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February 17, 2014

Getting the rent

Getting the rent

I met my husband in college and we really hit it off. We moved in together after four months and haven’t looked back.

After about 6 months of cohabitating, school was really draining our finances. We both worked part time but rent was expensive. My husband started pawning his cd’s and musical instruments. I pawned some of my things too, and remembered I had about 6 months left on a gym membership. I thought maybe I could get a refund for the last 6 months.

When I went to the gym the manager was inflexible. No refunds whatsoever. This black guy who always hit on me and flirted with me was eavesdropping. I pleaded with the manager and explained that I might get kicked out of my apartment. But he was adamant.

I walked away when that guy approached me. We’ll call him Michael. He was the kind of guy who was cocky, in great shape and he knew it. I always thought he was an asshole. I often would catch him ogling me as I worked out etc. and he’d always ask me for dates. Obviously I noticed him as well (I did say he had a great body). But I always was a stickler for personality.

He approached me and said that he could give me some money if I could earn it. I didn’t like what he implied and told him to “f*ck off.” He laughed and said, “It’s not like that. Just go on a date with me… and maybe a bit more.”

He explained that all I had to do is a striptease down to my bra and panties for $500. I snubbed him and walked away.

A few weeks later it didn’t look like we were going to make the rent. My husband (then bf) said he could make some money as a labourer for a construction company. But the job was out of town. Only 4 weeks work. He took the job, but we still wouldn’t have money until after the rent was due.

I called Mike. There was no “date.” He invited me to his place for drinks. I drank more heavily to get courage. After a bottle was done I said I’d like to get it over with. I just wanted to go home.

He put on music. I don’t know what it was. I undressed. I was so nervous. He would tell me to bend over or sway. To slow down. After 2 songs I was down to my bra and panties. I wore a black corset, matching silk panties and garter and stockings. I don’t know why. I guess I wanted to look good. He paused as I went to gather my things. “For $100 more can i squeeze your butt.” Just like that. I figured I was already this far.

He told me to bend in front of him. I did. He seemed to stare for an eternity. Then I felt his warm hand cupping my bum, but it was a bit lower than my bum, also on the gusset of my panties. Looking down I saw his large dark fingers move from between my inner thighs. And it was much less a grab than rubbing. I let him rub for about 15 seconds… but inadvertently pushed against his hand, arching my back. When I realized this, my face grew red and hot, and I stood up straight to gather myself. When I turned a big grin was on his face. I told him, “Ok, I think we’re done.” He kept smiling. Then grabbed an envelope from a nearby dresser. He pulled out 6 one-hundred dollar bills…he had lots more in that envelope. My stomach had butterflies and I felt dirty. But I was also excited. “Three hundred for another touch?” He had already pulled out another $300. I just nodded. “This time from the front.”

I walked toward him. His hand moved between my thighs and rubbed. My legs felt rubbery. The contrast between our two tones was stark. “You look good with black on your skin” he said. I didn’t miss the double entendre. “It’s hot down here,” he said, “you’re getting moist.” as he rubbed.

Then deftly, he pulled aside my panties and had a finger inside me. I moaned and put my hands on his shoulder for balance. I moved my hips. It felt good. Naughty. As he finger fucked me he fumbled with his pants. Finally he released his cock. I’m not good with measurements but it was big. At least as big as my dildo and that’s 8 inches. But more wide. I could smell him when he pulled it out. He yanked down my panties which popped the clips on my garters. He grabbed my forearms and drew me down onto my knees between his legs. I had his cock in my mouth before he even said, “Suck my cock bitch!” My panties around my knees, inhaling his musk.

He pulled off his shirt as I sucked him. He pulled my hair and called me a slut. To be honest, I was being a slut. His being rough seemed right. His being black seemed right. He kept pulling out his cock and slapping my face with it. His precum was all over my cheeks. “Fucking uppity white bitch… you’re all the same in the end.”

In no time he had me on all fours. He told me there’s only one way to fuck me; on all fours like a bitch. He told me to move my hips like I wanted it. I did, arching, swaying, whimpering. Finally he put his big cock in my pussy. His hands alternated between my hips, my waist or pulling my hair with his thumb teasing my ass. He just kept telling me what a slut I was and how he like fucking white sluts like me. How easy were were. If I didn’t want it, I wouldn’t have showed, he said. How I dressed to turn on the men at the gym. From my shorts to my sweat pants. He told me I should be gangbanged, all while his cock seemed to split me in two. He told me he has a few friends he’d like to take a piece of “this white ass.” I never thought of risks. I was on the pill. I was being stupid. He took particular joy in cumming inside me. I even cleaned his cock after. Fuck, I thought, this man is hot!

He told me not to wash up. To put on my panties. To go home to my bf like that. He didn’t know he was out of town. He gave me the entire contents of the envelope. I didn’t count it until days later. I felt like a whore. I guess I kind of was.

I told my husband (then bf) that I stripped for him, but nothing more. There was $1200 in the envelope. For all the shame, I still think his big black cock was beautiful as was every other part of his body. And I won’t deny I was so turned on when he dominated me. I masturbated this morning imagining he fucked me again. Oddly I get wet almost every time I work out now. Thinking of returning to some sort of silent call. My husband, my loyal companion. Be he was my tryst… my first of many Masters.

by: Pictureofagirl

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