May 30, 2013

Kristyna Creampie Gangbang

Another gorgeous hotgirlfriend volunteers to take on a whole room of studs and get each one to creampie her in Czech Gangbang.

Kristyna from Prague wrote into the guys at Czech Gangbang and expressed her and her boyfriends desire to see her get fucked and creampied by a group of guys.

On the day itself she was shocked to see as many as 30 guys turn up to take turns on her. They nearly did not fit inside her small apartment. She was so horny at the thought that these men would all be soon unloading bareback into her tight pussy.

It was a mess, a crazy mess. Kristyna was covered in semen, cum was just everywhere, pouring from her pussy down her legs.

I love the Czech Gangbang series, there’s not many places on the internet you can see such great multiple creampie gangbangs with no clean up. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

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May 28, 2013

Good for the Goose

Here’s another update from Cuckold couple Emma and Scott. Always great to hear from you guys.


Hi Trash,

Big changes here. Em has become her black lover’s submissive. First time she’s ever acknowledged submissive tendencies. Thought you and your wide readership might enjoy. Feel free to post.

Good For The Goose

I was in the kitchen pouring a cup of coffee when Em returned from a jaunt to the local hardware store. She’s been caught up with building a coop for our new chickens and has been complaining about how expensive and time consuming it had become. As an aside, she mentioned that Darius was coming over in the evening. “That should lift your spirits,” I said, hopefully. “Maybe,” she said.

Then she asked if I’d help her move the coop to its final location on the upper terrace of our backyard. Even though I don’t have the right to refuse, I appreciate that she couched a command as a request.

We started talking about an assortment of other things and it only occurred to me after I was on my own again how routine it’s become for my wife’s lover to pay a visit. There was a time when such an event would have had us all aflutter with anticipation. But after all these years, my cuckolding has become a fixture in our life and the both of us have learned to manage our underlying emotions.

To great measure, we owe this to the patience and persistence of Darius, who didn’t let us drift too far during the years that Em was preoccupied with school. Now that she’s about to embark on an additional degree program, I suspect that she’ll make time in her busy schedule for him so that the drift between them won’t occur again. They have more invested in each other now and that makes everything easier.

There was a time, when we were first exploring cuckolding, when we would never know if a guy – even a guy we knew – would show up. We always had to have some sort of backup plan just in case. In the years that Darius has been seeing Em, the only time he couldn’t make it was due to an illness and then called to apologize. A gentleman.

It’s because of this history between them and the trust he’s built with her that she was willing to be his submissive. One has to factor in also that I am currently of no value to her for penetrative sex. Even though it’s been years since that was a major concern for her, the fact that my paltry appendage as a last ditch mode of satisfaction was available must have given her a sense of security. But now, with me basically impotent, Darius is the real man in her sex life and she is careful to give him his due.

Just before he arrived, I asked Em if I could watch and take pictures. “No,” she said. “Been there, done that. You can watch quietly and play with yourself if you don’t bother us. And no cumming, understand?”

We’re trying to define who we are now, something more polyamorous but kinky, lifestyle more than intermittent scenes. I understood her position but still felt a letdown at not being allowed to record things. Darius had commented recently to Em that sex for me has become getting to watch and take pictures… and then he laughed. He’d made his point and I appreciated the humiliation of it.

Though usually punctual, he texted shortly in advance that he was running late and this extra time ramped up our anticipation. Em was looking good all made up, in a black corset, pussy shaved. I had taken a cialis earlier, hoping to encourage some life into my little thing. I felt arousal but there was nothing going on down below. I wanted more than anything to drop to my knees and lick her pussy but didn’t want to give her an excuse to laugh at me.

When he arrived, it was clear that he intended to give his Dominance greater expression than he had so far. He was dressed in jeans and a snug t-shirt that showed off his buff physique to great effect. He dropped his black leather toy bag and told me to take it to the bedroom. Then he took my wife in his arms, kissed her, and spun her around so he could squeeze her tits and alternately nibble the nape of her neck and whisper into her ear. I stood off outside the doorway so that I wouldn’t disturb them but, after she began moaning, I couldn’t help but peek. He had her lying across his lap and was invading her pussy with his fingers. “Come here, boi. Get down there and get my bitch’s pussy and ass nice and wet for me.” As I hurried to comply, a rush of gratitude possessed me. He knows my hot buttons well and was offering me a share of the pleasure and, at the same time, reinforcing the pecking order.

