October 30, 2013

Secret Slut

Secret Slut

Becky and I had been going out together as a couple for around a year and had a great and very active sex life. We frequently explored new ideas and fantasies when we had sex together and had great fun together. We had both left other relationships after having a fairly steamy affair and we kept the excitement going whenever we could.

We chatted about our fantasies and I had mentioned that one of mine was to watch her getting fucked by another man and then to have sex with her afterwards whilst she was still full of someone else’s cum. She was reluctant at first and said that she was up for trying out bi sex but agreed that an advert we would put on a swingers site would include exceptional makes as an option.

We had the usual array of messages ranging from one liners to novels and all sorts of fetishes and perversions and I would get very excited thinking of the meeting that might ensue but Becky always said she wasn’t sure or a guy wasn’t what she was into. However, one email caught my attention one day and when I started reading it I nearly fell off my chair.

It was from a guy who lived locally who said that he recognised Becky’s picture and mentioned that he’d been out with her a few times whilst she had been single some months earlier, he obviously assumed we had just got together. It turned out having read the mail that she’d been having regular cyber sex with this guy for ages and that after swapping pictures it turned into phone sex and eventually a meeting of some sort but it wasn’t clear if anything had occurred, but this was clearly whilst we had been dating.

I emailed the guy back saying it was Becky emailing him and it all came out. He said he’d missed Becky and that they’d had such good fun he hoped that she’d like to meet again, with or without me. I asked him what he could recall of “our meeting” and he recounted a drink in the pub, kissing in the car, followed by sex in his flat on the lounge floor and then 3 or 4 more encounters including blow jobs in the car and one fuck up the ass.

I was so angry but at the same time I was so aroused.

I confronted Becky and after initially denying it she admitted everything and said that whilst we’d been dating she missed the sex she’d had previously and had met him only for sex and had enjoyed the fun and the thrill. Becky readily agreed to let me watch her in future but said that she really wanted to see him again and said that it would be worth it if I would let her. After thinking it through I agreed and she then met him one evening and came home with her clothes all over and a bit flustered grinning from ear to ear. We quickly got to bed and she started stroking me hard explaining that he’d been bigger than she remembered and enjoyed being stretched a little and being used. I was so hard thinking of it happening when she straddled me and rubbed my cock against her pussy and it felt unusual. I asked what was going on and she said that Dave had shaved her before fucking her and he liked it that way. She slipped my cock into her wet pussy and it was obvious she’d ridden his cock bareback as she was still full of cum. I exploded in to her and having panted out my own orgasm she slid up me to drip his cum and mine onto my face whilst she played with her clit to orgasm. I could hardly believe it.

I was looking forward to getting my first time watching her when she sent me a text at work one day to say she’d be late home and not to worry. When I texted her back to ask why shy replied that Dave was picking her up to take her clubbing and if I stayed up late I could watch her. I had no idea what was happening and when she would get home but I wanked all night with anticipation.

When she came in after 2am she was drunk and Dave was all over her. I asked if they were going to fuck and Dave said her was eager and jealous. I didn’t quite understand so I asked what he was jealous of and he said watching other guys fuck her and not getting his turn. Becky then said they’d been at a swingers club and she’d had her first group fuck for ages and loved it. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and said “What the hell do you mean, in ages ?”. Becky replied that she’d done it a few times for her ex but didn’t like to mention it. Whilst I was reeling from this Becky sat across Dave’s lap and kissed him passionately, way too much for my comfort but within seconds Dave was cupping her breasts and slipping them out of her dress while Becky stroked his cock hard. In moments she had it in her hands and Dave was licking her tits which evidently had cum on them and she was sliding her skirt up and panties aside and within no more than a few seconds he was slipped into her pussy and fucking my wife in front of me. I was trying to get my cock out and within a couple of minutes Becky was on all fours and Dave was slamming her pussy, all bareback right in front of me. He pushed her forward and then entered her pussy with her on her back and shot his cum into her within just a few strokes. Becky was moaning and cumming and pulled me towards her and just said “fuck me hun”. I needed no second invitation and pumped my load into her already sticky cunt in record time whilst she sucked Dave hard again. I noticed his cock was huge and she seemed eager to get him back into her and as soon as I stood up he was back in fucking my wife.

