June 29, 2013

Our Cuckold Progress

Cuckold Place Update

Our cuckold progress

The last 3 months have been intense. I’ve been trying for years to get my wife to consider being with another guy. Planting the idea years ago and introducing the subject often over many, many years. While she understood the fantasy, it just was not something she was going to do, so I had to settle for dirty talk in bed and fantasizing with people on this forum & chatroom.

At the beginning of this year we decided to plan a trip to Las Vegas for some much needed alone time. About 2 months before our trip in mid May she shocked me by saying that she was thinking about really having some fun on our trip and would like to try playing out my cuckold fantasy. Over the following two months we spent a lot of time talking about scenarios to make it happen and what to do to prepare. Of course I told her anything she needed or wanted I would make sure she got including wax jobs, clothes and jewelry. She took advantage of that and more as well as working out her already in shape body. Her request to me to pick up condoms for our Vegas trip just about sent me over the edge! She also stated that we would not wear our wedding rings while on vacation. In fact, she removed her ring the full month before our trip to ensure there would be no tan line or ring indentation. She told me that while there, we were “friends” only. There would be not public affection and I was simply a travel partner. I was also informed that if she did meet someone, I would not be present for any sexual activity. She did not want an audience, rather she wanted to really let loose when getting fucked. Of course my answer was “I’m fine with that”!

Once in Vegas, I got to enjoy seeing her really blossom from the committed wife I’ve been married to for all these years into a flirting “single” woman. To watch her flirt with strangers was a dream come true and to hear her tell me which guys she thought she might be with was so hot. She did warn me of two things before our trip. One was that she might turn into an animal if this were to happen, so I better be sure as there would be no turning back. The other was that it might not happen as she is very picky about who she is with. I understood and was prepared to be very content knowing she was open to it and I would get to see her flirt which was a BIG step.

The first couple nights went by and lots of flirting by her, but no hooking up. We both expected that it may not happen this trip, but set the stage for the next one. On the last night, she did meet someone she found hot and by chance I had stepped away to cash some chips, leaving her at the bar alone for 10 minutes. When I return, I see she is engaged in some heavy flirting with someone and so I stay my distance and wander the casino. The next thing I know, I’m getting a one line text from her “heading to room”. I think my heart must have stopped and all the blood in my head flowed to my dick! Something was going to happen and there was not turning back.

I waited for 1 half hours before hearing from here again with “heading back down”. When I finally found her in the casino, she had a big smile, bed head and the just fucked look. She would not let me touch or kiss her in case her new friend were to still be there. We finally headed back to our hotel room and I was blown away by her description of every detail, the two used condoms discarded on the bed, the smell of sex in the room and the sight of my sexy wife in the afterglow of sex. She was sore and tired, so she went to sleep. I was up all night, horny and unable to sleep for the excitement of what had happened. The next morning she was still sore, but gave me the BEST blow job of my life. I finally got my release too and my cuckold fantasy fulfilled.

After coming home we spent the next couple weeks in the afterglow of what had happened and talked about the next trip needing to happen soon as we were both now addicted to the experience. Figuring it would be awhile before we could play again, it was so hot to find out that she was already lining up her next fling. She told me that she had been flirting with him in town for many months and that he is her ultimate fantasy, but didn’t figure anything would come of it. Well, it’s progressed to the point now that they have a meeting set up next week to get together and have been trading texts and pictures for several days now. She’s already told me that she plans on this one being a regular thing.

For all these years I could only fantasize about her possibly hooking up even once and am now facing it happening twice in one months time! It took a long time, but it made us much more prepared for the whole thing and I can see that there is no turning back for either of us.

I’ll update again after they finally get together

My wife

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By: slutluver3


June 27, 2013

Meet Lindy

Say hello to Hotwife Lindy, loving Mother by day and naughty slut by night.

Hi I’m Lindy, a real cock loving slutwife. Some years ago (I think it was in 1998) me and my husband started to live this kind of lifestyle. In the beginning I wasn’t a typical swinging girl. I always was a curious girl and used to have sex with girls and men, but before I met my husband I never thought about having sex with strangers, especially with GROUPS of strangers. So - as we started the swinging thing - I was looking for other girls usually. Or couples with a bi-female at least. I really loved a hot threesome with 2 girls and 1 guy, or a typical swinger scene with 2 girls and 2 guys. I still love that.

