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May 16, 2013

I sucked a dick

A hot story today from cuckold Dave about how his new wife finally made the plunge into the wonderful world of Hotwifery……

“I sucked a dick”

These four simple words arrived on my cell phone around 6 years ago as my wife was out of town visiting some friends. From that day on, my life has never been the same, and oh what a wonderful ride it has been!

This is my second marriage, my first being to my High School sweetheart. During my first marriage, MMF threesomes were not uncommon, and I developed a taste for voyeurism. I had no idea how that would develop into a far more submissive desire as time went on.

My first experience with a MMF situation was on the night that my classmates and I finished up the first section of our technical training in the Air Force. One of the cross-training NCO’s in our class was kind enough to purchase the alcohol for us, under the stipulation that NOBODY leave the apartment. So after a few hours of celebrating, and WAY more alcohol than our teenage bodies were able to hold, most of the guests were passed out. Me and my best friend at the time were sitting on the couch, browsing through my rather large collection of magazines. We came across a centerfold, and he commented on the size of her breasts. I remarked “Oh, my wife’s are WAY bigger than hers.” Almost on cue, my wife stepped out of the bedroom, having just woken from her alcohol induced nap. She asked what we were looking at, and I said “I was just telling Miguel how much bigger your tits were than hers” turning the magazine to show her the picture. She said “Yep!” and I responded with “Wanna show him?” and that started me down the path of cuckoldry, as we found several men to share our bed with, and even during our breakup, her lovers would often result in visits to my dorm room to clean her up (the first few times, without my knowledge of what exactly I was doing)– that was 20 years ago!

Enough about my first wife, at the time of the most memorable text I had ever received, my wife and I had been married for around 8 years. I had not been shy about sharing my past experiences, but it was when my new young bride would tell me about the number of men she had been with that my interest would peak. Hearing her talk about the sizes of her past lovers in particular was always one of my favorite conversations. I was often left unsatisfied, as she would go into little detail without being pushed for information, and I could always sense her feelings on the subject were that it was weird, and I would drop it before she was creeped out by the conversation.

My attempts to convince my wife to take a lover, and open our bed to another man fell on deaf ears for many years. She would always entertain the conversation in the heat of the moment, but once it was over, she would just say “I couldn’t do that to you”, always seeing her being with another man as a cheating, thus wrong. It took many years after this for her to even truly see what the fetish is about, and what fuels my desire for her satisfaction.

So back to the night of the text. She had gone to Biloxi to visit some friends. I was home in Florida taking care of the kids. I had jokingly told her “Behave, and if you don’t, take pictures” as I always would before she would leave to go out with her friends. I had no reason to believe that this outing would be any different than the ones in the past.

We had kept in regular contact throughout the night, she had let me know that an old friend was having a party celebrating his clean bill of health from a fight with bone cancer. I had met him a time or two when we lived in Biloxi, but had not known about the past that they shared. A couple hours after they got to the club where the party was taking place, she messaged me those four little words – my mind immediately began racing! “WHO?” “Really?” every question you can imaging was running through my head, but she was unresponsive, other than to say “I will have quite a story for you when I get home!” and that was it.

She finally messaged me back later that night, more accurately, the next morning, letting me know she was safe, and would be heading home soon. It was the longest three hours of my life, waiting on her to make the drive back home. I met her at the door, anxious to hear every detail, and oh what details they were. It started with her old friend Greg showing his piercing at the club. A rather impressive gage piercing through the head of his penis, that she described as looking like the ring through a bulls nose. She was very turned on by it, and the fact that she had been with Greg when he was a member of the police force (and she was technically under age) turned her on as well. So she decided to act on my urging for all these years, and see what could happen.

The details are a bit foggy after all these years, I can’t recall exactly who made the proposition first, but they ended up in his SUV. Within a few minutes, his cock was in her mouth. She is an expert at giving head, even back in those days. So I trust that it didn’t take long for him to fill her mouth with his hot sticky trophy. She undoubtedly swallowed every drop.

She continued to tease him, as I recall, and they ended up parked in his driveway, not even taking the time to go inside, he said “You in the back, NOW” where he proceeded to slide his unprotected cock into my wife’s pussy, emptying his balls into her several times as the night went on. I thank Greg for being the one to open my wife’s mind to the sexual exploration that she now enjoys, and for making my life as a committed cuckold possible. My Darling Mistress has enjoyed the company of many men in our bed, and I hope to be able to add to the notches on the bedpost for many years to come.

Submitted by: Dave and Beth, Destin, Florida

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