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March 31, 2013

Bring on the Bulls 2

Here’s an update to wonderful wife Jackies post Bring on the Bulls God I love her!


So there I was in that high class Century City hotel room where Presidents stay when they’re in L.A. and this MILF’s favorite place to entertain when in the city of Angels. My first date, a well endowed BBC whom I used to tutor in math and physics during his years as college track star, had just fucked me to my delight My cuckold hubby caught all the action, jerking his cock with one hand while trying to hold the camera steady with his other. I know he must have enjoyed watching that huge black cock stretch my pussy, and my moans as my black bull pounded my little cunt into submission.

My A student made his creamy deposit all over me and was gone…but I was still a horny housewife with a plush room and king sized bed at my disposal.

I told hubby to hand me my phone, it was time to dial up another date. I considered my list of potential fuck buddies. One possibility shouted out to me at once, an up and coming Indie filmmaker who had been begging to meet me for several weeks. Perfect, I thought, a movie maker who would appreciate my cinematic skills!

I made the call from the comfort of my bed with the LA skyline right outside my window, and film guy was good to go. In fact he canceled his afternoon meetings and was on the freeway heading my way soon after we spoke! I love that enthusiastic can do spirit!

I sent hubby out to get us some refreshments while I refreshed myself and got ready for round two.

My 2nd date arrive and “Oh my!” speaking of photogenic! I thought my first date was endowed but this guy was truly ready for his close up. My pussy was still recovering from the pounding it took from date #1 but I was ready for more. I sucked date # 2′s cock up to full size and he was ready to make movie magic.

He pushed his huge fat cock slowly into my recently used cunt and began banging away. After this fucking, my pussy would be so stretched that my poor hubby would never have a tight fit again. He can’t complain because he loves this as much as I do. I looked over at him and smiled as he stroked his dick watching my date’s huge cock slamming in and out of my overworked pussy.

When my 2nd date was done using me to his satisfaction, I showers and dressed up. My hubby was so proud, he took me out for a very romantic dinner. This hot wife life is the life!

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