This was the situation as I first realized, that my sister-in-law Marion runs an own website, where this shameless girl fucks with guys, many guys, and with her husband (the brother of my husband) filming the parties. I admit, I was shocked at first. Until the day we talked with Marion and Steve about what we’ve seen on their site. My state of shock quickly turned into something I can only describe as ‘naughty curiousity’. The more Marion told about her real-life gangbang adventures the more I was turned on. And so it didn’t take long til I joined one of Marions parties. It was a very large crowd (30 or 40 guys) and I couldn’t believe it: All those well hung guys only for ONE woman? Well, at first I was shy and afraid and wanted to escape from this incredible scenery. But thank god, I stayed. I wasn’t ready to let such a large crowd fuck me, but I was curious enough to go with SOME of the guys on one of the couches. Maybe 4 or 5 guys and they fucked the brain out of my head. I felt great.

That was my first gangbang ever and I really enjoyed it. From this day on I was infected by the gangbang virus. Through the next weeks I joined more gangbangs. At private parties, in sex clubs and theaters. Step by step I let more guys fuck me, until - one year after I first found Marion website - I was the same kinky gangbang slut like my good girl Marion. In this first year I had fucked more guys than my whole life before. Incredible. Also my husband quickly loved to watch me being the center of attraction. So we are the perfect couple. And that’s what we still are.

Today I’m an easy bitch, a gangbang slut, a swinging whore that gives away her body to many men frequently. And I’m proud of it. When I’m naughty I’m naughty and I wanna fuck right here and now. So I’m often cruising the different places I know (or sometimes I’m just about to know) to find guys to fuck with. The more the merrier. Most of the time my husband escorts me when I’m on the roads or at the bars or discos or parties or carparks or adult theaters, you name it. But sometimes I’m even alone on the road, looking for one (or more guys) to have fun with.

My husband loved it to watch me having fun with other guys and I love to have sex with other guys. For some years I tried out organizing gangbangs or bukkake parties, but some day I had enough. Hosting big parties means to wait a long long time to get some hard dicks. It’s July and I plan for a party in August or September to get enough dicks to feed me. In my opinion it’s not the best way to satisfy your sexual needs. And hosting big parties also tastes so ‘professional’. And I hate being professional. I’m not a professional actress or prostitute or whatever. I’m just a wife, a slutwife, with an enormous hunger for cock and cum. And that’s it.

But after doing gangbangs the spontaneous way (in Adult Theaters for instance) for several years I had to learn that this was not enough cock for me. You know, on one suprising gangbang which is great (many cocks, much cum) are five or six who aren’t that great (not enough cocks, bat temper etc.). For example in Adult Theaters, it’s not guaranteed that you find many cocks there, sometimes there only two or three old guys running around and that’s it.

So in 2007 I began to host my own gangbang exploits again. By this time Marion thankfully joined my parties permanently. These days we let dozens of guys cum on us and fuck us at our very dirty and very kinky gangbang parties we’re regular hosting. It’s big fun and we both didn’t wanna miss it.


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June 25, 2013

Business Trip

This is what happens when our wives go away on business trips…

I love my woman because she is completely honest with me and shares very interesting “things” with me. She called me during a recent business trip and let me listen to this guy fuck her. He made her cum twice (I love to hear the noises she makes when she is getting pleasured) and then he was VERY loud when he lost it. Looks like she was a very “good girl” to him. He gave her quite a bit (see picture below) Can’t blame him. She is SO sexy!

Messy Wife Pussy

Submitted by: N, Georgia - USA


June 23, 2013

Tamaras Gangbang

Had some more requests for another set of pictures from our Eastern European friends at Czech Gangbang. Here’s the diary update about Hotwife Tamara’s creampie orgy!


