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June 29, 2013

Our Cuckold Progress

Cuckold Place Update

Our cuckold progress

The last 3 months have been intense. I’ve been trying for years to get my wife to consider being with another guy. Planting the idea years ago and introducing the subject often over many, many years. While she understood the fantasy, it just was not something she was going to do, so I had to settle for dirty talk in bed and fantasizing with people on this forum & chatroom.

At the beginning of this year we decided to plan a trip to Las Vegas for some much needed alone time. About 2 months before our trip in mid May she shocked me by saying that she was thinking about really having some fun on our trip and would like to try playing out my cuckold fantasy. Over the following two months we spent a lot of time talking about scenarios to make it happen and what to do to prepare. Of course I told her anything she needed or wanted I would make sure she got including wax jobs, clothes and jewelry. She took advantage of that and more as well as working out her already in shape body. Her request to me to pick up condoms for our Vegas trip just about sent me over the edge! She also stated that we would not wear our wedding rings while on vacation. In fact, she removed her ring the full month before our trip to ensure there would be no tan line or ring indentation. She told me that while there, we were “friends” only. There would be not public affection and I was simply a travel partner. I was also informed that if she did meet someone, I would not be present for any sexual activity. She did not want an audience, rather she wanted to really let loose when getting fucked. Of course my answer was “I’m fine with that”!

Once in Vegas, I got to enjoy seeing her really blossom from the committed wife I’ve been married to for all these years into a flirting “single” woman. To watch her flirt with strangers was a dream come true and to hear her tell me which guys she thought she might be with was so hot. She did warn me of two things before our trip. One was that she might turn into an animal if this were to happen, so I better be sure as there would be no turning back. The other was that it might not happen as she is very picky about who she is with. I understood and was prepared to be very content knowing she was open to it and I would get to see her flirt which was a BIG step.

The first couple nights went by and lots of flirting by her, but no hooking up. We both expected that it may not happen this trip, but set the stage for the next one. On the last night, she did meet someone she found hot and by chance I had stepped away to cash some chips, leaving her at the bar alone for 10 minutes. When I return, I see she is engaged in some heavy flirting with someone and so I stay my distance and wander the casino. The next thing I know, I’m getting a one line text from her “heading to room”. I think my heart must have stopped and all the blood in my head flowed to my dick! Something was going to happen and there was not turning back.

I waited for 1 half hours before hearing from here again with “heading back down”. When I finally found her in the casino, she had a big smile, bed head and the just fucked look. She would not let me touch or kiss her in case her new friend were to still be there. We finally headed back to our hotel room and I was blown away by her description of every detail, the two used condoms discarded on the bed, the smell of sex in the room and the sight of my sexy wife in the afterglow of sex. She was sore and tired, so she went to sleep. I was up all night, horny and unable to sleep for the excitement of what had happened. The next morning she was still sore, but gave me the BEST blow job of my life. I finally got my release too and my cuckold fantasy fulfilled.

After coming home we spent the next couple weeks in the afterglow of what had happened and talked about the next trip needing to happen soon as we were both now addicted to the experience. Figuring it would be awhile before we could play again, it was so hot to find out that she was already lining up her next fling. She told me that she had been flirting with him in town for many months and that he is her ultimate fantasy, but didn’t figure anything would come of it. Well, it’s progressed to the point now that they have a meeting set up next week to get together and have been trading texts and pictures for several days now. She’s already told me that she plans on this one being a regular thing.

For all these years I could only fantasize about her possibly hooking up even once and am now facing it happening twice in one months time! It took a long time, but it made us much more prepared for the whole thing and I can see that there is no turning back for either of us.

I’ll update again after they finally get together

My wife

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By: slutluver3

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