July 31, 2013

Birth control or not

Hotwife Shelia’s been having some more black cock fun.


Hey another update for you all. This time I got fucked by the black guy that got me pregnant before. I was really hoping I get pregnant again. Would some of you like that? I would love to hear from you all if you prefer I go on Birth control or stay off it. Anyhow I am STILL hoping to hear from black guys in or near Savannah, GA to come and use me for their fun. Attaching a pic of the fun from last night for you all. Bye for now.


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July 29, 2013

Blindfolded Gangbang

Here is a first gallery update from our latest gangbang Queen find, Hotwife Lindy.

Here she is with a another Hotwife Blog favorite Marion doing a blindfolded gangbang. Lindy and Marion are two German hot wives who love to get gangbanged by multiple men. Though they’re not real sisters they call themself “GANGBANG-SISTERS” as they organize gangbang orgies together.

Here they offer their pussies to the studs at the party. As they are blindfolded, they have no idea who is fucking them but can feel every different cock that enters them as each one fills them up.





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July 27, 2013

Girlfriend fucked enemy

Cuckold Place Update

My Girlfriend fucked our enemy

Heres what happened… It was about 2 years ago when my girlfriend and I was at a gas station filling up. A van pulled up and the guy started accusing me of stealing his shit. I hadn’t and a fight broke out. 8 guys beat me up and my girlfriend also got knocked around a bit. For about a year we were always having trouble with this one guy (Matt) that started it.

One night my girlfriend went to a party with her friends. She wore a skin tight black skirt a tiny red g-string with matching bra, a revealing red top and some black heels. She arrived at this party and about 2 hours after she left home she text me “matts here….” I text back asking if she wanted to be picked up she replied that it should be fine for her to stay. I fell asleep and woke up to find she hadn’t come home. I text her saying “hey babe big night? where r u?” I got a fast reply “yeah rather big, I’m in a taxi on my way home, I’ve got a lil story to tell ya..” I was excited knowing she likes to go out and get fucked and tell me the details.

She soon arrived home with her heels in her hand. My first question was “How’s my little girls pussy?” she smiled and grabbed my hand and ran it up her inner thigh which was sticky, up until I felt her bald tender swollen lips, sopping of juice still. I asked “Where are your panties?” She stepped back and quietly said “Matt might have them…. sorry” I was shocked at first but I wanted to know exactly what happened. She explained “Well his group of friends started to talk and drink with my group of friends. The two of us got talking but kinda fighting, he explained his side and we kinda dropped it and started to have fun. We were getting pretty drunk by that stage and I was sitting on his lap to allow more people to sit and join us. It didn’t take him long to start caressing my ass and rubbing my thigh. I didn’t mind it as I was too drunk to take much notice. He got us up out of the couch and took me into the kitchen where it was quieter and to make me a drink. He handed me a shot then came up to me close. My breasts were on his chest and his hand around my waist, sliding it firmly down to my ass. He kissed me. I kissed him back. It got pretty heated and he took me upstairs and into a room. He pushed me onto the bed and closed the door. He kept the light on and dove on top of me, kissing me even harder and rubbing my tits over my shirt. He was grinding his crotch into me so I opened my legs to allow him to grind my pussy. He threw his hands up my skirt and rubbed me firmly through my g string. I was so wet. I pulled of his shirt and undid his jeans. He took off my skirt and g string and my heels. he then unbuttoned my top and pulled my tits out and threw me over and hoisted my ass up. My pussy was there for him, ready, sopping wet. he pushed two fingers into my cunt. I moaned and begged for him to fuck me. Then I felt his hard cock slide deep into me. I fucking loved it, he pumped me so hard and deep, sliding his fingers in and out of my ass. I must of cum three times before I felt him pump hot cum into my pussy. He withdrew and sat me on the edge of the bed and shoved his cock in my mouth. I sucked his cock clean, I could tell the night wasn’t over. He said “Put ya clothes on and text ya boyfriend you’re staying with me tonight, to be fucked again” My head was still spinning so I never texted you.

We got to his by taxi and got to his room and he ordered me to get naked. We fucked all night. He fucked my ass but only ever cummed in my pussy or mouth.”

