August 10, 2013

Fucked 3 Members

Amazing UK slut Rachel Reveals has been out and about fucking more of her lucky members.


Just spent an absolutely fabulous 4 days in Suffolk visiting Norwich and Ipswich meeting members and getting myself fucked senseless.

Met with these 3 horny members in a secluded wooded area near a public toilet in Saxtead, they couldn’t wait to get their hands on me and all 3 of them whipped out their cock ready for me to suck on.

I sucked greedily on each hard cock in turn before they bent me over and took turns on fucking me doggy good and hard. One guy had such a huge fat cock which felt absolutely bloody lush stuffed right up inside my very wet cunt.

After they had all at a go on me, I sat back on the wooden fence and had all 3 of them empty their hot sticky spunk all over my lush 38EE tits, totally plastering me in cum.

Cant wait to go back to Suffolk again for some more fun, and judging by the fun we had it certainly wont be long until were back.

I visit different cities and towns every single week, be sure to log into my exclusive members area to find out where im going to be next.





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August 8, 2013

20 years of waiting

Cuckold Place Update

After Nearly 20 Years - A New Hotwife

Well, after talking about it since before we were married, 2 trips to Hedonism, and a bunch of close calls, my hot little 46 year old “soccer mom” wife finally took the BBC plunge. In the last 9 months, she has been with 3 different guys. However, the first one (who took her BBC cherry…lol) is her favorite. We have met up with him several times now and she really gets off with him. This past time, she finally let me take some pics and video (see below)

My wife
My wife just getting warmed up …and then they got down to some deep power stroking

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By: cpln1


August 6, 2013

Slut goes too far

Here another raunchy diary update from gorgeous number 1 hotwife Jackie


In hind site I should’ve known better. And today my hiney is paying the price (not that I mind a little friendly spanking now and then). But when a slutty wife like me does the crime then she’s got to pay the fine. In this case, hubby made me pay for a hasty decision to make a date without consulting him first. Me: wrong, hubby: doling out the punishment. End result: a happy ending for all!

So I get this text from a horny guy from down south who just happened to find himself in my neck the woods for the afternoon. His plane got diverted to LAX for the night and first thing he did was contact this little me for some special entertainment. That was all well and good but Jason was stuck in a business meeting and couldn’t be disturbed. My dilemma became this; Door #1, a well-endowed business man waiting in a nice hotel at the airport (and all the Dom Perignon I could guzzle mind you!) or Door number 2, stay home like a good little housewife. Well, shock of all shocks, I think you can guess which door I picked!

I put a sexy little lingerie on and dressed and was out the door! It was an hour drive to his hotel and by the time I got there he was hard as a rock from stroking his cock to some of my videos he had on his laptop. He wasted no time and had me on my knees sucking his big cock as he told me what a whore and slut I was for hurrying over so he could fuck me while my hubby was at work.

Of course I’d heard all that talk before and it was all true but I got even more horny by hearing him say it. He tired of fucking my face and told me to get on the bed where he spread my legs wide and pushed his rock hard dick into my pussy. By the time my date was finally through having his way with me (three fucks including my ass, and still a hard nine inch cock. How much Viagra did this guy take, I wondered?), there were ten messages from my hubby wondering where the hell his wife had wondered off to. I put my panties on and dressed quickly. I drove home as fast as the law would allow.

Hubby was none too happy when I got home, he said I’d have to be punished so as not to wonder off to a strange man’s hotel room again without letting him know first. It’s only fair, of course. Long ago we developed a kind of buddy system. Neither of us goes off half cocked without letting the other one know where and who with. I had broken the golden rule. But damn, I just had to have him! Hubby spanked me, tied me up, handcuffed me and then took his turn fucking my face, my cunt and finally he shoved his cock into my already sore asshole and fucked my ass hard finally shooting a huge load of cum into me. I promised never to be such a bad slut again.

Thing is, the punishment was so much fun I may just have to go looking for a little more trouble. I really am bad to the bone!








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August 4, 2013

Meet Sunny

Here’s another gorgeous hotwife from California who wants to say hi to you all. This Asian beauty is also a member of Hotwife Hub. Check out her profile here


My husband has asked me to shared myself with other men shortly after we were married. We started with swinging but found it difficult to find compatible couples. So we decided that 3-somes are easier as long as I am ok with the guy. This got me started with my hotwife life. Mostly we do it together but sometimes I would meet friends from out of town in their hotel room and I also got to do it with some neighbors.

I only do this hotwife thing occasionally and it has really brought out my sexuality and I would never go back to a monogamous relationship. I love my husband for giving me this whole new dimension of getting fucked by all these horny guys and they are always very caring and loving, I love them all. Here is a picture of me doing it with one of my regulars.


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August 2, 2013

Oreo sandwich

Faith is Naughty video diary update:

So how do you eat an Oreo cookie? Do you eat the chocolate first? Do you lick out the white cream? I like a bit of both hehe.. Over the weekend I got sandwiched by two hot chocolate studs and they poked, licked, prodded and squeezed every last bit of gooey white cream out of me! I was moaning and screaming like crazy. Trust me, one of my hottest ever. Check out the video below to get to my creamy white gooey center, and watch these two black studs blow their gooey white hot cum all over me.


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