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December 13, 2013

Interracial Dream

Leigh and I discovered about 3 years into our marriage that interracial porn showing white women with hung black men turned her on more than any other that we had watched. We would stay up into the morning hours, fucking while watching these movies. She always came multiple times while watching these beautiful white women experience sexual bliss with the black men in the movies.

Her appetite for this sexual lifestyle led us to go on the internet and see what might be out there. We couldn’t believe the number of interracial sites we found almost exclusively dealing with white women and black men. She was especially surprised that most of the sites involved amateur married white women being used and pleasured by black men. She asked me if there were really so many white couples interested in this lifestyle. I told her that I didn’t know there were that many and I commented that most of the wives were very beautiful as she is and that all of the black men were very well hung and she responded “very hot looking”.

We also discovered very soon that there were websites dedicated solely to white wives and couples that were seeking BBC. She was amazed and turned on by the average housewives that placed ads and posted very intimate photos of themselves either alone or with several amateur black men. This really excited her tremendously and she couldn’t believe that all the big-dicked black men were not actors, but amateurs and wondered aloud if all black men were that large and long lasting. I knew now that she was beginning to fantasize about several black men she worked with.

One night she asked me if I thought that even the men she worked with were that large. I told her yes and she should check out their crotches every chance she got. She began noticing that in fact it did appear that they were much larger than me. From that point on we would only watch amateur interracial porn that involved real white wives fucking their husbands friends or their bosses and especially gangbangs. I began to tell her how much I loved her and wanted her to experience the same pleasure the other wives were. She was real concerned that it might negatively effect our marriage or make me real jealous. I assured her that if anything, it would make our love stronger and that I wanted to see her being fucked by black men in places and ways I never could. And that it makes me very horny thinking of these men seeing her beautiful body and hearing their comments about how good her pussy is and especially how she was such a great cock sucking slut. She admitted that she might do it if it were spontaneous and not planned or that she didn’t know beforehand. Knowing that she loved and trusted me enough to tell me this made me proud and extremely horny.

We always were on the Darkcavern and Blackcockdating website checking out the stories and pictures of men and women in our state and area. We placed ads in these and other sites to see what responses she might get. She posed for several nude photos, but initially wouldn’t let me show her face for fear some of the people we knew or worked with would recognize her. I assured her that the only people that might see her were others practicing this lifestyle and black men. I told her that if anyone we knew saw her, they wouldn’t dare say anything for fear of being caught themselves practicing this lifestyle. She said she would think about it, but no face shots to begin with. I agreed and the ads were placed.

She was pleasantly surprised at the number of responses she received from men all over our state and some from several of the towns near our home. She would read the e-mails complimenting her on her body and what these men would do to her. She and I couldn’t wait to check for new e-mails every day. Some of these men would send her pics of their dicks or them fucking other wives. These made her so horny that she would actually squirt juices after reading these while I ate her hairy pussy. Several of these men would e-mail us back and forth and we would respond to the ones that she found hot with large dicks. They began asking for face shots, wedding rings shown, and better ass shots.

One night soon after that, she volunteered to pose for some new pics to put on her ad and that she decided to let me take a few totally nude shots showing her face. From that point on, she would always refresh her makeup and apply red lipstick before I was allowed to start photographing her gorgeous self. She would go to great lengths to make herself beautiful and sexy before going before the camera. We were pleasantly surprised at how many more and hotter men began to mail her asking for more pics and wanting her to meet them. She always told them that if she did that I would always be there. She loved the compliments they would give her and the hot comments of the things she would do for them. We talked on the phone with several that she liked but she would always back out on meeting after agreeing she might.

