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January 22, 2014

Did you ever wonder

Did you ever wonder?

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to come home some night and find your wife gone? You check around the house hoping to find a note telling you where she went, instead you find a phone number left by the phone. You wonder whose number it is because you surely don’t remember ever seeing it, you rush back to your computer and go to You are surprised to find the name of a man, one she has never mentioned, and his address is only blocks away.

You happen to notice that the closet door is open in your room, as you go over to close it, you notice that dark blue dress she only wears on special occasions is not there. You think about the last time she wore it, how damn hot she was, and you know it was there that morning when you got dressed. You look around the room seeing if any thing else is out of place, you look at the shoe rack. Those black pump heels she wears with the dress is gone, you notice the dresser drawer is open a bit, you find yourself pulling the drawer open.

That pair of thin white see through panties, the one’s you always try to get her to wear in public is gone. You think about how many times you have talked her into wearing them with a short skirt and flashing them when you have gone to the mall or out to eat. The matching bra is not to be found either, and that new pair of panty hose is gone, because there is the empty package. It is not like her to go out dressed up and not call you, or at least leave a note. Your mind begins to work; she has been acting a little funny lately. Sometimes happy and sometimes like something is really on her mind and she wants to tell you.

You think about the last time you had sex, it wasn’t really making love, you were tired, she was tired and truth is all you really ever do any more is fuck and go to sleep. You remember the last time you got her to dress sexy and how you mentioned wouldn’t it be cool if some guy hit on you and you fucked him. How her face got a little red and she said she was married for life and not interested; besides one fuck is pretty much like the next. When you said but wouldn’t it be a little hot, she told you to drop it.

You sit down and wonder what you’re going to do for supper, but then you find your not hungry anyway. What if she ran off with some guy, what if she left you? You run back to the closet and check, no, thank god the entire suit cases are there and only that one outfit is gone. You look in the jewelry chest, the stuff is all there, but then your eyes get wide. Her wedding ring is laying right there on top, what could it mean, has she left you? You pick up the phone number, now a little jealous, a little mad, and a whole lot worried.

You call the phone rings and rings and you are about to give up when a male voice answers, you ask to speak to her. You hear a muffled noise and his voice comes back, no one here by that name you have the wrong number and phone drops off line. You call back, this time it rings and rings but no one answers. You know she must be there, because you know, in your mind you’re sure, damn sure, he asked her if she wanted to talk to you. You rush back to the internet, pull up that address again, get dressed almost run to the car. You start driving that way, watching ever car you meet praying you will see her car and her smiling face coming home with fried chicken for supper.

You pull up on his street you spot her car parked half a block away from his house. You now feel hurt, betrayed, cheated on, lied too. Your anger is picking up, yes you wanted her to fuck some guy or at least you think you did, but not this way. You wanted to pick him out, a guy not all that cute, a guy that might not have to good a build, you wanted to watch and keep control.

You walk up the stairs and stand at the front door, you raise your hand to knock but here sounds inside, the kind of sounds you have not heard from your wife in so many years you can’t remember when it even was, maybe your wedding night. You put your hand down and sneak to the side of the house, you stand on your tippy toes and look in the window, damn the curtains are hiding much of the view, but yes there she is, it must be her with her bare feet in the air on some guy’s shoulders. You see his bare ass pumping in and out, you want to see more, your cock is hard, your anger is rising, and who is this fucking my wife. You think, that fucking little whore, then he pulls off her and she rises to get on all fours on his couch, you see his rock hard cock, not a damn bit bigger then your own, you see her wet pussy, hell you can almost smell it, maybe you do damn it.

He gets behind her, you see him bend forward, you know he his grabbing her swinging tits, damn him who in the hell does he think he is. You want to run in, bust the door down, and beat the hell out of both of them. Instead you find your hand down your pants, your fingers lock around your hard cock. You are yanking on the cock in time to each time you see him push in, you can see his balls slapping her wet cunt. He dumps his load, you know he does because he jerks back, he pulls his wet cock out and you see the thick cum dripping off the end of his cock and out of her cunt.

That fucking whore cunt, that cheating wife cunt, you feel your own cum shooting out thick on your hand, filling your under pants. You pull your hand away, you see her stand up, those naked tits, nipples hard, the cum dripping out on the floor. She kisses him and starts getting dressed; you see her pull on the see through panties.

You decide you will confront her later; he is a big guy and might beat the shit out of you. You run to your car, feeling your wet spot on your pants. You beat her home, she comes in all happy, you ask where in the hell have you been, your forget about the sticky mess in your pants, she says out with a friend. She asks if you want her to fix supper, you say no I want to fuck you.

You think she might say no, but instead she smiles and pulls off her dress. You see her nipples are still hard, you can almost see the finger prints from her lover squeezing on them. She goes in the bed room expecting the normal, you poke it in a few times shoot your load and its over. She drops her dress on the floor, kicks off her shoes, you reach up and help pull off the panties as she lays back on the bed. It has been months since you really licked her clit or sucked her juice, but you put the panties up to your noise, you smell his cream.

You feel the stickiness of it stick to your nose, you lay down and began to lick the clit, the labia lips, you put your tongue in side her the taste of his cum and her juice, you want more of it. You become like a hungry dog, licking, sucking, licking more, you find yourself pulling her cunt open you see the whiteness of his cream inside her you stick your fingers in, you rub it all around in side her, you pull your finger out and suck the juice off, you stick your fingers in again, her hole is stretched you find you can put four fingers in her, you feel her cervix you feel his sticky cream you rub it all over the cervix.

Damn she is moaning, she has not moaned for you in years, your on top of her rubbing your cock in the mixture of juices, you drive it in. You fuck her like the cheating bitch she is. In your mind you calling her a fucking cheating whore, you never realize that the words slip out, she is bucking so hard under you, her head rolled back you suck those damn nipples.

You know another man just sucked them, you think in your mind, dirty whore, you bite down a little too hard, she yells, you shoot more cum then you thought you had. She is scratching your back calling you a fucking bastard. Then you both collapse, in a few minutes your seeing him fucking her, in your mind you see his hard wet cock, you smell him on your lips, your cock is hard, your on top of her fucking her hard before she had time to say no.

As you take a shower, you think, what the hell maybe I won’t say anything. The next few days you rush home hoping to find her not there. A week goes by, your sex is good, in fact its now more like love making. You mention fucking a different guy again, she tells you to shut the fuck up, she doesn’t want to fuck any one but you.

The next day you come home, she is gone, not a note. You run to closest, the dark blue skirt and white blouse is gone. The black knit panties, gone, all her bras are there, you pull the number out of your billfold, you think about calling, decide not to, drive over the car is there.

You sneak to the window no one is site, you go to the back door it is unlocked, you creep in. Thank god you hear her noises, you sneak to the hall see the bed room door open there she is on top head hung back, her tits pointing straight out, you see her raise up, her ass so beautiful with his cock up in her cunt, she slams down, she is begging him to cum. You see him reach up and pull on her nipples she bends down he sucks them, you see his cock sliding in and out. Your hand has your cock out and your jacking off, you feel yourself cumming and catch it in your other hand. You wipe it on your pants and sneak out.

God you can’t wait for her to get home.

by: Luvpsy

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