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May 28, 2014

Strangers on the Subway

Strangers on the Subway

So we’re lying in bed watching TV when out of the blue my wife Ellen says, “Honey, I’ve been a naughty girl…”

Our car had been smashed up in an accident, so we had been relying on my company car to get around whilst it was in the repair shop. With me being away on the road a lot, this meant Ellen had to ride public transport to get around. Her story was about her trip home from work a few days earlier.

She said she was waiting for the train in the subway station when she needed to go to the ladies room. I’d been away all week and Ellen was feeling a bit frisky, so for the hell of it, she decided to remove her panties for the ride home. Entering the packed carriage, she said she received many admiring glances from both men and women, many of whom were staring at her long shapely legs stretching down below her short tight sundress.

Despite many chivalrous offers of a seat, she elected to stand. Some of the men sitting near her tried to look up her dress, and some of those standing around her “accidently” brushed against her as the car bumped and rolled along the tracks. When the train stopped at the next station, Ellen said she lost her balance and fell against the man standing in front of her. She had to put a hand on one of his shoulders to steady herself and one of his hands went to her waist to do likewise. Ellen said she apologized, but the man said it was definitely his pleasure.

At the next stop, the same thing happened again, except this time the man actually held Ellen close for a few seconds before letting her go. She said she laughed about being clumsy but he just commented that it was his lucky day. As he did so, he pressed is pelvis against her and she could feel his hardness. This stirred something within her and she decided to play some more. Ellen let her clutch purse fall to the floor and being a gentleman, the man bent down to pick it up for her. As he did, she said she parted her legs slightly and pushed her hips out in his direction. When he started to straighten up, she saw him freeze for a second as he noticed she had no panties on. He stayed there for a moment before standing back up. As he did so, he ran his free hand up her bare thigh and under her dress onto her pussy. She thanked him for her purse, and he thanked her for the view. He still had his hand on her pussy and as the train started to slow down, he slid a finger into her slit. Ellen gasped with pleasure, but then began to get nervous about being seen. When the train stopped, she made her way through the crowd to the doors. When she left the train her head was spinning and she barely made it to sit on a bench before falling over.

I was harder than a diamond by this time and pleased with this reaction, Ellen wrapped her hand around my cock and started to slowly stroke me.

Continuing, she said after a few minutes she finally got on another train to continue her journey. This time she found herself standing near the back of the carriage facing a very handsome, well dressed businessman who was reading the newspaper. On a bumpy curve, Ellen was jolted towards him and crashed against his knees. He looked up and smiled at her, lowering his paper for a moment. As he raised it again, it caught the hem of her dress and lifted it up. The man didn’t notice, but the guy sitting next to him did!! He made some kind of noise, and the first man, realising something was up, moved his paper aside and now they were both staring directly at her little bald pussy.

The handsome one smiled again and put his hand on her leg, running it up and down her thigh. The he placed it over her pussy and began stroking her clit with his thumb. Soon he was running his fingers along her moistening slit. Ellen said it felt so good she didn’t want it to stop, so she just hung onto the overhead strap.

At the next stop, the man stood up and guided Ellen over to a corner of the carriage. He stood with his back to the corner, and positioned Ellen in front of him, facing him with her back to the crowd. He then took her hand and placed it on his crotch. The car was still packed, and a wall of people surrounded them. Ellen stared into his eyes as she slowly lowered his zipper and found his cock. As she pulled it from his trousers, she felt someone else running their hands up the backs of her bare thighs and arse. She didn’t bother to turn around, and reached up to grab the overhead straps again. This caused the hem of her dress to ride up exposing her arse and pussy. She said the thought of other people in the carriage seeing what was going on made her so horny and excited that she didn’t care anymore.

The man in front worked his hard cock between her partially spread legs as he reached around her hips and pulled her to him. He used the fingers of his other hand to open her pussy lips and rubbed the tip along the length of her slit. Moments later, he got the tip of his cock inside her, but Ellen said she decided to stand on her toes to keep him from fully entering her.

I asked her why and she replied that she did it because she was no longer taking the pill and didn’t think she wanted a strange man’s cum inside her. Well to be truthful she said a moment later, part of her did, part of her did a lot!!

By now, the combination of his cock rubbing back and forth and the hands on her arse pushed her towards the edge of a major orgasm. Closing her eyes, Ellen gave in to one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever had.

The guy behind her was now rubbing both hands over her arse cheeks, and then she felt a finger probing at her anus, penetrating it. Ellen’s knees grew weak, and with a groan of surrender, she slumped forward and sank down onto the cock of the man in front of her. He pulled her closer and fucked her with four or five powerful strokes before groaning and shooting his cum inside her.

That did it for me, once again i blasted a load all over my wifes hand as she related a story of a stranger cumming inside her unprotected little box!! It’s incredible just how hot this makes me despite all the risks involved…

Continuing her story, Ellen said the stranger held her tight for a moment, but finally released his grip when the guy behind her pulled her back onto his waiting cock. He slid easily into her cum filled cunt and within two or three strokes, he too was pumping his hot sticky load into her.

A moment later the train arrived at Ellen’s stop and she jumped off to walk home with the cum of two strangers dripping out of her.

By: aytinch69

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