June 9, 2013

Dinner with Client

Cuckold Place Update

Dinner with a new client

My wife Bonnie called yesterday at about 4 pm to tell me that she was going to a late dinner with her boss (and Master) Sean to entertain a new client. Bonnie is more than willing to do whatever Sean tells her to do and this attitude has lead to some very exciting days and nights for us both.

I got home to find Bonnie in the shower. I watched as she dressed for her dinner with Sean and EJ. Bonnie pulled on a pair of sheer thigh high stockings over her long tanned legs. She stepped into sheer white g-string panties and she admired her sexy ass in the mirror for a moment. She sat on the bed and pulled up a short tight navy blue miniskirt that hugged her ass even more. Next she put on a light blue see thru blouse over her white shelf bra. When she put her navy blue jacket on and buttoned it up you could still see plenty of her tits popping out the top of her blouse and jacket. Bonnie fussed with her makeup once more applying a wet look lip gloss before she headed for the door.

“No kiss for you dear, it will mess up my lip gloss and I want to look perfect for Sean and EJ” Bonnie told me.

Bonnie’s phone buzzed and she said “Sean is here to pick me up, I’ll call you only when he tells me too”. I watched my wife get into Sean’s car and immediately lean over to give him a long kiss before they drove off.

At about 9:30 my phone rang. “We just finished dinner, but we are heading to EJ’s hotel for drinks to close the deal.” I asked Bonnie what EJ looked like and she told me “EJ is incredibly handsome and I would love to see what his strong body looks like without his clothes on”. I could hear Sean in the background telling Bonnie that EJ had told him he found Bonnie very beautiful and said “he’d hit that in a heartbeat.” Sean just laughed.

At 11:00 I got a text from Bonnie giving me the name of the hotel where she was with Sean and EJ. She said she was in the ladies room, and EJ ahd asked Sean and Bonnie to come upstairs. I asked her if she was ready to fuck both men, and she said she was already dripping wet thinking about it.

I drove to the hotel in hopes that I could get to see my lovely wife in action with her Master and EJ. About 15 minutes into the drive my phone rang.

“Hey man, it’s Sean, your wife is doing just fine but she can’t talk right now cuz she has a mouth full of cock. You and I both know she loves to suck cock and she is giving EJ here one helluva blowjob. She looks as pretty as can be on her knees between his legs and let me tell you, her sweet pussy is soaking wet and ready for cock.”

Sean hung up as I pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. He called back about 10 minutes later and gave me a play by play description of my wife getting fucked by EJ.

“Man, Bonnie nearly ripped off EJ’s clothes after she stripped down herself. She pushed EJ back on the bed and continued to suck his cock in just her stockings and high heels. She slid up and started to ride EJ’s cock and she came within a few minutes. This bitch is hot, and she is gonna get fucked alright!”

Sean put the phone down on the bed as I could hear Bonnie now “Oh yes, oh yes, fuck my little white pussy with your big, black cock, oh yes, oh, oh, oh right there make me cuuuummm.”

Oh master, let him cum inside me, please, let him cum iside my pussy, please, I could hear Bonnie begging Sean to let EJ shoot his load deep inside her wet pussy.

“Do it man, fill that pussy full of cum” I could hear Sean telling EJ. Next I heard Bonnie screaming again as she was no doubt having another powerful orgasm. “Oh yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, make me cum again and aaahhhhhhh.”

the phone went silent and I saw the call was over. I sat in the car for another hour and a half before Bonnie called me.

“Honey you would not believe the night I just had. I must have cum at least half a dozen times. EJ is in the shower and I am really spent but Sean said we’re going to his apartment for more fun….did I tell you taht I haven;t even fucked my master yet, please don’t wait up.”

Little did she know I had listened to a portion of the night’s festivities… I had to drive home to jack off to the memories.

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By: roaddawg7


June 7, 2013


Gorgeous Hotwife Leslie Grey is back with some new piccies. Some naughtiness with a stranger in the great outdoors.


I’m not quite ready for an adults-only edition of the TV show “Hoarders,” but I can be quite a pack rat, particularly when it comes to my favorite and most comfortable clothes. At some point, we all have to say goodbye to that favorite pair of torn jeans, that threadbare t-shirt or those lucky panties (is that just me?). For this quick afternoon outing, I decided to sacrifice an old, reliable pair of jeans that simply had no days left. Not such a bad way to go out, maybe!

Well after getting myself worked up with my hands, I was so lucky to find a random dogger who had been watching my every move in this skimpy outfit. I had to let the guy release his build up load all over me.. Mmmmmmmmm







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June 5, 2013

Wife taken by 3

I am still deeply affected by something that happened when I was younger. My wife and I were at a party, circulating and meeting people separately and slowly getting drunk. At one moment I saw my wife through a doorway on a sofa with two predatory males who were slowly manipulating her towards something beyond her normal limits. I was at once shocked and at the same time fascinated as I watched these guys begin to french kiss and run their hands up inside her blouse. I could not believe the ease with which they were able to persuade her into allowing their advances. And she may have been a bit drunk but I couldn’t believe that she was allowing this to happen when she knew I was in the same building.

