July 11, 2013

Personal Massage

Here’s a diary update from our own shores here in the UK, lovely hotwife Modesty Ablaze. You can check her out and say hi on Hotwife Hub too - Profile Here


We’d met, and played, with No.14 at our favourite Swingers Club on several occasions and he and Hubby had exchanged mobile numbers. As well as being a fun lover, I’d also loved the sensual foot massages he’d given me during my recovery wind-downs after our sessions. When Hubby suggested taking advantage of having the house to ourselves over the holiday weekend by inviting No.14 over for a “personal massage” I agreed in an instant.

He was just as he was at the Club, walking in larger than life and full of himself as he hugged and kissed me as though we were long-term lovers. He handed me a satchel he was carrying as Hubby passed him a glass of wine. “I’ve bought something for the massage” he grinned. I gasped, and then burst out laughing as I opened it up to see, curled between what I took to be two bottles of oil, a red and black handle of what could only be a whip! I handed him back the bag, laughing and shaking my head and telling him “I’m not into bondage!!!” “No, no” he laughed in reply, “it’s not bondage, it’s just for play” and he handed the bag over to Hubby who I could tell was as genuinely surprised as I was.

Whether it was the wine, the cheek of his entrance, or the intrigue of wanting to know more, the next hour’s conversation just flew by. I was certainly a little tipsy by the time Hubby led us upstairs to the bedroom. Instead of the gradual kissing and caressing of our previous evenings, I had to straight away just take my robe off myself, and then lie down completely naked on my tummy on to the bed.

His massage was even more wonderful than it had been at the Club. His hands worked across my shoulders and down to the small of my back and then up again and his fingers ran up from my neck onto the back of my head and then gently around my scalp. “You’re messing my hair” I whimpered, but it was more of a relaxing whisper than a protest. As he worked his hands down onto shoulders again I could feel his kneading becoming stronger and the pushing and squeezing more pronounced.

“You’ll send her off to sleep if you make her too relaxed” I heard Hubby telling him. “She won’t fall asleep, don’t you worry” he replied and then just brushed his hands down over my spine, so quickly with one hand after the other, in such a way that it made me jump with the sudden change in pressure and sensation. And as his hands worked over the cheeks of my bottom I felt those first warm tingles of arousal mingling with the relaxing release of my muscles.

It was heavenly, physically the best massage I’ve ever had, mixed with the sensual wondering at the feelings of warmth and wetness between my legs, and the images of our situation running through my mind, and my nakedness and vulnerability lying, as I was, still face down on the bed. Then suddenly it came, that first touch as his fingers brushed just for an instant between my inner thighs. Just a gentle, momentary brush, but it was like a sharp jolt, a tingle that I wanted more of. His hands gripped me by my hips and lifted me up off the bed, “bring your knees up, open them wider” he was telling me as he lifted me a little higher. He then ran his hands back down over my back and down to my shoulders again. It was a different feeling now, soothing still but stimulating and arousing as well, as I wondered just where his fingers and hands would be moving to next.

He ran his hands down and up my back again and then around under my armpits reaching round to brush each hand over my nipples. I moaned as I felt them moving up from my stomach again, this time pausing to squeeze my breasts with the cupped palms of his hands. Then up to my neck and down to my nipples again, pausing longer and squeezing harder as he repeated each movement. My moans turned to a louder gasp much louder as suddenly I felt the palm of one hand sliding between my legs from behind me rubbing up over my pussy lips. “You’re very wet” he told me as he slid his hand back again, sliding it slowly back and forth and with slightly more pressure with each wipe.

He paused again, and I sensed him stepping back from the bed for a moment. “Stay still” he told me, “you’ve got to hold your position”. Suddenly I felt the weight of the whip handle being placed onto my back and the tingle of thin rubber strands being draped between the cheeks of my bottom. The sensation was like something I’d never felt before. I could feel what it was, but I couldn’t see it. I shuddered with the feeling and wanted to twist my bottom but he told me again to stay still. I felt the ends of the strands tickling my ankles as he moved closer behind me and gently parted my legs a little, his hand sliding up over my pussy again. His hand was rubbing back and forth again. “So wet” he said again. And then I felt his fingers sliding between my lips and pushing up inside me. I was moaning loudly again and twisting on my knees as his fingers stroked in and out. “Stay still” he said again. But it was impossible not to be moving with the ecstasy of his fingers fucking me.