Eventually they made their way back to the bedroom and he ordered her up on the bed with her ass in the air. I was told to get a couple of implements from our own assortment. I know that Em isn’t used to being on the receiving end and I looked for items that I felt would be milder. When I passed him a leather paddle and a riding crop, she didn’t seem very impressed with my choices and snapped that she’d get even. But he told her to shut up… which she did. A wise choice, given the circumstances.

As he began to warm her derrière, I noticed our camera on the computer desk. I knew that if I took any pictures I’d be disobeying her and I had to weigh that against an opportunity to photograph her in a more submissive role than I was accustomed to seeing, something that we both would value after the fact. I couldn’t help myself and snapped it up and took a few furtive pictures. As the evening progressed, I continued to work away, emboldened by her inattention to me and my efforts. I was much impressed by her stoicism. He was really going after her, explaining that he was disappointed in her inability to come to his house more often and service his cock with her mouth. Eventually, she snarled at me to stop taking pictures to which he responded that I should continue to take photos and that she should, for a second time, shut up.

We were in completely new territory. This was the first time he had ever countermanded an order she had given me and I chose, in the moment, to obey him as it appeared to me he was the one who was actually in charge. Her sudden silence seemed to confirm the chain of command.

In time, he had her suck his cock while he whipped her and, when he felt she was primed for more pleasurable diversions, had her help him out of his clothes. He climbed onto the bed and held her close, whispering what must have been endearments given how she melted into him.

Over the next hour, he took full advantage of her mouth and pussy, commenting to me that this was the way a man fucked a woman. After satisfying himself with those holes, he lubed and loosened her sphincter with his fingers and with a glass dildo she had thoughtfully left on her dresser. He finished her off with the rough ass fucking she had obviously been angling for and, before he came, he sneered at me and pointed out that she seemed pretty tame now. He asked her for confirmation of that and then thrust fast and hard, finally sinking deep into her and growling as he came.

Afterwards, I excused myself and closed the door allowing them some private time and aftercare. When he was gone, Em and I sipped margaritas and talked. She told me that she hadn’t enjoyed the intensity of the whipping. I told her that I didn’t enjoy pain either but that somehow receiving it usually drove my erotic pleasure by triggering endorphins. She acknowledged that she found the set up arousing and that she had very much enjoyed herself sexually and found the new territory interesting. As she put it, why do the same old stuff forever without deviating. She finished her comments with an acerbic and cryptic, “You boys.” Her reference, I believe, was to how Byzantine male sexual scenarios can be.

Today she got even with me, using the same crop and paddle, though with less severity than I probably deserved. Then she cuffed my right wrist to the bedpost and ordered me to jack off with my free hand, the one I’m not accustomed to use for this activity.

“I don’t want you to enjoy it too much,” she said. “But I want you to jack off daily as a form of therapy for your pathetic little weenie. I want it to be able to get hard again. It’s more fun to deny it when it gets hard.”

When I began pumping it, she remarked that even if it recovers it won’t ever again be allowed in her pussy. At that prodding, I abruptly came. As my Big O subsided, the little guy suddenly twitched and stood up momentarily before returning to it’s more familiar limpness. Encouraging as that is, he still isn’t getting to any useful tumescence and clearly his timing is way the fuck off.

Emma Kelly

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Submitted by: Cuck Hubby Scott


May 26, 2013

Dawn Marie Interracial

Here are those interracial pictures I promised you from Dawn Marie and her describing the horny experience for all of us…

WOW … this was my first encounter with my new friend and I definitely think we’ll be hooking up again. I rented a room at a hotel specifically for this meeting and the anticipation was overwhelming! We had tried to get together before but for this reason or that reason it fell through. This time it worked out and I have to say it was blast. Brandon met with me and because of all the anticipation for tweeting, texting and flirting we were ready to rip each others clothes off and that is pretty much happened VBEG! It wasn’t long after we were in the room that the sex was hot and heavy. Cock sucking, pussy eating, fucking and cum … it all happened! There is not a lot to say for me in this story. I wanted some big black cock and Brandon wanted some big white booty. We made it happen and the fucking was amazing.

Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie on Hotwife Hub

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May 24, 2013

Bull encounter

It’s good to get stories from Bulls and well as the wives and cuckolds. It’s interesting to hear from the Bull’s perspective when they play within the lifestyle. Here’s a submission from Aditya from India about one of his many encounters with hotwives.


Greetings to all hotwifeblog readers from the Land of Kamasutra!

I have been following this blog for the last 5 years now and absolutely love the stories, especially the true stories that come on here. As someone who plays with hot wives from time to time, I have seen the thrill on a man’s face when he sees his wife cumming for another man. Here is a true story of one of my favorite encounters which happened two years ago in Delhi.

A little bit about me. I am 28, a photographer and a globe trotter. Rough looks, a fit body courtesy sports, swimming and hiking. Your everyday guy when you first meet me but those who know me well know my kinks and my wild side.

My first experience with a married, older woman was on my 18th birthday but I will leave that story for another time. This story is about one of my most fav hot wives who I met for the first time, two years ago at a party.

April 2011, I had just returned to Delhi after a long stint in Spain. The city was almost new for me as all my friends were gone. One friday night, there was a party for expats in Delhi happening at a posh club and I decided to go there and see if I bump into someone interesting. I hit the club around 9, dressed in Jeans and a Black Shirt, and got myself a drink and settled down at the bar. Not much of a dancer, I was just enjoying my drink and looking at the crowd building up. Across the room, I spotted a tall lady in a beautiful white Saree (a long piece of cloth which women drape around) and a backless blouse. The way she had draped her Saree showed off her back completely, outlined her beautiful full tits and her navel was visible as well. She wasn’t thin, but wasn’t fat either, just a full body, right curves, long tresses and she was standing alone with a drink. While her eyes were wandering, our eyes briefly met and I smiled. She paused, smiled and slowly started walking across the room, through the dance floor toward me.

We started chatting up and she told me that she was a fashion designer and her husband was a Consultant who travelled a lot. This weekend was one of those and she decided to hit the party and go ethnic for a change. I told her she looked smoking hot in her outfit and she smiled and said glad she could make men stare at her 40 year old body. We kept chatting and drinking and then she asked me if I would dance with her. I told her I couldn’t dance to save my life but she insisted and dragged me to the floor. She held my hand and started swaying and as we swayed she came closer and closer. She took my hands and put them on her hips and asked me to sway with her. Slowly, she was grinding and my bulge started to grow as my hands felt her bare back and stomach. She was grinding harder and harder and I was pretty sure, she could feel my hard cock.

I knew she could because she put her hand on my bulge and whispered in my ear that she wanted it and then she dragged me out to the parking lot. she unzipped me quickly, took my cock in her mouth hungrily and sucked on it like a greedy whore for two minutes and then zipped me back up and asked me to drive her home! It was a 20 minute drive but the whole time she had my cock in her hand and was blowing me as we drove, making it extremely dangerous for me to drive as my balls were going ballistic!

More in part 2…

Submitted by: Aditya, New Delhi, India


May 22, 2013

Samantha Creampied

Rick Lee from Hotwives and Girlfriends diary update:


Samantha is a sexy hot girlfriend my friend Tony got to do few weeks ago at my place. I actually never met Samantha but I was told she was new to the swinging lifestyle and she and her boyfriend were trying out the “hot girlfriend” scenario to see how they liked it. And from what Tony told me, she is going to be good at it since she loves to suck and fuck. He fucked her all day and left her with a hot dripping creampie to take home to her boyfriend.







