October 10, 2013

Woman Knows her Cuckold

Hi Everyone,

I wrote this story about 3 years ago. It has some truth but it is also highly embellished the way I would like it to be! Enjoy.

A Woman who Knows her Cuckold

So you can appreciate what I am now experiencing, I need to give you a little background. Quite simply I was dating a hot girlfriend almost 20 years ago, although I was too naive at the time to really understand my situation. In fact, I was clueless to the lifestyle of the cuckold. As I recall, Dee at first dressed nicely but then her clothes changed. I remember her question as we were sitting on the couch at her parents house. She held her hands about 12 maybe 14 inches apart and asked me if I was that big. I told her then that she would be greatly disappointed in me if that is what she needed. When we first had sex there was no turning back. She loved it. She would suck and fuck me anywhere and all the time.

She changed the length of her skirts to be shorter and shorter, always with heels, and blouses that gaped open, showing off her small breasts. We fucked in her parents living room, with her parents talking with us from the kitchen, separated by a room divider, a planter style divider that could be seen over if standing. She used to routinely say she was getting ready for bed and return wearing a robe and nothing else. I think the first time she did that I came in my pants. I was young.

But, unfortunately, I took a job that had me working nights when I first got out of high school. She loved going out and did even without me. I was able to see her in a local bar she liked going to on my days off and noticed how comfortable she was there and how comfortable some other guys were with her, including one in Particular. As I said before, I am not so naive now. She was obviously fucking this one guy, who tended to avoid me whenever we went to her favorite hangout. The others may have been only openly flirty with her, I really don’t know. If they were getting more, it is possible. I remember her (it was the 70’s) smoking a little, getting in the car with me, and immediately wanting to suck my cock. She could do it easily no matter what the traffic situation. She enjoyed it so much that I know now she simply loved cock and sex.

There is one sad part before I move on with what has transpired most recently. When I went abroad for a year, she fell in love with another man. She did her best to stay true to me, as far as love goes, but a set of circumstances made her his wife. I was never the same after that, and she still owns my heart today, even though I have been married about 19 years now. I love my wife but she simply cannot compare to this little hottie. Anyway, I was shocked when I heard she lost her husband. He was 13 years older than her. I missed the funeral, but had to give her my condolences. So, I hesitantly called her father, who gave me her number, having not known her married name. I made the call and asked her if we could meet for coffee as I wanted to talk with her. I said it would be better in person. I really meant that and had planned to simply express my sympathy. She met me at a local TGIFs, and I totally forgot why I wanted to see her when I saw her walk in.

She came over to my table and when she recognized me, she was beaming. I stood up and we embraced, for some time. She felt so natural, so right in my arms. We said nothing, just held each other. Finally, we sat down and I took care of business…but I knew I could not let her go. She was wearing a deep V-neck blouse, showing off her tits after all these years. I was mad at myself because I felt my dick get hard. I really had planned nothing else. Before I knew it, I was invited to stop over her house. I watched as she sashayed away from me toward the door.

Her short flirty skirt swishing and catching the eye of every hot-blooded male in the restaurant. Her heels lifting her every so nicely. Damn. I wanted to eat her right then and there, but what in the world was I thinking. I stopped by her house a couple days later, a nice modest place. She had shorts and a T on for my visit. And, all we did was talk, mostly about common friends. She was a couple classes behind me when we were back in school. I stayed until she received company. I was again heart broken when this guy, Mike, embraced and kissed her in front of me. It was a kiss of a lover not just a friend. I was leaving shortly thereafter, but she told me to call her again. Just like in high school, only 20 years later.

I called her again with some kind of excuse not to look like a puppy dog, but she had my blood boiling. We saw each other a couple of times and the one time, I stopped and she already had company. I was about to leave, having gone up to the door and not seeing anyone around, when she called to me from up stairs. She told me to come in and wait in the living room. A few minutes later Mike came down, shook my hand, and said he had to leave.

