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September 24, 2013

Could be the night

Cuckold Place Update

Tonight could be the night

Well, after me being interested in this lifestyle since 2005 my wife has finally agreed to try it and see how she goes. Once I had my own thoughts straight (in 2009) I finally laid my cards on the table and told my wife all about it. Initially she said it wasn’t something she could ever see herself doing, but we did fantasize about it in bed, to the point where it became a pretty big part of our sex life. Anyway, recently she’s talked about it more and more and a few months back we had a proper open discussion about hotwifing, the pros and cons, how we’d deal with possible situations etc, and even got as far as setting out a few ground rules. We talked about my wife meeting men on her own the first few times so she didn’t have to hold back on my account. (our plan is for us to meet her lovers as a couple once she is comfortable with that.)

Anyway, once in a while (maybe 5 or 6 times a year) my wife stays with a friend for the weekend in the town where she grew up, about 130 miles from where we live now, and catches up with old friends and stuff. So the last time she was there last month she met an old school friend who confessed he’d always had a huge crush on her since high school and would love to “fuck her silly”. Actually he suggested him and his mate take her for a threesome. He was unaware of her hotwife intentions at that point, but my wife enlightened him over a drink or two. However nothing came of it because my wife wanted to discuss the possibility with me before taking it any further.

So this weekend she’s there again and she’s 100 per cent that she’s up for it. Last night she didn’t see him anywhere, but text him after getting back to her friend’s house and he wanted to come and meet her but she felt it was too late by then at about 2.30 am. We’ve spoken on the phone for ages today and it’s almost certainly going to happen tonight, I asked if it would be a threesome, and told her I’d be fine with that if she was,but she doesn’t think so, just a one on one. She says she’ll keep me informed, and if it does happen she will skype me so I can watch and listen. And last month she bought me a metal cock cage which I have to wear if it happens and have to keep wearing until she gets home to me on Sunday night.

So it’s not a definite but after 4 years of talk she is going to try and make it a reality tonight.

(the next day)

Well after a lot of waiting it eventually happened last night. She text me at 1.23am to say she was back at her friend’s house but still didn’t know if the guy was coming around.

Then at 2.03am a text “omg…he’s just arrived”.

By 2.13am I hadn’t heard anything so text asking what was happening. She replied “just talking xxx”.

By 2.30 I again hadn’t heard from her so asked “do you think its going to happen tonight?”. 2.32 she text “its about to happen”.

From then I didn’t hear anything until 2.44 when she called me on skype. When I first answered all I could see was a black screen but could hear her already moaning. After about 10 seconds the video came through and they were already naked, her on top of him with his cock inside her and her back to me.

Two things struck me. First, I was a bit taken aback as I hadn’t expected things to progress so quickly, but she told me later she felt she had to just get right into it before she backed out and second, he wasn’t wearing a condom.

Anyway she asked if I was ok and I said “Of course i was”. She got off him and adjusted the laptop a bit to give me a better view and went back to him again getting on top but this time facing me. She started really riding his cock and was moaning and crying out with pleasure, it was only about two minutes until she came the first time.

When she came she got off and started sucking him deep while looking right at the laptop camera, this was something I’d asked her to do and I loved that she actually did it for me.

After just a few minutes of sucking she got on her hands and knees right at the laptop end of the bed, facing me, and asked him to fuck her from behind, again this was something I’d asked of her. He was really fucking her and again she came in a couple of minutes, but he didn’t stop. So another minute later and her knees were giving way beneath her as he fucked her to a screaming orgasm. He was saying “That’s it baby, cum for your husband”.

Then he pulled out, I think to compose himself and she turned over onto her back with her legs up, again a position I had asked to see her in. He plunged back inside her and she was digging her heels into his butt as he fucked her. He started saying he wanted to cum in her face, and she asked me “He wants to cum on my face baby, what do you think?” I said it was her choice if she wanted to do that but was pretty sure she wouldn’t.

I was right, and when he pulled out he wanked himself for a few seconds and blew his load on her belly and boobs. She played with her clit and made herself cum just after he did and she said “Holy shit, that went everywhere!”

She got up and came right up to the laptop and lifted it up to show me a close up of his cum on her. She was covered from her thighs to her neck and it was a hugely erotic sight.

At then she said she loved me and she would phone in a few minutes. And with that she shut skype off. The whole thing lasted just over 19 minutes and was probably the best 19 minutes of my life so far. She got a really good fucking, came four or maybe five times and the best part? The whole time she was saying how she wished I was there to touch her and how she wanted to please me. She did everything I had asked of her to please me.

At 3.10 my phone rang and it was her, we talked for an hour and a quarter, discussing what had happened, and our feelings. I asked her why he hadn’t used a condom when safe sex was the one thing she had insisted on from the start? She didn’t really have an answer and I didn’t get bogged down in it because its not a huge deal for me. She’s known the guy for nearly 20 years and he’s in a long term relationship so I think she can trust him to be clean. All she said was she wanted to get right down to it straight away before nerves got the better of her and she was on him before she gave it a thought.

So I won’t see her now until later on this afternoon but she promises to talk me through exactly what happened and want us to make love so she can be mine again. She’s also promised to talk about where we go from here regarding doing something like it again. So here’s hoping she wants that to be soon.

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By: McGhee

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