April 30, 2014

I will do anything

I will do anything

As I walked into the apartment, the sounds were immediately noticeable. Sounds like she’s fucking again, I thought. Damn, I wished I could get in on that. My girlfriend Jacki has such a great body and a beautiful face. 5′3′’, 105 lbs maybe, and the very rare 32D. You guessed it, she has an extremely small waist for her size tits. I gotta tell you, kneeling on the floor before her and being allowed to worship her pussy, or sinking my head from behind to lick and kiss her smoking hot ass is like heaven on earth. Her innocent looks and bright green eyes would never reveal the type of torture she has put me through, always holding her sexuality out to me like a goddamn carrot on a stick for a olden day workhorse. But there’s something about her, that I absolutely cannot resist. Anytime I feel my anger start to build when I think of the other men she fucks and the denial I constantly face, she sooths it by allowing, by ordering, me to please her orally until she drifts off to sleep. Even then I can rarely make myself stop, and will still be at it when she goes to turn over, notices me still licking away, and pushes me off in annoyance.

Oh well, I thought, I may as well catch what I can of the action going on in my bedroom before I miss the whole show. So of course I headed back there to see what I may see. It wasn’t entirely dark in the bedroom, so I could see Jacki riding what appeared to be her ex boyfriend, Nick. This was kind of a surprise, seeing as she’d never mentioned much about him to me in the past. As I moved closer to the bed (completely unnoticed) I listened to her sounds of pleasure and wished to God that it was me causing them. Then I caught sight of the huge cock she was pumping up and down on and my dreams of ever being in that position were shot right back down to earth. That thing was predictably enough gigantic, the kind of dick that would cause me to be ashamed if I had been exposed. Nick at this time noticed me and gave me a real douchebag smile. Obviously, he’d been filled in on my inadequacies, that cocksucker. Jacki of course wouldn’t have noticed an oncoming 18-wheeler at this point, she was too far gone in the midst of a strong orgasm. She was almost crying, and bucking and riding harder than she ever could on my cock, because if she ever gave it to me like that, I would cum in an instant. Not Nick though, clearly his cock was strong enough to give her the pummeling she craved and more. She screamed out and began pulling back more than a foot off the bed at a time, over and over, and yet still had not reached the end of his massive pole. Holy Fuck, she was yelling, Fuck me baby, Fuck me, Oh God its fucking wonderful! I was about to cum just from watching this beautiful display of pure sexuality that she emitted at this point of her coupling. Just as she seemed to be right at the peak of her orgasm, he grabbed and turned her over, entering her from behind all in one fluid motion, and began to pound away for all he was worth. She was losing it, bathed in sweat, cumming harder than a Mike Tyson left, sobbing in an ecstacy bordering on pain as she took this huge and brutal fuck. He was unrelenting as he slammed into her over and over in a way I could never match. I could see a smile play on his lips as he rode her orgasm out for at least 6 or 7 minutes and then slowly began to relax, watching her almost passed out from pleasure and exertion. “Oh my god baby”, she whispered to him , “how can you do me so good?” At this point he pulled his still fully erect, gargantuan pole from her pussy, rolled onto his back, and looked at her. She knew what he wanted without having to be told, and was more than willing to do anything in her power for this beast of a lover, especially knowing there was a chance she might again be allowed to receive the incredible pleasure that he, and not I, could give her. So she smiled sexily as she leaned down and began to lick at the head and shaft of the massive dick that stood proudly before her. As I watched, my jealousy and desire for her became one, seeing her perfectly shaped, round, beautiful ass right there for the taking, but I was too ashamed of myself to even consider taking it out of my pants. Oh well, I did what I was born to do, lowered my head, leaned forward, and plunged my tongue into her pussy while she pleasured a superior man. The taste was remarkable, as always, and I gave in to the sensation of being engulfed in her pussy with her ass so close, and I began to squeeze it and pull it together around my face as my tongue crept upwards towards her little asshole, which only I had ever licked. She reached back and grabbed the back of my head, pulling my face deeper between her tight, firm cheeks as she began to grind my face, cutting off my oxygen and giving herself the best type of pleasure she could from my pitiful body. I felt her other hand reach down between her legs and began to rub at her pussy slowly, as she brought herself to an orgasm thinking about the monstrous tool she sucked, and tightly clenching my hair holding my mouth to her asshole. This has always been my favorite way to see and feel her cum, as I not only experience her beautiful ass the closest I can, but also knowing the level of devotion I give to her. She knows at this point more than ever, that I will literally do anything to, I mean for, her.

