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August 4, 2013

Meet Sunny

Here’s another gorgeous hotwife from California who wants to say hi to you all. This Asian beauty is also a member of Hotwife Hub. Check out her profile here


My husband has asked me to shared myself with other men shortly after we were married. We started with swinging but found it difficult to find compatible couples. So we decided that 3-somes are easier as long as I am ok with the guy. This got me started with my hotwife life. Mostly we do it together but sometimes I would meet friends from out of town in their hotel room and I also got to do it with some neighbors.

I only do this hotwife thing occasionally and it has really brought out my sexuality and I would never go back to a monogamous relationship. I love my husband for giving me this whole new dimension of getting fucked by all these horny guys and they are always very caring and loving, I love them all. Here is a picture of me doing it with one of my regulars.


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