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January 30, 2014

Wife and Window Cleaner

My Wife and the Window Cleaner

This is a true story. My name is James and eight months ago I was in a car crash that left me with a bad back and no desire for sex at all, during which time my relationship with my wife fell apart. I always seemed to be moody and Jan assumed I was mad at her so we argued a lot about the smallest things.

Jan is a good looking 44 year old with big tits that haven’t started to sag yet and being only 5 feet 4 inches they look even bigger. She has always been a bit of a flirt but I have never minded that as it turned me on to see her turn other guys on.

Anyway, five months and much physiotherapy after the accident I still couldn’t get it up and this was frustrating Jan so much that she would play with her pussy in front of me in the hope of signs of life from my cock but it was useless. It was after one of these failed attempts that she just stopped trying, or so I thought. It turned out that whenever the window cleaner showed up she would be sucking on his cock while squatting on her biggest dildo.

I found this out one Friday night while we were both drunk and beginning to needle one another when she said something about Adam the window cleaners cock. I asked her to repeat what she said but she just told me to never mind, and it was then I realised that he was coming every week instead of every fortnight to clean the windows. I asked Jan why and she came right out and told me she was sucking his cock every time and would do it every day if she had her way. She also said it was a real turn on having him cum on her tits while I was sitting downstairs.

She said it started one day when Adam was at the window and said good morning to her. They got chatting and Jan was so horny she lay on the bed, pulled her skirt up, took her panties off and started fingering her pussy while staring at him. She saw that his cock was hard so she opened the window, got her dildo, and sat on the edge of the bed and started to rub her cunt with the big toy, then Adam climbed in. He got his cock out and moved towards her but Jan said No Fuck Just Suck and took his cock in her mouth. Less than five minutes later Jan was swallowing his cum as fast as she could, she then licked his cock clean and said Same Time Next Week.

I couldn’t believe it. If I had a bit more mobility I would have jumped up and probably thumped her, but I was stuck to my chair totally numb and unable to say a word. Jan, bold from the booze and my inaction then went on to say it was my fault because I couldn’t get a hard-on. She needed relief from somewhere and I should think myself lucky she only sucks his cock and doesn’t fuck him. I sat quiet for another minute or so then I said to her fuck him if you want, but I didn’t mean it. Jan, even bolder, said I would probably like that, it would probably give me a hard-on and maybe she should fuck him. She went upstairs and came back two minutes later, naked and with her dildo and started to fuck her pussy with it, all the time asking if I would like to see her get fucked by Adam. She kept asking me if I would get hard watching her get fucked because if I did she would stop seeing him and we could get back to some kind of normality

She then told me to open my trousers, and without thinking I unzipped and pushed them down to my knees. Jan walked over to me, dildo in one hand and pulling on her nipples with the other and kneeled in front of me. She told me to slap her face with my cock because Adam does it just before she starts to suck it.

She put her face near my cock and I started slapping her as hard as I could with my soft cock, after about a minute of this she started sucking my cock but it was no use it stayed soft and that made me angrier.

That was when I exploded and started shouting and ranting at her, I even managed to stand up quite quickly but Jan got out of my way very easily and just stood listening until I ran out of things to shout about until I was standing there silent and with my soft cock looking ashamed.

We argued again over the following days but when Jan said she really needs to be fucked and assured me she doesn’t want to leave me I finally gave in

Two days later she started fucking Adam. I used to just listen to them but Jan now insists I sit naked watching them and sometimes she will suck my cock while Adam fucks her from behind, but it’s no use I just can’t get hard.

After they fuck Jan always says she loves me and we kiss and cuddle and she asks if I enjoyed watching them. I do find it exciting to watch Jan getting fucked and slapped with his cock and splashed with spunk but I get so angry that I can’t do it myself.

I think Jan is getting bored with Adam because she has started talking about going out to pubs and clubs on her own and even though I now encourage her it makes me so mad.

I recently got a PC and wondered if anyone else has experienced this and was surprised to find loads of people who have either actively encouraged their wives to fuck other people or reluctantly accept it like me.

I may not be able to fuck my wife but I don’t seem to be so angry all the time.

I was going to buy Viagra over the internet but two weeks ago decided to do it through the doctors. I have to be assessed for god’s sake but it should just be a formality according to the GP.

By: angrycuckold - UK

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