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May 24, 2013

Bull encounter

It’s good to get stories from Bulls and well as the wives and cuckolds. It’s interesting to hear from the Bull’s perspective when they play within the lifestyle. Here’s a submission from Aditya from India about one of his many encounters with hotwives.


Greetings to all hotwifeblog readers from the Land of Kamasutra!

I have been following this blog for the last 5 years now and absolutely love the stories, especially the true stories that come on here. As someone who plays with hot wives from time to time, I have seen the thrill on a man’s face when he sees his wife cumming for another man. Here is a true story of one of my favorite encounters which happened two years ago in Delhi.

A little bit about me. I am 28, a photographer and a globe trotter. Rough looks, a fit body courtesy sports, swimming and hiking. Your everyday guy when you first meet me but those who know me well know my kinks and my wild side.

My first experience with a married, older woman was on my 18th birthday but I will leave that story for another time. This story is about one of my most fav hot wives who I met for the first time, two years ago at a party.

April 2011, I had just returned to Delhi after a long stint in Spain. The city was almost new for me as all my friends were gone. One friday night, there was a party for expats in Delhi happening at a posh club and I decided to go there and see if I bump into someone interesting. I hit the club around 9, dressed in Jeans and a Black Shirt, and got myself a drink and settled down at the bar. Not much of a dancer, I was just enjoying my drink and looking at the crowd building up. Across the room, I spotted a tall lady in a beautiful white Saree (a long piece of cloth which women drape around) and a backless blouse. The way she had draped her Saree showed off her back completely, outlined her beautiful full tits and her navel was visible as well. She wasn’t thin, but wasn’t fat either, just a full body, right curves, long tresses and she was standing alone with a drink. While her eyes were wandering, our eyes briefly met and I smiled. She paused, smiled and slowly started walking across the room, through the dance floor toward me.

We started chatting up and she told me that she was a fashion designer and her husband was a Consultant who travelled a lot. This weekend was one of those and she decided to hit the party and go ethnic for a change. I told her she looked smoking hot in her outfit and she smiled and said glad she could make men stare at her 40 year old body. We kept chatting and drinking and then she asked me if I would dance with her. I told her I couldn’t dance to save my life but she insisted and dragged me to the floor. She held my hand and started swaying and as we swayed she came closer and closer. She took my hands and put them on her hips and asked me to sway with her. Slowly, she was grinding and my bulge started to grow as my hands felt her bare back and stomach. She was grinding harder and harder and I was pretty sure, she could feel my hard cock.

I knew she could because she put her hand on my bulge and whispered in my ear that she wanted it and then she dragged me out to the parking lot. she unzipped me quickly, took my cock in her mouth hungrily and sucked on it like a greedy whore for two minutes and then zipped me back up and asked me to drive her home! It was a 20 minute drive but the whole time she had my cock in her hand and was blowing me as we drove, making it extremely dangerous for me to drive as my balls were going ballistic!

More in part 2…

Submitted by: Aditya, New Delhi, India

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