I felt the whip handle being lifted off my back and the strands tickling over the soles of my feet. I knew I was coming just from his fingers and these completely new sensations rippling through me. Suddenly I felt the smack of the whip slapping down onto the bedcovers beside me. I heard the swish and felt the motion of his slapping next to my hips as he slapped it down onto the bed again, and then again. His fingers were still fucking me but I tensed myself on them as I sensed the next slap coming down onto the sheets again. It did and I gasped again, relaxing and tensing with the rhythm of the next slap I was expecting. But this time the swish slapped across my buttocks. I let out a loud cry, not with pain because it didn’t hurt, but with the surprise of suddenly feeling it on my skin. I knew he was going to whip me with it, but hadn’t even had the time to think of preparing myself for it. A second swish followed and then a third and fourth. It wasn’t hurting, just a flicking sensation tingling across my cheeks. I’d gasped with the surprise of it, almost giggling that it wasn’t how I’d expected it to feel.

I gasped much more loudly as he pulled his fingers out of me and spread my knees a little wider. I felt him leaning forward and licking his tongue down the crease between my bum cheeks and lingering with it over my bum hole. His fingers slid in-between my legs from underneath me again and his tongue pushed and probed harder. Suddenly he pulled away and this time I heard the swish of the whip before I felt it hit me, slapping across the cheeks of my bum with more force this time. “Ooohh, fuck” I gasped out, not with pain but with loving all the sensations and feelings rippling through me. It slapped down across me again. Then with quicker and harder swishes and this time up over my back. I could tell by the sound, and sense by the force of the slaps, that he’d stepped back from the end of the bed a little. Several more slaps followed in quick succession. Across my lower back and then across my bum cheeks again and then the backs of my thighs. I was certainly feeling it more now! A stinging sensation rather than a pain I couldn’t take. I was twisting my bottom again, from one side to the other to meet each swipe as it came. “Stay still” he commanded again. “I fucking can’t” I groaned my response and then gasping out again as several harder swishes followed.

“Aarrgh” I cried out as suddenly he swiped upwards directly between my legs, the rubber strands slapping across my pussy, this time it did hurt. I felt him drop the whip down onto the pillow in front of me. I saw it there inches from my face as I opened my eyes, gasping at the sensation of feeling him pushing his fingers into me from behind again. I was lost completely in the moment now. I could feel a slight tingling in my bum cheeks and wonderful pushing, stroking motions up into my pussy. I could feel him shuffling closer behind me as he pulled his fingers away. My forehead was resting on the strands of the whip lying across the pillow. I opened my eyes to look down between my knees and saw him rolling a condom onto a quite thick looking cock. I knew I probably hadn’t supposed to be seeing his preparation, but the feeling as he just suddenly pushed it into me was still a surprise and a gasping out-aloud moment. I closed my eyes again and steadied myself as I felt him lifting himself up onto his haunches and pushing my head further down onto the pillow in front of me. I pushed the whip handle away and pulled the pillow into me as I felt him pumping quite forcibly into me now. I was starting to come again, but he slowed and stopped for a moment. I suddenly knew why as I groaned out aloud “Oh fucking hell, gently” as I felt a finger pushing into my bumhole. He started thrusting with his cock again now, I could feel it and feel the pressure of his finger in my bottom pushing against it as well.

Hubby told me later that my gasps and groans were the most “guttural” that he’d ever heard me make, as I came with shuddering spasms and a loud “fffuuck” as I felt that release of his finger pulling out as I fell forward into the pillow. I wanted to be curling up into myself and enjoy the aftershocks of my come, but he rolled me over onto my back almost straightaway and knelt between my legs so that I couldn’t pull them up into me. He reached for the whip from above my head somewhere. “Oh no I couldn’t!!!” I gasped out, half giggling but half worried that now just wasn’t the time for more slapping. “Don’t worry. No more whipping” he laughed. Instead he held the whip up above my tummy, dangling the strands down so that they just touched my skin. He was moving it back and forth over me, the stands tickling over my stomach at first, but then up to my nipples. Suddenly I was moaning again, gasping with the feelings and sensations of seeing him crouching over me, his bagged erection wobbling as he ran the strands around and around over my nipples, up into the small of my neck and then right down over my tummy to my pussy. I had to lift my hips up just to meet the tips of the rubber and then twist my hips as he’d stopped twirling the strands.

“Come and tickle your wife” he turned to ask Hubby who had been sitting all this time in our corner chair. I moaned again as I felt the whip, now in new hands, dangling up over my nipples again. “They’re so hard” Hubby was telling me as he reached over with his free hand to pinch at first one, then the other. I groaned even louder as he asked if I was liking it. I had my eyes tightly closed again now as I managed to gasp out a “fucking hell” response. I could now feel No.14 rubbing his hardness over my clit as he spread my legs wider. Then he was inside me and thrusting forward, pushing my head back against the pillows with the force of his pumping. He lifted my legs up, holding them by my ankles tightly together in front of him. Hubby had dropped the whip and was now leaning over me sucking and squeezing at my nipples and then kissing my ears and whispering “what’s he doing to you sweetheart?” “Oh god, I’m coming, I’m coming” was all I could respond.