by: Roostercog


April 28, 2014

Back in My Room

Faith is Naughty video diary update:

Recently while on vacation in Vegas, I was playing Craps and doing quite well. There was a cute guy who walked up and for the next couple hours while playing, we were flirting constantly. He left and I went back to my room still thinking about him. I was surprised when I ran into him again the next day. I told him I was thinking about him last night and asked him back to my room. I was really pleased with how large his cock was and boy did I have fun with him, he blew a huge load all over my face and mouth and he tasted soooo good.


Faith - Hotwife Blog Profile 2012

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April 26, 2014

The Game is on again

Cuckold Place Update

The game is afoot - again…

Up until about 5 years’ ago, my wife of many years had a long-standing relationship with a very dominant bull (it lasted for more than 5 years, with meetings once or twice a month). I was fully aware and involved, and would take her to his place a few hours away for the occasional weekend, where I would be fascinated at how he used and abused her, shared her with his friends and others, displayed her in public and beat her, all to her delight and enjoyment. We had no previous understanding of the depths of submission to which she would go.

It all ended about 5 years’ ago because it got to be a bit samish every time, and eventually we tired of the travel and the same old formula. Since then, there have been no more adventures, and our own sex life has significantly reduced as my prowess and stamina have diminished.

Despite the loss of my physical powers and virility with increasing age, my mind has stayed as active, as corrupt and as kinky as ever, and I have often fantasised about a new adventure. However, I have found it increasingly hard to broach the subject with her, or to suggest any new games, to the point where I almost gave up hope of ever enjoying sharing her again.

Probably as a result of my near impotence, my fantasies became ever more kinky, and prompted by what I have read and seen on this site, I have fantasised about tease and denial, humiliation, pain, submission and forced celibacy, all while imagining the pleasures of seeing someone else enjoying my precious wifes undoubted charms.

Recently, my fantasies have increased to an almost impossible level, to the point where I felt I had to do something about it. I advertised on AFF and vetted the responses to look for possible candidates for a bull and lover for my wife. However, this was really an extension of my fantasies - I hadn’t talked about what I was doing to my wife, and I had no confidence that I could ever pluck up the nerve to discuss them with her again.

I found a guy that looked a very good candidate, and agreed to meet him at a bar in central London, where if nothing else I could enjoy the vicarious pleasure of showing him some of my extensive album of images involving my wife with her previous bull. the meeting went well, and he really enjoyed looking at the pictures that I showed him. He was very keen to meet my wife, and we talked about a possible scenario.

The plan was for all of us to meet at a convenient location, with me present to effect the introductions. After a short time, we planned that I would disappear, and leave them alone for a period to get to know one another and to explore the chemistry that might exist between them. After a reasonable period, my wife would text me with a code number, telling me how she felt and what she wanted to happen next, along the following lines:

0. means come and rescue me, this isn’t working for me.
1. means come back and join us. Nothing is going to happen tonight, but there is a possibility going forwards.
2. means give me another hour to make up my mind.
3. means wait in the car, I’ll call when I am coming out.
4. means go home, I’ll call when I want you to come and collect me.

The idea of this plan excited me very much, but there was one problem with it. My wife was completely ignorant of the meeting and of the plans that we were hatching. However, I was so turned on at the idea that I felt that I had to give it a go.

Last night I plucked up courage to speak to her about things. For those of you that have done this for real, you will appreciate how difficult it can be to broach the subject with your wife. It is traumatic, even for those that have been there before.

I will leave the details of the conversation until a later message in this thread if anyone is interested, however, things went better than I could have expected, and my wife is open to the idea of a meeting (without any commitment on her part to take things further). We have now agreed to make the necessary arrangements, and expect to have an initial meeting in April. I can’t wait, but for a number of confidence reasons and other arrangements, it is unlikely to happen before the last week in April.

