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March 13, 2014

Almost there

Hello everyone. I just want to write about my true experience as a wannabe cuckold. I have been longing for that for three years now. It’s going to get realised hopefully in a couple of days. I really believe it will happen. I’ll be very proud and happy.

I’m happily married to Jenn who is quite hot. We’ve been very faithful to each other and the trust between us is solid. We know of a friend of us both who is very keen to have sex with my wife. He has made several proposals and my wife had turned them all down, until that is, last week.

I’m presently out of the country and this guy knows I’m going to be away. He phoned her and proposed to visit her in my absence. I think she got turned on as she was missing sex without me. She asked me my opinion about it all and I gave her the green light to do whatever she feels at ease with. For me it would be a nice opportunity to get cuckolded.

He would be travelling to her today or tomorrow and they’ll be staying at a beach resort. I told her to feel at ease and enjoy it all as much as she can. She’s thrilled about it as that would be her first extra conjugal experience. I am eager to hear about the whole story when they’ll be together. She’s promised to give me a full account of the encounter. Hopefully will keep you posted.

Submitted by: Medan, USA

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