He rode her hard for almost 20 minutes and made her cum countless times before unloading in her again and telling her “come on slut, show hubby how you fuck”. I came again and couldn’t take much more. After more kissing she bade him goodbye and said “I told you it would be worth it hun” and went for a shower. Whilst showering her phone bleeped with a text that was from Dave that just said “Great fuck babe when will you tell him ?”


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October 28, 2013

Barbi and Tabitha 3some

Here’s top Vegas Bull star Rico Shades having his pie and eating it with two of the hottest blonde wives on the net, Barbi Sinclair and Tabitha.

“Barbi Sinclair and Totally Tabitha are interracial fuck slut veterans. They need black cock like vampires need blood. Barbi Sinclair interracial slut wife comes by to share in some festivities with Totally Tabitha. Tabitha took an interracial creampie in the cunt too. Watch more Barbi Sinclair interracial hotwife as she chokes down more black dick.

Cool. Peace. Rico”

Rico Shades
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October 26, 2013

Wild first interracial

Cuckold Place Update

Wild time for first interracial

Here is the story of our first interracial encounter and the wildest thing we have ever done. We are both teachers, lived in Alabama back then, and I had been going to the NEA convention that was in a different major city every summer. Around 1983, I heard about a wild party that the Connecticut delegation put on. It was a mock wedding and giant “reception” party with some pretty wild goings on. I talked to two of my fellow delegates who went and they said that all of the males in the wedding party were black administrators and coaches and all the women were hand picked from different states. After the partying, the part that interested me was that they said that the “married” couple and the groomsmen all went on a “honeymoon.”

My wife and I had done some wife only swapping, as we called it back then. Not long after we were married, she told me that my boss had been calling her. I was pretty shocked, but had secretly wanted her to fool around anyway. This led to a discussion of sex with others and I told her she should go for it and fuck him. She decided a few days later to call him, but said that she did not want me fooling around and I agreed. He came over when I was at work after he asked me to work a double shift and he never knew that I knew about it. After that, she occasionally had flings with either strangers or people we knew but they never knew that I knew about it.

So, I came back from the convention with the tale and she got very hot every time we talked about it. I told her that I would take her to the next year’s convention in Minneapolis and she could try out for the wedding party.

The next July, we headed up to Minnesota. When we got there, I found out from the two who told me about it the year before how to go about putting my wife up for the wedding party. I found the guy in charge and he wanted to meet in his room that night. The “wedding” was the next night. She is a natural auburn haired slim and tall cute female with freckles and small, pert B cup tits. She dressed in a see thru stretchy top and short shorts. When we got to his room, he and his roommate’s eyes lit up. He smiled hugely and asked her a few questions about her sexual interests. She had never been with a black and was kind of shy.

They told us that they really liked what they saw and would like for her to be the bride. That was a surprise. She cleared her throat and nodded yes. He told us that we had to understand that the bride would honeymoon for two nights and two days with the groom and the 4 groomsmen and we had to agree to that. She looked at me and told me to okay it, which I did. We stood and she gave each a looooong tongue kiss. He told us that the delegates in charge of the party would see us the next afternoon and would take care of her gown and accessories.

She went wild in bed that night. The next day she was nervous and subdued. I dropped her off at noon and went to the convention. I didn’t see her until that night when I showed up at the ceremony and party. My part was to give her away. The beginning of my true cuckolding. They would not let me into her room. I had to wait outside until the music started and I went in to walk her up the aisle. This was crazy. We kissed a long time and then headed down the aisle. The kicker was that every year, the minister at this mock affair was a real minister and the joke was that the ceremony really married the lucky woman to the black guy.

