replying more coherently to his questions. He moved further to the end of the sofa as I made more space and lifted my legs up to plonk them down onto his lap and ask him to “Unstrap my buckles and take my shoes off for me, my feet are killing me.” He laughed and obliged and lifted each foot in turn to kiss them and start sucking on my toes. I lay my neck back against the arm of the sofa and told him “You know that will only make me sleepy.” He licked the soles of each foot for a moment before placing them back down on his lap and saying we should go upstairs. I didn’t want to move yet though and started playing with his cock again, squeezing and rubbing it between each foot. He started getting hard as I manipulated my feet so that I could prop him up against the top of one foot and rub him with the toes of my other one. He protested that it was “Nice, but I want to take you upstairs to bed.”

“Only if you bring the wine!” I answered.

As we rolled onto the bed we agreed it was softer and more comfortable than the stairs. “But not as naughty,” I teased. We lay side by side sipping our wine and chatting. I offered him my glass to top-up from the bedside table where he’d put the bottle and as he leant over to pour I slid down between his legs. He clamped his legs around me saying he thought I wouldn’t be ready yet and I should have some more wine. I knelt back up and sipped a mouthful and then handed him back the glass and leant forward lifting his cock up with my hand and then sliding my mouth down over him and releasing my wine over him. I heard him gasp and felt him stiffening inside my mouth. I released a little more and then swallowed the rest of the wine as I sucked down on him further. He was shaking and pushing upwards and as I slowly lifted my mouth back up off him he was now completely erect again. I slid my mouth downwards over him again and then up and down in quickening strokes.

He’d relaxed his legs by now and spread them wider allowing me to move in closer to him. I’d lift up and ask “More wine please,” and then release another half-mouthful over him as I sucked him in. I could tell from his gasps each time, and the way he’d thrust upwards, that he was enjoying the sensation.

I was quite happy to continue exactly where I was but he pulled me up by my shoulders and kneeling up on the bed he then lay me down on my stomach and sat over me. He was sitting on my bottom and leaning forwards and kissing my neck and round to my ears. He would gently pull at my earrings with his teeth and then kiss back at my neck again and move his mouth around to the other ear. He slid off my bottom down onto the backs of my knees as he licked with his tongue down my spine to the small of my back and then upwards again. Then he spread my legs and knelt down in between them, kissing the cheeks of my bottom and then gently biting them. I was actually finding this new sensation quite different and quite arousing, especially as he leant forwards to pick the pillow up from the top of bed and then lift me up by my hips and slide it under my tummy. He used his knees to spread my legs wider and then lifted me further again to slide the other pillow under me. I had my arms crossed in front of me and was resting my cheek and forehead down on my crossed wrists. It felt very arousing to be positioned like this, tilted forward with my tummy, and bottom, up off the bed and him kneeling behind me. Very arousing indeed!

I could feel his breath on me as leaned forwards to kiss the cheeks of my bottom again and then I could feel his erection, and his balls, brush over me as he leant forward to reach for the wine glass from the bedside table and then kneel down again after he’d taken a sip. Then I felt the dribble of him trickling drops of wine from his mouth down onto the small of my back. I jumped at the shock of the first drop, but then as soon as I realised what he was doing I just giggled and pushed myself further into the pillows. There was a pause and then I could feel him moving on the bed again, and his breath on me as he leant his face in between my legs and I felt his tongue and then face pressing against me as he licked at my pussy lips.

I was wriggling as I felt his tongue sliding in between my lips, waiting and wanting for it to slide upwards between my cheeks. But it didn’t. Instead his tongue slid down to my pussy again, and then up just a little, and then down again. I was almost squirming from his teasing and could hear myself moaning my encouragement. I wanted to feel his tongue harder and I was feeling so, so, very aroused and exposed like this. My legs couldn’t go any wider, and in fact my writhing and wriggling would bring them closer together, only for him to gently spread them wider again.

“I want your tongue more,” I was gasping to him. He’d bring it higher and slide it over me and then away again. He lifted up again leaning over me and I felt his cock sliding hard over me. I thought he was reaching for more wine, but he was opening the drawer of the bedside table and then quickly dropping back on his knees and licking down to my pussy lips again. I was moaning and gasping, I knew what he’d been reaching for, but I needed his tongue first. “Please,” I kept gasping to him, squirming more on the pillows as his tongue moved upwards and over me again. “Ooohhh,” as it paused on the spot and then began to circle and push. Now I was pushing back, and moaning “Mmm” and “Yes.”

I felt completely comfortable, and wanton, and expectant for the first squirt of gel when it came. It was almost a relief, and relaxing, to feel it being wiped down between my cheeks and then him positioning himself behind me. Then pushing, pushing slowly forwards. I felt that tightening and then relaxing push and heard his groan echoing mine as we pushed against each other. As he sank down onto me I had to pull one of the pillows out from beneath my tummy. I was arching my head up backwards and gasping out “Too high,” in explanation before shaking from side to side and flopping down on my forearm again from the pressure, and pleasure, of his pushing in. He’d adjusted his position as well now, almost squatting over me, holding me with a hand on each hip, and I could hear him grunting in rhythm with my pushes meeting his.

