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April 18, 2013

Nayas 2 new men

It’s great to hear back from Rick and Naya from Ontario, Canada

This couple are part of all the fun at Hotwife Hub. Their profile is headtotoe if you want to contact them on there.


Hi - It has been awhile since we have submitted an “adventure” as we have not been that active due to Naya being involved with another woman. Her girlfriend has been pre-occupied with a new job of late so we have set up a few capers.

I put an application on Craigslist to find her a couple of new guys to play with including very strict criteria. As always there was a deluge of guys that did not read the advert and who did not follow instructions. We were quick to separate the wheat from the chaff and found two potential candidates for her to play with. She has gone on a “date” with each guy and clicked with both, one a 29 year-old and the other a 35 year-old (Naya is a HOT 41). Both guys have been texting extensively with her to set up dates and we are going to play two different scenarios for her to play out with her new boyfriends.

Scenario 1 with 29 year old

I am going to be at a dinner meeting with clients and she is going to have this young, hung stud over to our house. She is going to have him send me pictures from his smartphone to “distract” me while I am at supper. The only rule that we have in place with this scenario is that he is not allowed to cum until I arrive home to find them naked in our marital bed. While she was on her first date she took a picture of them kissing and sent it to me while I was still at a work function and I found myself incredibly turned on but I digress. I will arrive home from my dinner and will hear her moaning with pleasure and him groaning as he feeds his huge cock to my hotwife’s tight little pussy. I will listen and will then go upstairs and do as I am instructed by my hotwife. If she lets me take pictures of him stretching her pussy, I will send these in to hotwifeblog for all members to see.

Scenario 2 with the 35 year old

This guy is married and is in a “don’t ask, don’t tell” relationship with his wife as she has lost interest in the bedroom in the wake of having kids. His cock is thick like a water bottle and he is craving Naya’s tight pussy as she has never had children. He has asked her out on a date on an evening when I am at a work function. He will meet her at a lounge at 7 and will check into a hotel with her before 8:30 p.m., they will leave a key at the front desk. I will proceed to the hotel after 9 p.m. when my work function is done and will recoup the hotel key and proceed to the room where I will wait at the door and listen to the moans and whimper of my little hotwife as she takes this guys pent up sexual energy full force. I will let myself into the room and will observe her fucking this guy.

Both of these scenarios will be really hot but Naya and I both crave spontaneity and so the other night I made something happen which she did not anticipate. I was hosting a dinner for 7 friends / business associates at a club that I belong to. One of my friends who attended is a guy who I went to college with and we have stayed in touch over the years. He is in an open marriage and I had related that Naya and I follow a hotwife lifestyle. Having met Naya at one of my reunions, he indicated that I was a lucky man and he would love to have the chance to fuck her.

I used the occasion of this dinner to suggest that he might get his opportunity if he played his cards right. I texted Naya while at dinner and I told her that I was horny as fuck and was not going to be out too late and that I would need some help relieving my sexual tension when I got home. She indicated that she was also horny and told me not to be too late or else I “would lose out”. I told her that if she agreed to be in our living room in lingerie watching her favourite porn movie that I would be home by 11. She told me that it was a deal. At 10:30 p.m. I told my friend “Bill” that we had to grab a taxi if he wanted to take me up on my offer. I texted Naya and told her that I was grabbing a taxi and would be home before 11, she texted back and told me to hurry up stating “I need your hard cock now!”.

Bill and I arrived at my house and entered through the front door and walked into the living room where Naya was wearing matching underwear, stockings and her favourite pair of high-heeled shoes, her vibrator was placed strategically on a towel ready for use. She was surprised to see Bill and I smiled and said “there has been a slight change of plans”. I told her that I had been bragging to Bill about how good she was in the bedroom and that he had finally called my bluff and demanded to see for himself. We poured ourselves a drink and sat on either side of my hotwife Naya, you could feel the sexual tension in the room. I started kissing her and stroking her thigh, I looked and saw that Bill was doing the same thing. His hand and mine met at her panties and I gazed down to see him push the fabric to the side revealing her glistening pussy, Naya moaned. As Bill fingered her pussy, I began to massage her beautiful breasts. Naya cooed with the attention and I could feel her relax and let herself be at our mercy. Bill licked her juices off of his fingers and asked her if she would like to lick the pre-come off of his hard cock. She begged him to get his cock out of his pants. He undid his pants and dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles and sat down on the couch. Naya positioned herself on her hands and knees and started to suck my college friend off. I pushed two fingers into her tight little pussy and she writhed with pleasure. Bill and I took turns teasing Naya’s pussy and mouth with our cocks. Naya loves to have her breast coated with cum and after about 2 hours of playtime she begged us to both cum on her tits. Each of us were so turned on that we let go 4-5 jets of semen on her gorgeous breasts. I took a picture of Bill’s cock inside Naya’s pussy with my smartphone which I have attached here.

Naya loves the attention of other men so the hotwife lifestyle lends itself well to our sex life.


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