April 10, 2013

Beach Hotel

The encroaching night is chasing the steam of the day away with a cool breeze from the ocean. It’s the time of day when the dying light is at its most explosive, painting the blue sky with streaks of red and orange. And you decide to take a shower.

You walk into the room stripping as you make your way to the outdoor shower. You’re reflecting on the lazy day spent in the ocean surf on the beach. You’re so lost in your thoughts you don’t notice the cool of the tile on your bare feet, or the candles lit throughout the room and continuing into the shower.

As you open the seemingly ancient wooden door to the shower you catch the scent of the ocean as a breeze gently caresses your body, raising goose bumps all over your body and making your nipples stiffen slightly. You move toward the shower, turning on the water you feel the day’s sun and sand rinsing away from you. You close your eyes, tilting your head forward under the shower, you think about the day and how surprised you were to see me in Bali while on vacation with your husband. A small smile creeps to your lips as your soapy hands begin their slippery journey over your wet, tan body.

What you don’t realize is well your husband and I hit it off when we were talking during the day. Your husband invited me back to your hotel in the early evening. When I arrive he explains the two of you want to spice up your love lives. He tells me he’s going for a walk and will be back in a couple of hours. He leaves me alone on the patio watching him walk down the beach towards a bar.

When he’s out of sight I turn toward the open doors. I enter the room and look around. I find the tell tales signs of your passing, a footprint here and there punctuated by the wet bathing suit on the floor. I hear the water running in the shower as I move toward the door, I feel my heart racing. Hell, I can hear my own pulse in my ears.

I open the door slightly to spy on you. I follow the tile on the floor to your ankles, I trace your wet body with my eyes up from your calves to your thighs, I note the swell of your buttocks which are starkly white in contrast to the rest of your tanned body. As my eyes travel up the small of your back to the nap of your neck I notice you don’t have tan lines…OMG! You’ve been sunbathing topless!

I feel myself responding to the sight of your naked body, I’m starting to stiffen. I don’t want the ruin the moment you’re enjoying. I can see your right arm is snaked down between your thighs…I strip out of my clothes damning the second thoughts and misgivings about the rest of the night.

I step into the shower, completely naked. The tip of my penis is pointing toward your back like a divining rod. I hear the water falling off of your body, I see the slight movements your arm makes as your hand and fingers caress the mound between your thighs. I hear you murmur but I’m not certain it wasn’t a moan. I see the rise and fall of your body as you breathe and catch glimpses of the swell of your breasts between your arm and body.

I smell you, you smell like citrus, oranges, limes, lemons. Maybe it’s the candles, I don’t know and I don’t care. I put my hand over your eyes so you can’t see me. Thinking I’m someone else you lean back into my chest sighing, at the same time you feel my left hand slide over your hip and under your arm, moving up toward your breast. Your skin responds to my touch by tightening and making your nipples harder when my fingers find them.

With my manhood resting against your ass, you feel the hardness and press into the touch. The heat from the touch is searing and I hear or more like feel you moan. You move against my body and you ask, “You don’t want me to open my eyes?” I whisper, “Not yet…”

I slide my right hand down your neck, over your chest, teasing your right nipple as my hand makes its way to your hand. My fingers reach yours as you are touching yourself. I enter you with a finger, pushing the tip of your own finger to the side, as I enter you reach up with your free hand and grab a hold of an over hanging branch to enjoy my fingers as they press up into you.

I have the two middle fingers of my right hand buried inside of you, and with my palm I’m cupping and rubbing you. Your lips are wet with excitement and you’re grinding into the palm of my hand as I finger you. My lips touch your neck as you tilt your head affording me greater access to taste you.

Your free hand has moved from the over hanging branch and slides down my body. You feel me twitch and stiffen as your fingers encompass my shaft. You stroke me gently, now you know for sure I’m not your husband. Your grinding and stroking become more insistent. I hear you say it, I’ve always wanted to hear you say it…my name.

You laugh a deep, throaty, laugh, which is incredibly sexy and you feel my hardness increase. You open your eyes, turn to face me, taking my face into your hands you lift up on your tiptoes until our lips meet. Our lips part and our tongues begin the dance we started so long ago.

Your hands slide down my neck to my shoulders, and I feel you pushing me down to my knees. I let my lips move down your neck to your chest, you’re pushing me down farther but not before I take a moment to caress your nipples with my tongue, sending shudders of passion down your body. I drop to my knees; you lift your left leg resting the back of your knee on my right shoulder letting your foot hang loosely against my back. I feel the warmth of your thighs, as I lean into your mound parting your lips and press my tongue into your body. You rest against the tree, tossing your head back you look up into the night sky as your fingers run through my hair. You use my hair for leverage as you’re pulling my mouth against you harder. I feel your body tightening up from your thighs, through your abdomen, to your arms, as the waves of your first orgasm pass over your body. You tense as the orgasm reaches its crescendo. Your body is so tight, you shudder against me as your body begins to relax.

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April 8, 2013

Chauffeur Husband

Here’s a fantasy a lot of us would like to fulfil. Hotwife Dee Siren getting driven around town by her Husband while she gets filthy in the back of the car with 2 hot studs. This is the image you’d get in your rear view mirror as your beloved gets pounded in the back by cock. The shot with her legs in the air is the one that does it for me. A fantasy come true. Fantastic pics Dee, thanks for sharing.

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Hotwife Blog Profile - Dee Siren - 2011

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April 6, 2013

Wifes Date

Cuckold Place Update

Wife’s Date

On Friday 12-9-11 my wife and I met with her new boyfriend. First date, so she was nervous and excited. We met him at a BJ’s and had two drinks. By the end of the first drink my wife was more than ready to go back to his place, but we still had that 2nd drink. At the table, she was sucking his finger and holding his hand, fun stuff. Keep in mind she and I walked with holding hands and the boyfriend was behind us. When we walked out, she was holding his hand and I was walking behind them.