In 24 hours I have moved from a position of hopeless wanting and desire for something to happen to being in a position where we are talking about a definite meeting, albeit with no guarantees of reaching the conclusion that I hope for. I am amazingly excited about the prospects, and wanted to tell you guys about this progress. if you are interested in hearing how things go, and how we prepare for this first meeting, please let me know.

I have attached a picture so that you can visualise her. If it all works out, I’d like to also send before and after pictures on the night of the meeting.

My ex

By: Utter_Rotter

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April 24, 2014

DebrahAnn anal creampie

Slutty Hotwife Debrah Ann submits another hot movie. This one features one of her Bulls, having fun with him after a gym session.


In this video my workout buddy Michael and I return home from the gym. He starts to fondle me then eats my pussy. We begin to fuck and he whispers in my ear that he wants to fuck my ass. I let him have my ass and he finishes by pumping a load of cum in my tight sphincter.


Debrah Ann

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April 22, 2014

First experience

First experience towards cucking

There are moments of sexual awakening in each person’s life that takes them to a different place, a different plane. You know them, the unexpected moments when you’re thinking “Can this be real?” coupled with a level of thrill and excitement you’ve never before experienced. It is interesting to articulate for myself when that moment happened for me the first time, but the following would be close.

I was much younger, married but with no kids. My wife came home late from a part-time job as a steakhouse waitress. Now, mind you, she is scary bright and intelligent, priding herself on accomplishments at work and school. I guess what was so exciting was to know that such an accomplished person in so many things would give up enough inhibitions to abandon herself to sexual pleasure with someone not her husband.

I long had fantasized in sharing her in some way, but simply did not expect that to happen beyond the fantasy realm. I was wrong. She came home late (early morning) from a part-time job as a restaurant hostess. Hotter than hot, she helped herself by jumping on the bed and pulling my shorts down just far enough to ride me before I was fully awake. She began rotating and grinding herself against me, an amazingly wet pussy lubricating me as well. It was incredibly hot and liquid, warm velvet. Almost shyly she leans forward allowing me to slip into her absolute wetness. It gave her courage in that moment to hotly and breathlessly whisper in my ear, “Oh honey! I sucked someone’s cock last night!”

Instant, total turn on. While I grabbed her hips and bucked up into her she described how some of the staff went for drinks after closing and one of the guys kept trying to feel her up under the table which she wouldn’t allow, even though it turned her on like mad. He leaned over and whispered that his fetish was married women with rings and that she was driving him absolutely crazy. Would she like to sit in his car for a while after everyone else left?

She did and next thing you know, after some hot open mouth kissing, she is bent down undoing his pants and lowering her face and mouth onto a strangers cock. The poor guy is totally frustrated by not being able to get as far as he wants into her pantyhose. When he came, she was pumping his cock with her wedding-ringed hand and he had finally gotten her pantyhose down to her knees but never got his fingers in her before cumming. What was so incredibility hot about it all was her absolute honesty and trust in telling me, and her acknowledgment of how much it turned her on.

She hadn’t cum yet by the time she got back home because she was waiting until she was with me again. She was so turned on that she even shared the marks on her clothing where the guy came on her skirt. She was eager to share it, I was incredibly eager to hear it. Expected at some level to be more jealous or possessive. The sexual awakening she was experiencing was beautiful to see. It was non-stop sex for the next two weeks! After that, no discussions were taboo which simply added to the excitement and anticipation. The thrill was knowing she was acting out her sexual impulses at my urging and benefit as well.

By: D564D


April 20, 2014

Mandy Creampie Gangbang

Here’s another movie update from gorgeous Hot wife and creampie Queen Mandy Monroe. Here Mandy’s Husband takes her to a 4 guy gangbang in her actual Wedding dress. She takes 3 loads in her pussy as well as have her mouth filled up. Her Husband gets to fuck her used and sloppy pussy last. AMAZING movie!


My hubby and I renewed our vows and for my wedding gift he brought me my favorite thing! Many big black cocks to wear out my pussy. Here I’m in my wedding dress and it all comes off. I get a facial and multiple creampies. Hubby finishes me off by going LAST.


