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May 20, 2013

Rookie cuckold

Cuckold Place Update

Rookie cuckold - our story

I just found this site and fell in love with it. My wife has been cucking me for about 6 months now, and I’ve been dying to tell someone but couldn’t, but now I finally have the opportunity. So here’s our story. BTW, this is all true but the names.

We have been together now for about 8 years. I started trying to get her to do a BBC from the beginning but realized that wasn’t going to happen, so gave up on that and started working on her to do anyone. In the last couple years I’ve upped the pressure, knowing that I wasn’t taking care of her. But, never thought she would actually do it.

About 4 months ago we had a good buzz and I brought up the subject again, and she told me she had found someone and had been fucking him for a couple months. I was shocked! Then she went on telling me what a great fuck he was and all the things he does to her. The bad thing is, it was one of my buddy’s. Well needless to say, I didn’t take that too well, and screwed everything up between us and them to the point that we split up. But after a couple weeks I realized how much I loved her and begged her back.

Here is where my cuck story begins. After she came back I realized she couldn’t let him go until their thing had ran it’s course. So one morning before work, I set her down and told her it was ok to fuck him, but I wanted her to be honest about it and tell me before (really didn’t want to know but thought it best). I hoped she wouldn’t do it, but I didn’t get to work good and got the text I was dreading. She said she had talked to him and that she was going to go fuck him. I was pissed at first but got to thinking about her naked with another mans cock in her mouth and pussy drove me crazy, my anxiety level went through the ceiling, my hands were shaking, had the feeling in my stomach, you guys know the feeling. It was AWESOME!! I knew then I was hooked. Cuck for life! I couldn’t wait to get home. When I did she told me all about it. He fucked her 4 times, in every position possible. I loved every word of it!

Well that went on for a couple weeks, but he wasn’t into it anymore. Lost the excitement I guess. But I knew I couldn’t stop so I talked her into contacting a friend of hers we’ll call B.

So she called B and they set up a meeting for a Sat afternoon. I was so excited and before she left she gave me head (she gives great head). I sat there all day with that awesome feeling counting the minutes till she got home. Sadly, she was disappointed when she got got home. He tried to make love to her. She didn’t like that. She wants me to make love to her, and other guys to fuck her like a porn star. She said she wasn’t going to do him again, but after a couple weeks she decided to explain to him what she wanted from him and they decided to try it again. This time was great for her. He works nights. On the night they had planned to meet, she went to his house early and got in his bed and waited. When he got home and found her in his bed waiting for his cock to be in her, he ran took a shower and then came back and commenced to pounding the hell out of her hot tight ass. She said he fucked her sooo hard! Was on top of her, got her from behind, pulled her to the edge of the bed. She loved it!! They rested for a minute, then he shoved his cock in her mouth till he was hard again and fucked her some more. She didn’t make it home till 10 the next morning and slept all day. He defiantly wore her out!

Then last week she told me she was hooking up with B again. I new something was up when she got home. After a little prying she told me things fell through with B, but she was all hot and worked up, so she went and fucked her ex husband. Didn’t see that one coming and wasn’t too crazy about it. What could I do, I told her she could fuck anybody, anytime?? She’s asked a couple times since and I’ve talked her out of it. We talked last night and I told her she could but wished she wouldn’t.

Luckily, after I agreed to that, B called. She hasn’t heard from him in awhile. He’s wanting to fuck her again (thank God). They made plans for tonight. Their going to hang for awhile then go back to his place and fuck all night. Can’t wait! Starting to get the feeling already. She is going to talk to him about making this a regular weekly thing. I’ll keep you guys up to date on the out come.

Oh BTW, I’ve always wanted to go down on her after she’s been fucked by another guy but thought it might be a little weird and freak her out. But after reading your creampie stories, I decided to run it by her last night. She laughed and said every since this started she had fantasized about me licking another guys cum out of her pussy. Couldn’t believe it. She is so cool, I love her to death. I may get my first cream pie in the morning!!!

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By: DCcuck18

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