I was pretty damn humiliating when he asked if I as her husband gave her to her future husband and I had to say yes loudly and step back. They went thru the rest of the ceremony complete with rings and a long tongue heavy kiss and the real party began. The worst part was that then I ran into the two fellow teachers who told me about it and they kept taunting me about what was about to happen to my wife for two nights. I just drank myself under the table. Around midnight, it was announced that the wedding party was departing to their suite and it was something to see her still in the costume wedding dress surrounded by 5 very dark and large black guys as she pulled up her dress and threw her garter into the audience. She winked at me as they left the room.

As pre agreed, I did not hear from her that night, all the next day, or the next night. The next day was the end of the convention, so I packed up our stuff, loaded the car and went to their hotel and picked her up. When I drove up, she spent a very long time tongue kissing each of them and got in the car. Lucky for me, we had a 10 hour drive home where I heard all the details between her napping. The kicker was that when I asked her if they used condoms, she said of course not, it was a honeymoon and the purpose of a honeymoon was to try to get pregnant! Luckily she was on the pill and nothing came of it.

That was a crazy and wild experience that I will never forget. We did more thru the years until our children got old enough to notice things and she stopped the wild fun activities.

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October 24, 2013

Blacks on Cougars

A lot of the US Hotwives make the cross from amateur web performer to try their hand at pro porn. A lot like Janet Mason, Barbi Sinclair and here Dee Siren do it as an extension of their lifestyle. I mean what can be more horny than your other half getting fucked for a living. Must be a dream come true for the Husbands involved.

Here’s hotwife Dee Siren taking on the ‘Blacks on Cougars’ crew. Here’s the fantasy…

“Dee Siren has been getting tons of complaints about her tenants. It seems as if Charlie Mac, Moe The Monster and Rico Strong haven’t exactly been “model” tenants, and Dee Siren’s about to lay down the law. However, it’s a complete shock when Dee discovers that the place is still in one piece AND that there’s no noise coming from there. What does Dee Siren notice the most? Well, that would have to be that she’s the only woman there (white,too) and that her attention is now turned on being an unprofessional black cock slut/cougar. Dee Siren’s business matters take a back seat to the soaking wet pussy that’s dripping from her skirt. That ass? You can bet its on the radar of every thug in the room. Those tits? Them titties get played with as the power-hungry cougar sucks down each huge black cock. Moe,Rico and Charlie take turns slamming into that seasoned pussy and that big booty. Dee Siren’s abuse of power shines through when she becomes air tight with all those big black cocks renting out her holes. The last order of business is for Dee Siren to collect this months rent,in the form of several loads of black gravy.”

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

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October 22, 2013

Creampie for Hubby

The Hub is buzzing with activity at the moment. Here’s a post from the Hotwife Confessions discussion group on Hotwife Hub. There’s loads of chat, stories and comments on the hotwife lifestyle. Members can create a group on anything that is Hotwife and Cuckold related and join in the discussions on existing groups, creating topics and posting comments.

This post is from user NYCWifey

Marc giving me a creampie for Hubby

“MMM Gina, I can tell you missed it. You like this don’t you? You like when I do this to you.” Marc told me as he rubbed his dick around my pussy.

He wasn’t kidding. He had me naked in his bed, flat on my back, with my legs spread wide open in total submission. My pussy was also wide open for his taking. So wet that every time he rubbed his big dick against me it would make noisy, sloshing sounds, followed by the moans escaping from my lips. They were moans that reflected the bodily pleasure I was experiencing as well as the guilty pleasure I had knowing what I was doing.