Mandy Monroe

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April 18, 2014

More than I bargained

Fiction from mividaloca

More than I bargained for

My wife Karen is a 30 year old and quite literally a trophy wife and 20 years my junior. She had competed in an won many beauty contests since she was 4 years old (think Jon Benet Ramsey) up until just before we got married when she was 25. Although she does not really work in the regular sense of things she does have a small business as a beauty pageant coach. No I’m not great looking, or have a great body or hung like a horse, but I am fairly wealthy and semi retired. Money makes up for a lot of physical shortcomings. For the last 3 years I have fantasied about and shared that fantasy with Karen of her having sex with other men. At first she was rather shocked and angry when I would mention it but over time has mellowed quite a bit.

A few months ago she began to show less reluctance in doing this for me however she expressed concern that I might become jealous and use her infidelity to divorce her and with the pre-nup I had her sign she would be left with nothing. One day she said she would be willing to consider fulfilling my fantasy only if I was willing to sign a contract that would stipulate it was my desire that she engage in extramarital sexual relations and that I would never divorce her for engaging in extramarital sexual relations and that if I did she would be well compensated, at least 50% of my worth at the time I signed the contract and 50% of the royalties I receive each year. This would be a considerable penalty and enough to make sure I was serious about my desire for her to have sex with other men. She said that if I were willing to sign such a contract she would seriously consider doing this for me. I signed and over the next few months we began discussing it seriously and trying to come up with a way she found acceptable to meet men.

3-4 times a year Karen and several of her girlfriends go on a long weekend getaway to go on mega shopping expeditions, go to spas, and in general do chick stuff. A couple of weeks ago she announced she was going on one of these weekend retreats so I though nothing of it. She called me telling me she was on her way home, I asked if she had fun, she giggled and said it had been fantastic and that I needed to go check my email she had some great pictures. I began to get excited thinking maybe she had finally picked a guy up and fucked him. I noticed the email copied a long list of addressees, many of whom I recognized as being friends and many I did not recognize., so I figured my fantasy was going unmet again. Her email simply stated I should check out the URL she had included. I naturally clicked on it and the web site it took me to had a copy of our wedding picture and a scanned copy of the extramarital contract and listed links to a series of 8 videos with counters next to each. There was a notation to watch them in order. All the counters read 0 viewers. When I clicked on the first video it was a close-up of Karen speaking into the camera.

“Hi honey… well you have been telling me how you wanted me to have sex with other men, well this is your dream come true! It is now late Friday afternoon and I will be home to you Sometime Sunday evening. It has taken me 3 months to arrange this and to get the timing right but I am sure you will agree this will exceed your wildest dreams. I’m spending the weekend at a Frat House, you just have to try to figure out which one and which school. I have 6 fine specimens of manhood to pleasure me for the weekend. Each one has been examined by a doctor,,, at your expense dear, to make sure they’re all healthy. Now for your biggest surprise sweetie,,,, {the camera began to pan down to the table in front of her and there were 3 unopened packages of birth control pills which the camera zoomed in on close enough to easily read the prescription labels to confirm what she said next) As you know even though you had a vasectomy long before we got married I continued to take the pill because it made my periods lighter but as you can see I have not taken my pills for the past 3 months.” She then moved a package into the camera’s view, it was for a Clear blue Easy ‘Easy Read’ Ovulation Test, a home ovulation kit to detect when a woman is ovulating. She then produced a cup of urine and dipped the test stick into the urine.

For the next 3 minutes as it processed the camera remained on the test stick but she continued to talk explaining that each of her 6 young studs had agreed to have unprotected sex with her and had drawn cards to see who got to go first and the order each got to go in. She further explained that she had provided each with a notarized statement that they were acting as sperm donors and therefore she would make no attempt to determine paternity or would ever consider the natural father financially responsible.

It was becoming obvious that the test was positive. You could hear the excitement in her voice as she declared the test as being positive and the cat calls of her studs in the back ground. The camera panned back up and pulled back widening the shot to show her 6 young studs standing naked behind her each well hung and fully erect holding a playing card. Karen stood up and removed her blouse then her skirt leaving her in her bra, no panties, a garter belt and seamed stockings and a pair of 5 inch strappy sandals. She looked incredibly hot as she then reached back and undid her bra exposing a pair of perfect and surgically enhanced D cup breasts. She then motioned one of the first boys to her she turned head and faced the camera and said.

