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September 28, 2013

Reluctant Cuckold

Reluctant but still Willing Cuckold

I watched from the closet where I could see my beautiful wife and the two men. She was sobering now, rolling her huge liquid eyes as she realized her situation. She had flirted shamelessly earlier with John and Doug, dancing and flaunting her sexy body. I had seen this before, she could not drink more than a couple of drinks before becoming amorous towards handsome men. Of course, up to now she had counted on me to save her. She had showed John her tiny silk thong, flipping her dress up at his request and baring her lovely cone-shaped breasts for Doug’s. I had watched her long pink nipples harden, protruding up and out as she whirled in front of them. Doug was both complimenting her and winking at me as I sat there simmering with jealousy.This behavior was so telling for me because when sober she was a prude. When sober, my ultra pretty wife would not do anything that might lead to her having sex with me, even though I too was considered handsome.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, she performed her wifely duties, but we had married a year ago and having sex more than once a month was unusual. I still remember the wedding reception where she had flirted with the best man after drinking wine, allowing him to remove her garter. I was so humiliated when she raised her dress high and revealed her lacy panties, giggling as he caressed her legs up to her panties before he removed her garter. She had passed out on me when we went to bed, almost lifeless the next day when we consummated the marriage. I had accepted that I was not anything but her husband since, accepting that she did not want me sexually. At times I had thought it my thin cock or maybe a lack of sexual technique. I had read that lots of husbands had trouble with there wives, mostly because they just did not sexually excite their woman.

I could plainly see that I did not excite mine, not like John or Doug did, and even now as we sit at a table she sat closer to Doug than me, leaning in and hanging on to his every word while looking deep into his eyes. I had once wondered if she was inhibited by her strict Catholic upbringing but my friend Doug did not think so, and he shot down my other rationalization that she was a naive 20 to my 37. Doug had just smirked and said, “Watch how she reacts to and offers herself to the other men, chuckling as he said, “To me most specifically, you will realize that you are not the man she wants in that way.” I had indeed watched her and again I noticed that when she was slightly drunk she became much more relaxed around other men, much less inhibited with those she thought attractive. She would allow those men to hit on her in front of me, ignoring me or waving at me giddily. She would lead them on with both her eyes and her body, promising them what I was denied.

So here I was hiding in a closet in my own home, determined to test the inhibition premise or the age factor, or final proof of my abject failure as a sexual partner in her eyes. I had left her at the club dancing with her latest hunk, John. Doug had assured me that he would see that she left with him and John. He had previously convinced me to go inline and study up on becoming a willing cuckold if I wanted to keep her or keep her from cheating on me eventually. I had done so and he had offered to lead both of us into this lifestyle with him as her master. I had decided to see if she would actually accept another lover or lovers first, and if she did if I could actually allow it to occur in front of me as a cuckold wimp. So here I was, and it wasn’t long before Doug and John had brought my giggling and still inebriated wife home.

John carried her up to the master bedroom where I was hidden and I heard Doug verbally instruct John to fuck her with his big cock. Doug continued talking as he told John to do it more than once so she would know that she had become a slut-wife, and her husband a willing cuckold. Doug had offered to do this for me to show me what she really was and to show me what I must be willing to put up with to keep her. John had been selected because he had all the attributes needed to be considered a bull. He had a very long cock, lots of stamina, and a talent for causing women to fall for him. Doug had said John loved having husbands watch what he did to their wives, and of course John knew I was watching this seduction. Doug had informed me that John was excited knowing a man such as I was willing to become a willing cuckold wimp husband,

My wife resisted at first when he removed some of her clothing. She already knew something was wrong because I had not saved her at the club. John had started kissing and tonguing her passionately and that alerted her. She submitted to his kisses as most women will but protested when he started undressing her lovely body. She was trying hard to roll away from him until John jerked her back roughly and ripped off her panties. He was literally forcing himself on her now, telling her firmly that he was going to fuck her and make her his slut whether she wanted it or not. He began outlining what he was going to do to her in great detail as she gazed at him wide-eyed. He was telling her he would stretch her cunt wide and deep and teach her to enjoy a big cock before filling her with his sperm. She had sobered up a bunch and feebly protested that she was happily married and did not want to be a slut, especially in her husband’s own marital bed. However, I could see too that she was not all that terrified. I mean, I wanted to believe this was quickly becoming a bit of a rape scene but at the same time I realized she wasn’t really screaming or crying. Too, I could see that she was highly submissive when a man became rough with her as John now was. I mean, her eyes were large and glowing, pupils dilated with lust, and her efforts at resisting were intermixed with grasping movements of her finger tips and long legs, only murmuring words of protest.