Then one day we got the e-mail that would lead us to this moment. It was from a very hot black man fucking a friend’s wife. They were all from the town she worked in and were convinced they worked for the same state agency that Leigh works in. At first she made me deny that is was her, but finally I admitted it and found out that my wife worked in his building and that he and another attractive very well hung black man were downloading her photos daily. The very first man, Victor, was at least 9” long and very thick, but the second man was easily over a foot long and thick. They continued to send her photos of them with other wives from the area. Leigh would always fantasize it was her being pleasured in the pics and would pose more often and her actions were wilder and she took on the behavior of a white married slut each time. They knew they had her by now and would tell Leigh what they wanted her to do and wear in these pictures. But their first request was for her to shave her pussy which she did immediately for them and she let me photo her that same night to send to them. I believe she wanted them to know she would do what they wanted her to do. It turned her on that she actually worked with these men and they would see her from time to time. From that time til now she keeps her tight little pussy shaved except for a small wisp just above her clit.

After they saw she would do what they wanted her to do in the photos, their requests kept coming and got hotter. They asked her for more facials in her photos, so all her pics now have her proud face in them. They wanted her to show more pictures of her beautiful ass and her tight, puckered asshole. I was somewhat surprised but happy that she posed for several of these with her asshole beautifully on display for these men. She also tried to proudly show her wedding rings in as many of her pics as possible at their request. She feels so slutty doing all these things for these men who now number at least 3 that she works around sometimes and they all e-mail us with requests for Leigh and have told me that if I didn’t hurry up and bring her to them, they would go to her office and seduce her.

Leigh and I have talked about her meeting these 3 men and she wanted them very badly, but was afraid of losing her job. I know that she would willingly submit to these men if they tried. She was so hot one evening after they wanted to see her with a large black dildo that she let me film her with her 12” very thick black dick in her. She came several times during the photo session and agreed to let me video her having another go with this monster dick. She fucked that dildo like she hadn’t had sex in weeks, and was oblivious to the filming I was doing. She made three videos showing her fucking her big dildo.

After her 3 men saw that clip, Johnson, the biggest of the three, called me and told me what a hot slut I had for a wife and I asked him to e-mail me and tell Leigh what he has told me. He wrote, ”You know that you are already a BBC slut that just hasn’t given in to her desires.” And they knew that the first time she shaved her pussy and asshole, it was for them. I was playing with her clit and eating her pussy while she was responding to him. She admitted that him calling her a slut was sooo hot and I got her to admit that she didn’t know until now how much she really did want a black man. She made her third and hottest clip for them this weekend that was so obvious of her desires to give in to these men that she found so desirable. But there was another man she works with from time to time that I’m convinced she wanted the most.

One day I was picking Leigh up for lunch and when I walked in her office, she was in the middle of a full body hug with a large black man in a suit that I didn’t recognize. She introduced him as Victor. She used to work with him until he was promoted to a position in a nearby town. She claimed the hug was just an innocent greeting, but the way they looked at each other I knew they both were turned on by each other. I asked her about him a few days later and she admitted thinking he was hot and would I allow her to be with him when they got the chance. I wasn’t sure what brought about this change about being with a man she worked with. She said she felt really comfortable around him because she has known him for several years. I then admitted how sexy she looked in his arms and that it appeared he had a hard on when they separated. She said he did and they had been kissing for several minutes and that if I hadn’t arrived when I did, she would have been caught sucking his very large dick. She had already placed her hands on him and she was stroking him when I opened the door. She said she had never felt or seen a larger dick and had dreamed about him many times while we were fucking and especially when I fuck her with her massive toy. I thought about what she said and asked her if she wanted him. She told me that she did but was still afraid it might hurt our marriage. She told me if she agreed to do it, she definitely wanted him to be the man that turned her into his BBC slut. I told her that I agreed with her that she give herself to the one she wanted the most. I told her to plan a day in his building as a way to keep the other employees from being suspicious of why she is in Victor’s office all day. She said she would call him the next day and set up a lunch date with him later in the week.

She was exceptionally horny all week leading up to her date. When the day arrived she showed me that she had completely shaved her pussy and ass bald, was wearing her little black dress, her smallest thong and lace bra. I had never seen her sexier and a tinge of jealousy waved over me as I thought of her on her knees sucking the object that she has desired for so long. And I was happy for her that she was going to become this man’s occasional married white slut. I told her to let herself go and enjoy the first of many experiences with this man. I knew she would let herself go more without me there.