This is Craig, he will be the first to fill me with his sperm, say hello Craig dear, he turned and looked into the camera with a shit eating grin and said “hello dear”. She then gave him a long deep kiss. They turned and began to walk out of the room with her saying I hope you enjoy the rest of the videos sweetie as the video ended.

I went back to the web site and could see the counter next to the first video link already read 7 and became aware everyone we know and undoubtedly a lot we don’t were going to be seeing this . I clicked on the next link and it picked up with her and Craig going into his room and watching him enter her and begin pumping away hard and fast. She wrapped her legs around him and was clutching him while moaning loudly telling him to fill her full of his sperm and make her pregnant. This lasted roughly 12 minutes.

The next 5 videos were all the same with her being fucked by each one of her “sperm donors” The last video was Karen sitting on a couch in the frat house surrounded by her “sperm donors” and several of the other frat brothers dressed only in a red satin robe that had been left open exposing her breasts and was wearing only her garter belt, stockings and high heels.

“Well Honey I hope I’ve made you happy, I know this has been most enjoyable for me and I am sure the boys appreciate your willingness to share me. Each one has had multiple turns with me,,, Randy here is the king of cum, he had me 8 times. I cannot imagine that I will not get pregnant but since there is always a chance I might not get pregnant I plan to have a party weekend after next and will take the pregnancy test then in front of everyone. Needless to say the boys here will be invited as will most of the people who the email was originally addressed to.” When the video ended I could see each o the videos had been watched by a growing number of people.

Last night was the “Party”, I would estimate there were at least 100 people there including her “sperm donors” and as promised she took the test in front of everyone. Yes she is pregnant and I have been embarrassed beyond belief. The Genie is out of the bottle and I fear nothing can undo this.


April 16, 2014

Cheating Wife Affair

Post from June 2010

Here’s another update from myself and Sensi from The Undercover Lover.

A call came in and our planned game of Squash had to be abruptly cancelled. Back behind the station was the wonderful cheating wife Emma waiting to be picked up. Sensi had seen her a few times before and this hotwife ticks all the boxes, tall, statuesque, pretty, curves in all the right places and a wonderful pussy that just begs to be cum in. She had a few moments spare and took the opportunity to have herself some extra-marital fun. She looked like a high class hooker waiting for us at the end of the road, looking damn fine in a sexy mini-dress and killer heels. She made her way over to the car and told us she didn’t have long before her husband got home, so we sped off to put this cheating wife through her paces in record time hehe.

Sensi led her up to the bedroom while I filmed. She just couldn’t get enough of his big black cock and stayed a little longer than she should. Time does fly when you’re having fun ;) There was also a classic moment when Emma rings her unsuspecting Hubby to tell him she’s running late while she’s still got his cock inside her haha.. Brilliant.

He sent her home with a full load swimming inside her to warm her for the rest of the night. Hopefully see you again soon Emma!

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

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April 14, 2014

Her lover and others

Cuckold Place Update

A weekend with her lover and others

Have not written here for a while but thought that I would just give you an update. For those who have not read my previous posts, My wife has been cucking me for the last couple of years and has been with her present lover for almost a year now and we are both very comfortable with him and the situation. For my part he is a very nice guy and we get on very well. As for my wife he is a very good lover to her and gives more satisfaction sexually than I could ever give her. So much so that we agreed that I should no longer have sex with her as she deserved more than I could give her and as a cuck I was more than happy for this to happen.

My wife has always wanted to be used properly by a group of guys over and over. Well her lover has made this come true for her and it happened last weekend.

It was arranged that I would help get her ready on the Friday afternoon and then take her over to her lover’s house, introduce her to the guys that would be waiting to use her and then I would come away leaving her there. She had refrained from all sexual pleasure all week so by the Friday she was as she put it gagging for it. I helped get her ready and I shaved her pussy so that she was fully smooth and I also lubricated her anus. While I was doing this she told me how much she was looking forward to this and that she had agreed that she would do what every they wanted to do to her and use her in any way they wished. She also told me that for the last couple of weeks before she had refrained from sex for the week she had only been having anal sex so that she would be used to having her arse used like it was her pussy. She said that she hoped most of the guys would be able to use her bareback as this would make her feel even more dirty. I told her that I to was looking forward to it as I so like the thought of other guys using her and of course her being with her lover.

