December 11, 2013

Jackie meets a fan

Amazing Hotwife Queen Jackie has been in touch about an encounter with one of her fans. HOT!


I really love interacting with people online. Whether it’s e-mail from our site or people I meet on twitter or tumblr, it’s always a turn-on to chat with other like-minded horny guys and gals! We engage in all kinds of naughty talk about what gets us off, and then with any luck at all we end up getting ourselves off in the conversation. Yes, I really enjoy interacting with new friends online! But am I the kind of girl to let an online fan have his way with me? Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that!

I met this fan online and he was very enthusiastic about meeting me and taking control of the camera. He said he loved pics of me in lingerie and insisted that he be the one to choose a lacy-racy little number himself. He asked for my size and said he would take care of the rest, including stockings and shoes. Wow, I thought, this guy is really a go-getter!

When we met a few days later I thought he seemed like a very reserved and professional guy. I couldn’t imagine that he’d be up for the job of bedroom photographer. I asked if he’d ever taken lingerie pics, and he said he had never done it before but that my pics and video made him fantasize about shooting XXX rated movies. Something about that glint in his eye inferred that there was more to this starched business man than my first impression. I took the box that he offered tied up with a pink ribbon and excused myself to try on my new lingerie. To my surprise, he’d chosen perfectly, an outfit I would’ve picked myself, but the idea that he’d gone shopping for me seemed to really ring my bell (ding ding ding, horny anyone???).

Seeing his expression when I came back into the room dressed in his lovely gift seemed to make his eyes glaze over for a moment, but he quickly grabbed the camera and said, “Okay Jackie, let’s get to it!” I really loved his take-charge attitude, and we did get to it! Hope you enjoy the hot juicy results of my meeting with a fan!







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December 9, 2013

Casino Cuckold

Cuckold Place Update

Casino Cuckold

We met with a guy while we were visiting an out of town casino for a couple of days. We made contact online and then met there. It was very exciting shaking his hand knowing he was about to take my wife upstairs. The plan was to meet downstairs outside the casino and maybe get a drink and get to know him. As he approached us and we exchanged pleasantries, we were all kinda like ok what now? So I said “Why don’t you guys just go upstairs.”

The wife had previously asked him what he wanted and it was to have her to himself and to send me pics via text. They both quickly agreed and we went back into the casino where she gave me a quick peck on the cheeck and walked toward the elevators with him. Wow, It was surreal to watch them walk out of site. My wait was not long, within 10 minutes i got a text from her phone showing her blowing him. I was as I had hoped, very excited for her and couldn’t wait to see what they had been up to and was hoping she was going to tell me as she had me eat her out.

About 50 minutes later I got a text saying they were on their way down. I was kind of hoping she was going to stay up there laying all used but that’s not what they wanted. They both came down looking similar to when they left. This part was weird, we had left the door open for this to go on throughout the afternoon and night but when I asked what the plan was the wife said he was leaving and we could go gamble. So I shook the hand of a much younger guy who had just taken my wife and said good bye. As we walked away I asked her if she wanted to go back upstairs and she smiled and said “Yes.” Then she said “I don’t think i could take him again tonight, he was huge.”

The elevators at this casino have a person who checks to make sure you are indeed a guest at the hotel and when we approached and the wife handed him our key card he looked at her and smirked. He never looked at me just smirked and said “Enjoy your stay.” to her. I had little doubt that he knew what just happened. As soon as we entered the room, there where two used condoms on the floor and the bed was a mess. The wife immediately grabbed me started to make out with me. After a minute or two she asked what I was waiting for and told me to take her clothes off. So as she stood there very confidently in her new role she just smiled as I took her clothes off. As I removed her panties and started to stand she just said “I don’t think so, you need to stay on your knees and see what a big cock does to a woman. Once you get a good look at how well used it looks then you can start licking.” We moved to the bed where she continued to straddle me and was vigorously grinding her pussy in my face as she told me how many times he made her squirt and cum.

It was amazing.

My wife
The Pic is from a text she sent me as I was down stairs waiting

By: Qfire001

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December 7, 2013

More member creampies

Rachel loves getting creampies from her website members, she is one of the most accessible Internet hotwives I know and she’s a Brit too. Keep up all the good work Rachel


Had a well horny meet with a very horny young RAF guy this morning in Cheltenham. Feeling very horny indeed I decided to nip over and take a nice full pussy load of cum.

Greeting me at the door with a huge smile he took me into the lounge, sat on the sofa and whipped out his cock. I sucked his young cock for a short while then whipped off my tights and knickers and he got between my legs and started running his dick up and down my wet cunt for a good 5mins, dipping his throbbing bellend into my wet tight gash hole.

Then he stood and asked me to suck him again which I did – I do LOVE tasting my own pussy juice on bloke’s cocks.
I then said “I need your cum in my cunt, you can spunk right up inside my easy cunt hole.”

He rubbed me even more and the anticipation of having him inside of me was unbearable. Probing my gash hole even more he then just thrust his full hard length balls deep into my snatch making me cry out in absolute pleasure and pumped me full of his lush cum!

