May 10, 2014

Carly G Dogging

Gorgeous UK Hotwife Carly G is back with another gallery. This time taking in a great British past time - Dogging.

It’s not long before her exposure on her BMW attracts the attention of a lone dogger. Camera shy he agrees to be photographed by Carly’s husband but only after wearing a pair of Carly’s tights on his head.

She then proceeds to give herself to the stranger, sucking him hard and then letting him fuck her across the bonnet of their car. After a fair few positions he can’t hold back any longer and proceeds to cum inside her pussy. Carly shows us the evidence of her sluttiness as the guy disappears into the woods he came from.

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

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May 8, 2014

She loves big dicks

She Loves Big Dicks

Big Cocks Bring Out Her Inner Slut! And I LOVE IT

I’ve actually had the opportunity to watch my wife get fucked by a big cock. Yes, she did get wetter than ever. I fucked her after she had fucked him for an hour or so while she sucked him off. Her pussy was stretched out but oooh so sopping wet. She was on her hands and knee’s sucking his dick while I fucked her slutty, well fucked, pussy. Her ass hole was so relaxed I easily slipped my thumb in, then index finger, then two fingers while I fucked her. She moaned and orgasmed as he came in her mouth and that pushed me over the edge. I had one of the most intense orgasms ever. The build up of watching her fuck a big 10inch coke sized dick and orgasm multiple times was fantastic. It’s like fucking my favorite porn star. Damn I’m one lucky husband to have such a wonderful wife!

When she fucks this Guy I notice a couple of things that I don’t notice when it’s just us:

1. She sweats! She sweats till her long hair is soaking wet.

2. She blushes deep red when she orgasms with him and she cums and cums and doesn’t want to stop fucking him.

3. As soon as he cum’s she’s stroking his cock and sucking his balls trying to get him hard again asap.

One night we had been playing for two hours with him and his wife. I had cum in his wife twice. He had cum in my wife once. His wife who is so very sexy and erotic had so many orgasms while we fucked I lost count. She gets as excited watching her husband fuck my wife as I do. She channels her eroticism and excitement into fucking me and licking my wife’s pussy. That particular night the three of us were exhausted. But my sexy slutty wife was still on top of him just riding his big dick saying “I can do this all night long”. Her wet hair was swaying and her big tits bouncing as she came again and again.

She was so beautiful, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, Damn! I love her!

So yes, I don’t care what people say. Size matters. I have a 7inch dick rock hard, but a really big thick cock will bring out the slut in my beautiful wife like nothing else. She loves my rock hard dick and say’s she still prefers fucking me above everyone else… Love is a special thing!

I’m one lucky SOB , for sure.


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Submitted by: Stonemtncouple, Atlanta GA


May 6, 2014

Back to work

Here’s an amazing treat for you today. An exclusive creampie movie clip and story from Hotwife Jackie


My hubby informed me today that I have to go back to work. I admit I have been spending a lot of time having typical housewife fun. I have done a lot of shopping, having a lot of lunches with girlfriends etc. I love gardening too, and my roses look great!

I have been on some “dates” too, but my hubby says I have to stop “giving it away for free”. He suggested I contact a few of my previous lovers who might hire me full time or for some “special projects.”

I know what one of those jobs would require of me. I would have to be available for my boss to fuck me whenever he wanted and he would no doubt want me to fuck some of his clients or prospective clients when it was necessary. I did that job before a few years ago so I know I can do it again.

I can always get a “straight” job I suppose, but I hate working in an office. I’ll have to give this some serious thought, but I already know which direction I am leaning.



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May 4, 2014

Black Cock Whore

Wife Becomes Instant Black Cock Whore

Let me start by telling you about my wife. Her name is Irene, she is five foot 2, dark eyes and lone hair down to the small of her back. 38 DD tits that looked huge against her small frame and they that turned heads every where we went.

We had a great sex life but it had become routine and the excitement was no longer there.