Sometimes I can’t believe I do this. I mean I’m a happily married mom and a serious professional. I do all the things that say: “Normal upper-middle-class wife, mom, daughter, boss…”—and, in many ways that explains who I am. But if my friends and family knew how often I spread my legs for other men they’d be blown away. But I do, a lot, and Marc, a man 20-years younger than me, has lately been the man I do it for the most. As for my bouts of disbelief, that cock he was teasing me with was all the reality I needed. In that moment I wasn’t thinking about being a wife, or mom, or professional woman. All I was thinking about was getting Marc’s cock inside my married cunt, as deep inside me as possible.

“Oh yeah, put it inside of me.” I pleaded. “Soon, but first tell me, what will your husband think about me fucking you bareback? Does he like that?” “Oh yeah!” I groaned in response, “He knows I let you do this to me and he’s all for it. Right now he’s at home thinking about what you’re doing to me, I’m sure he has a hard on just thinking about it.”

“So he likes that I fuck you bareback? He doesn’t mind that I’m going to send you back to him with your pussy full of cum?”

“No, he loves it! He loves the way it feels, and when he goes down on me he says I taste better when you send me home that way.”

“He eats you after I cum in you? That’s so hot.”

“Yes he does, I love for him to do that.”

“You do, do you? You’re a naughty one aren’t you?”

“Yes I am. I’m a naughty wife who likes to let other men put their big dicks in me. Just like you’re going to do. I’m your sure thing, a married woman who you know that every time you see me I’m going to spread my legs and you’re going to fuck me. But you get a special privilege Marc, except for Hubby you’re the only other man who gets to cum in me. But even there it’s different, after you cum in me you send me home to my husband and he shows his appreciation by crawling between my legs and eating my well-fucked pussy. He loves being my cuckold and that’s my gift to him, I let him taste what you do to me. MMM and I get the thrill of having my husband eat my lover’s cum out of me. So I want you to fuck me Marc. I want you to fuck me and cum deep inside of me.” “You really want my big dick don’t you?” Marc said, still teasing me.

“Yes, I love it. Please Marc, fuck me. Fuck me now.” He shoved that big dick inside of me and began fucking me hard and fast. I loved that and I began moaning and thrashing and fucking my pussy back onto his dick. “Oh God you feel so good Gina, You’re loving my dick. I can fuck you like this for hours. Tell me how much you love it.”

“Oh God Marc I love your dick, I love how hard and big you are, I love how you fuck me.”

“You do? How much? Do you like fucking me better than your husband? Do I fuck you better than he does?”

“Oh god yeah, you do. You fuck me better than he does. I tell him that, I tell him that you fuck me better, that I prefer your dick to his.”

I know I was partly saying this because I knew it would turn Marc on. But I also have to admit I was saying it because it was true! I love my husband and no other man. He has always been and continues to be a wonderful lover. But he and I have known each other for over 25 years, there are few if any surprises as far as sex goes. But sex with Marc is much newer and fresher. He fucks me with a hunger and passion and he lasts forever, it drives me wild. He simply fucks me better than my husband, much better. That’s what makes extra-marital sex so wonderful.

Hearing my “confession” made Marc even more excited:

“You tell your husband that?” He said as he continued to fuck me without mercy. “How does he feel knowing you prefer having my dick in you?”

“He’s more than OK with it. In fact it makes him more excited. Oh yes, fuck me Marc, fuck me! I’m going to come. Oh yeah I’m coming. I’m coming on your dick!” I began to shake wildly, flailing my arms and wrapping my legs around him as I came, hard! Marc continued to fuck me.

“Oh Gina, your pussy is amazing. That’s what I love about older women–you really appreciate a good fucking. MMM keep it up, you’re going to milk the cum right out of my balls. Do you want that? Do you want my cum?”

“Oh yeah please, do it. I want to feel it. I want to feel you cum inside of me. Please give me a big gooey load so I can go home and give Hubby a big sticky surprise.”

That sent Marc over the edge. He started fucking me harder and harder like he was trying to climb inside of me. It was amazing! Then I felt him jerking and squirting all of that wonderful stuff deep inside my cunt, it felt so wonderful that I started coming again our bodily spasms matching each other’s.

