February 27, 2014

Meet Taylor

Oh wow, where has this amazing Hotwife been all my life.

Say hello to the delectable Taylor Ann. A wonderful Californian 34G brunette. Body and mind built for sex. I have a feeling this hotwife will become a popular addition on these pages.

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Hi I’m Taylor Ann,

I was born and raised a California girl and danced and played soccer growing up through high school. A very strict religious household was the one in which I was raised. As a high school freshman I was a DDD and popular with the boys, but didn’t act on it back in those days. Boy have times changed!

Years ago I moved to the Mountain West. I live in a very conservative and quiet area, but seem to find plenty of fun! An entrepreneur with successful businesses, I am married to an amazing and hot man, and raise our 3 kids, a real life MILF. I’m the wife all the guys wish they had. I love my hot photo sessions and video shoots, they are so much fun. The comments, feedback and hard cocks that come from them all are awesome! Don’t forget to email me pics of your cum shots!

Raising kids and running a business takes a lot of my time and effort, but I absolutely love my daily workouts to stay looking hot for my man, lovers and most of all my fans. I love keeping myself looking great, especially for the dirty looks I get from wives when their husbands check me out. I like to be classy, yet I find myself being a dirty girl quite often. I love spending time with my kids, barbecues, the lake, wave running, movies and water parks. Multiple trips to Las Vegas, strip clubs, night clubs, topless pools, Captain Morgan, and hot guys and girls are my favorite adult activities.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy getting to know more about me and definitely seeing and participating in all the fun.

Kisses, Taylor

Taylor Ann

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February 25, 2014

Showing off Mae

Lots of Husbands like to show their wives off. Here is a fine example…

It was some two years ago. My wife Mae walked into the living room, she pulled off her robe and was standing there wearing a naughty outfit. MAE said “I want you to take some slutty pictures of me.” And from that day on Mae loved to dress up in something naughty and nasty and play a naughty little camera slut.

I just love sharing Mae’s dirty little pics with other men to enjoy with me. I find it a big turn on hearing all there nasty and dirty comments and fantasies on the things they want to do with Mae.

I also enjoy sitting back and chatting with other men while sharing Mae’s pics with them and talking dirty over Mae’s slutty pics while we stroke our cocks to her. I have found so much fun sharing her pictures with other men.

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Submitted by: wyocock - USA


February 23, 2014

Vicky loves us

Vintage post from April 2007… Ageless Hotwife Vicky Vette. Wow 7 years ago.. I still chat with her each week now as Daisy is part of her Vette Nation Cam network.

Vicky Vette Loves Us

Hotwife swinging pornstar, the Viking Vicky Vette graces our pages once more.

Vicky and her husband Frank have been swinging long before she got into making movies so the transition wasn’t that hard, so they didn’t have any of the jealousy issues that other couples in the same situation would encounter. When they got married Frank told her “My dear, you are going to experience every aspect of sex you want to, every way shape and form, I will never hold you back”. And he never has.

Thanks for the pics Vicky, I hope the fan sign paper creases mean you’ve been rolling about on the bed on top of it beforehand. Yum.

Vicky Vette

Vicky Vette

Vicky Vette

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February 21, 2014

Out of town

Here’s another post from the Hotwife Confessions discussion group on Hotwife Hub. There’s loads of chat, stories and comments on the hotwife lifestyle. Members can create a group on anything that is Hotwife and Cuckold related and join in the discussions on existing groups, creating topics and posting comments. If you’re not a member then get yourself on there now and join the fun.

This post is from user LynneC

Out of town on business

I had to go out of town on business to a small town in the mid west, and I stayed to a local hotel in town that had a bar. I decided to go for dinner and since I was out of town I decided to dress a little sexy. Nothing obscene but something more than I would wear to church on Sunday. I wore a moderately short black skirt, black thigh highs, high heals and a thin (but not see through) black top. I left my panties and bra in my room.

After a pleasant dinner, I returned to the hotel. The bar was fairly crowded and I could only find one seat at the bar next to black guy playing a video game. He was a salesman having a drink and merely passing the time in another town. I struck up a conversation and I started playing the video game with him. After a couple of drinks I had scooted my chair next to his so that the length of my thigh was next to him, I looked at him and the look said I wanted to fuck him.