My wife
This is her, my little slut and a picture of Matt’s cock inside her

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By: Freshcuck


July 25, 2013

Changing room fun

Filthy hotwife Dee Siren
makes another one of her fantasies come true by getting one of her Husbands friends to fuck her in a changing room in a Department Store. Dee went in first and then her Bull followed. A brief period on her knees was followed by the guy standing her up spinning her round and sticking his cock deep inside her from behind. They followed this by fucking each other on the changing room floor. Dee was pretty certain that their exploits could be heard from the neighboring cubicles.

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

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July 23, 2013

The Club

My wife is very beautiful, dark haired and petite with an hour glass figure and large perky 34 DD tits. She keeps her pussy close shaved and the hood of her clitoris is pierced with a solid gold bar. We have an extremely active sex life and are willing to try most things. Our sex life had always included a lot of fantasy and we have carried out some of those fantasies in public, normally very late at night.

My wife is generally quite submissive and we had always been adventurous but until this event we had been faithful to each other despite us both fantasizing about her having sex with other men.

Recently I came home to be asked if I would like to try a sex club for swingers and that she had been looking around the web and found one that seemed to be both classy and safe for a first attempt at the swinging world. I told her I was willing to give it a go.

I booked a hotel and we headed to town on the afternoon having dinner and a few drinks becoming probably a little bit tipsier than we should have been. Partly because of the sense of anticipation we seemed to drink more than usual. We discussed what might happen however looking back we were extremely innocent of the scene and our ideas were unrealistic, and during that afternoon we agreed that my wife could be touched intimately but that she could only be penetrated by fingers, how naive that now seems.

We returned to the hotel room to get ready for the evening and I watched my wife get dressed in a black basque with suspenders and hold up stockings. She came over to me while I was sitting on the edge of the bed enjoying watching her preparations and asked me to check that her arse was well shaven, I asked why and was told “I don’t want to worry about how it looks if someone bends me over”, I suppose I should have realized at that time we had slightly different ideas on what was going to happen that night. After my assurances that her arse was indeed close shaved she finished off her underwear with a pair of crotch less panties. She then put on a sheer black blouse and pencil skirt and scarlet stilettos. We headed to the club in question both excited but also nervous. After entry we took our drinks and sat in one of the alcoves watching the small and intimate group already there.

Directly opposite was a couple who looked like they were in their mid-30’s. The guy was staring intently at my wife which made her a bit uncomfortable, she asked me to make sure we had nothing to do with him as she felt he was just a little bit too intense. My wife then noticed that the other women in the club were in various stages of undress and so she took her blouse off, shortly after that she removed her skirt asking me to place the items in our locker. With her outer clothes now off her pussy lips were plainly visible through the gap in her panties, I did as I was asked and went to the locker to put her clothes away. When I returned a middle aged guy was sitting with her on her right. He was chatting to her and we all started talking after I sat down on her left. He introduced himself as Jim and we were soon all involved in a slightly drunk provocative and sexy conversation. Jim was extremely flattering to my wife and she was delighted with the attention obviously warming to the guy. He seemed extremely pleased when my wife said that this was our first time in a swinging environment leaning over to me and smiling as he said that “it was great we were virgins”. At this point he placed his right hand on my wife’s thigh and then slowly slid it up to her pussy looking at me the whole time. I could see that he was rubbing her pussy with the side of his index finger whilst we all continued chatting. My wife jumped slightly as his hand made contact with her pussy but quickly relaxed and I saw her knees part slightly to give him better access. At one point he said to me “oh she’s pierced” and looked down, I followed his gaze and saw that he had her bar on the tip of his finger and was moving the bar up and down, I knew that this meant his finger tip was rubbing her clit and her reaction confirmed this as I watched her open her knees further. I knew that being treated like a sex toy with no say in what was happening would turn my wife on immensely.

My wife finished her drink and asked me if I would get her another one. I went to the bar and ordered fresh drinks. When I returned a few minutes later the two of them were still chatting but my wife’s breasts were now completely out and sitting on the cups of her basque. He had his left arm around her shoulders and his hand over her left breast playing with her nipple. She told me afterwards that he had lifted her left tit out of the cup and started playing with her nipple she had looked down and decided that that did not look right and had lifted the right one out herself. Her legs were parted slightly and his right hand was still between her thighs. As I passed her the drink she reached up and knocked the bottom of the glass spilling some on her left boob she giggled a little bit as he moved his head forward and licked the booze off her tit.