I truly do LOVE cunt releasing bloke’s loads and I’m looking for as many members cocks to get stuffed up my fuck easy hole as much as possible over the next week.

Join my site, call me and come spunk inside me!!

Rach xx







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December 5, 2013

How it started for us

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and getting up to all sorts of debauchery. Here’s a story to wet your weekend appetite about wife Sangre’s first encounter with another man. Check out their profile on Hotwife Hub here


I wanted to take a moment to provide a true story from some of our adventures for the viewers of hot wife blog. We enjoy the blog and all the other stories so much that we decided that we need to try and share more often.

My wife (who goes by Sangre in this lifestyle) and I first started experimenting with the hotwife and cuckold lifestyle a few years ago. We’ve really come to enjoy it off and on, but like most couples our real life can get in the way sometimes and prevent us from having as much fun as we like. However, I have really noticed that my wife is getting more and more comfortable with the lifestyle and really would prefer play a lot more often. I have a feeling that the year 2014 will be quite active for her. I have recently given her permission to have a boyfriend that she can see regularly as well, which I know really gets her motivated.

I decided for this submission to share one of our first stories that got all of this going. I had been encouraging her to have sex with other men for a few years, and it had never really gone beyond talk, but when she met a gentleman from Houston online she really took to his personality. See for her, it’s really important that she has a connection beyond just the physical aspects, and someone needs to be able to keep her interest on multiple levels. This gentleman was very intelligent and did just that with her. So, she came to me with the idea of going down to Houston for a weekend getaway that would allow us a lot of time together, away from the busy daily grind and also a chance for us to meet her new friend.

I knew that while she had made the trip about us, that her real excitement was for meeting her new friend. This proved to indeed be true as about an hour after we arrived in Houston she wanted to go ahead and get in touch with this man and invite him to our hotel bar for a meet and greet. So, we freshened up and she made the call. He was able to get to us in about 45 minutes and we were waiting for him in the bar. This particular bar had a really good setup with some more private couch areas we could talk discreetly so it helped make an awkward experience more comfortable.

We had agreed to have a code word that she would issue to me if she wanted to play. If she used the word in the course of the conversation then we’d invite this new friend back up to our room. After a couple of drinks the word came and we all agreed to head upstairs to get more comfortable.

To my surprise he really took over in a good way as soon as we got into the room and did a great job of easing her nerves even more and they started with some passionate deep kissing while standing near the bed. He really took his time with her and it was great to see her really kissing in a way that I know she fantasizes about regularly.

No sooner could I get a few things together with the camera and some bottled water did they end up in the position shown in the picture I have attached. The best part about this, was that she has surprised us both by having some ass balls already inserted. I think she had to have put these in right after we arrived at the hotel, and so that probably really got her nice and wet during our conversation. These balls, although you can’t see them from the picture are a set of 2 large pink balls, made of rubber. They are much larger than the normal ones you typically see and I believe were probably about 1.5″ in diameter to really fill her up well.

After the continued to play on the bed, she wanted him to fuck her ass while I got some more pictures and it was really not very long at all before she orgasmed We ended up playing for a couple of hours with the two of them going at it the majority of the time and then they actually invited me to join in on some of the play as well for a 3some.

After we were done, he thanked us for his time and left and we went out for a really nice meal and a few more drinks that night. This was one of our first experiences that has really led to a lot more fun from there.

I’ll try to be better about posting more of our adventures for the readers to enjoy. Happy Holidays.

Hot Wife Hub

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December 3, 2013

DFW Knight meets Rebecca

He’s the favorite Bull of many of Hotwife and he’s written in today with one his own stories. DFW Knight gives us a great story about his first encounter with one of Hotwife Blog’s favourites Rebecca Dream

DFW Knight is also on Hotwife Hub (profile here) if some of you ladies would like to contact him.


I have been involved with couples as a Bull for many years. I started out hosting interracial parties and matching couples with select guys that I personally knew could handle interacting with married women and their cucked husbands about six years ago.

This story is the true story about when I met Rebecca Dream for the very first time.

Her husband contacted me via email and spent a year convincing me to come out and give his wife something special. He did send a few photos. I couldn’t see her face in the images but I did like what I could see.
I flew early on a Saturday morning. That allowed me time to find a place for a fresh hair cut and get myself refreshed for our evening together.

Around 7pm I heard the knock at my hotel door. When I opened the door my knees felt as if they would buckle. Rebecca stood there in my doorway, looking completely angelic. Her black cropped hair framed a gorgeous tan face and a fabulous smile. Her sparkling eyes, and sensuous lips had me eager to kiss them.

Rebecca was conservatively dressed, her black dress, showed enough of her slender curves to make a man want to see more. It stopped just short of her knees, exposing her nicely shaped and very tan legs. She
spoke softly, “Hi I’m Rebecca, and you must be Wil.”

