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April 18, 2014

More than I bargained

Fiction from mividaloca

More than I bargained for

My wife Karen is a 30 year old and quite literally a trophy wife and 20 years my junior. She had competed in an won many beauty contests since she was 4 years old (think Jon Benet Ramsey) up until just before we got married when she was 25. Although she does not really work in the regular sense of things she does have a small business as a beauty pageant coach. No I’m not great looking, or have a great body or hung like a horse, but I am fairly wealthy and semi retired. Money makes up for a lot of physical shortcomings. For the last 3 years I have fantasied about and shared that fantasy with Karen of her having sex with other men. At first she was rather shocked and angry when I would mention it but over time has mellowed quite a bit.

A few months ago she began to show less reluctance in doing this for me however she expressed concern that I might become jealous and use her infidelity to divorce her and with the pre-nup I had her sign she would be left with nothing. One day she said she would be willing to consider fulfilling my fantasy only if I was willing to sign a contract that would stipulate it was my desire that she engage in extramarital sexual relations and that I would never divorce her for engaging in extramarital sexual relations and that if I did she would be well compensated, at least 50% of my worth at the time I signed the contract and 50% of the royalties I receive each year. This would be a considerable penalty and enough to make sure I was serious about my desire for her to have sex with other men. She said that if I were willing to sign such a contract she would seriously consider doing this for me. I signed and over the next few months we began discussing it seriously and trying to come up with a way she found acceptable to meet men.

3-4 times a year Karen and several of her girlfriends go on a long weekend getaway to go on mega shopping expeditions, go to spas, and in general do chick stuff. A couple of weeks ago she announced she was going on one of these weekend retreats so I though nothing of it. She called me telling me she was on her way home, I asked if she had fun, she giggled and said it had been fantastic and that I needed to go check my email she had some great pictures. I began to get excited thinking maybe she had finally picked a guy up and fucked him. I noticed the email copied a long list of addressees, many of whom I recognized as being friends and many I did not recognize., so I figured my fantasy was going unmet again. Her email simply stated I should check out the URL she had included. I naturally clicked on it and the web site it took me to had a copy of our wedding picture and a scanned copy of the extramarital contract and listed links to a series of 8 videos with counters next to each. There was a notation to watch them in order. All the counters read 0 viewers. When I clicked on the first video it was a close-up of Karen speaking into the camera.

“Hi honey… well you have been telling me how you wanted me to have sex with other men, well this is your dream come true! It is now late Friday afternoon and I will be home to you Sometime Sunday evening. It has taken me 3 months to arrange this and to get the timing right but I am sure you will agree this will exceed your wildest dreams. I’m spending the weekend at a Frat House, you just have to try to figure out which one and which school. I have 6 fine specimens of manhood to pleasure me for the weekend. Each one has been examined by a doctor,,, at your expense dear, to make sure they’re all healthy. Now for your biggest surprise sweetie,,,, {the camera began to pan down to the table in front of her and there were 3 unopened packages of birth control pills which the camera zoomed in on close enough to easily read the prescription labels to confirm what she said next) As you know even though you had a vasectomy long before we got married I continued to take the pill because it made my periods lighter but as you can see I have not taken my pills for the past 3 months.” She then moved a package into the camera’s view, it was for a Clear blue Easy ‘Easy Read’ Ovulation Test, a home ovulation kit to detect when a woman is ovulating. She then produced a cup of urine and dipped the test stick into the urine.

For the next 3 minutes as it processed the camera remained on the test stick but she continued to talk explaining that each of her 6 young studs had agreed to have unprotected sex with her and had drawn cards to see who got to go first and the order each got to go in. She further explained that she had provided each with a notarized statement that they were acting as sperm donors and therefore she would make no attempt to determine paternity or would ever consider the natural father financially responsible.

It was becoming obvious that the test was positive. You could hear the excitement in her voice as she declared the test as being positive and the cat calls of her studs in the back ground. The camera panned back up and pulled back widening the shot to show her 6 young studs standing naked behind her each well hung and fully erect holding a playing card. Karen stood up and removed her blouse then her skirt leaving her in her bra, no panties, a garter belt and seamed stockings and a pair of 5 inch strappy sandals. She looked incredibly hot as she then reached back and undid her bra exposing a pair of perfect and surgically enhanced D cup breasts. She then motioned one of the first boys to her she turned head and faced the camera and said.

This is Craig, he will be the first to fill me with his sperm, say hello Craig dear, he turned and looked into the camera with a shit eating grin and said “hello dear”. She then gave him a long deep kiss. They turned and began to walk out of the room with her saying I hope you enjoy the rest of the videos sweetie as the video ended.

I went back to the web site and could see the counter next to the first video link already read 7 and became aware everyone we know and undoubtedly a lot we don’t were going to be seeing this . I clicked on the next link and it picked up with her and Craig going into his room and watching him enter her and begin pumping away hard and fast. She wrapped her legs around him and was clutching him while moaning loudly telling him to fill her full of his sperm and make her pregnant. This lasted roughly 12 minutes.

The next 5 videos were all the same with her being fucked by each one of her “sperm donors” The last video was Karen sitting on a couch in the frat house surrounded by her “sperm donors” and several of the other frat brothers dressed only in a red satin robe that had been left open exposing her breasts and was wearing only her garter belt, stockings and high heels.

“Well Honey I hope I’ve made you happy, I know this has been most enjoyable for me and I am sure the boys appreciate your willingness to share me. Each one has had multiple turns with me,,, Randy here is the king of cum, he had me 8 times. I cannot imagine that I will not get pregnant but since there is always a chance I might not get pregnant I plan to have a party weekend after next and will take the pregnancy test then in front of everyone. Needless to say the boys here will be invited as will most of the people who the email was originally addressed to.” When the video ended I could see each o the videos had been watched by a growing number of people.

Last night was the “Party”, I would estimate there were at least 100 people there including her “sperm donors” and as promised she took the test in front of everyone. Yes she is pregnant and I have been embarrassed beyond belief. The Genie is out of the bottle and I fear nothing can undo this.

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