She arrived at his building and went directly to his office and shut the door behind her. He told her how glad he was she came and how fine she looked. She went to him and went into his arms in a hug that lasted long enough to feel his dick begin to grow. She continued to press her beautiful shaved pussy against his growing manhood. She said his dick grew so large and fast that she could actually feel it growing through his pants and her dress. Never had she been so horny and before he could say a word, she had her mouth on his and her tongue was playing with his tongue. He could sense her eagerness and asked Leigh what had brought on this change. She said that from the first time she felt his arms around her, she knew that she couldn’t resist his advances. In fact, she said she knew that she had to have him and would do anything he wanted her to do just to be his slut. This shocked Victor to hear her talk like that, but she had grown accustomed to being called a BBC loving slut in the emails that the other 3 men sent her. She realized exactly what they had been calling her was true and she was more than ready to find out how good it could be being a white married black cock-loving slut.

Before I go on with her story, let me describe my sexy wife. She is 42, but doesn’t look a day over 30. She is 5’3” 130lbs. She has auburn hair, has 36C breasts with 1 ½” nipples that are so sensitive she has been able to cum with me just sucking them. She has the finest round bubble ass you have ever seen and when she is extremely excited her pussy lips and asshole turn a purple color. Never have I seen this happen on a woman before Leigh.

Okay getting back to Leigh and Victor. She said she was now practically eating Victor’s mouth with her kisses. She was out of control and worked her body down until she was licking and kissing Victor’s giant cock through his pants. He grabbed Leigh’s hair and backed up to his chair behind his desk. Leigh was crawling on her knees trying to unzip his pants and release the object of her desire as he pulled her across the floor on her knees.

Victor sat down in his chair as my wife opened his pants and released the first black dick she had ever seen live. It was huge she said even though it was semi-hard. She said it was the most beautiful dick she had ever seen. It was well over 9 “ and still growing and was almost purple in color with heavy veins. She began licking around the plum sized head and large piss slit. She was able to get the end of her tongue inside the slit as he continued to grow past 12”. She licked up and down his shaft tasting his manly flavor. Victor lifted his tennis ball sized nuts and she immediately went to work on him under his sack between it and his asshole. She licked her tongue out as far as she could and it came in contact with his asshole. She was totally into this man and would do anything for him.

As she was licking and sucking his shaft, Victor’s door opened. It was Devon the head correctional officer and Victor waved him in with one hand while holding her head to his dick with the other. Leigh tried to see who it was but was forced down over Victor’s cockhead as she thought Victor was coming, but it was only a stream of his pre-cum. She licked and swallowed it and found the taste very good.

Victor had Devon lock the door behind him and when Leigh heard him call Devon’s name, she knew who it was. Devon was 26 years old and was one of the best looking black men she knew. He was 6’5” and weighed 220 lbs of rock solid muscle. She looked around to see Devon taking his pants and boxers off freeing a black dick equal to Victors. Devon brought his ever growing cock to Leigh and hung it over her shoulder. She could now alternate between Victor’s and Devon’s dicks. She was cumming now, better than she ever did with me and it was from only sucking their man tools. She realized at that moment that she was a slut for BBC and would be from now on.

She alternated between their 2 cocks until Victor took her head in his hands and began to fuck her mouth. Every thrust had his large cockhead at the entrance to her throat. She knew he was about to cum and wanted to swallow as much as she could. She wanted this to be the best blow job he had ever had and knew that by swallowing his load, she would give him what he so desired. She felt him swell and then back away a little to allow his sperm to fill her mouth before swallowing so she could taste his liquid treat. As she began swallowing she realized that it was true what she had read about black men’s cum being very good tasting. Much better than mine and eagerly awaited his next spurt or rather gush. She sucked him dry and licked him clean as Devon turned her eager mouth to his giant dick. She took both hands and pumped his dick while sucking him hard. She heard Devon say to Victor that this white slut is the best cock sucker he had ever had and that when the other guards found out that she would never go hungry.