Her husband as expected accompanied her on this visit. He was a pleasant man, and from the smile on his face he could read my thoughts like a book. He knew how stunning his wife was, and the affect she had on me. We attempted to make small talk, but soon Rebecca and I found ourselves lost in a conversation that had no words. As I sat in an oversized chair with her in my lap. My hand found the back of her neck which sent shivers through her body.
Knowing full well my aroused cock wasn’t something I could hide. If she hadn’t already felt my erection prodding her, she surely could see the intensity and intent of my glare.

Our hands began to explore each others bodies, but our eyes seem forever transfixed. She never blinked as I leaned closer to her face and gave her a soft kiss on her lips. She responded with a tightened grip on my arms and chest. Her lips were soft and very wet lips. My kiss moved from her mouth, to her neck and ears. She was now starting to let out soft whispers and moans with each breathe.

I continued to work her neck and shoulders, as my free hand slowly found its way up her smooth thigh, stopping short. I could feel the heat coming from between her legs. I knew she by now could clearly feel my stiffened cock. As if on cue, she started rhythmically rotating her hips, creating a nice sensation on my cock. Our eyes met again, and without a spoken word, I knew it was time for us to move to the bed, where I lowered her onto her back and began dining on her sweet wetness. I could of stayed there forever, her taste and smell were intoxicating.

Rebecca’s body enjoyed several waves of orgasms, before she forced my mouth from her clit, and stripped me of my clothing. Her hands seem to worship my now exposed cock. She slowly stroked me a while before placing it into her warm mouth. I thought I would simply explode then and there. She expertly worked my head and shaft with both her tiny hands and wet mouth. Rebecca began enthusiastically sucking my cock. Her head bobbed freely as I stroked her back and ass. Loud slurps came from her mouth as her saliva ran down my balls. Desiring for more of her sweet spot, we slipped into a nice 69 position. This gave me full access to her clit again. I worked her pussy over with my tongue as she sucked my cock. I was transfixed by her pink rosy lips. I gently sucked on each of them and this drove her wild. She started to orgasm and squirted into my mouth and over my face. I was shocked yet amazed at the same time.

As she regained her bearings. Rebecca with her hand never leaving my cock pivoted around and placed my cock at the opening of her steamy vagina. I can’t really explain how it felt as my cock slid inside her. She told me to relax and I could feel her pussy walls contracting and squeezing my cock every inch as she went down on it. When I was completely inside her, she told me she loved the way my cock filled her pussy. She then leaned forward and kissed me passionately.

Rebecca rode me as I started kissing her neck. I was so engrossed in her that I literally forgot where her husband was. I glanced over and saw he was filming us and taking photos for keepsakes. I held Rebecca’s hips, pulling her back onto me as I thrust into her to get maximum penetration, she gave out a strange little yell as an orgasm enveloped her but I continued pressing into her. As she dug her nails into my chest and rode my cock I was able to watch her slide up and down my length and as I looked down I could see my cock covered in her love juices as she squirted again.

I now knew my time was near. I rolled her over onto her back and reentered Rebecca. My engorged cock slipping in and out of her wet hole was heavenly. We made love like this for no more than a few minutes. I was well on the verge of cumming, and with a final slide, I grabbed her by the hips and pulled into her hard. My body convulsed as I pumped spurt after spurt of hot thick cum deep into her. I guess feeling my cock pulsing inside of her was enough to get Rebecca to release another orgasm.

The sex was incredible. The sight of her riding my cock, her full breasts bouncing, her eyes closed, her full lips swollen from her excitement, it was something I’d never expected to see with Rebecca and the image is still clear in my mind to this day. This woman was one of the most exciting and passionate women I’ve ever had sex with, and I still yearn for more of Mrs. Rebecca Dream.

DFW Knight

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December 1, 2013

What’s more important

Here’s an interesting post from the discussion group on Hotwife Hub. There’s a few threads on there now about size. Many people seem to be very particular about size, others seem to focus on performance.

There’s loads of chat, stories and comments on the hotwife lifestyle. Members can create a group on anything that is Hotwife and Cuckold related and join in the discussions on existing groups, creating topics and posting comments. If you’re not a member then get yourself on there now and join the fun.

This post is from user Ladyhawke

What’s more important?

I’m actually very picky when it comes to who I choose to have sex with. Looks and personality are really more important than anything else, despite my obvious affection for a well hung guy. A sense of humor and honesty are a big plus too! Being well hung isn’t enough anyway, if you don’t know how to use it.

Now that we have that over with, ladies, when it comes to your ideal partner’s penis size, which is more important, length or girth?

Two of my favorite playmates are two to three inches longer than my husband, but only one of them is as thick. I used to think thickness was better, but now I find that those extra inches my lovers have over hubby are what makes them special. Where hubby barely touches my cervix in most positions, both of my better hung playmates push over my cervix and go deep, and there is no feeling like it. I also love telling hubby how they have reached places he’ll never touch and how those last two or three inches are theirs.

So what do you think is more important? Length or Girth, and why?

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