Jim then asked if we had seen the whole of the club and without waiting for an answer stood up taking my wife’s hand and leading her through a door a few feet from our table I followed on, we moved into an area with even less lighting than the bar into a corridor with no one near us. I was standing with my drink and my wife and Jim were on my right. I looked towards them and my wife had her back to him he had his left arm holding her from behind with his hand on her right boob and his right hand was between her legs fingering her. My wife looked at me and then laid her head back onto his shoulder as she moved her hips grinding her pussy onto his fingers. I looked away for a few seconds then heard her gasp I turned back to see that she had turned or been turned to face Jim who had her back against the wall with her right leg lifted and being held and was very obviously fucking her, she had her hands around his neck and told me afterwards she didn’t understand how he managed to get in her so quickly and that she knew it was wrong but it felt so good to be fucked in front of her husband.

I was a bit stunned but have to admit also excited and watched him fuck her for a while before deciding that it was time for a break and I suggested we returned to the bar. Jim pulled out of my wife and said “sure, no problems”. We went back to the bar. Jim and my wife in front of me, he was walking with his arm around her. As they sat down I left for more drinks, when I returned we were sat in the same order as earlier with me on my wife’s left. I looked across the lounge area and noticed that the intense guy my wife had spotted was showing a great deal of interest and he was now staring hard at what was happening to my right. I looked and noticed that Jim was very slowly and gently finger fucking my wife who I could see was grinding her hips onto his hand as he pushed two fingers into her. The three of us were still chatting but my wife became more and more withdrawn from the conversation and distracted until finally she laid her head on his shoulder and shuddered through a huge orgasm, her first of that night. It was a while before she lifted her head but when she did she looked at me and smiled the satisfied smile I had seen so many times. Throughout the whole time he was fingering her Jim was chatting to me and towards the end of the conversation he was describing how my wife was reacting to his fingers moving inside her and how her soaking wet pussy was gripping his knuckles as he slid them in and out of her. He described to me how it felt as her pussy started to spasm on his fingers as I watched her start to buck against his hand.

At this point I again needed a break and deciding to leave them alone for a while left for the bar, my wife later told me that as soon as I left this time Jim took control, which she admitted turned her on, and said “we are going in here” stood up and leading my wife by the hand took her into a room which had a huge platform bed which was big enough for three people to lie on pushed her back on the left side of this bed pushed her knees apart got between her legs and started to fuck her.

After about ten or fifteen minutes at the bar getting my head around what was happening I decided to go back and was a bit shocked on my return to the couch to see no sign of my wife or Jim. I walked through all of the side rooms and still couldn’t see them. I completed another circuit and as I walked into the last room again from the right of the bed where I saw that three woman were being fucked I suddenly realized one of these three sluts was my wife as I spotted a red stiletto waving in the air, looking more closely I saw my wife on her back with Jim fucking her. She had her legs raised on either side of his hips to give him deeper access and I knew from the way she was moving that she was really enjoying the fucking she was getting and was not far from another orgasm. Within a few minutes my wife started throwing her head from side to side a sure sign that she was about to come and sure enough it became plain they were both coming. After lying on top of her for a few moments as she twitched Jim slowly pulled out and got onto his knees, moved back to the bottom of the bed I saw him stand up and then move to leave the room leaving my wife still spread-eagled on the bed.

I was standing by the door so he needed to pass me and as he came closer he recognized me. He passed on my left and put his hand on my shoulder telling me how lucky I was to have such a hot sexy wife and that she was a really good girl. All I could do was nod. As he went past me I looked back to my wife who was still lying motionless on the bed. As I watched her the rather intense guy that my wife had earlier not wanted to touch her got onto the bed, knelt between her legs and positioned himself with his hand and then slammed forward and sank his cock into her. I saw her knees immediately lift and her arms go round his shoulders as he started to fuck her, at this point I noticed that there were three other guys standing at the bottom of the bed all intently watching my wife being fucked. It took a few seconds before the realization hit me that this was the queue of men waiting to fuck my, until that night, faithful wife. The intense guy was working her a lot harder than Jim had and again it was plain to me that my wife was giving as good as she got lifting her hips to meet his every thrust. In a very short time my wife came again as intense guy fucked her really hard, he seemed to shudder shortly afterwards and then pulled out. My wife later told me that it was when a guy was fucking her who she hadn’t wanted to she realized how much of a slut she was and the barriers came completely down. After he came and almost before his feet had touched the floor but definitely before he had zipped up the next guy was sunk in my wife’s pussy. There followed a couple of hours during which my wife took every guy in the club who wanted her. I stood and watched most of it but did go to the bar a few times leaving her to be taken. I lost count but am certain that I saw more than fifteen different guys have her and I think some of them had her more than once; Jim definitely came back for a second helping. I was drinking the whole time this was happening and the night becomes fuzzier but a couple of things still manage to stand out.

