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April 22, 2013

Missed Call

Sometimes when even the best laid plans hit a snag the results are so much better than you ever could have imagined.

Carol and Paul over the last two years had played with the idea of Carol having some sort of sexual encounter with another man while Paul watched hidden from view. While neither of them ever expected it to happen it added much heat and spice to their sex lives.

Paul wasn’t sure he would be able to handle seeing Carol fuck another man, but the thought did give them both raging climaxes whenever they teased each other about it. Carol on the other hand wondered what another man would feel like buried deep in her pussy. They were both soon to find out.

Vacationing in a southern resort had both of their sex drives in high gear. Carol having lost 25 extra pounds during the winter was ready and willing to dress a little slutty and to Paul’s delight the men and some women noticed his sexy wife. Her new bathing suit accented her full C cup tits and barely covered her rounded ass. One guy had caught Carol’s eye and she wondered what it would feel like to be wrapped in his arms.

Paul had also noticed the guy and knew Carol was attracted to him so Paul began to put his fool proof plan into action. The plan was simple — Carol would go pool side and let the flirting begin as Paul watched from a distance. She would tell her new friend that her husband was at a business meeting and would call before his return. Paul would slip into their room, hiding in the closet, cell phone in hand, and speed dial ready. Carol didn’t want to be the one to decide how far or when their sex game would end; that was left to Paul and his phone. They both knew that Carol would let the guy feel her and maybe — just maybe let him finger her pussy but more than that was Paul’s stopping point.

Carol with that hot new bathing suit went poolside as Paul readied the room. He tested his phone plan four times to make sure that he could do it in the dark closet. It worked every time. Stepping from the room he scanned the pool for Carol. There she was at the swim up bar not just flirting with the one guy but also a second guy was at her side. Turned out her Mr. Right had a buddy. The three of them were sampling drinks laughing and of course Paul could see the guys’ eyes taking in every inch of Carol’s barely covered body. It never required much alcohol to pave the way with Carol, and Paul could see that she was at that willing point. He slipped back to the room.

Paul at first paced the room and then forced himself to sit at the desk to calm himself. It seemed like it was taking forever for Carol to return. He got up and peeked out the window. Just as he got to the window he heard Carol’s voice telling someone to behave in a laughing flirting way and heard the card going into the door lock. Paul dashed to the closet just getting the louvered door closed as the room door swung open and in stumbled not only Carol, but both the guys from the pool!

It looked to Paul that the play had already begun as first one guy then the other took turns kissing Carol — passing his slightly drunk and willing wife back and forth. Jim, the taller of the two, slid his hands down Carol’s back as his tongue danced with her tongue. His long fingers cupping her almost bare ass pulling her against his body. Rich, shorter and stocky very calmly untied the two bows that held the top of Carol’s bathing suit top on. As Rich insisted on his turn to kiss Carol, Paul watched as she turned and her nice full tits, nipples ridged, came into full view for both men to see. The guys’ eyes were glued to the sight of Carol’s twin beauties. Carol made a feeble attempt to cover them but wanted them to see her; she almost came just standing there as the two men devoured her body with their eyes. Paul’s cock was pressing against his shorts as he watched his wife with two men.

Carol moaned and her knee almost gave out as Rich took both her nipples between his fingers and drew her to him. Pinching Carol’s nipple had always soaked her pussy — not that her pussy needed any additional help at this point! Paul was transfixed on the live sex show unfolding in front of him starring his wife. He was so busy watching Rich’s hands caress, pinch and drive his Carol to a sexual frenzy that he didn’t notice that Jim had pulled his bathing suit off and now was putting Carol’s hand on his very long hard cock.

Paul was in shock now seeing his wife’s fingers wrapped around another man’s long hard cock. Carol, not needing any prompting, stroked Jim’s cock, the precum soaking her hand. Her fingers teased his cock head and then slid down the shaft towards his balls. She certainly hadn’t lost her touch when it came to stroking cocks since her days in college. She had always loved the feel of a man’s ridge cock twitching in her hands as she teased it. Rich shed his suit in a second now giving Carol a second handful of hard cock.

The feel of Rich’s cock took Carol by surprise; she opened her eyes to look at that thick shaft thinking that it couldn’t be real. It was, and Carol felt a wave of lust take over her already turned on body. She wanted to feel that cock inside of her. Her mind was screaming “please don’t call now” as the two men half carried her to the king size bed.

Paul knew he could take no more and reached for his phone. Time to end this. His hand in his pocket and all he felt was his own hard cock. He tried his other pocket — nothing!! He was beside himself as he searched all his pockets over and over.” Where the fuck is the phone”

Looking up he saw now that the guys had moved Carol to the bed. Jim sat on the edge of the bed with Carol kneeling between his open legs, with her fingers wrapped around the base of Jim’s cock Paul watched as his wife opened her mouth and sucked his cock head, his precum wetting her lips. Frantic now Paul kept searching for that damn phone feeling around the closet floor now for his phone and a chance to stop what was unfolding before his eyes. He knew now why Carol didn’t want to be the one to decide when to stop - - she was loving every second of all of this.