A couple minutes later, Dee came down. She had on heeled fuzzy slippers, pink, that accentuated her beautifully long legs and a long T-Shirt that covered whatever else she was wearing. We sat on the couch together. Later she offered me something to eat and drink and went over into the kitchen. As she was reaching for a plate, her T lifted up and I saw her cute little pink panties. My dick got hard.

When she came back, she was being coy, and eventually “bumped” my hard dick. She leaned back and her little T rose. It was not long before I was between her legs, kissing and licking. That is when it happened. She told me she needed to be cleaned. I slipped her wet panties off and looked at her glistening cunt. I was hesitant but she immediately took control and told me she knew I wanted it.

She was right. I was lapping the cum out of her freshly fucked pussy and loving it. I relished eating her so much that I came in my pants, fast, just like back in high school. She told me not to worry that she already had enough pleasure that afternoon. She also eventually revealed to me that I used to eat her out in high school and just after the same way. I did not realize that her wetness was the deposit of another man. She also told me that I did that better than most men, and I was a natural since I was not so big myself and it made the most sense to have this kind of love - relationship.

She is still very hot today and I regularly stop over to see her or even go as a third on a date. I will sit in a chair in her bedroom and watch what a real man can do to her. She says that she even loves me in front of her lovers, but could not marry me because of my size. But, she loves my real talent, my long tongue. She will call me over and immediately straddle my face. She tells her lover to look how it excites my little dick. I don’t care. She laughs a little as I cum from just eating her.

I have even met her at a lounge, an upgrade from the little local bar she used to frequent. I sit with her as she waits for others to ask her to dance. If she likes the guy, he may get some. She will even dance with a group of guys going stag for the night. She danced with one guy over and over and told me his cock was really hard and she had to do something.

They slipped off for a while and came back. Her hair was messed up a little, and her lips looked pouty. She took my hand and led me to the dance floor without saying a word. When her lips met mine they were salty. Before I knew it, she was pushing his cum in my mouth with her tongue. She told me she loved me but had to do that. She had to prove to the guys that I did accept our relationship. She told me to wait at her house till she got home.

She came home much later, and fully filled. I my love to her with my tongue again that early morning until we both fell asleep.

I do love her and if this the only way I can have her, it is better than anything else I ever had.

She always knew I was a true cuckold, and helped me realize my place in life.

I love her so much for being able to respect that.

by: Iluvrmoore


October 8, 2013

Daisy and Sara BBC play

UK slut hotgirfriend Daisy diary update

Sara Jay was back in the UK and I was so excited to go and see her again. I invited along our other mutual friend, none of than the Big Dogg Undercover Lover Sensi. After some catch up chat in Hyde Park and some flashing from Sara, sexual excitement got the better of us and we decided to book into a hotel for take delivery of some 10 inch black meat. Sensi fucked us both senseless. I had so many orgasms I lost count. I’m surprised we didn’t get complaints, everyone on our hotel floor must have heard us screaming haha. Check out this crazy video of our fun!

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October 6, 2013

Possibly the beginning

Cuckold Place Update

Possibly the beginning

Been lurking the site for many years curious about cuckoldry in fantasy but never thought I would consider it in reality.

By day I’m the one who runs the show and takes care of business and can be very alpha but I have always felt submissive and the giving type towards women in bed. I have covered these feelings up as I felt it showed weakness and unattractiveness/undesirability. Recently I’ve started taking steps I guess to condition the situation and set myself up for the lifestyle as I cannot shake the idea out my head and feel compelled to try it out as it seems fitting.

I’ve been with my spouse for almost a decade and as any long term relationship seems to have it, sex has dwindled from 3 times a day in any hole to once a month if I’m lucky, and she has stopped doing anything interesting(oral specifically unless I’m giving). So being bored and not being able to get the cuckold fantasy out of my head, I started to open up to her about my submissive feelings. She loves to tease and has actually been having fun watching me squirm and beg to finish. She knows I like my own cum and recently cleaning up my mess has been becoming a regular part of our late nights together. I have put the idea into her head that I know she doesn’t swallowing and I want to do it for her to please her(which is true). It surprisingly has actually made her quite wet and amused. I’ve also started doing 69 with her where she only gets pleasured and I’m lucky if I get a handjob out of the deal, usually have to finish myself. The last time we did this I almost passed out because she was so excited she was smothering me.