I was totally upset and yet found myself mesmerized as I watched them lead her into an upstairs room at the far end of the hallway as I slowly and secretly followed at a safe distance. We had been married for just two years and were so blindly in love that there seemed to be no issues of trust. But I was suddenly in a situation of hiding and watching whilst my wife was being anally fingered whilst taking another mans penis in her mouth.

It got worse. Another man entered the room, saw what was happening and took down his pants in order to be sucked. I felt hurt and yet excited as I hid and watched them penetrate her, sometimes individually and sometimes two at a time. I cold not understand what she was thinking. Was she concerned about us… Did she care?

Later I met her alone and we went home. I said nothing and nor did she. She never ever mentioned it. I wondered in the years we spent together if she had subsequent similar stories but I never asked. Eventually we separated and the lasting impression I have is of this one evening. There’s something indelible about a momentary sight of your partner opening her pussy for one man whilst sucking another as a third guy is working his fingers into her ass. It really hurts and still the memory of that night is turn on like no other.

Submitted by: Ollo - USA


June 3, 2013

Saturday night fantasy

Horny UK wife Rachel Reveals up to more extra-marital fun


Took a late night call on the member phone last night from a member very close to me, said his Mrs was away and he was real horny and always wanted a stranger to turn up, suck his cock hard and lay on the floor butt naked so he could ride her.

Well, feeling horny myself (when aren’t I?) I left hubby watching tv, grabbed my car keys and phone and nipped round to the guys house to take a fresh hot load.

Walking straight in I found him sat naked with a hardon ready to bury, I stripped naked, sucked on his cock for about a minute then led down face front as requested.

Standing above me he came down in the squatted position, spread my legs and slipped his cock inside of me – he then proceeded to pump my pussy hole while grabbing handfuls of my lush round ass, fucking me good and hard until he spewed his load.

Once full, I stood – pulled on my black panties and the rest of my clothes and left!

Of course as soon as I got home I stripped again and sat straight on hubby’s rock hard cock and told him exactly what a dirty cheating hotwife I had just been – and yep, I took his load too.

Sadly because of the position and the briefness of the encounter I only managed to get 2 pics which aren’t amazing quality due to the room being poorly lit – but I’m sure you get the jist!

Rach xxx




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June 1, 2013

My Wifes First

My wife is a stunning beauty to whom I’ve been married to for 9 years. She is 5′6″ tall, blondish brown hair, glasses, a little weight from having two kids but it gives her the best curves a husband could ask for. She often complains about her size and wants to loose weight but I try to explain how she is beautiful and is perfect just the way she is. This story is fictional but how I had hoped for things to go….

It was in April 2009 when me and my wife had our last bit of intimacy and she had heard enough about my fantasy. She just couldn’t ever see herself being with a black man even though I had tried to explain time and time again my reasons for it. It is the fact they are more endowed and the color of the contrasting skin that makes me want to see it so bad. Hopes that maybe for once she will learn the joys of sex, instead of having to act like she wanted it or to have to do things she didn’t want to do just to make me happy. She had already had enough and decided it was time to see what the real world was all about. After two kids and being married at the age of 22, she needed to know what was out there. I tried to talk her into trying my fantasy just to see if she at least enjoyed sex at that experience. I told her that we could set it up together and meet on neutral territory as to not let the man know where we live. With much reluctance she agreed. I already had one guy I talked to from time to time named Adrian. I met him on the computer and found he was a strapping young man who had just what we were looking for.

Adrian was about 190 pounds of muscle, a nice six pack, very well groomed and a 9 1/2 inch uncut cock that I was certain she would love. I talked to him and told him all the things we had discussed previously and that my wife finally agreed though reluctant. I asked him if he was still interested and if he could send me pics to show her as she would want to talk to him first and then meet him before anything happened. He gladly agreed and sent pics along with his phone number saying call anytime. My wife and I emailed back and forth with him for a couple of months and then finally decided to talk to him on the phone. He sounded very well educated and respectful when we talked to him the first time so we agreed to meet him for drinks. We figured what could it hurt, worst thing she could do was say no and that she wasn’t interested.

We met Adrian at a bar not to far from the house and yet close enough to motels, it could happen if she agreed. We went into the bar and found a dim seat back in the corner of the bar where we could talk and be alone, now we just had to wait on him. My wife wore a black dress that was cross cut in the front showing how ample her breast were and went to mid thigh showing of her sexy long legs. I could have died right there and been in heaven. As I admired her beauty, a black man about 6′, toned and well dressed entered the bar. He scanned the room to see if he found who he was supposed to me. I held up my hand and he came to the table. He asked to join us and sat down at the booth. We made our introductions and chatted from there. We had a few drinks and I could tell my wife was feeling intoxicated. I told him we better head home before she became any more drunk but that is when she surprised me and said no. She said that we would go to the hotel and continue our conversation. Now mind you, our conversation had ranged anywhere from work to sex and hobbies so it was an interesting evening so far. I asked her if she was certain and she said that she had pondered it over in her mind all night and yes she was sure.