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May 20, 2013

Rookie cuckold

Cuckold Place Update

Rookie cuckold - our story

I just found this site and fell in love with it. My wife has been cucking me for about 6 months now, and I’ve been dying to tell someone but couldn’t, but now I finally have the opportunity. So here’s our story. BTW, this is all true but the names.

We have been together now for about 8 years. I started trying to get her to do a BBC from the beginning but realized that wasn’t going to happen, so gave up on that and started working on her to do anyone. In the last couple years I’ve upped the pressure, knowing that I wasn’t taking care of her. But, never thought she would actually do it.

About 4 months ago we had a good buzz and I brought up the subject again, and she told me she had found someone and had been fucking him for a couple months. I was shocked! Then she went on telling me what a great fuck he was and all the things he does to her. The bad thing is, it was one of my buddy’s. Well needless to say, I didn’t take that too well, and screwed everything up between us and them to the point that we split up. But after a couple weeks I realized how much I loved her and begged her back.

Here is where my cuck story begins. After she came back I realized she couldn’t let him go until their thing had ran it’s course. So one morning before work, I set her down and told her it was ok to fuck him, but I wanted her to be honest about it and tell me before (really didn’t want to know but thought it best). I hoped she wouldn’t do it, but I didn’t get to work good and got the text I was dreading. She said she had talked to him and that she was going to go fuck him. I was pissed at first but got to thinking about her naked with another mans cock in her mouth and pussy drove me crazy, my anxiety level went through the ceiling, my hands were shaking, had the feeling in my stomach, you guys know the feeling. It was AWESOME!! I knew then I was hooked. Cuck for life! I couldn’t wait to get home. When I did she told me all about it. He fucked her 4 times, in every position possible. I loved every word of it!

Well that went on for a couple weeks, but he wasn’t into it anymore. Lost the excitement I guess. But I knew I couldn’t stop so I talked her into contacting a friend of hers we’ll call B.

So she called B and they set up a meeting for a Sat afternoon. I was so excited and before she left she gave me head (she gives great head). I sat there all day with that awesome feeling counting the minutes till she got home. Sadly, she was disappointed when she got got home. He tried to make love to her. She didn’t like that. She wants me to make love to her, and other guys to fuck her like a porn star. She said she wasn’t going to do him again, but after a couple weeks she decided to explain to him what she wanted from him and they decided to try it again. This time was great for her. He works nights. On the night they had planned to meet, she went to his house early and got in his bed and waited. When he got home and found her in his bed waiting for his cock to be in her, he ran took a shower and then came back and commenced to pounding the hell out of her hot tight ass. She said he fucked her sooo hard! Was on top of her, got her from behind, pulled her to the edge of the bed. She loved it!! They rested for a minute, then he shoved his cock in her mouth till he was hard again and fucked her some more. She didn’t make it home till 10 the next morning and slept all day. He defiantly wore her out!

Then last week she told me she was hooking up with B again. I new something was up when she got home. After a little prying she told me things fell through with B, but she was all hot and worked up, so she went and fucked her ex husband. Didn’t see that one coming and wasn’t too crazy about it. What could I do, I told her she could fuck anybody, anytime?? She’s asked a couple times since and I’ve talked her out of it. We talked last night and I told her she could but wished she wouldn’t.

Luckily, after I agreed to that, B called. She hasn’t heard from him in awhile. He’s wanting to fuck her again (thank God). They made plans for tonight. Their going to hang for awhile then go back to his place and fuck all night. Can’t wait! Starting to get the feeling already. She is going to talk to him about making this a regular weekly thing. I’ll keep you guys up to date on the out come.

Oh BTW, I’ve always wanted to go down on her after she’s been fucked by another guy but thought it might be a little weird and freak her out. But after reading your creampie stories, I decided to run it by her last night. She laughed and said every since this started she had fantasized about me licking another guys cum out of her pussy. Couldn’t believe it. She is so cool, I love her to death. I may get my first cream pie in the morning!!!

