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December 21, 2013

EX Therapy

An interesting observation today from Scoty from Australia about whether it is a good idea for your wife or partner to get back with an ex for the sake of your relationship. You can find many topics on subjects like this in the GROUPS section of Hotwife Hub.


My wife Jen is a very religious lady and always has been.

We have been together for 23 years now, during that time there have been occasions where Jen has had crushes on other guys, as happens to any normal woman.

While we were engaged her family convinced her to see the world, during that trip she met another guy and he became a boyfriend with whom she became very intimate (leaving her wracked with guilt), she never told me, but had a struggle deciding if she would marry him instead of me.

When we were married, she cried after the first time we had sex because she was thinking it should have been with him. Our honeymoon was basically sexless.

Eventually we settled into a routine, but sometimes when she had a good orgasm she would cry out his name, then of course be embarrassed and try to deny it. Sex became almost non-existent for many years, eventually she admitted the affair to me, but never furnished the whole story because she just wanted to forget it and move on.

I told her she should go and be with him, but he had moved on with his life, married with kids, like us. Through the years there was every kind of counseling, both religious and general but nothing really helped.

Now all these years later she is finally ready to entertain the possibility of facing up to things, I have told her I want her to go have sex with him and sort out how she feels (he is now single). She is considering it but is scared that it “might not help”

If there is anyone who has a situation where going back to have sex with the ex has helped the relationship can you please share, need some evidence for her. For me, I just don’t want to live a lie anymore, I’d like her having him on the side, but be honest about it.

Submitted by: Scoty - Melbourne, Australia

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