Just then Devon shot load after load into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could but it began to pour from the sides of her mouth. Not wanting to waste one drop, she grabbed a coffee cup sitting on Victors desk and proceeded to catch what was exiting her mouth in it. She sat the cup aside and sucked Devon dry then licked his cock, balls, and near his asshole clean while his meat stayed rock hard. She reached for the glass as Victor took his cell phone camera out to record what she was about to do. She turned the cup up and poured out a half cup full off Devon’s tasty cum then licked it clean while asking them for more. Damn I wish I could have been there.

Devon looked at Victor and said lets get her out of here before we all get caught. We can go to a friend’s house near here and give her what she wants. Leigh was so horny she barely understood what was going on. They helped her to her feet and had her zip them up and fasten their belts. She couldn’t keep her hands off their dicks and they told her if she could control herself until they got outside she would have an afternoon of black cocks. Her eyes were glazed over as they took an arm each and guided her to the nearest door as they exited the prison with her fine warden on one arm and his lead correctional officer on the other, it was if she was being led away to her cell.

They went to Victor’s car and he drove while Devon rode in the back and Leigh sat up front trying her best to get Victor’s still hard cock out to suck. Devon told her to get back there with him and suck his cock. She wasted no time climbing over the front seat into the back as her dress exposed her pantiless ass and pussy for their feasting eyes. She started sucking Devon for all she was worth as they drove through town making sure they slowed next to other cars so they could see this white married slut sucking Devon’s jet black monster.

Victor asked Devon where they could take her cause his wife was home. Devon said his was too, but he had a friend that would let them. Leigh said Devon called his friend while she sucked his cock and asked if he could bring a very hot white married slut over to fuck. This made her so horny when they called her that she lost all control, sucking Devon’s large veined black cock waiting for his cum. Just as he was about to feed her, she said Victor pulled into a driveway leading to a nice house. Devon told her to zip him up so she could meet some of his friends. She did reluctantly and sat up to see where they were. When Victor turned the car off, he turned to Leigh in the back seat and she went to him, kissing his hot lips. Victor told her that he knew she was hot for black cock the first time he met her. He had waited for her to come to him and now she would get what she wants from him, Devon, and maybe his friend whose house they were at.

Leigh said she trembled in anticipation thinking about what Victor said. Her hottest fantasy involved her having sex with several black men. And even though she wanted Victor badly, she said she was theirs today and she would do whatever he wanted her to do. She admitted to me that she had never been so horny as she was then as Devon and Victor led her to the house in her high black heels and black dress. By now her thong was long gone and her perfect 1 1/2 inch nipples were so hard they hurt as they protruded through her lace bra and black dress. She was beautiful and was happy that these two gorgeous black men wanted her when she knew they could have had any white woman they wanted. She hoped Devon’s friend was equally hot as she wanted three gorgeous black men to take her as their slut. She knew that Victor would keep her safe regardless of the situation. He was always coming on to her while treating her with respect in public.

Devon didn’t bother to knock as he opened the door and led her in followed by Victor with his hand on her ass. As she entered she heard Devon’s friend say ”Come on in we are shooting pool”. When she entered the game room, there was Devon’s friend Jamal and two other twenty something hot well built black men standing by the pool table staring at her. The look in their eyes told her that they too could tell she was a hot wife slut looking for a chance on the dark side. Devon introduced her as Victor’s lady, Leigh, and that she was married and worked with them. Their names were Jamal, Derrick, and Courtney. They all appeared to be in their twenties and each man gave her a hug and kiss on her mouth. She said was already horny and was thinking about the possibilities with these men and that she should enjoy herself since I had given her the green light and had encouraged her lust for Victor. I had very willingly given in to her desires as well as my fantasy of her having the best sex of her life and knowingly sent her to the man she wanted to fuck so badly.

Understand that I love Leigh very much as she does me. We had already realized that this would be purely physical lust and I was all for her finally having the black cocks she desired so much. Little did I know that she would be jumping ahead to her favorite desire of being gangbanged by several hot black studs her first time out.

As Derrick and Courtney continued their game of pool, Devon’s friend Jamal handed her a drink while handing the guys beers. She wasn’t sure what the drink was, but it was very good and fruity tasting.

