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April 26, 2014

The Game is on again

Cuckold Place Update

The game is afoot - again…

Up until about 5 years’ ago, my wife of many years had a long-standing relationship with a very dominant bull (it lasted for more than 5 years, with meetings once or twice a month). I was fully aware and involved, and would take her to his place a few hours away for the occasional weekend, where I would be fascinated at how he used and abused her, shared her with his friends and others, displayed her in public and beat her, all to her delight and enjoyment. We had no previous understanding of the depths of submission to which she would go.

It all ended about 5 years’ ago because it got to be a bit samish every time, and eventually we tired of the travel and the same old formula. Since then, there have been no more adventures, and our own sex life has significantly reduced as my prowess and stamina have diminished.

Despite the loss of my physical powers and virility with increasing age, my mind has stayed as active, as corrupt and as kinky as ever, and I have often fantasised about a new adventure. However, I have found it increasingly hard to broach the subject with her, or to suggest any new games, to the point where I almost gave up hope of ever enjoying sharing her again.

Probably as a result of my near impotence, my fantasies became ever more kinky, and prompted by what I have read and seen on this site, I have fantasised about tease and denial, humiliation, pain, submission and forced celibacy, all while imagining the pleasures of seeing someone else enjoying my precious wifes undoubted charms.

Recently, my fantasies have increased to an almost impossible level, to the point where I felt I had to do something about it. I advertised on AFF and vetted the responses to look for possible candidates for a bull and lover for my wife. However, this was really an extension of my fantasies - I hadn’t talked about what I was doing to my wife, and I had no confidence that I could ever pluck up the nerve to discuss them with her again.

I found a guy that looked a very good candidate, and agreed to meet him at a bar in central London, where if nothing else I could enjoy the vicarious pleasure of showing him some of my extensive album of images involving my wife with her previous bull. the meeting went well, and he really enjoyed looking at the pictures that I showed him. He was very keen to meet my wife, and we talked about a possible scenario.

The plan was for all of us to meet at a convenient location, with me present to effect the introductions. After a short time, we planned that I would disappear, and leave them alone for a period to get to know one another and to explore the chemistry that might exist between them. After a reasonable period, my wife would text me with a code number, telling me how she felt and what she wanted to happen next, along the following lines:

0. means come and rescue me, this isn’t working for me.
1. means come back and join us. Nothing is going to happen tonight, but there is a possibility going forwards.
2. means give me another hour to make up my mind.
3. means wait in the car, I’ll call when I am coming out.
4. means go home, I’ll call when I want you to come and collect me.

The idea of this plan excited me very much, but there was one problem with it. My wife was completely ignorant of the meeting and of the plans that we were hatching. However, I was so turned on at the idea that I felt that I had to give it a go.

Last night I plucked up courage to speak to her about things. For those of you that have done this for real, you will appreciate how difficult it can be to broach the subject with your wife. It is traumatic, even for those that have been there before.

I will leave the details of the conversation until a later message in this thread if anyone is interested, however, things went better than I could have expected, and my wife is open to the idea of a meeting (without any commitment on her part to take things further). We have now agreed to make the necessary arrangements, and expect to have an initial meeting in April. I can’t wait, but for a number of confidence reasons and other arrangements, it is unlikely to happen before the last week in April.

In 24 hours I have moved from a position of hopeless wanting and desire for something to happen to being in a position where we are talking about a definite meeting, albeit with no guarantees of reaching the conclusion that I hope for. I am amazingly excited about the prospects, and wanted to tell you guys about this progress. if you are interested in hearing how things go, and how we prepare for this first meeting, please let me know.

I have attached a picture so that you can visualise her. If it all works out, I’d like to also send before and after pictures on the night of the meeting.

My ex

By: Utter_Rotter

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