Find out what this wife got up to here

By: DCcuck18


May 18, 2013

Corporate Whore

Another steamy diary update from amazing hotwife Jackie


Ever wonder how some companies seem to get all the really talented help? You might think it’s the pay scale, but the secret is in the perks. And I happen to be one of the best perks. How did I become a corporate whore, you might ask? Here’s how it happened:

My old boss set up “dates” for me with important clients of our firm, and on occasion had me “date” guys that he wanted to recruit. You could say I was the company’s secret recruiting/deal closing weapon. My boss would book a four star hotel for me, I’d dress up in hot slutty lingerie, greet my date with a chilled martini and proceed to rock their world. I “worked” late so often I had to confess to my husband what my assignments were really about. At first he was a little upset but soon found great excitement knowing his wife was getting banged night after night by strange men. Especially when I would come home to him tired and used and let him have sloppy seconds and then I’d watch him jack off as I told him how I was fucked by other men.

Chuck was one of those guys that my boss wanted desperately to have on our team, and once I met Chuck, well let’s just say it was a dream assignment! Chuck is a super hot buff black guy with a huge fat dick who really knows how to use it. I told Chuck that if he took the job with our company I would be one of the perks of the job, his on-call personal whore. After the first night of fucking me, Chuck took the job and is considered a very valued employee to this day. And now when Chuck calls I always say “where and what time!” Nothing more productive than a happy employee!

Chuck confessed to me that he might want to share me with some of his BBC brothas. He asked how I felt about that. He wants to have small parties at his place for a few of his bro’s once a month or so. He really wants to show me off to them and if I don’t mind, he wants me to suck their cocks as he watches and wants his best friends to fuck me too. I told him I’d have to ask my hubby if it’s okay (I’m sure he’ll give me the green light.

I’d be honored to be Chuck’s party hostess! I would do anything to keep Chuck happy with me even if it means letting his friends fuck me too.

Chuck asked if he could take some pics of me himself, naughty pin-up shots mostly. I told him I would get my cuck hubby to shoot video and pics of him fucking me to better show his friends what they would be getting. As Chuck shot the first few pin-up pics of me in my lingerie his dick was getting bigger and harder. Soon he had to hand the camera off to my hubby then quickly pushed my head down to his fat cock telling me to suck it and worship his huge black dick. After a few minutes of fucking my face he pushed me back on the bed and shoved his giant black cock inside my tight white pussy, soon slamming his cock hard into my cunt before moving on to my asshole (he really loves anal!). As he pounded his black cock in and out of my asshole he kept telling me what a whore and a slut I was and how he would whore me out to all his friends and kept asking me how I would like that. I tried to answer him but all I could manage was affirmative grunts.

A few days later my hubby sent Chuck the pics and video and sure enough Chuck showed the pics to some of his buds and I began getting calls for blind dates with BBC hunks. Yeah, my life is really tough, LOL.

Chuck really gets off on the idea of whoring me out to his friends, and I gotta say I have all the fun! Corporate whore, company slut, housewife whore, call me what your will. Just call me!







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May 16, 2013

I sucked a dick

A hot story today from cuckold Dave about how his new wife finally made the plunge into the wonderful world of Hotwifery……

“I sucked a dick”

These four simple words arrived on my cell phone around 6 years ago as my wife was out of town visiting some friends. From that day on, my life has never been the same, and oh what a wonderful ride it has been!

This is my second marriage, my first being to my High School sweetheart. During my first marriage, MMF threesomes were not uncommon, and I developed a taste for voyeurism. I had no idea how that would develop into a far more submissive desire as time went on.

My first experience with a MMF situation was on the night that my classmates and I finished up the first section of our technical training in the Air Force. One of the cross-training NCO’s in our class was kind enough to purchase the alcohol for us, under the stipulation that NOBODY leave the apartment. So after a few hours of celebrating, and WAY more alcohol than our teenage bodies were able to hold, most of the guests were passed out. Me and my best friend at the time were sitting on the couch, browsing through my rather large collection of magazines. We came across a centerfold, and he commented on the size of her breasts. I remarked “Oh, my wife’s are WAY bigger than hers.” Almost on cue, my wife stepped out of the bedroom, having just woken from her alcohol induced nap. She asked what we were looking at, and I said “I was just telling Miguel how much bigger your tits were than hers” turning the magazine to show her the picture. She said “Yep!” and I responded with “Wanna show him?” and that started me down the path of cuckoldry, as we found several men to share our bed with, and even during our breakup, her lovers would often result in visits to my dorm room to clean her up (the first few times, without my knowledge of what exactly I was doing)– that was 20 years ago!