We lay there spent for a while, kissing and hugging, his cock still stuffed inside of me, slowly softening as I gently worked my pussy onto him in the after pleasure. I loved that moment, laying under this man 20-years my junior, this man who was 10-years-old when I got married, aware. Aware that against all social convention I let him “know” me in a way only my husband should. I had let him fuck my brains out and cum inside of me, deep inside my married pussy. What a wonderful, sexy thrill it gave me! Oh man, I LOVE being a slutty wife was all I was thinking.

When he finally slid out of me I got up and got dressed. I gave him a nice, wet, parting kiss before leaving.

“See you next week for some more of this” I said as I cupped him in my hand. I bent down and gently kissed and sucked his dick for a few seconds, enjoying the taste of both of us as I did so. Then I stood up and gave Marc a lingering kiss, swirling my tongue around his so that he could share in the heady taste. “It’s a date” he said.

I then grabbed a cab and headed home. I was eager to get there. After all, I had a fresh hot snack all ready for my husband…

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October 20, 2013

Rachel interracial meet

Interracial sex from slutty UK hotwife Rachel Reveals


Well, what more could a girl want to round the week off then being fucked by a big black hard cock.

I Invited a lush new member to my apartment this lunch time for fill my hot tight smooth wet cunt with his rock hard juicy black cock.

As he arrived i#I was just finishing off putting my bright red lippy on in the bathroom, as everyones know bright red slutty lips wrapped around hard black cock is a fucking lush sight!

He was so horny for my tight white snatch he stuffed his hot rod in my throat there and then in the bathroom, sucking and slurping on his cock making him ready to pound my very wet and excited fuck hole.

Bending me over the bath, parting my tight white shaven pussy lips – he slid his fuck meat inside my hole inch by inch, really filling me up full of his mammoth cock – fucking me like a dirty little fuck slut, making me squeal in pure delight as i bucked in absolute pleasure on his heavenly cock.

Oh man i DO love black cock, in fact – i LOVE any cock, big or small – I’ll fuck then all! :D

Now….who’s next?!?!

Rach xx




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October 18, 2013

Its Venus Berlin

Have arrived in the city of sin… Berlin for the Venus Erotic International Fair for the 5th time. I love this place, such a liberal attitude to sexuality and lifestyle. Accompanying me is none of other than the very naughty Daisy Rock All the fun, parties and debauchery is just about to get started. Hopefully I’ll have some hot stories and pics for you when I get back next week.

Daisy Rock at Venus Berlin
From 2007 - What I’m going to have to put up with… again… lol

Here’s some of our previous encounters and stories from the show.

Daisy Rock at Venus Berlin
Berlin Madness in 2006

Daisy Rock
Our 2007 Berlin Story


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October 16, 2013

Jackie Margaritas Fridays

The one and only Hotwife Jackie has been naughty again with some more black cock.


Hubby and I love our Friday nights at our fav Mexican restaurant where the margaritas are strong and the nachos are oh so crispy! Hubby circled the busy parking lot then dropped me off at the door to put our name on the list while he continued to hunt for a spot. But apparently he wasn’t the only one doing some hunting. Me, the naughty wife who can’t seem to get enough, immediately set my sights on a super hot black man sitting at the bar alone sipping an icy cold margarita. Good god, what’s a MILF to do?

Maybe it was the plunging hot pink top I was wearing that screamed “Hot Horny MILf”, but the BBC in question seemed to zero in on me like a frosting on a cupcake (I was already imagining him eating me!). He stood up and signaled me over to join him. I was by his side instantaneously but in full disclosure I said, “I’m with my husband. You okay with that?” I kid you not, he actually laughed. “I expected no less from a woman such as yourself. You don’t look like the single type,” he said, patting the stool next to him.