One night while having sex I ask her what we could do to put some excitement back in to your love life. She said no and I asked her if she ever had any fantasies. She told me no but her girl friend had got her hot and curious by telling her some of the things she and her husband had been doing, and I said like what She told me that they were swingers and belonged to a swingers club. I said you are curious about another men fucking you She said she didnt know why but the thought of it made her wet and horny as hell. I said can I tell you something without you getting pissed. She said yes and I told her that I have had a fantasy for a long time about watching her fuck with another man. She said would it bother you watching me, and I told her no, that I thought it would be exciting as hell. I got brave and asked her if she wanted to try it. She got so turned on and excited that she was fucking like I had never seen her before and was saying yes over and over. I wanted to see how excited I could get her and told her I want to hear you moan and to see your face and body covered with cum. She was still saying yes and said just hearing you talk about loaning me to other men makes me wet. I said ok talk to Judy (that was her girl friends name), and see if we can join the club and set it up.

The next night while we were fucking, she was so excited and told me that we were in and to be ready Friday night that Judy and her husband would pick us up.

Friday night came around quickly and when Judy and her husband picked us up my wife introduced them to me, and on the way there I noted Judys husbands eyes were glued on my wifes tits.

We where greeted at the door and asked to put our car keys in a bowl. We entered a room full of couples and just standing around drinking and talking, Judy brought us a drink introduced us to the group. After a while, the host said it s time and we were taken to a large room with mattresses lined around the walls. The host was standing in the middle shaking the keys around in the bowl and said who is first. One of the girls reached in the bowl and pull out a set of keys. It seemed the owner of the keys where the one you were partnered with. A man walked over and claimed his keys. He and his partner had to strip in front of everyone and then took their place in front of one of the mattresses.

When it came to my wifes turn she reached in and pulled out a set of keys and held them up. Oh my god I thought, this is her first time with another man and a big black guy walked out and claimed his keys. Without hesitation my wife and the guy striped. Before they got to their mattress he had his hand on her tits and she looked shocked to see how long and thick his black cock was.

A cute little red head pull my keys out and we striped and took our place in front of our mattress. When the bowl as empty the host said let the action begin and have fun. I am glad the little red head took charge and went down on my cock because I couldn’tt take my eyes off what was happening to my wife.

He had his big black finger in her pussy working on it hard and pulling and twisting her hard nipples. A couple of minutes later he shoved his cock into my wifes pouting lips. I heard my wife gag as he fucked her mouth with all of his cock. I was afraid he was hurting her, but she was moaning around his cock and grinding her pussy on his finger.

I was so hard and excited watching my wife that I blew my load in the little red heads mouth. She swallowed and kept sucking on my still hard cock. Then she impaled herself on me and started fucking me like a wild woman. The black guy had now removed his cock from my wifes mouth and was fucking her big tits. Soon my slut wife had a load of cum on he face, in her mouth as well as her tits. He now went down on her and was eating her out. She was just laying there moaning and licking the cum from around her mouth and rubbing it all over her big tits and sucking her fingers. I then heard her scream oh hell I am Cumming! He kept sucking her juices and she was going crazy.

He now got up between her legs and drove his huge cock in to her wet pussy with one stroke. She let out a scream that turned heads her way.

The little red head finally came and fell limp on me. I started playing with her tits and nipples while I watched my wife. The Black man was fucking her so hard and deep her while body was shaking so hard I thought her big tits were going the fly off her chest. My wife was screaming so loud for him to fuck her harder that she had every one’s attention.

I watched my wife become a black cock whore her first time with another man.

When we got home I asked her if she was alright and she smiled and said she was looking forward to the next club meeting.

By George


May 2, 2014

Hotwife Date 88

Black Bachelor Diary Update

Hotwife Date 88

This is my 3rd hookup date with Mindy and today I just wasn’t in the mood for any love making shit! I was extra rough, and really didn’t give a fuck about her feelings! Mindy has 3 kids and a useless husband, who would NEVER pound her fucking brains out like this so Mindy had no choice but to shut up and take the fucking big black dick in her asshole.

Yeah, I know its rude and inconsiderate but I had a very bad day at the office and I just didn’t give a fuck. The sound of her voice screaming, and her back shifting up and down as she tried to handle my thick black dick only made me fucking harder. And rougher!

God bless bored hot wives, they do serve a purpose.








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