Enough about my first wife, at the time of the most memorable text I had ever received, my wife and I had been married for around 8 years. I had not been shy about sharing my past experiences, but it was when my new young bride would tell me about the number of men she had been with that my interest would peak. Hearing her talk about the sizes of her past lovers in particular was always one of my favorite conversations. I was often left unsatisfied, as she would go into little detail without being pushed for information, and I could always sense her feelings on the subject were that it was weird, and I would drop it before she was creeped out by the conversation.

My attempts to convince my wife to take a lover, and open our bed to another man fell on deaf ears for many years. She would always entertain the conversation in the heat of the moment, but once it was over, she would just say “I couldn’t do that to you”, always seeing her being with another man as a cheating, thus wrong. It took many years after this for her to even truly see what the fetish is about, and what fuels my desire for her satisfaction.

So back to the night of the text. She had gone to Biloxi to visit some friends. I was home in Florida taking care of the kids. I had jokingly told her “Behave, and if you don’t, take pictures” as I always would before she would leave to go out with her friends. I had no reason to believe that this outing would be any different than the ones in the past.

We had kept in regular contact throughout the night, she had let me know that an old friend was having a party celebrating his clean bill of health from a fight with bone cancer. I had met him a time or two when we lived in Biloxi, but had not known about the past that they shared. A couple hours after they got to the club where the party was taking place, she messaged me those four little words – my mind immediately began racing! “WHO?” “Really?” every question you can imaging was running through my head, but she was unresponsive, other than to say “I will have quite a story for you when I get home!” and that was it.

She finally messaged me back later that night, more accurately, the next morning, letting me know she was safe, and would be heading home soon. It was the longest three hours of my life, waiting on her to make the drive back home. I met her at the door, anxious to hear every detail, and oh what details they were. It started with her old friend Greg showing his piercing at the club. A rather impressive gage piercing through the head of his penis, that she described as looking like the ring through a bulls nose. She was very turned on by it, and the fact that she had been with Greg when he was a member of the police force (and she was technically under age) turned her on as well. So she decided to act on my urging for all these years, and see what could happen.

The details are a bit foggy after all these years, I can’t recall exactly who made the proposition first, but they ended up in his SUV. Within a few minutes, his cock was in her mouth. She is an expert at giving head, even back in those days. So I trust that it didn’t take long for him to fill her mouth with his hot sticky trophy. She undoubtedly swallowed every drop.

She continued to tease him, as I recall, and they ended up parked in his driveway, not even taking the time to go inside, he said “You in the back, NOW” where he proceeded to slide his unprotected cock into my wife’s pussy, emptying his balls into her several times as the night went on. I thank Greg for being the one to open my wife’s mind to the sexual exploration that she now enjoys, and for making my life as a committed cuckold possible. My Darling Mistress has enjoyed the company of many men in our bed, and I hope to be able to add to the notches on the bedpost for many years to come.

Submitted by: Dave and Beth, Destin, Florida


May 14, 2013

4 cocks for Blondie

Hot blonde UK slut wife Blondie Blow decides to go online and find a hot stud to join her for a night of fucking but she just can not decide on which Bull to invite over. So she decides instead to invite FOUR cocks over! She really gets into slut mode sucking them off and getting all four cocks rock hard before they all shove their cocks in her willing pussy. Deciding on a facial rather than a creampie today she urges all four to empty their hot loads in her mouth and all over her face.