After a while I had my arm over his shoulder so that my braless breast was rubbing against his arm. My skirt had also risen so that he could clearly see the tops of my stockings. The bar tender announced last call at the same time I got up to use the restroom. After I went, I walked over to him over to him and whispered into his ear that he should come up to my room for a drink, and he quickly agreed, even though he was a little dumbfounded, after all I was a married woman.

The two of us left the bar and strolled to the elevator. We were all very quiet. Once the elevator door closed, I slid my body next to his tried to run my tongue down his throat. Once we got to the room, he sat on the bed and I got on my knees and unzipped his pants. I took hold of his cock and put it in my mouth. It wasn’t long before his first load was in my mouth. For the next two hours or so, we just about fucked each other into exhaustion, and almost every position. I did not even know his name nor did he know mine. It was one of those times where I guess “Right time Right place” applies.

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February 19, 2014

School Teacher HotWife

Black Bachelor Diary Update

Secret Sex Life Of A Florida School Teacher Hot Wife

I have been a school teacher in Florida for the past eight years, it has its moments and can bring a great deal of stress, which leads me to accept that I’m in a marriage that has issues, as I’m sure a lot do. I cannot leave for a number of reasons. After putting up with my Husbands crap for the last few weeks I finally decided that I was going to go out and look for passion, romance, adventure, and great sex with a great guy. I wasn’t looking to fall in love or be saved. I’m just needing some things that I’m not getting at home, physically and emotionally. After exchanging a few emails from a variety of different guys on a dating site (POF), I found myself in an interesting situation on last Friday night.

Needless to say, the passion was not lacking when I met him. After meeting him in a restaurant and drinking a nice bottle of rum he talked me into meeting on of his friends back at this place and damn did I have an sexual experience I don’t think my husband would approve of. I knew it was so wrong but it felt so good and I’m the one who has to live with it for the rest of my life.










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February 17, 2014

Getting the rent

Getting the rent

I met my husband in college and we really hit it off. We moved in together after four months and haven’t looked back.

After about 6 months of cohabitating, school was really draining our finances. We both worked part time but rent was expensive. My husband started pawning his cd’s and musical instruments. I pawned some of my things too, and remembered I had about 6 months left on a gym membership. I thought maybe I could get a refund for the last 6 months.

When I went to the gym the manager was inflexible. No refunds whatsoever. This black guy who always hit on me and flirted with me was eavesdropping. I pleaded with the manager and explained that I might get kicked out of my apartment. But he was adamant.

I walked away when that guy approached me. We’ll call him Michael. He was the kind of guy who was cocky, in great shape and he knew it. I always thought he was an asshole. I often would catch him ogling me as I worked out etc. and he’d always ask me for dates. Obviously I noticed him as well (I did say he had a great body). But I always was a stickler for personality.

He approached me and said that he could give me some money if I could earn it. I didn’t like what he implied and told him to “f*ck off.” He laughed and said, “It’s not like that. Just go on a date with me… and maybe a bit more.”

He explained that all I had to do is a striptease down to my bra and panties for $500. I snubbed him and walked away.

A few weeks later it didn’t look like we were going to make the rent. My husband (then bf) said he could make some money as a labourer for a construction company. But the job was out of town. Only 4 weeks work. He took the job, but we still wouldn’t have money until after the rent was due.

I called Mike. There was no “date.” He invited me to his place for drinks. I drank more heavily to get courage. After a bottle was done I said I’d like to get it over with. I just wanted to go home.

He put on music. I don’t know what it was. I undressed. I was so nervous. He would tell me to bend over or sway. To slow down. After 2 songs I was down to my bra and panties. I wore a black corset, matching silk panties and garter and stockings. I don’t know why. I guess I wanted to look good. He paused as I went to gather my things. “For $100 more can i squeeze your butt.” Just like that. I figured I was already this far.

He told me to bend in front of him. I did. He seemed to stare for an eternity. Then I felt his warm hand cupping my bum, but it was a bit lower than my bum, also on the gusset of my panties. Looking down I saw his large dark fingers move from between my inner thighs. And it was much less a grab than rubbing. I let him rub for about 15 seconds… but inadvertently pushed against his hand, arching my back. When I realized this, my face grew red and hot, and I stood up straight to gather myself. When I turned a big grin was on his face. I told him, “Ok, I think we’re done.” He kept smiling. Then grabbed an envelope from a nearby dresser. He pulled out 6 one-hundred dollar bills…he had lots more in that envelope. My stomach had butterflies and I felt dirty. But I was also excited. “Three hundred for another touch?” He had already pulled out another $300. I just nodded. “This time from the front.”

