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January 24, 2014

On call Girl

Hot hot hot hotwife Jackie diary update.

On-Call Girl

Part of the excitement of hotwife-ing is not knowing when the next opportunity to slut it up is going to arrive. I could be out grocery shopping when a lover texts me that he’s flying in to my town for an unexpected layover, or I could be sitting in my hairdresser’s chair waiting to be styled, or out for a run, sweat dripping off my brow. But when the call comes, I drop everything. Why, you might wonder? Because being an on-call slut to the men who love to fuck me is what I live for.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic. But think about it. Isn’t the best sex always that unexpected sex that comes out of left field? Of course planned or unplanned, sex is always worth the effort, but surprise sex has got its own distinct allure.

So the other day when the “hi-roller” called to say he was in town and wanted to fuck me, I dropped everything, put on a tight little frock. Hubby shaved my pussy and he got a little worked up knowing knowing he would soon be dropping his wife off at “hi rollers’ hotel, and that “hi roller” would soon be pounding his hard cock into that smooth pussy. I put on my face and hubby drove me to meet my date.

I do love the way “hi roller” always brings a great bottle of vino to put me in the mood (don’t tell him I’d be in the mood regardless!). No all of my “dates” are that thoughtful, but some make up for it in other ways. That’s the life of a girl on call.

I think a lot of women fantasize about being a call girl. It’s just a great fantasy, like Catherine Deneuve in Belle Du Jour, a housewife with a taste for something a little wild now and then. Well, when my lovers call and request me on short notice I feel just like a call girl too. I drop everything else, re-arrange my schedule, dress pretty and head to the hotel so they can fuck me. I guess I am a girl on call! Ain’t life grand?

Here are a few pictures from my latest “service call”








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