I sat down and he offered me a sip of his margarita while he ordered me one of my own. It was exactly the way I like it, mostly tequila, a drizzle of orange liqueur and fresh lime juice. “Do you like the rim salted?” he asked. Hearing him used the word rim nearly sent me diving into his pants. I wanted to taste his tongue, then his cock, so bad! But first things first! We had margaritas to drink and then, oh the places we could go!

When hubby finally joined us I introduced my new bull-friend. “Honey, this is Darrell from Phoenix. He wants to fuck me. Wanna watch Darrell fuck me?”

Hubby let out a laugh and said, “I give thanks every day of the week for my hot slutty wife!” He looked directly at Darrell and said “We can eat dinner later. Let’s get a room so you can fuck my wife!”

And fuck me he did! Meanwhile my cuck hubby jerked off watching my new bull pound his black meat into me!







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October 14, 2013

Happy Cuckold Couple

Cuckold Place Update

The life of a happy and very real Cuckold Couple

I’ve been lurking on this site for years now, ever since i realized that there was a term for my particular sexual idiosyncrasy. I can’t remember how I found the term “cuckold” but I’m delighted I did. I realized that there is an entire community into this.

My wife, Sara and I are just beginning to get involved with the scene again after a three year respit to have a few children. In this topic I plan on telling the story of how we got started, how we progressed, and what we’re up to.

To get started I’ll provide a brief description: Sara is 39, 5′10, 130 lbs, blond hair, and very pretty. She is definitely a size queen. I’m 6′1 240 lbs, I workout a fair amount, I’m a little smaller than average in endowment.

We have a great marriage, we’re very happy.

She has a second date tomorrow night with a guy we met on Craigslist. The first date ended with a kiss (she’s not the type to jump into bed with a guy she just met). I suspect that tomorrow’s date will end in bed, as soon as I got home she took off to get waxed. She also went shopping for new thong and bra over the weekend. It’s going to be a great day tomorrow.

We’ve been a cuckold couple for about 10 years now. She’s had a total of 4 other men since we’ve been together.


(update) Tonight Sara went out with her new boyfriend. Technically, its a night in. She went to his place, and I suspect they are going to stay in. I’m racked with excitement about what they are doing now, or have already done. She arrived at his place about two hours ago, and I haven’t heard from her yet. I’m sure I won’t hear from her until early morning.


(update) The date went great. She arrived at his place at about 7:30. they talked and had some drinks for about an hour or so, then started kissing on the couch. The moved to his bedroom, and fucked around for about a few hours. He eventually came in her while she was riding him. She told me that he was very good, and she came twice. When she get home she and I fucked (I lasted about 15 seconds, I was a little excited about the whole evening). I’ve never felt her so wet, it was incredible. She may see him again on Saturday night. Fingers crossed.

Sara and I have spoken at length about her date. She did tell me that of the 4 lovers she has taken since we’ve been married, he did ok, but not great. When I asked her if his “just OK” performance was still better than me, she laughed very dismissively, and said “of course, he’s got a big cock, and he isn’t a two pump jump”. Jokingly I, acted hurt and asked, “you mean, he’s bigger than me?” Her response was simply, “and it’s not even close”.

Unfortunately, They haven’t seen each other since. We had a bug run through our family and we’ve been down and out for the last week or so, and he’s traveling for work. They are scheduled to get together next week (Friday I think). They are texted a ton since they saw each other. Mostly innocent stuff, but a bunch that is firmly in the sexting category. He’s asked her to video herself masturbating and send it to him (we’ll see if she does).

Read some further updates on this wife here

By: fun_couple_ma


October 12, 2013

Oiled up creampie

Here’s another movie update from stunning, sexy Hot wife Mandy Monroe. I love the fact she always takes cum inside her, like every good hotwife should.


I love how it feels being fucked when I’m all oiled up. In this hot video, I get a nice back rub from my studly black lover. After getting nice and slick, he pushes that huge cock deep in my petite pussy. We fuck in several positions until he finally flips me over prone and unleashes his load deep in my pussy.


Mandy Monroe

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