I walked toward him. His hand moved between my thighs and rubbed. My legs felt rubbery. The contrast between our two tones was stark. “You look good with black on your skin” he said. I didn’t miss the double entendre. “It’s hot down here,” he said, “you’re getting moist.” as he rubbed.

Then deftly, he pulled aside my panties and had a finger inside me. I moaned and put my hands on his shoulder for balance. I moved my hips. It felt good. Naughty. As he finger fucked me he fumbled with his pants. Finally he released his cock. I’m not good with measurements but it was big. At least as big as my dildo and that’s 8 inches. But more wide. I could smell him when he pulled it out. He yanked down my panties which popped the clips on my garters. He grabbed my forearms and drew me down onto my knees between his legs. I had his cock in my mouth before he even said, “Suck my cock bitch!” My panties around my knees, inhaling his musk.

He pulled off his shirt as I sucked him. He pulled my hair and called me a slut. To be honest, I was being a slut. His being rough seemed right. His being black seemed right. He kept pulling out his cock and slapping my face with it. His precum was all over my cheeks. “Fucking uppity white bitch… you’re all the same in the end.”

In no time he had me on all fours. He told me there’s only one way to fuck me; on all fours like a bitch. He told me to move my hips like I wanted it. I did, arching, swaying, whimpering. Finally he put his big cock in my pussy. His hands alternated between my hips, my waist or pulling my hair with his thumb teasing my ass. He just kept telling me what a slut I was and how he like fucking white sluts like me. How easy were were. If I didn’t want it, I wouldn’t have showed, he said. How I dressed to turn on the men at the gym. From my shorts to my sweat pants. He told me I should be gangbanged, all while his cock seemed to split me in two. He told me he has a few friends he’d like to take a piece of “this white ass.” I never thought of risks. I was on the pill. I was being stupid. He took particular joy in cumming inside me. I even cleaned his cock after. Fuck, I thought, this man is hot!

He told me not to wash up. To put on my panties. To go home to my bf like that. He didn’t know he was out of town. He gave me the entire contents of the envelope. I didn’t count it until days later. I felt like a whore. I guess I kind of was.

I told my husband (then bf) that I stripped for him, but nothing more. There was $1200 in the envelope. For all the shame, I still think his big black cock was beautiful as was every other part of his body. And I won’t deny I was so turned on when he dominated me. I masturbated this morning imagining he fucked me again. Oddly I get wet almost every time I work out now. Thinking of returning to some sort of silent call. My husband, my loyal companion. Be he was my tryst… my first of many Masters.

by: Pictureofagirl


February 15, 2014

Leslie cock worship

Here’s a great cock-worshiping movie from gorgeous Hotwife Leslie Grey with her BBC Bull Ty Steele…


Hotwife Blog Profile - Leslie Grey - 2010

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February 13, 2014

Actions not words

Wow, just found something I wrote back in 2005, 9 years ago when I first got into the lifestyle (wow it’s flown). I am so glad in those years I have stuck to my original plan of living life to the full, exploring all my fantasies and not being afraid of being me.


Action not Dreams
I often think about the fact that a lot of people just seem to glide through life not really doing anything exciting at all. I see them every day and it astounds me, people just in such a routine that their life is gone before they know it.

I can’t believe that so many are really satisfied with the life they have built and their own sexual lifestyle.

But it is so easy to get trapped. You seem to find yourself down a street you don’t want to be down, you end up pissing your precious time away for someone else’s gain just to exist and you long for some excitement and variety in your life. You ask yourself how did I get to this place? But it’s hard to avoid this trapping of life. I feel we are pushed into this place by the same people that hold us back in so many ways of life. The people who force their puritanical, brainwashing attitudes upon us all, they attack sex, sexuality, drugs, pornography, prostitution etc. They promote controlled living, censorship and usually use children to support any weak argument they can’t quite defend. “We live this way, think this way, so should you!”. And most of these people are complete nutters, with deep psychological problems themselves. They have a huge drive to control other people’s lives as it makes them feel better about their own.

So fear of being labelled a deviant, freak, slut or general misfit of society holds us back from spreading our sexual wings. It’s better to be quiet and go along with the rest of them… Make the best of it.

I really would like to know how many people are happy with a long-term monogamous relationship because I just don’t think humans were built to live up to it. Studies have shown over 96% of all mammals are non-monogamous. So many marriages end in divorce and so many relationships break down because we realize that we want more than one partner and one vocation. Humans needs variety, we are suckers for having our brain stimulated. We are pleasure junkies.