Carol’s head bobbed up and down sucking Jim’s long cock, her hand pumping the base of his cock. She looked so damn sexy sucking that cock that Paul forgot about the phone for the moment. Jim’s cock shiny with the mixture of his precum and his wife’s salver. Paul watched as Carol now licked Jim’s cock head using her tongue to tease that hard cock, lapping up the fluid that oozed from the tip.

Suddenly Carol’s bathing suit bottom flew though the air snapping Paul back to reality. Rich had made the toss as he lifted Carol on to all fours, her mouth full of Jims cock and now her soaking wet pussy in a perfect spot for Rich’s fat cock. As Carols bottom landed something caught Paul’s eye — there; on the desk in full view was his phone!! He knew now that there was no stopping this and deep inside he was relived - - this was way too hot to stop. He wanted to see his wife fucked; taking two cocks, being a total slut and Carol was more than willing to fulfill his wishes!

Carol’s moan pulled Paul’s eyes back just as Rich began to work his thick cock into Carol’s pussy.

The head of his cock already past her tight outer lips Carol moaned with both surprise and lust as the fattest cock she had ever had pushed into her willing but very tight pussy. Her body involuntarily tried to move away as her pussy stretched but Rich held her hips and pulled her back on to his cock. Rich loved fucking married pussy, women use to one size of cock over and over being stretched open by his thick cock. He held her hips tight and pushed more into her.

Gasping, Jim’s cock popped out of her mouth as that thick cock filled her pussy her moans filling the room as Rich held his cock in her, her hips bucking. “Damn this is one tight pussy” hissed Rich as he began to fuck her. “You got to fuck this one Jim”.

Jim steadied Carol just enough so that he could again stuff his cock back into her wiling mouth. Carol’s hand still pumping the base of his cock had him so close to cumming that even her teeth scraping his cock wasn’t going to stop him. “This one’s a born cock sucked” moaned Jim as he pushed Carol’s head down onto his cock.

Rich was now taking his time slowly fucking Carol, enjoying this tight married pussy and watching her suck Jim’s cock. Every couple of strokes he rolled his hips pushing against the strong muscles of her tight pussy causing her to moan against Jim’s cock. Even he could tell that Jim was close and watched as he mouth fucked this hot married slut.

Carol’s lust filled body eagerly reacted to every movement of cock in both her filled mouth and tightly crammed pussy. Her large ripe tits swayed matching the thrusts of Rich’s big cock. Rich’s hands holding her hips in place as time after time he over powered the tight muscles of Carol’s married pussy. She now welcomed each thrust with her hips pushing back to allow even more cock inside of her. Their slapping flesh filled the room competing with Carol’s moans.

The first powerful blast of Jim’s cum caught Carol by surprise causing her to gag a little as hot cum filled her mouth. Rich held her hips tight, his cock filling her as he watched her now sucking the cum from his buddy’s cock. Also watching was Paul, his whole body as stiff as his cock, seeing his wife swallowing another man’s thick cum.

Carol was still trying to suck more cum from Jim’s cock as he eased himself away from Carol slipping to the side as Rich now began fucking Carol again. Carol had two men watching her, Rich and Paul, both enjoying the scene but for different reasons.

Carol was only aware of that huge fat cock inside of her. Jim’s cum had brought her to the edge and now that cock pushed her into a long and wild climax. The hotel room was full of her moaning, panting and pleading for more as Rich pounded into her. Carol’s body was now pushed up onto the bed with just her ass and legs off. Her tits mashed into the mattress. Rich was using all his power to fuck her, his belly slapping against her upturned ass, his whole body could feel his cum rising and Rich fucked her with only his cock in mind. Carol just couldn’t stop cumming; it seemed never ending as she felt Rich getting close. All women know that frantic fucking just before the man cums and she pushed back to get him in to her even deeper. The pleasure/pain driving her into a state where only her pussy mattered now.

Rick pushed in hard and froze as his cock shot hot cum into Carol. Holding her hips he emptied his cock into her. She felt every pump and still wiggled her body wanting more cock. Her tits were sore, her jaw ached and her pussy was stretched and full of cum but Carol still wanted more.

Carol half moaning cried out for Paul, the guys taking this as an excuse to get out of the room before her husband got back grabbed their bathing suits and were pulling them on as they raced out of the room. “See you tomorrow babe” one of them said as the door slammed shut.

Paul bolted from the closet to his wife’s side. As he lifted her fully onto the bed Carol was grabbing him, kissing him and reaching for his cock. His wife tasted of another man but Paul was so turned on nothing mattered as their tongues met. Carol still in a sexual frenzy ripped at Paul’s shorts to get at his cock. His cock freed he jammed it into his wife’s cum filled pussy.

Carol’s pussy had never felt like this before, she was so hot and open he could feel juices against him as he easily sunk all the way in. Carol was a woman on fire as she fucked him and Paul went along for the ride! She was moaning and telling him how much she loved him and how great it all felt. Carol didn’t even notice that Paul came quickly as she continued to fuck his now soft cock.

After falling asleep in each other arms morning found them again fucking. Carol’s used pussy was so very tight again it was if it was all a dream. Daylight brought reality; Carol wanted to go home, her sexual frenzy had frightened her, Paul agreed even though he would have really enjoyed watching Carol do it all over again so they left for home early They did make it half way home before over powering lust had them pulling into a parking lot for a cramped in the car quickie!!

By: Moibien

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