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December 17, 2013

First time Cuckold

Cuckold Place Update

Was a cuckold for the first time

My wife and me have had the idea of cuckold and dogging for some time. Well last week I got my wish. We picked up this man from west Sussex in the car my wife in the back and me driving. When we picked him up he got in the back with her. She was dressed like a slut. My wife has never been with any one in 6 years but me and within 5 minutes of being in the car she was sucking his cock and he was licking her cunt. She had only see some pics of him on the net beforehand. My cock was rock hard. Just looking at her.

We pulled up outside our home and all when into the living room. I went to get some drinks as planned and when I came back they had started again. Now I said to her he must wear a condom but she just let him fuck her bareback and told him to cum in her. She’s not even on the pill.

She told me he will coming around next time when I am at work. She said “If you don’t like it tough shit. You wanted me to do this so I will now.”

My wife

By: hotcat

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