I then helped her dress in hold up stockings and a wraparound dress nothing else. We then drove to her lovers place at the agreed time. I helped her out the car and we walked to the door holding hands. Before we knocked we had a long kiss and cuddle and she told me she loved me and thanked me for letting her be a slut. We the knocked on the door and her lover answered. We then walked into the lounge and there were six guys waiting. I then had the humiliation of introducing my wife to them, telling them that she was a slut and I was her cuckold husband and that I no longer had sex with her but had asked her lover to take over my duties as he was so much better than I and as a slut she was to be used as such. With that she stepped in front of me and I undid her dress and took it from her so that she was stood naked except for her stockings and shoes. I then looked over to her lover and said my wife is now your slut. I then left the room and walked down the hall hanging her dress up on the coat hooks by the door and left the house and drove home.

It had been agreed that she would be spending the whole weekend at her lovers house. I also knew that the guys who I had introduce her to would not be the only guys using her. For her lover had told me that he had invited more people to use her over the course of the weekend. I had to work so had no contact with her at all. This is not unusual as I like to give them their own space.

It was not until the Sunday that her lover brought her back. She was very tired and sore but told me it had been a wonderful experience. She then turned to her lover and thanked him for everything that he had done and how much she had enjoyed being a play thing. They then kissed deeply in front of me and cuddled before he left. She then told me that she just now wanted to go upstairs to have a long bath to help sooth her aching body. I took her up a glass of wine and as she soaked in the bath she told me how she had been used and abused by what seemed countless guys and two women. Most of these guys she had slept with before and the two women were partners of two of the guys. She told me that she had submitted in every conceivable position and taken more spunk than she could ever have imagined taking. She told me her jaw ached from sucking her tongue from licking and as for her pussy and anus they really had taken a battering she said laughing. She told me that over the next few weeks she would tell me all about her weekend. That way I would be able to take it all in and enjoy it more. Rather that tell me every thing in one go. We carried on the some small talk for a while as she soaked. Then when she decided to get out I helped her up and I then saw the full extent of her body. She had a number of bite marks or love bites on breasts. Her pussy lips also looked quite sore and her pussy was very open. I told her that she looked very sexy and that being able to see these marks made by others using her was a turn on. She smiled and said she was glad that I got turned on by knowing what she had been up to.

Later on Sunday evening when we were in bed together and snuggled up she said to me as a thank you to me for letting her experience her weekend she and her lover were going to let me experience something very special and interment. They were going to allow me to watch them make love. This I can tell you made my cock very hard and made me lost for words. I have only ever heard them make love. Yes I have seen them having sex but this is different. As their relationship has developed they have feelings now and they do make love as well as just having sex. I took her in my arms and told her how much that would mean to me. But only do it if she was sure. Yes I am sure she told me After all you have kindly given up your rights to my body so that I can enjoy a much better sexual life than you could ever have given me and this way I am giving you something back to you to show you just how much I love you But your have to give me a few days so that I am not quite so sore.

By: skyliner

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April 12, 2014

Rachel Spring Dogging

More filthy fun from slutty UK hotwife Rachel Reveals


I ventured up to the toilet block on the A417 to get myself some hard cock to play with and as always I wasn’t disappointed.

There were 11 cars in the layby next to the toilet, I opened up my car door and swung my legs out the car, immediately 4 blokes came over and I sucked off each and everyone in turn.

Feeling the urge for a good fucking, the next 2 guys to came over and before they had chance to get their dick in my mouth, I was bend over offering my slutty little fuck hole for a pounding.

Hands everywhere, I was being fingered, felt up and fucked at the same time, both blokes spewing their hot steaming sticky cum deep inside of me in the cold night air while spanking my big round curvy ass.

I do adore dogging, and particularly love the public toilet block, can’t wait for the warmer weather to come so I can get out more and more for my daily cock needs.

Rach xx







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