At one time my wife was being fucked and had another cock in her hand wanking him as he waited his turn to fuck her, I saw her lean forward and take him into her mouth giving him a blow job all the while with another guy fucking her. I need to say that my wife gives the most expert head I have experienced driving me to distraction with her tongue and lips so I knew what he was enjoying.

At another time the guy at the front of the queue to fuck my wife had seen that I had been longer in the room than he had, he obviously thought I was therefore in front of him in the queue to fuck her and waved with his hand for me to go before him, I thanked him and waved him on he wasted no more time and was quickly fucking her.

Towards the end of the gang fuck a guy had just climbed off her and came to stand next to me watching the action for a while, he said to me “look at the tits on that one on the left, I’ve just fucked her she’s a great ride” we both watched my wife being fucked by the next guy and he said “look the hot little bitch is coming again!” at that we both watched as my darling wife started to buck up to take the cock being rammed into her pussy.
We left in the small hours of the morning and headed to our hotel, my wife was buzzing and very giggly and sexy pawing me in the cab. The sex we had for the rest of that night was phenomenal with my wife seeming to be insatiable.

When we finally got out of bed late the next morning I noticed that my wife had an extremely strange looking bruise on the top of her left thigh. I asked her what it was caused by and after she thought for a while she managed to drag up the memory of what had caused it. It was very erotic to see her go through it in her mind and see the realization of what it was striking home; apparently one of the last guys to have her had felt that she was (after so much cock understandably) losing enthusiasm and had slapped her thigh rather hard in order to make her move more for him, my wife said it certainly worked and she apologized saying “sorry, sorry, sorry” and in order to ensure she didn’t get another slap gave him the best ride she could. When thinking about the bruise she then remembered a fit guy with a six pack fucking her and that the fuck and the slap pushed her to a huge orgasm when she told me this the next morning she was totally embarrassed but had to accept the turn on it had been. The strange shape of the bruise was caused by the pattern on the top of her hold up stockings which was then imprinted on her thigh, we checked and it matched perfectly the lacy top. He had definitely struck her hard because the bruise lasted two weeks every time I looked at it I had flashbacks to watching my wife being ridden like the cock hungry slut I now know she is.

By: Shared Wife


July 21, 2013

Pounded by huge cock

Gorgeous sensual Hotwife Rebecca Dream gets together with some massive, hard black cock for a evening of fucking and sucking while her Husband watches on and takes some photos. Such a sexy Hotwife, thanks for sending Rebecca.

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

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July 19, 2013

Cleaning out my Closet

What an amazing story today from Hotwife Kim. I was glued to this all the way through. It’s fascinating how peoples lives turn out and how they find themselves in the lifestyle. Many not even knowing the term hotwife or cuckold before they do.

For those that wish to chat some more to Kim you can do so by visiting her profile here on Hotwife Hub.


I can’t believe that I am writing about something that I have kept secret for so long.

I have just, recently, found out that there is a term that describes what I have been since 1989. I am late to the world of the internet so since 1989, I have been thinking that I was living in a very secretive open relationship due to my large appetite for sex and my husband’s depth of understanding. Over the years, I have heard other people describe other women who do what I do with such names as slut and whore but until just a few weeks ago, I have never heard the term Hot Wife. After hearing this term, I borrowed my daughter’s laptop and done a search on Hot Wife and have found that in a broad spectrum, it does describe what I am. I was quite relieved to learn that there are other women who are like me and that there are other men who are like my husband because for many years, I have thought that he and I were, for lack of a better word, weird.

To give you a little background on me, I grew up in a small rural town in Kentucky. I grew up on a farm and lived a pretty normal life in a fairly normal family. Even though, my mom and dad were divorced, my dad lived close by so he remained a big part of my life.