When we walked out to the cars, she rode with him and I followed in our car alone. She later told me that on the way to his place, he was totally going after her tits and she was rubbing his cock in the car. When we got to his place, I got out and gave my wife a kiss and told her to have fun and just said have fun to her new stud. She said to be back at his place around 10:30 to pick her up. I went to a mall and walked around, went to barns and noble, just pretty much walked around and wasted time while my wife was getting a good fucking.

Around 10:20 I went back to his place and waited out in the car in front of his house until about 10:45 when she called and said she was putting her shoes on and would be out in a bit. She came out and got in the car, and I shook the studs hand. He said she was totally hot and looked forward to playing with her again. She then went on to tell me all the fun details us cucks love to hear.

We went home and played around. I ate her well fucked pussy, love the smell of condom and I licked her tummy where he came. I then put in my cock, her pussy well noticeably loose, he is pretty fat in the cock department she said, much more than me. I came in about 15 seconds and she proceeded to rub out another climax on her clit. She said her BF gave her 3 O’s, so one more was perfect for her. She is planning on seeing him again this week some time.

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April 4, 2013

Petra Creampie Gangbang

Another hot girlfriend who decides to live out her fantasy of having a creampie gangbang. I’m loving the movies on Czech Gangbang. So real, so raw and no cleanup after each creampie. Every girl takes dozens of hot loads inside her pussy. The couple get the ultimate Hotwife fantasy come true. Here’s some pictures of gorgeous, blonde cutie Petra who after a chat with the gorgeous host confessing her and her boyfriends fantasies then takes on a massive 25 guys who all have one goal, to empty themselves inside her.

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

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Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

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April 2, 2013

At da swing club

Jake has written in about the first time another guy fucked his wife, actually it was more than just another guy. What a way to start!


My wife is a petite a 5′ 2″, nice medium sized tits and a great round butt and a very tight pussy. She and I have gone to several swinger parties but never participated with anyone other than ourselves. But last Friday we went to a private house party and that all changed.

My wife had had a couple of drinks and was feeling good when a good looking younger guy started flirting with her, telling her how good she looked. As the conversation went on he got bolder and told her he would love to fuck her but she was so small that she probably has a very tight pussy and he has a very large cock and it would not fit in her. She was a little shocked at what he was saying but a little turned on by it too. She was flirting right back with him and asked him just how big his cock was and in response he took her hand and placed it on his pants over his cock. I couldn’t believe it when she started rubbing his cock through his pants and telling him that that is a very big cock. He started rocking his hips while she rubbed his cock and she was really getting turned on by teasing him.

He opened his pants and pulled his very long, very thick cock out and my wife never missed a beat, she continued to stroke his cock and was asking him if he was going to cum for her. He told her he wanted to cum on her ass and begged her to let him rub his cock on her pussy. I was pretty well shocked when she pulled up her sun dress and started to rub her pussy on his cock. He was going crazy with lust and she was really getting off on how much she was turning him on. He turned her around and leaned her over a small couch and told her he was going to rub his big cock on her pussy till he came on her ass. He pulled her dress up to her waist and put his huge cock between her legs and started to dry hump her all the time telling her how great her ass is how he’d love to fuck that tiny pussy. I could not believe this was my wife so totally getting off on this but she was really enjoying it and I was thinking about nothing but fucking that tight pussy later myself.

He reached up and pulled her top down to her waist exposing her tits to everyone there. He could do whatever he wanted with her at that point. One of his friends pulled out his cock and placed her hand on it and she started to stroke him, after a few minutes of that, he stepped closer to her until his cock was right in her face. He ended up rubbing his cock on her face and I could not believe this was my wife when she opened her mouth and started sucking his cock. She had a big cock in her mouth and an even bigger one rubbing her pussy and I knew before long she was going to get that little pussy stretched out, no way it couldn’t happen. The guy rubbing his cock on her pussy pulled back and started rubbing the head of his cock on her pussy, just barely spreading her pussy lips with it. After a few minutes he started to shove the head of his cock in her and she pulled her mouth of the cock she was sucking and told asked him not to fuck her all the while rubbing her ass around on his cock.

He shoved about six inches of thick cock in her and told her he thought it was too late for that. She begged him to stop while panting with need so no, he didn’t even think about it, he just kept fucking her and saying he couldn’t believe how tight and good her pussy was. At this point she knew she had no choice but to satisfy these men and besides, she was really really getting off on it by now. The guy in her pussy came in her but the guy in her mouth kept fucking her and telling her how he was going to fuck her with his big cock. He pulled his cock from her mouth and told her to remove all her cloths and lay spread on the couch for him and as I watched my wife follow his orders I knew this huge cock owned her. She lay back on the couch and spread her legs for him and he shoved the tip of his cock in her and asked her if she wanted it all, she did not want to admit she did but he kept shoving more and more of that cock in her until she finally told him she wanted it and to fuck her, he shoved all his cock in her and she gasped as it went further in than she had ever had a cock in her. He only fucked her a few minutes before he came in her and he told her he wanted her to come back next week and that he and a few friends hung like him would be waiting.

She dressed and we left as she was embarrassed at having gotten gangbanged for the first time and in front of people. When we got home I was so horny I told her to get naked and let me fuck her, as I was fucking her I asked her how she liked getting gangbanged by those big cocks and if she wanted to get used like that again. She wouldn’t answer me but when I asked her if she wanted to get used like that again, she told me ” Jay told me to come back next Friday so I guess I have to”. I came in her so hard I thought I wouldn’t ever stop.

Submitted by: Donald, CA, USA

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