I thought to myself, all this time I had been using the gentle and loving manner of a husband that completely adored her. Watching them now, I realized that I had acted as a wimp instead of forcing her to become a woman like a real man should have. Much too late I realized I should have just taken her roughly and forced her to submit as John was doing! I could see her eyes enlarge further as he fingered her with first one and then two big fingers. She quit struggling when he fiercely ordered her to lie still and spread her legs as wide as possible. She obeyed him completely, watching with bated breath and fearful but observing eyes as he took his own clothing off. Her eyes became slightly more frightened when she saw his huge cock emerge. I could see why as his cock was in fact, enormous! It was at least 9 inches long with a mushroom-like head at the swollen end of it. Half of his long dick was at least 2 1/2 inches wide whilst the rest of the shaft was less than 2 inches! His balls hung very low underneath it in a big sack,and they too were huge, maybe 3 times the size of my own!

She appeared fascinated with the sight of it and began moaning softly with both fear and excitement as she watched it swing back and forth in front of him as he moved towards her. It was like a club that arched up at the tip like a hooded Cobra, and even the bottom 5 inches of his shaft was wider in girth than my own, even that thick shaft appeared skinny holding up that huge Cobra-like head! She nodded yes and smiled broadly when he asked her if it was bigger than her husband’s, and in truth it was twice as big as my own both in length and circumference, forget the head! She was touching herself now as if in anticipation of taking that monster cock into her tiny cunt. John observed her fingers dipping into her pussy and ordered her to play with herself even more before spreading her cunt lips as wide as she possibly could to accept him. She paled and sobered even more, desperately looking around for me, and when she realized I wasn’t there she knew had no real choice but to fuck. She was alone with John and Doug for the moment and both men had stripped, and now she was faced with not one but two hard cocks that were far bigger than her husband’s. I saw her face relax and she was rubbing her clit in preparation of what was to come. I saw the accepting smile appear as it spread across her face, and she was smiling widely as she obscenely spread her cunt lips apart slowly, exposing her now very wet fuck hole. I could imagine that same small fuck-hole would be forever changed soon, and here I was allowing it, allowing myself to become a wimpy-assed cuckold!

As if to enforce that thought, Doug smiled over at me as he approached her. He ordered her to raise her butt so he could slip the pillow underneath her. He told her he was doing it to raise her crotch higher for better access and deeper penetration. He too was explaining that John’s huge cock would stretch her a lot at first as it penetrated her, and that John would e rearranging her vagina to where she could handle a large cock easily in the future. She nodded in understanding and smiled at him shyly as she held her cunt lips spread. I watched her eyes, listened as she gasped aloud, eyes intently focused on Doug’s as the huge head of John’s cock penetrated her now soaking vagina, the huge head forcing her labia wide. She gasped again as even more as the swollen hood slid up into her. I knew her wetness signaled anticipation and now knew that this event had never been a rape in progress. I knew she wanted to fuck John and was more than willing to be resized in the process. My beautiful young wife was smiling and mewling happily as John entered her further, stretching her narrow vagina as he worked his huge cobra-like cock deep into her. I could see she was in some pain but lots of pleasure too, looking over at Doug and mewling happily as John rotated his hips and worked himself deeper and deeper.

When he had reached the back of her vagina, John held himself still as she wriggled and adjusted her soft inner self, doing so until she had accepted both his length and thickness comfortably. I could tell by her facial expression that she was pleased with the feelings of fullness, especially when feeling that huge cock-head up in her womb. I could tell she was loving those feelings because her face scrunched up and she had the first huge orgasm, the first orgasm I had ever seen from her! She was wailing and shuddering as she grabbed onto John’s ass cheeks.Then she pulled her hips up off the bed, raising her crotch even higher off the bed as she shook and trembled with pleasure, emitting shuddering gasps as she held herself off the bed completely, grunting even as she clamped down on his huge cock. Then she began squealing loudly as she climaxed on his cock repeatedly, and I knew she was all his now, even though he was not even stroking in and out of her yet! I knew this because when she came down from her first huge climax, she started kissing his face madly, begging him excitedly to fuck her hard as he had promised.