After a few minutes, Jamal slid a tape into the VCR and Victor motioned her over to the sofa to watch it with her. She told me that her drink was making her feel good and she asked Victor what it was. He smiled as he said it was something to make her relax and less nervous. It would allow her to enjoy herself without any guilt. She said it had her tingling all over as Victor turned her way and feasted on her gorgeous full lips. Never had a kiss have the effect his was on her now.

She turned to the TV and saw a white couple sitting on a couch with five hot black men. Having seen several interracial movies before, she knew exactly what the plot appeared to be in this one. A white married couple had agreed to meet these black men in their motel room. They asked the wife all sorts of leading questions before asking her if she was ready for this. They told the wife that it would be a life changing experience for her and was her husband okay with it. The husband said for them to treat her respectfully like the slut she wanted to be. Her pussy began to tingle as Victor placed his hand on her thigh and slid towards her pussy. Just as her legs spread for his fingers, she reached for his cock. The wife on the screen was placed on her knees as 7 well hung black studs circled her with their large cocks in their hand. She began to suck each of these men for several minutes as she felt Victor’s massive dick continue to grow in his pants. By now, Victor had two fingers in her tight wet pussy that were reaching the same spots my 7 inch dick could reach. She was trying to unzip Victor’s pants as he continued to fuck her with his long black fingers. She said as he inserted his fourth finger into, she began to cum all over him.

Now Leigh is a squirter, but usually she only squirts when fucking her 12 inch black dildo or when I am eating her. She said she wanted his cock in her mouth so bad, that she forgot the other men in the room until she saw Jamal filming the whole scene. She said the thought of them having her on film excited her to the point of wishing I could see these men giving her the fucking I had told her they would. She was proud to be their slut for me. She fell to her knees in front of Victor as her hands were in a frizzy trying to get his huge cock through his zipper. She began to beg for him to please give her his cock to suck. His pre-cum dripped and shined as she reached her tongue out to savor it’s taste.

She told me that it had the best slimy sweet taste she could imagine as she licked and suck his giant plum colored circumsized head. She said she worshiped his cock with her mouth and wanted to give him the best blow job he had ever had. She took as much of his 12+ inch cock in her mouth until the cum slit was at her throat. She wanted more of his precum as she pumped his cock with both hands. She thought he was coming at one point but it was his precum still pouring from it’s tip into her throat. Victor told her she was the best cocksucker he had and wanted to come in her mouth. She was so proud and eager to please him that she began to pump him feverishly with both hands while sucking for all she was worth. She felt his cock grow even longer and thicker as he grabbed her head and began to pour massive amounts of juice into her mouth and throat. She was able to back her head up just enough to enjoy his cum’s taste before swallowing. She wasn’t able to swallow it all as some dribbled out the sides of her mouth onto his sack. She continued to pump his cock until she had drained him.

She then proceeded to lick and suck his sack, balls, and scrotum, something she has never done to me, but has wanted to do since she saw the first white woman enjoying it in our movies. She had told me that many times before as she described what she liked in the interracial movies. She said it was the greatest feeling she had had up to that point as she licked and sucked his cock and balls. And when her lover lifted his legs into the air exposing his purple asshole, she knew what he wanted. She had often watched married white women lick and suck their lover’s ass but had always commented that she didn’t think she could. We don’t know if it was the drink or plain lust, but she eagerly licked his balls and scrotum en route to his ass.

I’m so glad that Devon’s friend filmed all this because the moment she eagerly reached out her tongue to taste his hairless hole was priceless. She was trying to gauge it’s taste and smell as she slowly began this new experience. She told me later as we watched the film that she was pleasantly surprised at his masculine musky scent and couldn’t believe that it actually tasted like his balls. She wrapped her arms around his tight ass as her mouth engulfed his ass and buried her tongue inside. She couldn’t believe how slutty she felt and knew that Victor knew that she would be his slut as long as he wanted her and I was comfortable with it. He asked her if she was his slut and she said yes that she was his and would do whatever he wanted her to do.

