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April 12, 2014

Rachel Spring Dogging

More filthy fun from slutty UK hotwife Rachel Reveals


I ventured up to the toilet block on the A417 to get myself some hard cock to play with and as always I wasn’t disappointed.

There were 11 cars in the layby next to the toilet, I opened up my car door and swung my legs out the car, immediately 4 blokes came over and I sucked off each and everyone in turn.

Feeling the urge for a good fucking, the next 2 guys to came over and before they had chance to get their dick in my mouth, I was bend over offering my slutty little fuck hole for a pounding.

Hands everywhere, I was being fingered, felt up and fucked at the same time, both blokes spewing their hot steaming sticky cum deep inside of me in the cold night air while spanking my big round curvy ass.

I do adore dogging, and particularly love the public toilet block, can’t wait for the warmer weather to come so I can get out more and more for my daily cock needs.

Rach xx







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