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June 3, 2014

DFW gets Rio Blaze

He’s the Bull that gets all the best Hotwives and he’s done it again. DFW Knight has this time hooked up with an amazing Hotwife who’s graced these pages many times over the years. The stunning Rio Blaze

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Hotwife Rio, what a dream come true. After years of watching this beautiful woman from a far, I finally got to meet her and her husband while visiting Florida.

My leg was trembling all the way to her house. I was so nervous. I felt so out of my element. After all I was about to meet the incredible Rio Blaze. Rio is a stunning half Brazilian half Colombian housewife. She is a tiny tiny woman who I knew had very limited experience with BBC, so I was flattered when she said she wanted me to stop by for a visit.

Rio met me at the door fully dressed, but after a few cocktails and lots of laughs, she excused herself to slip into something more comfortable. She resurfaced wearing a very sexy lace bra and panties set. The bra pushed her incredible breasts up just oh so nice. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. We eventually went to the back bedroom where Tommy, her husband, had his camera all set up.

I was still really nervous, but as we started kissing I took her hand and put it on the bulge in my pants. She moaned “oh my god”. Rio must have been a little bit nervous as well. Her tiny hands seem to tremble as she started unfastening my pants. I was unfastening her bra as she was sliding my pants down. My hard dick sprung out and I saw her looking down at it and exclaiming again “OMG”.

She immediately went to her knees and had my black cock in her mouth sucking it hungrily. I can’t tell you how turned on I was having a beautiful woman like her on her knees sucking my cock. I looked to her husband who was grinning from ear to ear. He even quietly gave me the thumbs up sign from behind his camera. Using her hand to drag her fingernails along the underside of my balls, sent shivers up my leg.

I began anticipating the feeling of her mouth on my cock again. And I was not disappointed, as the head pushed through her lips and slid it deep into her mouth. I could feel the head of my cock against her throat. She pushed harder as if to force it in, before giving a slight gag and removing it from her mouth. Looking up at me with watery eyes, she apologized and said it was just too big and too hard. But almost dutifully, Rio returned to sucking my cock into her mouth, and providing me with a luxurious tongue bath. It was simply amazing.

Eager for more, I soon ushered Rio onto the bed, I slipped her panties off and climbed between those tanned toned thighs. My hard black cock heading towards her married white pussy. But as I gazed down at her neatly trimmed pussy, her beautiful pink petals beckoned me to move in closer. So I buried my face between her legs. Her scent was so intoxicating. Her sweet pussy responded well to my tongue. Her little bud began to swell with each lick and nibble. All the while she had her eyes on my raging hard on. She eventually asked me to let her suck on it some more.

We maneuvered ourselves into a 69 position and continued the foreplay until the moment of truth arrived. As she laid back on the bed with her legs spread open for me. I prepared to enter her but was stopped short. Rio asked, “Shouldn’t we use protection?” I was taken aback momentarily but before I could say anything, she was reaching into a bedside drawer. She retrieved a standard sized condom and a bottle of lube, and began wrapping my swollen rod.

I had my doubts about the durability of the smaller sized condom, but I was in no mood nor position really to complain. My mind was on that sweet prize between Rio’s legs.
I took the head of my latex covered cock and rubbed it up and down the slit of her nice tight pussy. She took a couple of pillows and propped her head up so she could see my black cock going in her. I pushed it between her lips as she watched and moaned “oh god, oh god”.

I started pumping, pushing about an inch more into her with each stroke she was moaning ”Yes” . As I shoved more of it in she started shaking her head wildly saying “Oh yes, yes oh god, don’t stop give it to me, giiiiiive it to me.” We were a tight fit. She proved to be everything I wanted and more. I caressed and ravished every inch of her body right there in front of her husband. The more we did the easier I became. The loosening of her pink walls were now taking my entire length and thickness better. But the fit was still extremely snug, but enjoyable.

At some point I rolled Rio over onto her stomach. And I know the plan was that I would wear a condom the entire time. Perhaps it was the size of it, or her sweet pussy’s grip but somewhere along the way the condom just disappeared.

I felt the sweet sensation of her soaking wet pussy coating my cock, it was too much to resist, I wanted to stop. Truly I wanted to . But something drove me forward. I found myself pounding her soaking wet pussy even harder. I was so turned on that I just couldn’t hold back. And with each stroke and each word of encouragement from Rio, I was sent further and further over the edge.

I could feel the pressure in my balls releasing and the flow of my semen moving up the shaft of my cock, as I let out one last moan and gave her exposed pussy one last thrust before pulling out and shooting wave after wave of my load all over her ass.

I felt a mixture of relief and sadness, as I watched my seed miss it’s mark. How nice would it of been to have my seed filling her married belly. To watch it slowly pour out of her tight swollen pussy lips.

But on this occasion it was not meant to be.

Rio and I laid in each others arms, recovering, kissing, chatting and laughing. We discussed a return visit or even a trip for them to come visit me in Dallas this summer. So perhaps then Rio and I will share the next level of pleasure together, only time will tell until then.

DFW Knight

DFW Knight

DFW Knight

DFW Knight

DFW Knight

DFW Knight

DFW Knight

DFW Knight

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  1. Lloyd Aaron said:

    It’s wonderful to see Rio’s thighs spread eagle to give DFWKnight’s BBC complete and utter access to her tight white pussy. The condom was a joke from the get-go. When a BBC and white pussy get together, a condom should never be worn. From now on DFWKnight should shoot his huge potent loads directly into her uterus, as only big-dicked men can do.

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