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February 13, 2014

Actions not words

Wow, just found something I wrote back in 2005, 9 years ago when I first got into the lifestyle (wow it’s flown). I am so glad in those years I have stuck to my original plan of living life to the full, exploring all my fantasies and not being afraid of being me.


Action not Dreams
I often think about the fact that a lot of people just seem to glide through life not really doing anything exciting at all. I see them every day and it astounds me, people just in such a routine that their life is gone before they know it.

I can’t believe that so many are really satisfied with the life they have built and their own sexual lifestyle.

But it is so easy to get trapped. You seem to find yourself down a street you don’t want to be down, you end up pissing your precious time away for someone else’s gain just to exist and you long for some excitement and variety in your life. You ask yourself how did I get to this place? But it’s hard to avoid this trapping of life. I feel we are pushed into this place by the same people that hold us back in so many ways of life. The people who force their puritanical, brainwashing attitudes upon us all, they attack sex, sexuality, drugs, pornography, prostitution etc. They promote controlled living, censorship and usually use children to support any weak argument they can’t quite defend. “We live this way, think this way, so should you!”. And most of these people are complete nutters, with deep psychological problems themselves. They have a huge drive to control other people’s lives as it makes them feel better about their own.

So fear of being labelled a deviant, freak, slut or general misfit of society holds us back from spreading our sexual wings. It’s better to be quiet and go along with the rest of them… Make the best of it.

I really would like to know how many people are happy with a long-term monogamous relationship because I just don’t think humans were built to live up to it. Studies have shown over 96% of all mammals are non-monogamous. So many marriages end in divorce and so many relationships break down because we realize that we want more than one partner and one vocation. Humans needs variety, we are suckers for having our brain stimulated. We are pleasure junkies.

Not so long ago my own long-term relationship broke down, we still get on very well as friends and people I talk to just can’t understand why we’re not still together “You look so happy together” “You are the perfect couple” It’s simply because we just came to our sell by date, the end of the line, we were both tired of each other, there was no where else to take the relationship. I was even cuckolded (something I’ve always wanted to experience) but it didn’t turn out as I expected it would. There was no huge sexual awakening for me. The truth is that most women that have affairs do so because they’ve grown tired of their regular partner and certainly don’t want to have to involve that partner to satisfy his own kinky fetishes. They’d rather not be involved sexually at all with them. so cuckolding was a let down and was certainly not enough to make me want to stay with this one woman.

And because my partner was able recognize the disintegration of the relationship and had the guts to act on it and end this herself, we were both able to taste the freedom again we had desired. If she hadn’t brought it up we may be still together now, plodding along, making the best of it. I don’t know if I would have had the same courage to end it. Her actions have also set off a chain reaction amongst her girlfriends, 2 of them have done the same and ended their monogamous relationships. And the one’s that haven’t I know are jealous of her and her new freedom and lifestyle.

That is why the swinging lifestyle is so perfect for couples to enable them to experience the freedom and variety they crave but allow them a stable backbone of home life and support.

You must have the courage if you desire change. I’m still young and I plan to live every day to the full from now on and I’m never getting myself in a trapped situation ever again. If you feel the same, you only have one life, make the change…. today.


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