Blondie Blow

Blondie Blow

Blondie Blow

Blondie Blow

Blondie Blow

Blondie Blow

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May 12, 2013

My Main Lover

Another diary addition from gorgeous UK hotwife Modesty Ablaze. You can check her out and say hi on Hotwife Hub too - Profile Here

Thrilling Thursday with Lover No. 1

I’ve known Lover No. 1 for over 20 years. It was my affair with him, and my husbands response when he found out, that actually ignited me on this wonderfully fulfilling and exciting journey of sexual adventure and sexual independence. He was a work colleague, a friend first and then, (it just sort of happened), a lover. My first, but (lol) not my last exciting “other man”.

Our career paths went in different directions, but we kept in touch and once I knew I had my husbands blessings, we would regularly meet for evenings of fun and excitement. And that’s continued ever since, not as regularly as it was in those first few, heady months of excitement and new passion, but whenever we can. And it’s still wonderful and still fun.

Last week was the first evening we’d been able to arrange together this year and once we’d agreed the time and I knew the hotel room was booked, the next few days just couldn’t come soon enough.

He picked me up after work and we were in our room within 30 minutes. I showered first and prepared our snacks and nibbles, (and wine of course), that he’d brought along from M&S as he always does. We both sat on the edge of the bed wrapped in our towels, snacking, sipping and chatting just catching up on each others news and family gossip. Before long the snacks were forgotten and the towels were unwrapped.

He’s been my longest lover and still the most special. Not just because he’s such a long-standing friend, but because he’s such a wonderful lover. Passionate, strong, demanding but fun and so, oh so arousing. I love the way he licks and fingers me and I know I was quickly groaning and moaning under his tongue and caresses. Soon he had my legs spread, and lifted up onto his shoulders, and I could feel the full rhythm of him pushing and gently pounding into me. He stops and slows, and we turn and roll over on our sides, finding ourselves almost naturally in a spooning position as he plays with my nipples and I stroke his back and reach down to cup his wonderful bum cheeks. He has such smooth and silky skin, I love stroking him and feeling him as he fucks into me.

I can hear myself groaning and gasping loudly, and sometimes giggling and squealing with the exertion as he rolls over onto his back and pulls me up on top of him. I lift up and squat myself over his hips, stroking up and down on him whilst he grips my waist and pulls and pushes in time. I can’t last long like this though and have to beg him to lie me back down, my body shuddering with the first of my evenings orgasms.

He lets me rest for just a few minutes before starting again. Lifting my legs up again and pounding more aggressively. I’m groaning in passion and delight and then in pleading gasps as I come again, and ask for a moments rest. He lays down beside me and we cuddle and talk for awhile. I rub my hand down over his chest to find and grasp his cock. I love the feel of his erection. So smooth and firm. I sit up and slide down the bed to take him into my mouth. I love sucking his cock his more than any other I’ve ever had. It’s thick and hard and the head is so perfectly shaped and rounded. I play with his balls as I suck and stroke my mouth up and down on him. He lets me suck and play like this for several minutes before lifting me away and turning me over on to my back again.

I gasp as I feel his cock, wet from my saliva, probing and pushing into me again. I’m loving the feel and sensation of knowing I’d just had that wonderful hardness sliding in and out of my mouth and now it was pumping in and out of my pussy slowly at first, but then quicker and harder. I can hear the mattress squeaking, and my gasps and groans getting louder. “Oh, Fuck my cunt. I love it, I fucking love it”, I’m telling him as he strokes harder and faster. I’m coming again and then hearing him gasping and groaning too, saying “I love fucking you” as he pounds and pounds. He pulls out and moments later I feel his come splashing across my tummy. We collapse together, warm and wet and gasping and cuddling together in our relief and exhaustion.

We don’t doze, just lie together and relax and chat more. Sitting up and finishing the wine, and snacking again on a few of the nibbles we’d not touched earlier. Eventually he gets up to shower. I lay back, recovering still. He comes out of the bathroom to hand me my towel again. “Are you showering?” he asks grinning because he likes to hear me answer “no, you know I’m not, you know Hubby likes me to come home ‘dirty’ and smelling of you”.

He drops me home just before midnight. Hubby is waiting in bed as he normally does, excited and desperate to hear “a blow-by-blow account” of my evening. I collapse beside him and tell him all that we’d done, “but you can only lick me there, I’m too numb and exhausted for any more”!

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