We rocked backwards and forwards on each other. I felt myself becoming ever more carried away, and then as I felt him slowing and leaning his face into my shoulder and making those throaty gurgles, I wanted to try and quicken my own pushes back against him. I could tell he was coming as I felt him relaxing more, but he still slid one hand around and under my tummy to hold me against him as he shuddered, and the other hand below that, sliding down to my pussy as I lifted up for him and then clamped his hand down on the pillow beneath me. We were both shaking and whimpering until he lifted out and I exploded with convulsions as I felt that release as he pulled himself out of me and I heard myself crying out again. I buried my face into the bedclothes, muffling my gasps and groans. In a combination of twists and pushes and pulls he pulled the remaining pillow out from under me, accompanied by more of my groans and he cuddled his arm across my back as we both collapsed face down on our stomachs side by side. As the feelings began to ebb I turned slightly on my side to pull my knees up to my tummy. “Cuddle me,” I instructed as I felt myself dribbling and slippery with the gel . . . and with his cum!

We woke up together. I don’t know how long we’d slept but as I turned over to face him and slide my head onto his arm I lifted up to look over his shoulder at the bedside clock. “It’s only just gone eleven,” I told him. We’d both thought it would have been much later. He asked if I was hungry! I laughed and told him it was a bit late to ask me that now, but that I wasn’t and couldn’t have moved even if I was. He joked that “The wine was nice though wasn’t it?” We lay together trading those little jokes and teases that one can only seem to make in the aftermath! For the first time I asked when his family were returning. “If I say they’ll be away for two days will you come back tomorrow night?” he asked. I could tell from his tone that he was only joking and that they were obviously returning the next day, but teased that he was never satisfied. He assured me he was always satisfied and always grateful, but couldn’t help always wanting “More!”

Another hour passed. We finished the wine and each made trips to the bathroom and talked more about work and then our first encounters. I was actually enjoying the reminiscing and coupled with his tracing circles around my nipples with his fingers, I was beginning to feel aroused again. I reached down to see if our remembering was having the same affect on him. It clearly was!

He slid down on the bed slightly and started sucking on my nipples telling me how he loved it when they got so hard and stood up. I rolled more onto my back, pulling him over with me, arching my back so that I was almost lifting my chest up into his mouth. His hand slid down between my legs and started circling round my lips again. Although I love my nipples being done, sometimes they go numb quite quickly and as I began to lose the feeling I pulled him more over on top of me, cuddling my free arm around his back and then grasping his hard cock with my other hand. He was still trying to finger me but I told him “I want your willy.” He pulled his hand away and then lifted up so that he was balancing over me with a hand on the bed either side of my shoulders. I guided him quite easily inside my pussy and then pulled him down on me with both of my hands now on his back. He began pushing slowly at first, but as I began moaning again and pulling him back down into me each time he lifted up, he started pumping faster. I could hear him straining and when I looked up to his face I could see his eyes closed and mouth straining. I started to say “Don’t,” but he nodded and pulled out before I could finish. I had both my hands on his bottom now as he lifted himself up more onto my stomach. We continued pumping still and I pulled him up further. As he stroked quicker I pulled him up even higher until he was sliding it over my boobs and then lifted both my hands around to rest them over his cock pushing it down onto me. I was trying to twist from side to side and he got the idea and began moving it with my hands, wiping it across each nipple in turn.

I love watching him come. Seeing it spurt out in white splashes. And watching his face and listening to his gasps. I felt it splatter on my neck and shoulder and then slippery and sliding as I pulled him down my tummy and we rolled over onto our sides together. I was kissing his nose and lips as he continued with his gasps and squeezed me into him. We lay still for some time, not saying anything, but just smiling at each other, until eventually I kissed his forehead and said I would have to go home. He protested, saying I’d promised we’d arrange a ‘sleep over’ and that this was the perfect opportunity. “I want to wake up with you in the morning,” he said. I told him I wanted that as well, but that it just couldn’t be tonight.

We got dressed together in the hallway at the foot of the stairs. Scot insisting on kneeling in front of me to buckle the straps of my shoes, while I sat on the steps, so he could look up under my dress. I teased him again saying that he was never satisfied, but he knew that I enjoyed him looking as well. And the fact that I knew he could feel my bare skin beneath my dress as he walked me home with his arms around me. Until we got to the corner, of course!

I could tell the children were both in bed when I walked into the front room to find James waiting for me naked on the sofa. I enjoyed feeling him run his hands under ‘his’ dress as I took the glass of wine he was offering me. I took a mouthful and leant forward to release it back to him as we kissed. As we embraced I could feel his erection rubbing against me. “I wish we could do it on the stairs,” I whispered into his ear!

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