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November 27, 2013

It started with a pic

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My wife’s friend, Stacey was joking with her boyfriend that she was going to get breast implants, and wanted my wife to take a flashing tit pic and let Stacey show it to her boyfriend. My wife said no at first but eventually was talked into it. Just a tit pic, no face and she wasn’t going to tell him where the pic came from. So she took this picture and sent it to Stacey The picture had a profound impact well beyond the simple joke it was intended for. The boyfriend was beyond impressed, he became obsessed. He begged her to tell him who’s tits they were, and she was finally worn down and told him it was her friend from work, my wife. They were good friends and Stacey and her boyfriend Matt had been together a long time and was the topic of discussion many times as they had an open relationship. They played together and occasionally separately. We had never played before but I was turned on by the idea of sharing my sexy wife.

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The infamous pic sent by my wife

So as the days went on since Stacey told Matt those big titties belonged to my wife Teri, he had been begging for more. She would tell her about how he would stare at her pic all of the time and how hard her tits would get Matt’s cock. These stories really turned me on but the story that turned her on was when Stacy said that she sucked Matt’s cock as he stared at the pic. He begged Stacey to ask if she could talk Teri into letting him fuck her. She asked Teri knowing the answer was no. She conveyed this to me and it made me hard just the thought of him wanting to fuck my wife. But Teri, while she found him attractive, was not interested in fucking anyone else. Then after a while he bargained down to wanting to titty fuck her. This was something I thought I could get her to go for. I pleaded as much on my end as Stacey did with Matt.

With the constant peer pressure from both ends and my reasoning saying it wasn’t real sex “No penetration just let him rub his cock on your tits, he will cum quickly and you will have fulfilled his fantasy.” She finally gave in and agreed to allow him to titty her her.

The night finally came where it was going to happen. Matt and Stacey were coming over and Matt was finally going to get to fuck those big titties like he had wanted to for months and months. I told her I would not leave her side and she could pull the plug at any time.

Teri had been drinking to calm her nerves, I told her to wear heels and hose and not much else, so she had that on under her robe. When they arrived there was a bit of tension in the air as we drank a couple of drinks, I broke it when I pulled Teri’s robe back and said “Well, I guess these are why we are all here tonight.” We all laughed and Matt asked if he could touch them. She sheepishly said “Yes”. He wasted no time rubbing them and playing with her nipples. Then after a few minutes of this I suggested we go to our room, we could all fit on our bed. So we went to our room and I asked Teri to lay down. By this time her robe was all the way open but still on. I then said to Matt “This is what you’ve waited for.” He quickly got undressed and climbed onto the bed where I was sitting next to my wife and holding her hand. Stacey was on her other side.

He climbed up on top of my wife and she held her big 38DDs up and together for his hard cock to slide through. He slid his cock in between and started slowly fucking those huge tits that he had been dreaming about… But then he suddenly stopped. Stacey asked “What’s wrong?” he said “It’s too dry”. I said “Teri baby, get his cock wet”. She said, “Oh no, I didn’t agree to that”. Then suddenly Stacey leaned over Teri’s body and began sucking Matt’s cock until it was very wet. Then he went back to titty fucking my beautiful wife. As he fucked her tits, I was getting so turned on, and so was everyone in the room. I started kissing my wife as his cock thrusted between her tits. I held her head as I kissed her, and as I paused between kisses I held her head up towards his charging cock. Much to my surprise she stuck her tongue out and licked the head of his cock as it made its way forward. She kept doing this between kisses and before long he was no longer titty fucking her, he was now fucking her mouth. I saw this and I snapped a picture (below). Then I rubbed her pussy, and went down on her as he fucked her face. Stacey was up on her knees kissing Matt as he said “I’m about to cum”. I stopped to see what my wife would do or say but she didn’t say a word as Matt kept thrusting in and out of her mouth, he moaned really hard and then came in her mouth, she swallowed most of it but some ran down her chin. I then said I was next and I fucked my wife’s pretty face. I also came in her mouth. It was an incredible night as I was so turned on with what my wife had done.

We all got dressed and I thanked them for coming and they left. Me and Terri had hot sex for the next three days thinking about what we had done.

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Matt fucking Terri’s mouth

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