As she licked back up his hardening cock she noticed that Derrick and Courtney were slipping their boxers off, exposing 2 of the hardest blackest cocks she had seen attached to 2 finely tuned athletic bodies. She knew what was coming but wanted to give her sweet white married pussy to her new man first. After all, she said, it was for him that she was doing this. As the 2 naked studs reached her, they slid her dress over her head, allowing her to slide up Victors body as they ripped her lace bra from her body exposing her long puffy nipples. She shuddered as her nipples came across Victor’s rock hard monster and continued to rise until she was licking his face while trying to sit on his massive cock. She was so excited that she shook trying to sit on him. He took his massive cock in his hand and placed the head at her tight entrance. The whole time she was shaking she said in multiple small orgasms. He lifted her body above his massive cock and set her down on top of him. About a third of his cock entered immediately causing her eyes to roll back into her head as she gasped “oh my gosh, you are so big and I love your cock.” He began to tease her as he set her further down his massive pole, asking her if she loved his black cock and was she his slut. She answered “Yes, yes” as he placed her all the way down his pole. She began to moan and scream so loud Jamal looked out the window to see who was watching.

By now his camcorder was on a tri-pod aimed directly on Leigh and her lover. She started squirting her clear white fluids down Victor’s cock onto his balls. He fucked her hard and fast. The look of lust and fulfillment on her face was amazing. As Victor fucked her she reached for Courtney’s large uncut cock and placed it in her mouth as it continued to grow and grow and grow. By the time Leigh had his cock completely hard and in her mouth he had grown to at least 16” and as big as her forearm. Victor fucking her with his 12 inches while she sucked on the largest cock we had seen caused her to shake uncontrollably as she was hit by the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

She released Derricks hard cock and began to pump his massive organ with both hands grunting for him to come in her mouth. She was furiously pumping, licking, and sucking his cock begging for his come. By now Victor had quickened his pace and started to come so far inside Leigh that she couldn’t believe it. He had entered her cervix early into their tryst and had what seemed like 4-5 inches inside there. Never had she felt so full as she began to come furiously with Victor. She had lost concentration on Courtney’s massive cock so he grabbed her head and drove as much cock into her mouth as he could. She started to gag as he took 2 inches out of her throat to allow her to breath. She was so gone now that she reached around his round ass and fucked her own mouth with his cock. She was giving Courtney the best she could and I knew that he would also be fucking Leigh as much as Victor. He came straight down her throat, in her mouth, all over her mouth and face and tits. Never had she seen so much cum and she ate and licked as much as she could. She had just had the fucking of her life and knew that not only would she be having Victor and Courtney that night, but Derrick and Jamal would certainly want her. And she had to have Devon’s fine self. I laughed when she recounted this part because she said at that time there was so much cock and so little time.

She finally climbed off Victors still hard cock only to realize that Courtney, having cum buckets down her throat was still rock hard. He lifted her in his arm as if claiming his prize and carried her to the pool table. She said she noticed Victor grab the camcorder off the tripod and positioned himself to film this black Adonis fuck her with that horse cock. She seemed a little concerned about it’s size, but she said later that she knew Victor’s cock had prepared her for this.

He laid her out on the pool table and entered her slowly, getting about half of that hot cock in her pussy. He fucked her for hours while Jamal and Derrick fed her their cocks. Sometime during all this, she felt someone probing and licking her asshole. She turned around to see Devon’s face planted in her ass as he fingered her bud with the first one, then 2 fingers. They entered rather easily because of all the cum that had flowed out of her pussy. She then realized this beautiful black man was going to be the first man other than me to deflower her beautiful ass. She really liked this and the fact it was going to be Devon’s fine self that stuck his 10 inches in her. This would also be her first dp. She began to cum on Courtney even before Devon got his cock inside her ass. It didn’t take long before he had his entire cock in her ass as Courtney continued trying to get his 16 ‘ in her. She was in total ecstasy as they fucked her for 30 minutes. Both depositing massive amounts of cum into her.

By now it had gotten late and she told Victor that she should call me and get home. Victor said to call me but tell me she would be home tomorrow. This is what I wanted to hear, but wasn’t sure how I would like it even though this was all his idea.

Submitted by: Leigh’s Husband - Georgia

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