Not so long ago my own long-term relationship broke down, we still get on very well as friends and people I talk to just can’t understand why we’re not still together “You look so happy together” “You are the perfect couple” It’s simply because we just came to our sell by date, the end of the line, we were both tired of each other, there was no where else to take the relationship. I was even cuckolded (something I’ve always wanted to experience) but it didn’t turn out as I expected it would. There was no huge sexual awakening for me. The truth is that most women that have affairs do so because they’ve grown tired of their regular partner and certainly don’t want to have to involve that partner to satisfy his own kinky fetishes. They’d rather not be involved sexually at all with them. so cuckolding was a let down and was certainly not enough to make me want to stay with this one woman.

And because my partner was able recognize the disintegration of the relationship and had the guts to act on it and end this herself, we were both able to taste the freedom again we had desired. If she hadn’t brought it up we may be still together now, plodding along, making the best of it. I don’t know if I would have had the same courage to end it. Her actions have also set off a chain reaction amongst her girlfriends, 2 of them have done the same and ended their monogamous relationships. And the one’s that haven’t I know are jealous of her and her new freedom and lifestyle.

That is why the swinging lifestyle is so perfect for couples to enable them to experience the freedom and variety they crave but allow them a stable backbone of home life and support.

You must have the courage if you desire change. I’m still young and I plan to live every day to the full from now on and I’m never getting myself in a trapped situation ever again. If you feel the same, you only have one life, make the change…. today.



February 11, 2014

Katie takes sympathy

Cuckold Place Update

I’ve decided to create a new topic to detail the adventures I had with my now ex girlfriend, Katie when I lived in Sydney. I’ll keep sharing my various real life adventures I guess as long as there is interest. Let us know if you want to hear more.

Hope you enjoy, are inspired or want to know more!


I’ve done lots of wild things in my life. Especially when I lived in Sydney.

One time was the time I fucked my then girlfriend Katie after she’d come home from being fucked by the storeman at where she worked.

This true story starts with my girlfriend texting me while I was at work telling me that the storeman where she worked had been chatting her up and making lewd comments to her about wanting to fuck her but he was taking the sympathy path on her by telling he only had a small cock and that she wouldn’t even feel him.

Katie had texted me saying she felt sorry for poor the guy Robbie because he couldn’t satisfy a girl.

I’m not exactly the biggest cock on the block (actually on measure in at 6″) but at least I can make Katie cum.

Anyway, I told Katie should take poor Robbie out for a drink after work to cheer him up a bit. Katie agreed.

She was also relatively new at the office at the time and thought that this might be a good foot to start of with at the new job. Katie said she’d have a couple of drinks and would be home late.

Well, two hours passed and Katie sent me a text saying she’s had more than a few drinks and that Robbie was still playing the sob story of his little pecker and not being lucky at love. He was keeping her happy by buying her endless glasses of champagne (which gets her really drunk) and he was milking his sob story so Katie was loath to leave him in that state.

I wasn’t all that worried I had to admit. But then there was a boggling doubt in my mind that she might end up taking pitty on Robbie and end up with her ankles in the air (we had an open relationship where I encouraged Katie to fuck or suck whomever she wanted as long as she didn’t keep any secrets from me).

Anyway Katie kept me up to date with regular texts saying she was getting pretty drunk and Robbie was continuing his chatting up of her.

Anyway another hour later I get a text saying she was heading home but she was following Robbie to his place to make sure he got home okay.

Two hours passed and it was almost midnight and Katie should had been home an hour and a half before. I was sending her texts but she wasn’t replying. My mind was racing as to what ‘could’ be happening. Anyway I then got a text saying she was on her way and she’d fill me in when she got home.

Not long after a very drunk Katie comes in the front door with a big grin on her face. I was instructed to follow her to the bedroom where she quickly stripped of and told me to mount her missionary. I asked he’d what had happened (all concerned like) and she told me that she’d just let Robbie fuck the shit out of her.

I looked down at her pussy and saw a great gob of spoof leaking from between her well and truly fucked pussy. It turned out that once he got home he had asked her to have a look at his boyhood for an honest opinion of it’s size. Well it figures that this guy is hung like a horse. 12 inches and nearly as round as Katie’s forearm. “It was fucking huge!” Katie told me excitedly.