Nothing is impossible! The eleventh Czech gangbang took part in the flat of one young couple from Prague. The husband sent us an email mentioning he would like to see a gang of men fucking his beloved wife, ideally in their place and of course, in front of his eyes. We prepared a bunch of horny men for Tamara, a 35-year old beauty and her husband was more than shocked when he saw them all coming into their flat and misusing his wife. Tamara, a nurse from ICU, revealed her true nature; she is extremely horny and a really kinky wife. She never had enough and wanted to fuck, swallow, lick and have her clit rubbed all the time. She said she liked that the best. She even let many of the guys fuck her tight ass, she didn’t hesitate to try DP and she let them to cum inside her pussy. You just won’t believe this. When this party was over, all that was left in the flat was Tamara, fucked beyond her imagination and covered in semen.

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

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June 21, 2013

Shelias Back

Here’s an update from black cock loving Hotwife Shelia

Hey sorry I had not kept in touch as I wanted to. But an update for you, and your site. Well I am jumping back into this BIGTIME. Going to make videos of me fucking black men. In these videos I will only do the guys bareback, taking full loads deep inside me. Just wanted to update you. Will send more updates soon. Working on setting up my own website and will be sending some “sneak peek” pics soon, as I will be starting to hook up and get with black men within a week at most. I can’t wait.


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June 19, 2013

Dee’s naughty party

Gorgeous hotwife Dee Siren throws some hot parties.
Here Dee invites another slut wife over to help her take on a room of men. They both get fucked in every way possible and get covered in tons of cum. Dee’s Husband comes home later to find his wife exhausted and very messy!

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Hotwife Blog Profile - Dee Siren - 2011

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June 17, 2013

My work affair

Hotwife Angie writes in about her she finally agreed to her Husband’s desires for her to take another man. It was the best decision she has ever made.


It all started when my husband David told me he fantasizes about me with other men. That scared the shit out of me. After 12 years of marriage, 2 kids, stretch marks and 30 lbs. heavier, I questioned why he said that. Was he trying to get rid of me? Did he want to be swingers so he could be with younger, better looking women? I was confused and scared. What did I do wrong?

A few months went by without this topic being brought up. I was relieved. I hoped it was just a phase he was going though, but it wasn’t. One night we had a few drinks and got on the topic of past sexual experiences. I told him about one night I was drunk at a friends house and got a little wild. There was a guy there that I had a crush on for a long time. As I got into the details, I noticed David was becoming quite aroused. Then he told me I should find that guy and do it again. That really made me mad. I told him I’m not a slut and I only want to be with him. I asked him to never bring that up again.

A few more months went by and he never brought it up, but our sex lives fell way off. I actually thought he was cheating, so I checked his phone and found nothing. Then I checked his computer and found out that he kept looking at cuckold websites. I didn’t know what that was, so I checked it out. What I found was a relief. He wasn’t cheating! He was secretly fantasizing about me. I studied the websites and figured out how to fix our sex lives.

That night I told David about a guy at work named Paul that was always flirting with me. That definitely got his attention. He asked everything about Paul. When I said that Paul was attractive, I noticed David was getting an erection. We made love that night like it was our honeymoon night. Any time I said anything about Paul, we made love. I started to realize that I was in total control of our sex lives and I loved it.

One night we were out drinking and David asked if Paul was still flirting with me. When I said yes, he said I should flirt back just to see what Paul would do. I realized he was never going to stop bringing up this topic. So I finally asked him why he wants me to do this. He said he really didn’t know why it turns him on but it’s all he thinks about and he would do anything for me if I would do it. I called his bluff and he wasn’t lying. He took me shopping and bought everything I wanted, clothes, make-up, a new purse and even a new radio for my car. Then he cooked dinner, did the dishes and gave me a nice back massage. He was turned on thinking I would flirt with Paul and I was turned on by getting anything I want.

At work the next day, Paul told me he wished that I wasn’t married. Instead of ignoring him I asked him what he meant by that. He said he thought I was hot and he had wanted me for a long time, but didn’t want to piss me off by trying anything. I smiled and said that I wouldn’t get pissed off, then I walked away. All of a sudden I was extremely excited wondering what the hell did I just do? What was Paul going to try now? I only saw him once or twice a day but the next few weeks became very interesting.

