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April 30, 2014

I will do anything

I will do anything

As I walked into the apartment, the sounds were immediately noticeable. Sounds like she’s fucking again, I thought. Damn, I wished I could get in on that. My girlfriend Jacki has such a great body and a beautiful face. 5′3′’, 105 lbs maybe, and the very rare 32D. You guessed it, she has an extremely small waist for her size tits. I gotta tell you, kneeling on the floor before her and being allowed to worship her pussy, or sinking my head from behind to lick and kiss her smoking hot ass is like heaven on earth. Her innocent looks and bright green eyes would never reveal the type of torture she has put me through, always holding her sexuality out to me like a goddamn carrot on a stick for a olden day workhorse. But there’s something about her, that I absolutely cannot resist. Anytime I feel my anger start to build when I think of the other men she fucks and the denial I constantly face, she sooths it by allowing, by ordering, me to please her orally until she drifts off to sleep. Even then I can rarely make myself stop, and will still be at it when she goes to turn over, notices me still licking away, and pushes me off in annoyance.

Oh well, I thought, I may as well catch what I can of the action going on in my bedroom before I miss the whole show. So of course I headed back there to see what I may see. It wasn’t entirely dark in the bedroom, so I could see Jacki riding what appeared to be her ex boyfriend, Nick. This was kind of a surprise, seeing as she’d never mentioned much about him to me in the past. As I moved closer to the bed (completely unnoticed) I listened to her sounds of pleasure and wished to God that it was me causing them. Then I caught sight of the huge cock she was pumping up and down on and my dreams of ever being in that position were shot right back down to earth. That thing was predictably enough gigantic, the kind of dick that would cause me to be ashamed if I had been exposed. Nick at this time noticed me and gave me a real douchebag smile. Obviously, he’d been filled in on my inadequacies, that cocksucker. Jacki of course wouldn’t have noticed an oncoming 18-wheeler at this point, she was too far gone in the midst of a strong orgasm. She was almost crying, and bucking and riding harder than she ever could on my cock, because if she ever gave it to me like that, I would cum in an instant. Not Nick though, clearly his cock was strong enough to give her the pummeling she craved and more. She screamed out and began pulling back more than a foot off the bed at a time, over and over, and yet still had not reached the end of his massive pole. Holy Fuck, she was yelling, Fuck me baby, Fuck me, Oh God its fucking wonderful! I was about to cum just from watching this beautiful display of pure sexuality that she emitted at this point of her coupling. Just as she seemed to be right at the peak of her orgasm, he grabbed and turned her over, entering her from behind all in one fluid motion, and began to pound away for all he was worth. She was losing it, bathed in sweat, cumming harder than a Mike Tyson left, sobbing in an ecstacy bordering on pain as she took this huge and brutal fuck. He was unrelenting as he slammed into her over and over in a way I could never match. I could see a smile play on his lips as he rode her orgasm out for at least 6 or 7 minutes and then slowly began to relax, watching her almost passed out from pleasure and exertion. “Oh my god baby”, she whispered to him , “how can you do me so good?” At this point he pulled his still fully erect, gargantuan pole from her pussy, rolled onto his back, and looked at her. She knew what he wanted without having to be told, and was more than willing to do anything in her power for this beast of a lover, especially knowing there was a chance she might again be allowed to receive the incredible pleasure that he, and not I, could give her. So she smiled sexily as she leaned down and began to lick at the head and shaft of the massive dick that stood proudly before her. As I watched, my jealousy and desire for her became one, seeing her perfectly shaped, round, beautiful ass right there for the taking, but I was too ashamed of myself to even consider taking it out of my pants. Oh well, I did what I was born to do, lowered my head, leaned forward, and plunged my tongue into her pussy while she pleasured a superior man. The taste was remarkable, as always, and I gave in to the sensation of being engulfed in her pussy with her ass so close, and I began to squeeze it and pull it together around my face as my tongue crept upwards towards her little asshole, which only I had ever licked. She reached back and grabbed the back of my head, pulling my face deeper between her tight, firm cheeks as she began to grind my face, cutting off my oxygen and giving herself the best type of pleasure she could from my pitiful body. I felt her other hand reach down between her legs and began to rub at her pussy slowly, as she brought herself to an orgasm thinking about the monstrous tool she sucked, and tightly clenching my hair holding my mouth to her asshole. This has always been my favorite way to see and feel her cum, as I not only experience her beautiful ass the closest I can, but also knowing the level of devotion I give to her. She knows at this point more than ever, that I will literally do anything to, I mean for, her.

by: Roostercog

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