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June 5, 2013

Wife taken by 3

I am still deeply affected by something that happened when I was younger. My wife and I were at a party, circulating and meeting people separately and slowly getting drunk. At one moment I saw my wife through a doorway on a sofa with two predatory males who were slowly manipulating her towards something beyond her normal limits. I was at once shocked and at the same time fascinated as I watched these guys begin to french kiss and run their hands up inside her blouse. I could not believe the ease with which they were able to persuade her into allowing their advances. And she may have been a bit drunk but I couldn’t believe that she was allowing this to happen when she knew I was in the same building.

I was totally upset and yet found myself mesmerized as I watched them lead her into an upstairs room at the far end of the hallway as I slowly and secretly followed at a safe distance. We had been married for just two years and were so blindly in love that there seemed to be no issues of trust. But I was suddenly in a situation of hiding and watching whilst my wife was being anally fingered whilst taking another mans penis in her mouth.

It got worse. Another man entered the room, saw what was happening and took down his pants in order to be sucked. I felt hurt and yet excited as I hid and watched them penetrate her, sometimes individually and sometimes two at a time. I cold not understand what she was thinking. Was she concerned about us… Did she care?

Later I met her alone and we went home. I said nothing and nor did she. She never ever mentioned it. I wondered in the years we spent together if she had subsequent similar stories but I never asked. Eventually we separated and the lasting impression I have is of this one evening. There’s something indelible about a momentary sight of your partner opening her pussy for one man whilst sucking another as a third guy is working his fingers into her ass. It really hurts and still the memory of that night is turn on like no other.

Submitted by: Ollo - USA

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