The next morning I pulled up at work and Paul parked right next to me and I got nervous. As we walked in, he asked if I would go to lunch with him and I agreed to. I was nervous and excited all the way to lunch time. Paul drove and we just talked about work. He asked if we could do lunch every day and I said I would like that. The next day I drove. On the way back, Paul rubbed my leg and asked if that was ok and I said yes. As his hand started rubbing higher, I became very wet. Nervous and scared was replaced with excited and horny. We got back to work and he put my hand on his crotch and said see what you do to me? He was about half hard and felt very big. He kissed me and then we went back to work. That night I told David what happened. He was so turned on he practically raped me. Just as we started making love, David told me to call him Paul and show him what I wanted to do. That was a little awkward but I’m glad I did it because that was the best sex we ever had. The next morning David asked me to wear sweat pants with no panties to work. I said I would if he would clean the entire house and make dinner. We both agreed.

The next morning at work, I was reading the bulletin board. Paul snuck up behind me and kissed my neck. His dick was pressed into my ass and I could feel it growing. He said he had something special planned for lunch but wouldn’t tell me what it was. I knew that day was the day it would happen and I was right. Paul borrowed his friends van. We got inside and he had lunch prepared and drove to the park. He guided me to the back of the van where there was a bed. He laid me down and started kissing me. before I knew it, his fingers were inside of me and I instantly came. Then he undressed both of us and straddled me over his face. His tongue entered me and I took him into my mouth. His dick kept growing and growing until it was bigger than anything I’ve ever seen and I wanted it inside of me. He flipped me over and slid up between my legs and started kissing me again. He slowly entered me and it was incredible. With each stroke he got deeper and deeper. Then he fucked me really hard and I came over and over. He was an animal. Then we both came together and it was so intense I almost passed out. Then it was back to work. On my way home I felt guilty because I just cheated on David! I told David what I did and how bad I felt about it. He said it wasn’t cheating at all and I would have never done it if he didn’t want me to. He was right and it was obvious how much he loved me doing it. That night David fucked me even harder than Paul did.

That was over a year ago. Our relationship is better now than it ever was. We both do whatever the other wants us to do and love it. David cooks and cleans, I have sex, and neither of us could be happier. My only regret is that it took David 12 years to ask me to do this!

I hope this letter helps anyone considering this amazing lifestyle.
To the men: Don’t hesitate to ask!
To the women: Don’t hesitate to do it! The first time you do it and you see how your husband responds, you will be glad you did it… for both of you!

Submitted by: Angie, Ohio, USA


June 15, 2013

Back in Black

Hot-bodied hotwife Serena Biscotti diary update

Back in Black

I could very easily go into some wild, sexy story line about the hot, mind blowing, interracial sex that my big black stud Frank Steed and I had in these photos. I could tell you about how I let him take my pussy in every position through the torn out crouch of my faded blue jeans. How we made out hard, kissing and losing our tongues in each others mouths. Or how my mouth was stretched wide by something else it would soon have in it. I could tell you about how he put me on my knees and ate me from behind, both my ass and pussy. I could mention how wet and wanting his big black cock made my pussy! And of course, I could tell you how he finally took me from behind, driving me deep and pounding me hard! I could even mention how good and right it felt to be having mind boggling interracial cheating sex again, something I just can not seem to stay away from even though I‘m a married little white girl. But I won’t bore you with those sort of details except to say Fucking & Sucking guys!! It was Big, Black and all up inside of me.








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June 13, 2013

Sandra goes slut

My name is Sandra and I’m 45 years old. My two sons have grown up and left home, and I seem to be enjoying a new phase of life with very few family or financial responsibilities. This in turn may be why I’ve felt my sex drive increase over the last year or so, as I have more time and energy for ‘me’. I’ve gone from being very self-conscious and barely tolerating sex with my husband Mike to now taking the initiative whenever I can. I love to dress in sexy underwear for him, or wear short skirts and tight little tops that would be more appropriate for a woman less than half my age, and I love to see the very visible effect this has on him!