She is naturally shy/quiet, conservative and never talks about sex or anything dirty. I’ve never caught her looking at another man or have ever suspected her of flirting. Since I’ve started to show her these submissive feelings and sissy-like acts(cleaning up, even had her use a prostate massager on me for the first time as well) I think in bed she is amused but definitely is lacking that alpha male satisfaction which is where I think the cuckold/bull idea will fit.

During daily routines like trips to the grocery store I’ve caught guys looking at her and mentioned to her quietly that it was happening. She suffers from lack of self-esteem due to recent weight gain due to stress so she feels very self-conscious. She typically shrugs my comments off and says things like “oh he’s gross, eww.” but I can tell she’s flattered someone is looking by her body language.

So anyway the biggest breakthrough today was during lunch, enough that I decided to post the beginning of my possible journal.

A very good looking young server which a french accent served us. I could tell she was looking at him. His service actually sucked but when it came time to tip she convinced me to tip him very generously, more than we usually would even with great service at a dinner. I jokingly said it’s because of his sexy accent isn’t it? To my surprise she said “actually I really have a thing for Irish and English accents. One time I had a customer at work with an Irish accent and I was so fluttery and red around him I sent him out the door with half the order.” She was blushing telling me this. I took it very well and added positive reinforcement to her comment and she was receptive. As mentioned previously, she has never ever spoken this way about men EVER. This event actually happened a few years back!

I’m going to approach her with the fantasy soon. I overanalyze everything but she already knows I’m different from the norm so why not throw it out there?? Wish me luck….

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By: nawct


October 4, 2013

Covered after Gangbang

For those of you who love to see wives and girlfriends doing the gangbang fantasy here’s an update from the extreme and crazy parties thrown at Czech Gangbang.

This hot girfriend had contacted the Czech Gangbang team about being at the centre of attention of multiple guys. When she actually turned up she was nervous and unsure but after the promise of a pile of cash, she decided to go ahead. At least 30 men turned up to take this gorgeous brunettes gangbang virginity.

She had cocks in her mouth, cocks in her pussy and cocks in her ass. The guys DP’ed her and every one took their turn filling one of her eager holes. After everyone had finished fucking, one by one they lined up to spill their load on her face, in her mouth, over her body and deep inside her pussy. She was literally covered by the end of the night.

She got to keep a copy of the filming after, whether she is brave enough to actually show her boyfriend is a different matter.

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

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October 2, 2013

Hotwife Kandy

Here’s a movie submission from Mark featuring his gorgeous wife Kandy and her fuck buddy. Here’s some more info on the lovely Kandy. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her soon. Mike and Kandy are also on Hotwife Hub -profile here


Kandy, my wife of seven years, a smokin’ hot, 5′9″, 120 lb. Italian woman with big fake tits, often spoke of old guy friends of hers from high school that kept contacting her through Facebook and not beating around the bush regarding their desire to fuck her.

I recently went out of town for business and was gone Sunday through Sunday and on the Friday before I was to fly home my wife told me that her old friend, Steven, who she has a sexual past with, has been bugging her through Facebook, wanting to “get together” with her. He made it clear that he wanted to fuck her. I told her, she should’ve taken him up on his offer and she replied, “What makes you think I didn’t?” I said, “Well do it again and next time record it.”

I felt my cock harden instantly when she replied, “What makes you think I didn’t do that as well?” I’ve told Kandy for years that I would love to watch another guy fuck her in person or at least on video. She told me that while I was out of town working she had her friend Steven come over four different times and he fucked her FOUR TIMES and he video recorded part of their first time and also their last time. Well, last time for now. She’s told me he’s totally cool with having me watch and film him fucking my wife and pumping his load all over her tits.

I will attach a clip of my wife sucking the cock and balls of her old fuck buddy who’s now her new friend with benefits. This may very well become an ongoing series of videos from us, each one getting better and raunchier than the last.

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Submitted by: Mark from Salt Lake

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