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February 27, 2014

Meet Taylor

Oh wow, where has this amazing Hotwife been all my life.

Say hello to the delectable Taylor Ann. A wonderful Californian 34G brunette. Body and mind built for sex. I have a feeling this hotwife will become a popular addition on these pages.

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Hi I’m Taylor Ann,

I was born and raised a California girl and danced and played soccer growing up through high school. A very strict religious household was the one in which I was raised. As a high school freshman I was a DDD and popular with the boys, but didn’t act on it back in those days. Boy have times changed!

Years ago I moved to the Mountain West. I live in a very conservative and quiet area, but seem to find plenty of fun! An entrepreneur with successful businesses, I am married to an amazing and hot man, and raise our 3 kids, a real life MILF. I’m the wife all the guys wish they had. I love my hot photo sessions and video shoots, they are so much fun. The comments, feedback and hard cocks that come from them all are awesome! Don’t forget to email me pics of your cum shots!

Raising kids and running a business takes a lot of my time and effort, but I absolutely love my daily workouts to stay looking hot for my man, lovers and most of all my fans. I love keeping myself looking great, especially for the dirty looks I get from wives when their husbands check me out. I like to be classy, yet I find myself being a dirty girl quite often. I love spending time with my kids, barbecues, the lake, wave running, movies and water parks. Multiple trips to Las Vegas, strip clubs, night clubs, topless pools, Captain Morgan, and hot guys and girls are my favorite adult activities.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy getting to know more about me and definitely seeing and participating in all the fun.

Kisses, Taylor

Taylor Ann

Visit Taylor Ann’s website right here

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