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February 23, 2014

Vicky loves us

Vintage post from April 2007… Ageless Hotwife Vicky Vette. Wow 7 years ago.. I still chat with her each week now as Daisy is part of her Vette Nation Cam network.

Vicky Vette Loves Us

Hotwife swinging pornstar, the Viking Vicky Vette graces our pages once more.

Vicky and her husband Frank have been swinging long before she got into making movies so the transition wasn’t that hard, so they didn’t have any of the jealousy issues that other couples in the same situation would encounter. When they got married Frank told her “My dear, you are going to experience every aspect of sex you want to, every way shape and form, I will never hold you back”. And he never has.

Thanks for the pics Vicky, I hope the fan sign paper creases mean you’ve been rolling about on the bed on top of it beforehand. Yum.

Vicky Vette

Vicky Vette

Vicky Vette

Visit The Very Sticky Vicky Vette Here

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