One night I was teasing him in a very short pleated miniskirt and tight little crop top. I had nothing on under my skirt, except for a pair of very sheer nude tights that clearly showed off my hairy pussy. I said he could look but not touch, and went about some housework ensuring that he got lots of glimpses up my skirt and down my top. Eventually he grabbed me on the sofa and made me straddle him while he lifted up my top and played with my breasts. ‘I wish another man could see this’ he said out of the blue. ‘What if I was doing this with another man, and not with you?’ I found myself saying. By way of a reply he tore off my tights, got out his stiff cock and fucked me deep and hard, pushing my knees up and back to give himself a good view of my thighs and pussy. This is his favourite position, but this particular night there was something else firing him up - his cock was especially hard, and he came very quickly, all the time calling me his beautiful slut wife!

Discussing it later, Mike said he’d always had a fantasy about me having sex with another man, even to the point of preferring the fantasy to actually having sex with me himself. I felt a little put out by this, but also more than a little thrilled. Of late, I’d begun to regret being so ‘prim and proper’ when I was younger, and wished I’d played around a bit more before marriage. ‘Why don’t we make your fantasy a reality’ I said. By way of an answer, Mike was all over me again in an instant, fingering my wet fanny to another orgasm, while I wanked his still hard cock and insisted he call me his ’slut wife’ again!

A couple of weeks after this new development in our love life, I took a weekend pamper break at a country club in the Lake District with Pam, an old girlfriend - where, by prior agreement (and after several energetic fucks!) Mike and I had agreed that should any ‘opportunity’ arise, I had his full and enthusiastic permission to ‘go for it’.

Friday evening in the Lakes passed by uneventfully, and we spent the following day being massaged and exfoliated and generally pampered to within an inch of our lives. We then dined (healthily!) in the evening and enjoyed more than a few glasses of wine. About 10pm, Pam said she was going to have an early night as she felt so deeply relaxed. I on the other hand was feeling very energetic, and decided to stay for another drink. The public bar was getting quite noisy, so I went through to the resident’s bar, which was pretty much empty. The barman introduced himself as George and I bought us both a drink. We got chatting and I had a few more drinks and found myself warming to George. He was in his late-50s, immaculately dressed, tall and well-built, and quite the charmer. He suddenly announced that he had to close the bar, but asked me if I’d like to stay for a nightcap once he’d locked up. I don’t think I was imagining the suggestive look in his eye, and I found myself readily accepting his offer.

He fixed us both a drink and sat down next to me on the tall bar stools. I was wearing a little black wraparound dress cinched round the waist with a belt, sheer black tights and black ballet pumps. The only dignified way I could sit on the stool was to cross one leg over the other, but this caused my dress to fall open below the waist, revealing my thighs almost up to my knickers. George enjoyed a discrete eyeful while we chatted. I felt myself warming to an ‘opportunity’ and began shifting my legs, crossing and uncrossing them, not caring about how much of my thighs were on display. George said calmly ‘you have fantastic legs’. I felt a surge of sexual excitement and let my dress fall apart all the way to the waist, clearly showing him the tiny pink knickers I was wearing under my tights. George got down from his stool, stood between my open thighs and put his arms around me. We kissed passionately, our tongues meeting. ‘Take off my dress’ I said. George undid my belt and eased my dress down off my shoulders. I put my hand to the front of his trousers and felt his hard cock. I slipped off my stool, shrugged off my dress and knelt down in front of him, unzipping his fly and letting his cock spring free. It looked much fatter than my husband’s, and when I put my hand round it to wank him, my fingers and thumb wouldn’t meet! This was the only other cock I’d touched in 25 years, and I eagerly took him into my mouth whilst slowly wanking his fat shaft.

George stood me up and took me over to a nearby sofa. We kissed again and while I wanked him he started fingering me through my tights and knickers. It felt so horny, and reminded me of making out with boys when I was a teenager. I felt a strong orgasm building and opened my thighs as wide as I could. As I came I cried out ‘finger my wet fanny’ and I pushed my mound back against his hand and played with my own breasts and nipples.