As I reached puberty, I developed rather quickly and have, since puberty, been very well endowed in the breast department. The rest of my body has always been tiny except for what most people call my bubble butt. Even though, I have a well-proportioned body, throughout my teen years and early twenties, I was plagued with bad acne and my nose, well my nose has always been too big for my face.

When I was in 9th grade, I met my first boyfriend. He wasn’t very handsome but he was nice and my mom loved him and him having grown up on a farm, he and I had a lot in common. When I was 17, he and I became engaged to be married a few months after we graduated from high school. The day I graduated high school, I got a job in a local factory and he went to a technical school about 100 miles from where we grew up. He came home every weekend so we were still together almost as much as we had been before.

A few months later, he got a job where he was going to school so since he had to work on some weekends, I agreed to go there and stay with him on the weekend. We had never spent the night alone in the same house or apartment before so needless to say, the first time we did, we had sex and that is when I lost my virginity and so did he. All of my friends had lost their virginity when we were still in school and I had always heard how great sex felt but I didn’t think it was all that great but continued to have sex with him every time I went to see him.

Back home, I had always admired a large house that was close to where I lived but I had never met the man who owned it because he had moved there from somewhere else. One evening while I was on my way home from work, I saw the man getting his mail from his mailbox. He looked to be in his early thirties and was quite handsome. I asked around town about him and found out that he was single so every time I saw him after that, I always waved at him just hoping that we could meet and become friends.

Later, I was in a local restaurant and noticed a small card taped to the front of the cash register with a notice of someone needing a part time house keeper. I needed some extra money to buy furniture and things for mine and my fiancé’s house since we were to be married at the end of the next month. Upon inquiring about the notice, I learned that it was the man in the big house so I called and applied for the job. He told me to come by for an interview the next afternoon when I got off of work.

I ran home and showered and put on a dress and went to the interview. He was very nice and even more handsome than I had first thought. He said he only needed someone to come in once per week and if I was ok with that, I could start that day. I was not dressed to clean a house and I was tired from working all day but I agreed to do it anyway. As I was cleaning, I noticed that he was watching my every move. In a joking way, I asked him if he liked watching me work and he replied that he just liked watching me. I was, to say the least, flattered.

As I cleaned his bedroom, I began to find women’s clothing and I told him that I had heard that he was single. He said he was single but did have a girlfriend which kind of knocked the wind out of my sails. Considering I was to be married in less than two months, I still had a secret fantasy. In another room, there were photos of him and her in frames sitting about the room. She was tall, slim and beautiful. I asked him why I had never seen her and him together. He explained that she worked from noon until 7PM and worked in the next town over from us and he worked from 11PM until 7AM so they didn’t get to go out much except on weekends. Since I had been going to my boyfriend’s house on the weekends, I wouldn’t have seen them out.

As I continued to clean, he continued to watch me and I asked him what his girlfriend would think about him watching me. He said she wouldn’t like him watching a beautiful young lady like me but so long as she couldn’t read his mind, she would be ok. I chuckled to myself as I thought the very same thing about my fiancé`. I asked him what she would see if she could read his mind. He said I probably didn’t want to know but I insisted so he told me that she would see him passionately kissing a beautiful young lady wearing only a white lace bra and red panties.

Not realizing that I had mismatched my underwear as I hurriedly dressed to make it on time to my interview, I didn’t realize that he was talking about me and again what was left of the wind in my sails drained away and out of aggravation, I suggested that since his girlfriend was not due to be home for four more hours, he should go find that young lady and make his thoughts a reality. His face lit up like a full moon as he asked if that is really what I thought he should do. Feeling really sad, I mumbled “Yes.”

He walked across the room toward me and stood right in front of me and bent down and kissed me. I was totally shocked and asked what he was doing. He reached down and pulled the top of my dress open and revealed my white lace bra at which time I realized that he was talking about me. I asked him how he knew what my underwear looked like. He said that watching me clean the stairs had its advantages.

Even though I had fantasies, I had never so much as kissed anyone other than my fiancé`. He stepped back and apologized and I think he, truly, felt bad about what he had done. He then walked out of the house and out onto the deck where he remained as I finished cleaning his house. When I was done, I gathered my things and went out to tell him I was leaving. When he paid me, I bent down and kissed him on the lips and turned and walked away.
With thousands of thoughts mixed with feelings of guilt racing through my mind, I could not wait for the following Monday when I was to go back and clean for John again. This would be the beginning of my life as a Hot Wife.