Both John and Doug were looking over towards me now and smirking because our plan had worked, and because they knew they would make me a real Cuckold this night in every way. I was saddened by the thought that I had just given my young wife away to other men, but I realized that I deserved all I would get, and so I watched in sadness and jealousy as John fucked my beautiful young wife to several more orgasms. The last time she mounted his tall cock and rode him furiously until collapsing onto John’s chest, moaning words of love after her climax, clutching at him and kissing his chest with tears in her eyes. Doug had motioned for me to come out and I sat at the foot of the bed while Doug mounted her in the Doggy position, even before John’s cum drained out. He quickly added his copious amount of semen to my wife’s well-used pussy with his own 7 inch cock. He had admitted earlier that he had loved sloppy seconds from his wife and my wife’s pussy was now leaking thick, white, viscous cum. Even her Mons was covered with gooey cum as my lovely wife knelt there, smiling sweetly back at all of us. She did not appeared alarmed that I was there at all! It was as if she had figured out that I no longer mattered after what had happened to her. Doug had not pulled out completely yet and he motioned for me to crawl beneath her and put my head under her cunt before he did so. I knew I would get a mouthful of their cum when he did but this was my cuckold training at it’s nastiest. I did what I was told because Doug had suggested earlier that I pleasure my slut-wife by sucking the cum off of and out of her ravaged cunt. My lovely wife was smirking at me now and I knew she was agreeing with her lovers, indicating that she thought it only right for a husband that would allow two other men to fuck her should eat their slimy leavings. She had said nothing but I knew that at that moment that she no longer respected me as a man. I knew too that I was forever delegated to suck the cum out of her that other men had deposited. Doug pulled out and of course a huge glob of slimy cum spilled onto my tongue immediately, then a river of their combined juices ran into my mouth as it drained from her stretched vagina.

I was reminded of these duties again verbally as I drove John back to his vehicle at the club. He smugly informed me that he would continue resizing my young wife at least twice a week until she was stretched to accept his size permanently. He told me it was not personal, but explained that once a woman became a size queen she almost always remained a size queen. He also forewarned me that between him and Doug my wife would be trained as a submissive to succumb and welcome anybody they wanted to fuck her. John looked at me intently and stated, “Between you and me, you will be swallowing lot of cum not of your own making from now on! And Ron, don’t make a lot of fuss about it because she will still need your constantly assured and steady love as her loving husband. Do not overreact because she enjoys humiliating you and loses total respect for you as a man in that way. She will not be loving towards you when she is with other men, but accept that she still needs you to be there for her when she is finished with the others. You can always show her your love by sucking their cum out of her mouth, ass, and pussy. I assure you that doing this will make it okay for her to do what she is doing to you. You doing this for her will be showing her that you respect what those men are doing for her, have you got it?”

I nodded reluctantly, resigned to the fate I had brought on myself, then he chuckled and said, “I assure you that Doug will have left another load or two for you upon your return home” Sure enough, upon my return home, Doug had my wife riding astraddle his thick cock, humping away furiously in her efforts to orgasm once again. They both looked over at me as I entered, and both ignored me as my wife continue to ride him furiously. Her hips and ass were a blur as she ground away until she wailed with her orgasm. She fell forward onto his chest after coming all over his cock, and I watched as a few beads of white cum slowly oozed down the sides of it. He motioned me over and had me lay down on my back next to them once again before he pushed her up off him and up and over until she was astraddle of my face. I felt the cum oozing out of her ravaged pussy and dripping onto my mouth even while he instructed me to get every drop to show my appreciation of his efforts. I swallowed all that had dripped into my mouth already, and then I started licking and sucking for more. She was quivering and responding to my soft tongue as she started rotating her cunt all over my mouth and face. I looked up and could see her looking down through her legs, watching the globs of cum roll into my mouth, and her look was one of astonishment, pleasure, lust and disgust as I sucked loudly. Soon, she was dancing her crotch furiously all over my face, making sure I got every bit of the slimy cum deposited in or on her cunt. She was staring at Doug with a look of total happy conquest, her eyes slits of lust as she exploded all over my face. She was squealing as she sprayed juices and globs of cum into my mouth and face. She looked down once again, saw what she had done, then giggled as she collapsed onto my face, spent and smothering me with her nasty beat up crotch.

Doug was up and dressing and said, “We will be coming over every night for a while Ron, so expect this to occur almost every time. This young lady will become totally accustomed to having multiple orgasms and you will become accustomed to eating all of our cum and bringing her to the ultimate orgasm that you just witnessed. This is what you wanted and now it will be what she wants too I think, I mean she will be our cum-slut and still your beloved wife, so treat her well and use your hand from now on. She is now ours to fuck and yours to suck, and the both of you need to accept that. Am I completely understood by the both of you?”

My spent wife nodded agreement with a huge smile on her face and I nodded with resignation. We cuddled afterwards and nothing was said between us because the pattern of our new sex-life was determined, and we had both accepted it. It was only a little later that I felt her climbing over my face again and I heard her whisper, “Suck my cunt baby, there is more cum draining down from way up where John put it in my womb, it excites me so much when you are drinking another man’s cum from my well fucked cunt! I want to do this a lot in the future and Doug told me you would follow all my wishes from now on, and honey? I love this so please get every drop and I will jerk you off afterwards. She did just that after another huge orgasm, jerking me off with a tiny smirk on her face that told me what I could look forward to from then on.

By Ronald Wood

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