George then undressed himself, and I admired his big build and his equally big cock and ball sack. His cock was standing upright, the foreskin pulled back to reveal his dark red cock head, glistening with pre-cum and my saliva. He told me to stand then took off my tights and wet knickers, whilst I unfastened my bra. I thought I would be self-conscious with another man - after two kids and 45 years my thighs, hips and bum are quite ‘generous’ to say the least! - but I felt sexually on fire and George was clearly enjoying my body. I sat back on the sofa naked with my knees up and open, displaying my hairy pussy which was now soaking wet and gaping wide open. I have very prominent labia and I began teasing them with my fingers and playing with my clitty. George’s fingers joined mine, and he began pulling and stretching my pussy lips whilst we french kissed deeply.

‘I need your big cock inside me’ I said.

George pulled my ass to the edge of the sofa and put the head of his cock between my pussy lips. I reached down and massaged his balls, pushing his cock deep inside me. I immediately began to orgasm again as George lifted my legs up and back, assuming my husband’s favourite position and looking down at my thighs and stretched open pussy. ‘Do you like what you see, fucking another man’s slut wife?’ I said, my voice breathy with lust.

George began fucking me vigorously, grunting with each thrust, his balls slapping against my bum cheeks. I told him ’spunk inside me’, but he said he wasn’t ready to finish yet. Instead, he withdrew his cock and made me kneel on the sofa with my arms over the back and my bum sticking out towards him. I felt tremendously exposed and naked, knowing that he could see my swollen pussy and now my little puckered anus too.

‘I loved your big sexy arse the moment I saw it tonight’ he said.

He began kissing and slapping my cheeks and pulling my pussy lips again, and then I felt his breath intimately on my other little place. ‘I love your gorgeous arse’ he panted, and began licking and kissing my anus. Then I felt his tongue probing me deeply there and it felt exquisite. I moaned and pushed myself back into him, and I could feel his whole face pressing into the cleft of my bum.

‘How slutty are you?’ George asked, pulling away from me. ‘Try me’ was all I said, knowing full well what was now about to happen.

He stood up, and then I felt his cock-head against my wet tongued anus. I’m no stranger to anal sex, and knew that the ‘only way in’ was for me to relax - but George’s cock was substantially bigger than my husband’s. He pressed his cock into me gently but firmly, but I just couldn’t take his girth. He knelt again and tongued my anus once more, really deeply, and I could hear him working his saliva into me. Resting my head on the back of the sofa I reached back with both hands and parted my bum cheeks for him to signal my readiness. Once again I felt his fat cock head probing my little hole and this time I relaxed completely and sat back on him. The head entered me and then I felt his thick shaft filling my behind. He kept withdrawing completely, then entering me deeply again. I felt dizzy with excitement and urged him to ‘fuck my slut arse’. But again he said he wasn’t finished yet!

He withdrew, turned me around, and once again lay me back on the sofa in the position so familiar to my husband. He raised my legs up so that my knees were either side of my breasts, then slid his cock down my bum cleft again, this time entering my behind effortlessly. He penetrated me deeply and began at last to come. ‘Spunk in my slut wife arse’ I urged him, and I could feel his cock pulsating, stretching my bum open even further. Finally spent, he withdrew noisily from me, and rested between my splayed legs. I wanked his still erect cock and massaged its wetness into my belly and thighs while we french kissed and tried to get our breath back.

Some time later I returned weak-kneed to my room wearing just my dress and pumps, furtively clutching my bra, wet knickers and tights in case I encountered anyone on the way. I got into bed unshowered, revelling in the gloriously sexy feeling that enveloped my whole body.

The last thing I did before going to sleep was to call my husband and leave him a very provocative voicemail message from his very satisfied slut wife…

By: SirChameleon


June 11, 2013

Daisy on Vacation

Check out my hotgirfriend Daisy on vacation. We went on a party boat trip in Ibiza and Daisy started chatting to this guy. Within 20 minutes she had his cock out and was sucking him right on the deck. All the other party goers couldn’t believe what was happening. I watched in amazement as she took his full length right down the back of her throat and he shot his full load into her mouth. I also was on the ball to capture the moment as I filmed it all on my phone.

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