We made it to the Super 8 motel about 11 pm after stopping to get some drinks to take back to the hotel. In anticipation of the yes, I had brought the video camera, camera, massage oils, and a restraint system that goes under the mattress with a blindfold. We sat around and talked more until about 1 am when we realized how late and drunk we were really getting. Adrian said watch this and stood up at that point and took his shirt off. He had a six pack and was defined like I had never seen. I looked over to see my wife looking and didn’t even notice I was there. He then took his pants off and you could see the outline of his bulging tool through his boxers. He hadn’t even got hard yet and looked to be 6 inches long. April was awestruck that this was even happening as she didn’t even notice me getting my camera ready or video camera out.

Adrian walked over to the bed and asked if she like what she saw so far and all she could do was nod. He took her hand and placed it on his boxers where his cock was. She gasped at the size of it and began to rub on it. As it grew it began to move upward and he told her to go ahead and remove the boxers. She slipped her fingers in the waistline and with a tug of his boxers, his cock sprang out and almost hit her in the face. Normally my wife doesn’t give blowjobs but tonight she had an uncut black cock staring her dead in the face. April reached up and took a hold of Adrian’s cock and her hand wouldn’t even fit around the shaft. She moved her hand up and down the shaft and started to lick the head. The purplish colored head started to come out as his cock hardened more. She pulled the foreskin back and started to put the cock in her mouth. I had turned the video camera on and was taking pictures as she tried to get as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. I had already put the restraints on the bed and asked him if he was going to massage her first. He was more than ready to accommodate her.

We had her take her dress off which left her in her panties. They were a nice pair of lace boy shorts. He slowly removed her panties to reveal he lovely hair that covered her sopping wet hotness. We laid her down on the bed and he blindfolded her while I put the cuffs around her wrists and ankles.

As Adrian started to straddle her to massage her, she squirmed as his cock started to touch her delicate skin. He slowly poured oil on her back, but and legs letting it slowly drip down her behind to her inner thighs and waiting pussy. He slowly started to rub her back and as he did she could feel his thick shaft pressing at her thighs.She was longing to have that thick cock in her, stretching her waiting walls and making her feel pleasure that she has never felt. But Adrian was having none of that just yet. He continued to tease her and massage her as she squirmed to get him in her.

Adrian then had her turn over and reattached her to the bed. He poured oil over her body and started on her shoulders massaging her while he now was straddling her to the point his cock was pressing against her waiting pussy. As he slowly moved down to her breast, he rubbed over her breast and lightly pinched the nipples making her gasp as the pain yet pleasure she found from it.

After he has finished massaging her breast, he lightly licked them and then bit the nipples enough to make it pleasure them to where they stood at full attention. He keep moving down rubbing her stomach and legs making sure to avoid her pussy. He works down her legs and massages her feet. This puts her in pure ecstasy as he knows just where to push to get her juices flowing. He slowly leaned down as he massaged her calves again and lightly licked at her hotbox making her want more.

He takes the oil and pours over her pussy as he inserts the two middle fingers into her waiting pussy. He starts to move his hand up and down hitting the spot she had never thought she had. She started to have a massive full body orgasm that made her pussy shoot her juices out and she moaned like never before. This made her want to feel that cock in her even more now.

He moves up and gives her a long kiss as she grabs his cock trying to get him in her. He then starts to rub his cock up and down her waiting swollen labia lips and pussy. Without waiting, he pushes his cock all the way in, burying his 9 1/2″ as she cringed as he hit her hilt. He held it there giving her time to adjust to the size.

She started to get used to the size so he starts to move in and out causing her a mix of pain and pleasure. As he keeps going the pain slowly subsides and is replaced by the most fulfilling and largest cock she has ever had. Her pussy walls are being stretched and she fills her pussy is as full as it ever has been.

As Adrian moves in and out, she can feel her second orgasm building all through her body and he knows it. He starts to pick up pace to make sure she gets the fullest pleasure she can. He feels her pussy start to contract around his thick shaft as she has her second but strongest orgasm she has ever had. She is screaming out his name by this point and had many orgasms before the night was through. As Adrian got ready to cum, she swore she could feel his cock getting bigger than it had been yet. He then buried his cock to her hilt and squirted stream after stream of hot sperm deep into her causing her yet another orgasm.

We all got cleaned up after the experience and said goodnight as I am sure we would see him again. My wife and I then prepared as I started rubbing her vagina and going down on her before I finished her off myself. I shut the video camera off and we snuggled up for a nights sleep after the long night of my wife’s first.

By txwriter29

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