I came again with such a loud scream that it actually stopped them both for a moment. I opened my eyes suddenly sensing that they’d lifted away and then just dropped my head back onto the pillow gasping out “Oh, I fucking love it”. I wanted to roll over onto my side again but No.14 was still holding my legs up together and had started thrusting again. I looked up at him and could tell from the way his eyes were tightly closed, and the expression on his face that he was going to come as well. His explosion sent more little waves through me, just loving the feeling that I was making someone else come as well. He dropped my legs and leant forward into me holding my hips and thrusting with several more strokes. I opened my eyes again to look at him and then across at Hubby who was kneeling on the bed next to us and holding his own erection tightly in his hand. I was just about to reach across to stroke him when he suddenly let out a loud gasp of his own and I saw a jet of white spurt onto my neck. I felt the wetness and then several more splashes onto my chin and cheek. We were all gasping and laughing together, No.14 falling across my legs and rolling over onto the empty side of the bed whilst Hubby had collapsed next to me. I had to lift up and reach over him for the tissues as I could feel his cum dribbling down off my chin and neck.

The men recovered first, laying either side of me stroking my arms and legs and letting me doze off into an exhausted, but totally relaxing sleep from which I didn’t awake until I felt myself alone on the bed. I sat up with a start to see No.14 fully dressed and sitting in the chair putting his shoes on. “Oh, I’m so sorry” I said to him “I didn’t mean to fall asleep”. He laughed and said “it was great to see you come like that. Obviously, it totally relaxed you”. Hubby came back into the bedroom, completely naked, but with a large glass of water for No.14. “I’ve told him he’s welcome to say”, he said. “Oh, yes” I pleaded, “I loved that massage!!!”. Hubby looked across at me and said “I think you enjoyed more than just the massage”. Despite our invitation, and my teasing that “I’ve had a sleep, I’m refreshed now. Don’t you want to show me more of your whip!” No.14 replied “There’s much more than just the whip to show you. But that will have to be for next time!”

After showing No.14 out, Hubby snuggled back into bed flicking at my nipples with his tongue, “They’re still so hard! Is that from thinking about next time?” “Fucking hell yes. Can we make it soon please!” I swooned.

Modesty Ablaze

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July 9, 2013

Mandy Tylers 1st 3some

It’s been far too long since we had an update from gorgeous latina Hotwife Mandy Tyler but what a way to bounce back onto these pages with her first ever threesome with 2 guys.

After getting dressed up in some hot lingerie for the lucky Bulls she got right into it sucking one and taking the other one deep in her pussy. Both tooks turns feeding her holes and both ended up shooting their loads in her hungry pussy. Nice to have you back Mandy.







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July 7, 2013

Shelia bareback fun

Here’s another update from black cock loving Hotwife Shelia who last month put out a call for new suitable black cock to come and fuck her.


Hey thought I would send an update with a pic for you all. Well got the 1st hook up done, Was fun as hell. This black guy fucked me four times during the night. And got to say I was impressed. He is a good 9 inches long, and thick. But damn this guy cums alot! I always wanted a heavy cummer.


I am looking for black guys to do this with on a regular basis. I’m in the Savannah, GA area. Also would like to get it video recorded.

I will keep the updates coming to you.


Check out some pics of Shelia taking black cock here

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July 5, 2013

Huge black cock for Katie

Gorgeous Hotwife Katie Kox takes on some more of her favorite black cock here. Massive and huge is what she likes and that’s just what she gets here. Fucked in every position and left with a creamy load between her thighs for her Husband to marvel over later.

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

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July 3, 2013

My wifes descent

My wife met her now black bull owner last January. We were in a bar on December 30 and began chatting with a black man sitting next to us. He asked if he could dance with my wife and I said “Sure.” and she smiled, and they walked to the dance area. The first tune was a fast one and he got her to put her legs around him and hump. Then a slow tune started and she fell into his arms and he put his hands on her ass and they danced. When they returned to the bar, she, with her face flushed said she was going to the ladies room. He and I got to talking and He asked if we were swingers to which I answered “Yes a few times.” and he wanted to know if he could use her. I said I would have to discuss it with her, knowing she had drunk her limit of 3 vodka and tonics, and when she came back she wanted to go home, thanked the guy for dancing, and kissed him gently, and we left. We exchanged phone numbers and on Jan 2nd He called to find out if she was interested and I said “Yes she was” and put her on the phone to chat with him. A few minutes later she put the phone down and told me she had a date with him the next Saturday and he wanted me to come along and watch.

