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July 27, 2013

Girlfriend fucked enemy

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My Girlfriend fucked our enemy

Heres what happened… It was about 2 years ago when my girlfriend and I was at a gas station filling up. A van pulled up and the guy started accusing me of stealing his shit. I hadn’t and a fight broke out. 8 guys beat me up and my girlfriend also got knocked around a bit. For about a year we were always having trouble with this one guy (Matt) that started it.

One night my girlfriend went to a party with her friends. She wore a skin tight black skirt a tiny red g-string with matching bra, a revealing red top and some black heels. She arrived at this party and about 2 hours after she left home she text me “matts here….” I text back asking if she wanted to be picked up she replied that it should be fine for her to stay. I fell asleep and woke up to find she hadn’t come home. I text her saying “hey babe big night? where r u?” I got a fast reply “yeah rather big, I’m in a taxi on my way home, I’ve got a lil story to tell ya..” I was excited knowing she likes to go out and get fucked and tell me the details.

She soon arrived home with her heels in her hand. My first question was “How’s my little girls pussy?” she smiled and grabbed my hand and ran it up her inner thigh which was sticky, up until I felt her bald tender swollen lips, sopping of juice still. I asked “Where are your panties?” She stepped back and quietly said “Matt might have them…. sorry” I was shocked at first but I wanted to know exactly what happened. She explained “Well his group of friends started to talk and drink with my group of friends. The two of us got talking but kinda fighting, he explained his side and we kinda dropped it and started to have fun. We were getting pretty drunk by that stage and I was sitting on his lap to allow more people to sit and join us. It didn’t take him long to start caressing my ass and rubbing my thigh. I didn’t mind it as I was too drunk to take much notice. He got us up out of the couch and took me into the kitchen where it was quieter and to make me a drink. He handed me a shot then came up to me close. My breasts were on his chest and his hand around my waist, sliding it firmly down to my ass. He kissed me. I kissed him back. It got pretty heated and he took me upstairs and into a room. He pushed me onto the bed and closed the door. He kept the light on and dove on top of me, kissing me even harder and rubbing my tits over my shirt. He was grinding his crotch into me so I opened my legs to allow him to grind my pussy. He threw his hands up my skirt and rubbed me firmly through my g string. I was so wet. I pulled of his shirt and undid his jeans. He took off my skirt and g string and my heels. he then unbuttoned my top and pulled my tits out and threw me over and hoisted my ass up. My pussy was there for him, ready, sopping wet. he pushed two fingers into my cunt. I moaned and begged for him to fuck me. Then I felt his hard cock slide deep into me. I fucking loved it, he pumped me so hard and deep, sliding his fingers in and out of my ass. I must of cum three times before I felt him pump hot cum into my pussy. He withdrew and sat me on the edge of the bed and shoved his cock in my mouth. I sucked his cock clean, I could tell the night wasn’t over. He said “Put ya clothes on and text ya boyfriend you’re staying with me tonight, to be fucked again” My head was still spinning so I never texted you.

We got to his by taxi and got to his room and he ordered me to get naked. We fucked all night. He fucked my ass but only ever cummed in my pussy or mouth.”

My wife
This is her, my little slut and a picture of Matt’s cock inside her

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