I had a raging hard on in five seconds flat. As I sunk my cock onto her all I felt was a loose warmness of an otherwise glove tight snatch. I sunk in to the hilt and Robbies spoof squelched out around my cock and onto my balls.

“You let him cum in you” I stated. Katie says back to me ‘That’s the way you like it isn’t it! I shot my wad into her in under a minute.

Katie then told me that that was a bit of an anti climax after Robbie had fucked her stupid for an hour. Katie then told me she hasn’t been stretched like that since she got fucked in Atlanta at a turf conference by a black guy (that’s another true story for another time).

Robbie had started poor Katie off by trying to shove his monster down her throat. Katie is a great cock sucker at the best of times. But 12 inches of cock is a test for the best at any time. Turns out Robbie likes to have his cock throat fucked (what does that feel like? - with only 6″ I have no idea) and now my gf Katie had one very sore jaw.

That was the true story of the first time Katie was fucked by this monster cock. Katie agreed to meet Robbie one more time. But that is a story for another time.

By: billblog

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February 9, 2014

Anns First Time

Activity is buzzing in the discussion groups. There’s loads of chat, stories and comments on the hotwife lifestyle. Members can create a group on anything that is Hotwife and Cuckold related and join in the discussions on existing groups, creating topics and posting comments.

Here’s an example post from the Hotwife Confessions Group from user wifeshare11161

Ann and I have a cabin cruiser boat that we keep in a marina on a lake in the mid-west of the United States. There were a couple sail boaters from another dock hanging out with us one evening when I mentioned that we should take a booze cruise. They were both game so I fired up our boat, disconnected the power and water and untied the lines. As we left the marina, Ann and our two friends were sitting on the back seat and I was at the helm. The alcohol had been flowing and all inhibitions had been left at the dock. Bob started squeezing Ann’s boobs and she countered by rubbing his cock. The other guy, Mark, noticed the action and quickly came to the helm to distract me, as he thought that I would be upset. Little did he know that, Ann hooking up with another guy, had been our pillow talk for a number of years and that I would have had no problem with them playing.

Nevertheless, Mark was asking about the radar/chart plotter, trying to keep me occupied. We cruised for about 90 minutes before pulling back into the marina. Our friends helped me tie up the boat and Mark said that he needed to get back to his wife, who was on their boat. I offered Bob a nightcap and we all went down into the cabin.

Once in the cabin, they started talking about what was going on in the back of the boat and we all laughed that Mark had thought it necessary to distract me. Bob said “All we were doing is playing a little ‘grab-ass’.” I said “Bob, I’m really not the jealous type, it wouldn’t have bothered me in the least.” With that, Ann came up to me and asked if I would like to have my fantasy come true. I said “You mean…” She smiled, nodded and said “Yes, I want to fuck Bob, he has a really big cock.” The smile on my face gave her the answer and before I knew it, she was on her knees in front of Bob with his giant cock in her mouth. I always thought that a man’s hands were an indicator of the size of his dick, but he made me throw that theory out the window, as Bob’s hands are much smaller than mine. After sucking him for a while, he laid on the couch and Ann climbed on top of him. I remember wondering if she would be able to fit that monster inside of her. But my sexy little wife’s pussy sucked the entire thing in, right up to his balls. They fucked for an hour or more, but Bob never was able to cum. Sensing that he had “stage fright” with me watching the entire thing, I whispered to Ann “Why don’t you two go back to Bob’s boat and you can spend the night with him.” She looked surprised and asked “Really?” I said “Yes, just make sure you bring me back a creampie.”

My little slut didn’t let me down. She arrived back at our boat around 7 am, trying to get off Bob’s dock before someone saw her leaving his boat. She walked into our cabin with a very satisfied, “just fucked” look on her face. I asked “Did you have fun?” She told me “It was great. Are you ready for your reward?” As she was stripping off her clothes, I laid on my back. She climbed up on the bed and lowered her cum-filled pussy to my waiting mouth. Just before her nether lips touched my mouth, a drop of his cum fell into my waiting mouth. I started licking her used pussy as if my life depended on it. I can normally make Ann cum with my tongue, but it seldom happens within 2 minutes. However, before I knew it, she was howling in orgasm as she pushed the last of evidence of her adultery into my mouth.

That night was the first of many “wife sharing” nights over the past seven years. It may sound strange, but every time she fucks another guy, our relationship gets better and we are closer.

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