That Saturday finally came and she dressed in tights, jean shorts and a sheer long sleeve blouse over a thong, bra and platform heels. We went and met him at the bar where we originally met. She was nervous and we sat at the bar and I got her started on her first drink and then he walked in and smiled as he came up to us. He suggested we move to a booth, which we did, and I sat on one side of her and He on the other. We talked and laughed and had a 2nd round of drinks and he suggested that I open the button and zipper on her shorts so that he could easily feel her ’slutty cunt’. She said “I want another drink if you’re gonna talk like that.” He motioned to the waitress over to give her the order as I undid her shorts By the time the girl returned with our 3rd round, he had worked his first big finger inside her. He told her she should finish her drink in a hurry and she raised her glass and swallowed half of it and then he put two more fingers in her. She moaned and drank the rest of her vodka as he pumped her with his hand.

We soon drove to a hotel and in the lobby he suggested I sit on the other side from the desk as he and my wife walked up and registered for a room. I watched her face get real red from embarrassment. We all got in the elevator and he opened her blouse and pulled her tits out and told her they were beautiful and was certain the security camera viewers would agree. Then we got out and walked down the hall to the room, with her tits in plain view and her blushing spread from her face down on her chest. At the door he took her blouse and bra off and handed them to me, then told her to remove her shorts and tights and also gave them to me and opened the door so she would enter wearing her platform heels and thong.

He got her to lie on the bed and took off his clothes, then got on top of her. He was nice about making a slow entrance into her cunt that first time as he is a bit over 10 inches long and more importantly, as she told me after, he was so thick it felt like an arm was inside her stretching her. He fucked her for what seemed like ages until she excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she returned he told her that his cock needed sucking and she got on her knees and sucked him sitting on the edge of the bed while he massaged her beasts and pulled her nipples. Then he said “That’s enough, time for your second fucking!” and picked her up and sat her on his erection facing him, plunging into her, she screamed with pleasure. Well an hour later we were all dressed, she told him how she loved how he had fucked her, they kissed with passion, and he said “I will call to use you again, but next time your Hubby stays at home.” he grinned and said “Good.”

They went out on their first date the next Friday and I sat at home waiting. He returned her around 3AM, her makeup was a mess and she said she was real sore. She passed on a message from him, that I have a real good slut wife and he would be using her several times a month in the future. I ran a tub of hot water for her to soak in, and when she came in the bathroom nude I was amazed at the great number of hickies on her breasts, tummy and thighs, not to mention her red swollen lips.

Well for the next three months, they went out every other weekend, with him keeping her longer and longer, until she started calling on Saturday night to tell me she was staying until Sunday. She came home in worse and worse condition every time, and by April He had shared her with two of his buddies. By then he had her dressing for him, only skirts or dresses, thongs or no panties, and only shelf bras. When she went to meet him she would be in enough makeup to be a street walker. with her by then continually erect nipples showing through the fabric of her top. In March she had told me she was so so happy being his black cock slut. In April she told me that he owns her and she loves it. The two times they went out in May, he kept her a full 48 hours and she told me there were three other guys using her most of the weekend, in addition to him.

The second week of June He took her to Vegas for a five night vacation. When she called once a day, per his instructions, she would tell me about the outfits she wore so he could show her off in the casinos, bars and restaurants, and how many black men had fucked her. When she came home she said she needed to show me some things, and preceded to strip standing in the doorway of our house. Both her nipples had one inch silver rings pierced through them, and she had a tramp stamp tattoo on her lower back. In the middle of the design the tatoo said ‘4 BLK’. Then she asked if I still wanted to be married to her. I told her I do and how erotic it is for me to see my wife getting the fucking she deserved.

She now goes to his house for 5-6 nights at a time, every second week, where she is his household sex slave and servant, for him and everyone that comes to visit. Seeing her ruined condition when she returns home is very very erotic.

Submitted by: Her willing hubby, Aurora, Illinois


July 1, 2013

Kelly hotel room job

Here’s a update from Shawn, Husband to delicious Hotwife Kelly Anderson. Love the purple tshirt covered in cum Kelly.. mmmmmmm


Hi Trash. How are you? I just wanted to send you these pics I took of my wife Kelly awhile back. I’ve been meaning to show them to you. We went to a hotel casino with a big group of our friends and Kelly ended up giving one of my friends a blowjob in our hotel room! First, she was just sucking my cock and I was kinda fantasizing about having this guy come in so she could suck him off too. His room was right next to ours so I asked her if she wanted me to go and get him and she was all for it.

I have known this guy for like 15 years and he never knew Kelly and I were swingers. It took me awhile to convince him but I finally got him into our room and Kelly gave us both some of the best head we have ever had. My friend was blown away by it (no pun intended) Kelly was a trooper that night. She sucked our cocks until we both came all over her face and she loved it.

He has fucked her a few times since then too. We had to go meet everyone for dinner right after and it was so funny sitting there with them after what we had just done. The three of us were all laughing about it all night.

Here are a few pics I took and I also videotaped it for Kelly’s website. Let me know what you think…

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

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