The following Monday, I raced home and took my time showering and dressing and returned to John’s house to clean. Dressed in a denim mini skirt and half tee shirt with no sleeves, I went to his house and found him working in his barn. I will never forget how he looked standing there shirtless with sweat glistening on his chest and stomach. I wanted to stay in the barn with him but he told me the house was unlocked and he would be up when he finished in the barn. As I turned to walk away, he said that his girlfriend would really be pissed if she could read his mind that day. I smiled and kissed him and told him my fiancé` would be pissed too.

While I was cleaning upstairs, I heard him come in but by the time I got downstairs, he was in the shower so I went back to what I was doing. As I was coming down the stairs, he stood at the bottom wearing only a pair of shorts. He watched every step I made and complimented me on my panties at which I, brazenly, replied that I had made sure to match them with my bra just for him. He smiled and asked why my fiancé` would be pissed. I stepped down in front of him and put my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. As I kissed him, I slipped my hand down over his chest and stomach to the front of his shorts. I could not believe I was doing what I was doing. I felt his hard cock pressing against his shorts and as I rubbed it, he raised my top and massaged my breasts with both hands. He could have taught my fiancé` a lot because I was more turned on at that moment than I had ever been with my fiancé`.

He pulled his mouth from mine and unfastened my bra and sucked my breasts while he pulled up my skirt and massaged me through my panties. My legs were quivering and he pushed me back and sat me on the stairs behind me. He pulled my panties off and lowered his head between my legs and made me do something that I had only heard about before. It was my first orgasm and I thought I was going to faint. He stood up and pulled down his shorts and pushed his cock into my mouth. I had sucked my fiancé` but had never enjoyed it. I not only enjoyed sucking John, I didn’t want to stop. That day, I learned all about what my friends in school had been telling me about the pleasures of sex.

Every day for the next 5 weeks, except for weekends, I went to his house and got my daily dose of real sex. By then, I had a key to his house and would even leave work at lunch and wait on his girlfriend to leave and would go in and suck him off. One day, when I went in, he stopped me before I went down on him and warned me that he had just had sex with his girlfriend and had not cleaned up yet. I had always fantasized about having sex with another woman and had no qualms about going down on him. The taste of her and his juice drove me wild. I loved it.

On the day I was to be married, I wanted John and called him and asked him to meet me at a park near the church where I was to be married. It was like I just could not get enough of him. As I walked down the aisle that afternoon, I was sore and my panties were damp with his cum that oozed out of me with each step.

I thought when I moved out of town to live with my husband, I would be able to get him off of my mind and it worked for about a month then I wanted him so bad, I drove back home just to be with him. My husband had no idea that I had ever been with anyone else and was not the least bit suspicious so I found myself driving back to be with John at least once per week. John knew I liked the taste of his girlfriend on him and would make it a point to have sex with her just before she left in the afternoons that I was coming to see him.

Just before I had been married for a year, my husband found out what I had been doing and divorced me and I couldn’t have been happier. I returned home and went back to work at the factory and continued seeing John every chance I got which was not near enough. By then, the acne on my face had cleared up and other guys started coming around and even though I flirted with them, I didn’t have sex with them.

John knew how much I loved sex and insisted that I play the field for a while and assured me that I could still be with him whenever his girlfriend wasn’t there. I found out that wearing low cut and sleeveless tops and no bra brought plenty of attention my way and I started taking guys up on their offers. It got to the point where I would be with a different guy each day and I always told John who they were and what I had done with them which seemed to turn him on even more so than usual.

There was one guy in town who I had always found extremely attractive. He was my age and I had known him most of my life but we had never been anything more than just friends. One evening, I saw him at a softball game and he asked me if I still cleaned houses. I told him that I did and he asked if I would be interested in cleaning his apartment on Mondays after work. I told him that was the time I cleaned John’s house so I would have to see if I could make a schedule change.

When I talked to John about it, he told me I could clean Glenn’s apartment then come to clean his house after I was done which gave me an idea. I told Glenn that I would have to come to his apartment without going home to clean up first and he suggested that I bring a change of clothes and shower at his apartment which was working out just the way I wanted. The first evening I went to his apartment, I “accidently” left my clothes in his bedroom before I went across the hall to take a shower. There was a large mirror in his den than reflected down the hall so I made it a point to walk nude from the shower so he could see me in the mirror.

My plan worked and if he was not interested in sex with me before, he definitely was after I walked down his hall and he came to the bedroom where I was getting dressed and well both of us got what we wanted. I had already cleaned his apartment before I took the shower so I left and went straight to John’s. I told him what had happened and rather than wait for me to clean his house, he led me to the bedroom and proceeded to go down on me even though he knew that I had just been filled with Glenn’s cum.

I don’t think he nor I had ever been as turned on as we were that evening and the sex that followed was even more awesome than usual. Fast forward a year and John and his girlfriend split up and he and I became engaged and we have been very happily married since 1993. We left Kentucky and moved to Tennessee. I continue to have boyfriends on the side and John knows all about each of them. I also have one girlfriend in which I, occasionally, share with him.

Maybe I will share more later.

Kim - Tennessee, USA

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July 17, 2013

Toilet Cubicle

I’ve often had the fantasy of seeing my partner get dragged off to a toilet by a dominant guy. I’ve often thought how exciting it would be to hear the noises from outside the cubicle and then venture into the next one and carefully peek over the top. How hot would it be to be greeted by this scene by HotwifeMarion

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

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July 15, 2013

Creampie made wife cum

Cuckold Place Update

Wife Cumming Because He Cums In Her?

Had a pretty wild and new experience last night. Had two guys over to fuck the wife. One guy had a pretty average cock (about 6 inches but pretty thick) the other guy is well hung (about 8″x6″). They took turns on her for about 1.5 hours and had her cumming like a machine every 3 or 4 minutes. Finally the smaller dicked guy told her he was going to cum in her pussy and was having her tell him how bad she wanted to be cum in and calling her a cum slut. She was really into it. He kept announcing that he was getting closer and closer and she said that she wanted to feel him shoot in her pussy. Then just as he shot his load in her she had a majorly intense orgasm. He rolled off of her and big dick took his turn and a few minutes later he announced that he was going to cum. Again, just as he shot his load in her she had a major orgasm.

After they left I asked her about it and she said that she always gets off when a guy cums in her, but that they had her so turned on that the feel of their cum spurting into her pussy made her have an immediate orgasm. She said she had never experienced it before but that it was the most amazing feeling she has ever had.

I am so turned on by this that I can hardly think of anything else. The idea of my wife being brought to immediate orgasm by the feel of another man pumpimg his cum into her pussy is so erotic!

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By: stubbyhubby36


July 13, 2013

Daytime stranger creampie

UK slut dogging wife Rachel Reveals finds a guy to fuck her in broad daylight.


Decided to head out this afternoon for a bit of daytime dogging, I always tend to stick to night time for obvious reasons but there really is something very horny about being fucked in broad daylight.

Slipping on my stockings and heels, we jumped in the car and headed up to Painswick Beacon – there was quite a few dog walkers around due to it being a sunny afternoon, there was also 2 single guys sat in car.

Feeling naughty, I stepped out of my car, hitched up my skirt to revel my stocking tops – walked to the bonnet of my car and perched on the bonnet for a brief moment, then continued to walk to the rear of my car and then on into a secluded wooded area not far from the main dirt track.

I sat myself down on a grassy section with my legs slightly open and within a couple of minutes I had company, one of the single guys had followed me into the woods. He didn’t really say anything at all, I smiled at him and beckoned him over to tough me by spreading my legs rather wide to expose shaven pussy.

He moved forward and instantly put out his hand to touch my cunt, I guided his hand onto my sex and he slipped his fingers into my wet pussy, reaching toward his groin, I undid his jeans and released his hard prick. I laid back on the ground letting my legs fall wide open, smiled and mouthed “fuck me!”

Without anything else being said what so ever, he took his hard cock in his right hand and guided it into my dripping wet fuck hole getting his full shaft in as deep as he could, he banged his cock into me with sheer pleasure! He proceeded to vigorously hammer and hump my slutty little fuck hole into the ground making my legs waggle like a filthy little fuck rag doll.

He was so into fucking and spunking up my easy dogging slutty cunt, he was totally unaware of my Hubby standing behind us snapping away with the camera!

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